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I did a price prediction, running 2000 random walks based on the mean log risk and return for BAT from Jan 2019 to now. Pic related gives the average of all runs and the 95% confidence intervals (0.025 - 0.975 quantiles). Obviously, average returns will change over time, likely increasing as adoption grows. However, even given the current trajectory, $30 is the most likely price target.

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Next I'll run some models allowing rate of return and volatility to vary. Given the former should increase as Brave releases new products.

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Don't get my hopes up nigger. That's only if there is widespread adoption of the browser and advertising platform. Thinking 10x users from 25m current to 250m across the globe. Is this possible?

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>$30 is the most likely price target

By 2026?

How do you think increases in users will affect volatility?

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This prediction is only given the average rate of growth from 2019-01-01. If there is widespread adoption it'll likely be higher

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pls respond

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uhhhhhhh guys i haven't gotten a single advertisement since last night, this isn't normal

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Increased users would increase volume of goods purchased, increasing price. But it'd also increase velocity, stabilizing price somewhat and decreasing volatility.

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And on average yes, if the current rate of return did not increase or decrease. Though with the dex, search engine, video chat, etc., it'd likely increase well beyond this.

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They got me,

Brave has been my secondary browser for years and my tweaked out firefox has been my choice since well since the days of netscape

Now it is reversed.
I got my friends who use chrome to switch to brave and my gf to switch to brave who is just going to send me her BAT when she can.
also fuck chrome

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Interesting. I've been bullish on Brave/BAT for ~3 years now. Yes there are lots of valid critiques of the browser and the token. I've always felt it's just missing some sort of spark moment that really sets the price of BAT off.

Adding cool new shit to Brave's arsenal, like the dex, search engine etc. is cool. But as far as the crypto end goes, there's a lot for them to work on. Anyways, when/if this shit goes viral, I really hope we see some crazy price action. BAT hodlers deserve it.

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Also here's the average risk vs reward for some of the major coins from 2018 to now. Though I'll do up a movie later today showing the change in 30 day risk vs returns over time.

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are you accounting for double growth every year? we're going to hit 50m monthly users by EOY and we're currently on 25m, i wouldn't be surprised if we were on 100+mill by EOY.

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I've gotten 3 on my tablet and 2 on my phone so far today.

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in the last 10 hours ive gotten 30+ ads kek

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Interesting. I updated it for the next 100 years.

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The model is using log-returns as an input, so it is assuming some level of exponential growth. However, I've not factored in it going completely parabolic, as that's harder to do.

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right, i understand. nice work either way anon.

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This is some great work anon. Id say $40 is more likely, but close to your estimate nonetheless

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As do I, but we're so early it's difficult to get a reliable trajectory.

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state? did you visit corporate sites?

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I agree with this

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i live in australia, top 3 places for ads.
all i do is visit crypto related shit and get spammed to shit with crypto related ads

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Wow you cracked the code. This is totally a legitimate way to predict the future price.

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>and get spammed to shit with crypto related ads
me too which is fine but i want to get more(57 in last 5 days) . my settings are for maximum... we need to figure this out. i find streaming doesnt give me shit

t. ohiofag

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ya, you just had very large error bars and you're correct 100% of the time

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When tho

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$1k will get you 1488 buy RIGHT now

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anyday LMAO

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Feel free to contribute your own work.

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hello kind sir. are you saying I am doing the glowing?

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you could just be retarded

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We still don't talk about bat and everyone in this thread is going to get raped by niggers. Reminder that bat is being spammed by a discord server, none of these threads are genuine.

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I just want to leave my village.

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You been nowhere for three years then, at least not here, so you should go back to wherever you're from before your mother gets a bonesaw in her vagina and acid in her face

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prove it

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Looks like we're getting to the moon earlier than expected boys, big players have their eyes set on advertising.

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>not knowing your gods put you there for a reason(to poo)

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Why the fuck would anyone hold BAT?

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Here's a strawpoll, if anyone want to give their prediction

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increase scarcity value as more users earn BAT with Brave growth.

Finite supply of BAT,

advertiser campaigns grow with brave audience

brave ads reward users (70% rev share) in BAT

BAT roadmap 2.0 mentioned Brave has 50m monthly user target for end of 2021.

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b-but theres like 5 anons maximum in this thread? just ask clown

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Not selling, buying more, seethe discord trannies

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Hope springs eternal. Plus everyone likes strawpolls.

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what software do you use statbro?

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R for general stats, Matlab for heavier work, and Pytorch for neural networks. Been getting back into C lately though.

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he uses data given to him by whales, OP can't do shit

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spss bro reporting in from last thread
gib variables used

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hey i'm not complaining anon
you added confidence intervals which is more than most people do on here.

And maybe I will make my own contribution, my work laptop has JMP

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watch for further campaign expansion into germany through the transparency page. Brave is working closely with Dentsu-Aegis (Japan,Europe,North America) and now they are working closely with Hubert Burda (Germany) Brave appears to be doing some pretty heavy international expansion to get to the market long before any competitors similar to how google is strong in the U.S. but not so much the rest of the world. Pretty good strategy and im mega bullish on BAT.

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For BAT the daily log returns have are .00208 (i.e., daily simple return of .00209) and log volatility (SD) has been .05607.
I'll rerun everything in more depth this weekend for a number of coins and put it and the code up on my website.

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Groovy man, and my apologies for interpreting it the wrong way.

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Obligatory how long till I 10x my money

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Here's my idea:

Users with the dex/wallet integrated will increase users by at least 1million per month afterwards. That increases ad revenue. People will eventually stop trusting large tech, which they're already showing a propensity towards. younger generation will also have a distain for large corps selling private data and Brave will get 500k per month daily users after 2022 based on trends.

We're going to be talking about 50 million DAILY users by the end of next year, accumulating BAT and holding BAT for the DEX and the ad revenue redistribution. This shit is going to pop by next summer. If we're anywhere near $3 by this December, we're on the right path and will leave you in the dust as the MOST decentralized browser and the largest decentralized DEX are available at your fingertips with integrated plugins to track your shit instead of third parties. Normies will enjoy thiis, and so will most other crypto holders. I will laugh at you from my lambo

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At least TRY to edit images.
LOOK at that massy snip.
You ANGER me!

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Ultimately, I'd like to model returns and volatility as a dynamical system, similar to how they do for neurons

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I'm lazy anon. Good enough = good enough for me.

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You are never good enough!

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I'm good enough for your mom.

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I don't follow.

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Idk shit about that chart but this coin def feelz primed to blow. Is the Sunday dump a definite? I wanna snatch up some more around .60 but I’d settle for below .65

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Last week, BTC started dumping around this time. So far it's been pretty sturdy. Means it'll be shit during the week then

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I've been changing my portfolio and, aside from ACCOOMULATING btc & eth, i'm going balls deep into BAT and XLM. Holding long time tho; 5 years min

Either I make it or it's the rope for me

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BAT has better short-term growth potential because of the cap. But XLM will be $10 one day.

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Well, I dunno. I'm new to crypto and betting small buck. I liked what I read about both, and the news from both are good as well.

I wish the sticky of this board had links to some /biz/ approved books or sources or something for noobs

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Based. Same exact boat, going small buck and adding more over time. I was looking at BAT because I've been a fan of Brave. XLM is definitely intriguing after that deal with the Ukraine. I was thinking of grabbing $500 of each and loading up on BTC/ETH otherwise.

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Based fellow poorfag
We're all gonna make it

I wish I had stayed and followed the advice on /biz/ when I first discovered it in 2017

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Look what I found from way back in the day while trawling my 11k strong email inbox

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We're gonna need a dedicated discussion of the velocity question and what it will mean. It could keep BAT from going above like $5, or it could not make enough difference to cut off the double digits.

I guess it would partly depend on if a substantial portion of BAT is being hodled. According to the white paper velocity is defined as "velocity of tokens not withheld by speculators (# of times each token is exchanged in given time period). So if it's just being locked away be "speculators" velocity could stay low. But throughout that process we could see some ceiling where once the price hits ($20 for example), enough people dump to push price down; rinse and repeat. if that were the case the question would be where's the ceiling.

But then again, price could hit an acceleration fast enough to outpaces the effect of velocity. That seems a little wishful to count on though. I know this is a /longpost/ but I just finished working and wanted to put this all down at once.

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You people are pathetic.

>> No.30370874


Wow it’s such a sure thing it’s incredible Goldman Sachs isn’t rushing into this straight away

>> No.30370995

Wish I had joined in with the bitcoin miners when I was laughing with my friends about those goons on private torrent trackers back when shit first started. We're all gonna fuckin' make it... eventually.

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>accumulating BAT and holding BAT
this, really, is a critical point which if achieved would create a nuclear moonshot. moderate BAT exchanges, a pretty big price could still be reached I think. With very rapid and frequent exchanges of BAT, price would probably still be several X higher than it is now, at least single digit $'s, but moderate to low velocity would make BAT worth double digits. or higher, depending on how it went

>> No.30371161

Scott Locklin did a follow up to the whitepaper on velocity, with the main argument being that hodlers and utility are the main determinants of price, hence why brave is focusing on making more applications for the token. Greater velocity just means that the token has more utility, though it can help stabilize prices.

>> No.30371256

The argument being that lowering velocity wouldn't increase exchange rates, for example, if only 1 transfer/day was allowed it'd have no utility, and become worthless.

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Seems pretty salient, I'll give your link a proper read later tonight once I'm done with what I need to take care of, I appreciate an informed answer instead of pure speculation. With the renewed interest I've wanted to open up R myself to run some of the numbers you yourself posted ITT but have been swamped. Appreciate it.

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What is dex? I keep seeing it mentioned but I have no clue

>> No.30372274


It’s like a faggot hookup app but on blockchain

>> No.30372289

>tfw the Saturday threads and all the oldfrens are gone

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great work anon, very based. Some might say you hit it out of the park :)

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So if I download the Brave browser, can i utilize it on multiple devices and have the BAT accumulated in both my phone and my work computer? Or will it go to two different wallets

>> No.30373115

my nigga theres millions of people using brave, your fucking useless token is shit

>> No.30373153

We are still here. Its just harder to notice us now. Im still loading up. Was looking to cash out around $5-6 as well as some other whales, but now its looking like $100+. Im starting to move my BAT over to compound,aave,maker. TVL seems to be increasing which is a very good sign people are going for the long play here.

>> No.30373278

Not gone just a lot are busy. Not much to dø with autist. I have noticed a few bat bros shilling on other sites which is promising.

>> No.30373458

Younger zoomer generation is fucked they dont care about privacy at all. Doomer generation probably cares the most and some millennials probably care a bit

>> No.30373491

Avoid aave buy ftm instead

>> No.30373551

Can confirm coinbase advertising

>> No.30373795

decentralized exchange. No fiat

>> No.30373981

Still here fren. Just lurking in the shadows.so tired from shilling this coin for 4 weeks. After i saw 5 threads that one day i realized my work was done. Now i just watch the next generation of batbros come through the door

>> No.30374222

my normie wife likes watching the bat counter go up after i showed her the browser

>> No.30374227

So this says I should dump my bitcoin cash?

>> No.30374427

That was already obvious, no?

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Negative return and high risk, yes.

>> No.30375748

I've got Brave set up and it says it's showing me ads but I haven't seen a single one and the counter is at 60. Are they just really unobtrusive?

>> No.30376334

depends on the OS you're using, windows notifications are a little annoying with the ding but the linux ones are pretty out of the way. unless youre on mobile

>> No.30376373

Going to spoonfeed some of you here. BAT has seen a 30.27% increase in TVL in just one month across defi. Thats a little over 30m BAT that has moved into interest bearing accounts. If you dont know what that means, it means people are pulling their BAT off exchanges and moving it into long term savings accounts because they have no plans to sell anytime soon and want to accumulate more BAT. Buy up as much BAT as you can because these accounts are going to be sucking up about 7,500 BAT per day. I imagine the number will grow, ad demand will grow, and the userbase will grow. Time is running out on building a large stack.

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You’ve earned your rest fren, enjoy

Based TA anon, ive missed you

Could be new tab ads, those count too.

>> No.30376788

I dont have enough BAT, or crypto, care about who is doing what
But I agree I need to grow my BAT stack, as well as XLM

>> No.30376859

not sure why this thing isn't pumping today

>> No.30376950

I've just put 500 BAT info the crypto.com earn program (I may need to withdraw in an emergency)

It's 0.5% Apr, and a payout every 7 days, what can I expect since I'm a retard?

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We should do a gofundme to post Brave on billboard’s and help Eich build the ecosystem like the faggits on Reddit did with WSB. Just gotta make sure nobody finds out it came from here. If people find out it’s a schizocoin we’re fucked.

>> No.30377134

this is gay and cringe, dont post this thought again

>> No.30377229

it seems to move up and stabilize by 10 cents a week or so. relatively recently at least

>> No.30377304

You got a better idea? Let’s hear it fag

>> No.30377349

accumulate while they work on features. we're not their fucking cheerleaders we're speculative investors.

>> No.30377396

I currently have mine on binance for 0.45%, but after this weekend I'll probably move to my ledger and lend through compound, since that's around 1.4%

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File: 1.44 MB, 480x480, based BAT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it'll gap up to $4 then $37 then $726 over the next 32 & 1/2 months.

>> No.30377607

You haven’t set your position yet so you wanna suppress the price until your broke ass gets situated. Fuck off poorfag. I’m running the ads all over 95 on the northeast corridor this coming week. Get your money right.

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Based Mathbro/BATbro

>> No.30377707

sure you are retard, sure you are.

>> No.30377821

Try me ho. I’m already rich. All I need is a reason.

>> No.30377856

try you what, stop being a sperg. put your money where your mouth is or fuck off

>> No.30378303

Show us your portfolio

>> No.30378475


A 60x is a 60x

>> No.30378493

Does anyone have a table on the total brave users each month, as that'd be a good input for predicting price. batgrowth.com lists creators, but not the total number of users/downloads over time.

>> No.30378522


>After the deposit my current value dipped
>There's a 14 BAT withdrawal fee
>Estimated interest for 7 days isn't even 1 BAT
>LITERALLY just promised some ching chongs 14 BAT for nothing

I am the buy high sell low idiot

>> No.30378968

Bravesampson on twitter used to post it monthly in a neat graph.

>> No.30379209

i am a retard but i assume if you invest in an interest earning account, you cannot withdraw for a year, like banks?

also, below a large amount like 10k, it seems not worth it to lock up for a year, unless BAT is only a small portion of your portfolio. You can swing bat and invest in other shitcoins for bigger yields

>> No.30379552

Smartcontract is already in development. You fucked with the wrong kike.

>> No.30379620


It's the flexible earn option, so I can withdraw whenever, but I only get 0.5% a year and it's simple interest too, which means that if I left it for a whole year I'd earn the equivalent of 5 days of opening new tabs on Brave.

Send rope pls.

I'm not in excruciating pain over it, right now it's the equivalent of £7, but I had systematically bought my BAT at a nice round 500 for easy in my head maths. And now it's going to be at 486 unless I buy 114 and then sell 100.

>> No.30379649

I just downloaded brave tonight... its a schizocoin??? FUCK

>> No.30379657

what the fuck are you talking about retard

>> No.30379671

Post your receipts

>> No.30380275

Buy 114, work things out with 500 then add 20%. Easy

>> No.30380484

I withdrew it and it never charged a withdrawal. I wonder if it maybe meant that the interest had a minimum withdrawal amount of 20 BAT and a charge of 14? Either way I'm back in my safe seat, no fees incurred

>> No.30380653

Nice. 500 is a good stack but try to get more if and when you can

>> No.30380908

That's the aim, but my expendable income is minimal, so even buying an extra 250, like I did at the bottom of yesterday's dip, can be a struggle

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Remember when everyone was shilling about how Pewdiepie and other YouTubers woulf get in on BAT monetization and shill the token? That never happened. Mr. Beast is in sure but he hasn't shilled it. Why aren't Youtubers utilizing BAT like early Batbros envisioned?

>> No.30381682

As was mentioned earlier, there's a 95% chance that MrBeast doesn't know and that it was his team that set it up. He would need to be personally informed and there'd need to be some kind of extra benefit for him (aside from essentially being handed thousands of auto-contribute BAT from his horde)

>> No.30381885

Makes sense. So the issue is that the big name Youtubers just don't get it yet? They're missing out on free money through auto-contribute like you said. Doesn't make sense for them to not verify with Brave. I guess we have to wait for the Hundredth Monkey Effect type of deal to happen for these zoomers to get the picture.

>> No.30382084

Bat or Eth for the year?

>> No.30382477

There's a guy called Scott Cunningham that does crypto YouTube videos, and I keep getting ads for his channel through brave, and despite him only averaging like 3-500 views he posted recently about earning $17k from his social media cryptos. All a semi-big youtuber needs to do is join the program and we'll be laughing to retirement

>> No.30382693
File: 28 KB, 620x355, BAT_YT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's up to about 550k channels now, though it has tapered off the last few months.

>> No.30382819

Don't think my stack is big enough for that.

>> No.30382904

Gemini earn is 3.49 APY

>> No.30383133

Good luck batbro

>> No.30383319

how do I do this? I just hold all my BAT on Coinbase Pro, is that a bad idea?

>> No.30383937

Depends on how much you trust a custodial wallet. Given I'll be holding for a while, seems better to move to a cold wallet.

>> No.30384393

I hope you retards sell at .70 and smack the price down to .56 so I can clean house

>> No.30384459

If you have to ask then its probably not recommended. After roundtrip gas fees you will need at least $5k BAT locked for the year. Less if you go for longer. You just deposit your BAT into your brave crypto wallet/metamask and then go to compound.finance and lend.

>> No.30384714

Do ONE of MATIC have gas fees? I’m only in HBAR at the moment and have no idea what gas fees even are.

>> No.30384747


>> No.30384905

And how do I get these fees charged and paid? Do I get these fees for moving from an exchange to a wallet, for selling, what is this gas shit all about?

>> No.30385221

The problem is nobody who is already successful wants to piss off Google(who is also YouTube). A few hundred dollars isn't worth the millions they'd be risking.

>> No.30385499

how would they be pissing them off

>> No.30385551


>> No.30385604

By endorsing Brave, they're endorsing blocking the ads on YouTube that they make money off of. So it's not in the interest of big name youtubers unless earnings from Brave overtakes what YouTube can provide them.

>> No.30385622
File: 252 KB, 442x562, Screenshot_2021-03-06_22-24-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I gonna make it?

>> No.30385659

they would not give a shit about this. there are youtubers who advertise vpns and adblockers. google is too big and too fucking stupid to crackdown on someone shilling a browser and if they did they'd only create a Streisand effect


>> No.30385771

Hey I'm not the retard that does not know what business competition is retard

>> No.30385904

Me too bro, I have only received 5 ads this month despite Brave being my main browser

>> No.30386074

I've been getting more than average, I've got maximum ads set to 5. Odd.

>> No.30386170

Good point really. Successful YouTubers don't need to shill a browser so they can get tokens but they should at least variety and stay quite about it like MrBeast. Maybe even donate BAT earnings to charity. That'd be good PR.

>> No.30386314

Just connect all 3 to you’re one wallet.

>> No.30386368

I think the mid sized and smaller tech youtubers will talk about it eventually, definitely tech youtubers, its free content and money for them- matters more since they're not gigantic. I'll lose my shit when Linus eventually makes a Brave video.

>> No.30387311

That'd be really cool. And he'd give users the real scoop--how much does Google collect, but what do they not collect? How good is Brave? Compatibility issues found? But what resources does Brave have to help and does Brave care about their customers? etc etc.
Could be nice.
This is the nice thing about BAT. It has multiple fronts to appeal to people. Software and investments.

>> No.30387419

I've been thinking this could be intentional. With the BAT system, early adopters will have a financial incentive to grow the platform by word of mouth. If you listen to interviews you can tell Eich knows crypto and is very sharp. This creates an incentivize for early adopters to spread the platform to raise the price of BAT, and the good things is, its not like a pyramid scheme rugpull where late comers just coming to use the browser are fucked over somehow. The latest coming Brave users will just have the regular attention reward system. It also makes sense because Brave has had barebones (almost zero) marketing for years, cutting a huge expense in throughout development.

>> No.30387849

Braves cost per user acquisition has been zero thanks to the user growth pool. After they cut the referral program a few months back they were still seeing insane organic growth. They still have some of the user growth pool left as well. They are in a pretty good spot when it comes to user acquisition. Their product and feature suite is also built out for the most part. Whats coming next is the growth phase where they hit revenue crossover (profitability) and they step on the gas across all fronts. Marketing,sales,hiring. This is the type of scale that grows your companies size 100 fold in a short amount of time because the business model scales once the stops are pulled out. Im just pumping more and more cash into this thing

>> No.30388497

There's no way this isn't successful unless the Brave team fundamentally changes or screws up. BATbros way too smart imo.

>> No.30388524

anon drew a line

>> No.30388560
File: 355 KB, 1078x704, Screenshot_20210303-054539_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30388788

guessing it has a lot of room to grow as more and more people use it. wondering if OXEN and BAT could work hand in hand though....
seems possible

>> No.30388856


>> No.30389031

While it saddens me that I don't get to increase mah stash aty least I'm not losing money.

>> No.30389459

Still have a possible dip tomorrow. Regardless I will be buying another $2,000 with my refund.

>> No.30389605

Hell yeah MY bat

>> No.30390560
File: 60 KB, 500x500, 50ppm1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a no brainer - let's help them advertise. Rate OC

>> No.30390639

Google is ruining youtuber revenue though. Each terms of service update gets worse and worse. That's why every content creator has a patreon now. The potential with BAT is my only hope for my content creators making it without censoring themselves.

>> No.30390701

Sleepy Joe needs to hurry up with my stimulus bat funds.

>> No.30391061

Right now it just seems like its waiting for the hundredth monkey. When that happens you might never see BAT under $1 again. Anyone who has a good position built and can hold for a while could see consistent gains for probably a decade. I sold all my shitcoins/stocks and moved it all into BAT.

>> No.30391168
File: 19 KB, 300x344, 1614205316729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was also checking out OGN, and I set up a web shop in about half hour on their platform that will accept BAT as payment. Shit is cash $$$$ and cant be censored.

>> No.30392316

It's pumping.

>> No.30392361

its peaking the RSI, we won't see it pump any higher than 70c anytime soon.

>> No.30393286

You should be looking at BAT/BTC chart.

>> No.30393326

its still peaking the RSI, we're gonna see it dump soon and then maybe pick itself back up. Almost everytime it peaks RSI it dips

>> No.30394298
File: 89 KB, 799x665, Screenshot 2021-03-07 185438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RSI is a top tier indicator imo, nearly hit 70c like i predicted and dipped. You could just sit and wait for RSI deviance and then short/long and make bank most occasions

>> No.30394370

Where is that graph anon? And more importantly, how does a newfag make heads or tails of it?

>> No.30394525

look at the bottom of my pic, thats the relative strength idex, if its below then its going to pump, if its above then its going to dump. This is accurate for like 90% of the charts i've seen, it might not dump or pump as soon as it hits the line and it can sit under or above the line for minutes on end, in majority of charts ive seen it just hits above or below the rsi then pumps or dumps. Just get an RSI up on your charts and go through a few coins to see how it usually plays out.

>> No.30395616

So the price can either go up or down...
Thanks fagit

>> No.30395691

I know you're trying to share with us your top quality TA skills, but when you say, "The price can either go up or down" that's literally the only 2 options we have lmao.

>> No.30395823

yeah its relative to the rsi, so if its down on the rsi it will pump up, and vise versa. how new are you? i tried to explain it as simpleton as i could

>> No.30397034

Browse ebay especially tech, you'll get refurbished tech on ebay ads and such.

>> No.30397173

No glowies plz. You gotta admit the idea they have with this coin is innovative and coming at a time where its purpose is going to generate a lot of intrigue. People are tired of letting Google decide who succeeds or fails on their platform. People want their favorite content creators to have the freedom to express themselves without threat of being banned and losing their source of income by the platforms they're on. BAT is an ambitious project but one that I think could resonate with a lot of people and quickly take off. And besides just the monetary gains, it is a project that will make the internet a better place and give people more freedom of speech so I want to support it.

>> No.30398188

i predict the price to be between 0 and 100 usd

>> No.30398638

This time is different.
Bullflag is forming on 1D chart. It's going to ~2.5k sats next week then 3k+ by end of this month.

>> No.30400112

>we won't see it pump any higher than 70c anytime soon
Looks like you were wrong.
Your mistake is judging BAT looking at its bear market performance. We are in bull market now. It's unironically different this time. BAT is pulling LINK tier pump this year and none of market indicators are going to change that.


>> No.30401268

Reminder that evenly distributing bat across roughly 400,000 holders means each holder has roughly 3.7k BAT.

>> No.30401812

There will more intense glow fud as the user base increases. This is literally skynets worst nightmare. Idk how this coin slipped thru the cracks for 4 years, but it’s not gonna do that from here on out.

>> No.30401889
File: 14 KB, 507x339, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this has to be on if youre on windows 10

>> No.30402178

it wont go viral, why? because you have to kyc or set up an account with a third party, whatever it is
its the reason why i have brave installed but don't use the token

>> No.30402294

Yes there is a very good chance BAT goes a hell of a lot higher. It has a pretty good use case in the advertising industry.
I keep buying on dips while hedging with BAT-perp

>> No.30402443

They have DEX in the work, which will remove the need for KYC my guy.

>> No.30402505

You can use the token without withdrawing it, and realistically unless you have been using the browser for years, you're not going to amass a great deal of BAT that matters

>> No.30402589

sounds fucking amazing, but, wouldn't that bring in some regulatory problems?

>> No.30402633

>you're not going to amass a great deal of BAT that matters
yeah plus i fucking hate ads, so where is the future of this?
People don't like ads and would rather turn them off than to earn money for it, some even pay to have them turned off
i think its a good idea on paper.. but eh

>> No.30402691

Fuck if I know, I just know that as soon as DEX hits we'll almost definitely see the price 2x

>> No.30402735

For some normies it'll be a way to support creators, basically a pattern that doesn't cost them anything, or like cheering bits on twitch

>> No.30402778

normies don't even bother installing uBlock, what makes you think they'll install another browser entirely?

>> No.30402915

now that I think about it, normies might install a brave, chrome extension if shilled heavily enough..

>> No.30402988

Imagine some Twitch watching zoomer getting his favorite streamer to say his name out loud by donating his browser tokens instead of asking mommy for her credit card.

>> No.30403009

Is that Steve Buscemi's daughter?

>> No.30403655

What's the make it stack? I currently have 1600 BAT and plan on doubling that on the next dip

>> No.30404045

30k BAT is the 7 figure Lambo Panamanian passport stack.

>> No.30404108

Ooof. I wish I wasn't so balls-deep in XLM.

>> No.30404151

i sent my lumies into bats awhile ago, sick of that crab coin

>> No.30404169

Big question is when does BAT break away from BTC? It just traces and occationally pumps & dumps, then back to tracing.

>> No.30404194

>crypto to crypto is a taxable event
The only thing keeping me from trading some XLM for BAT

>> No.30404242

literally all shitcoins follow BTC barring some big news. there is no getting away from it otherwise, BTC is the leader and when it sneezes everyone catches a cold.

>> No.30404263

It'll need a few more features from the roadmap, give it a couple of months and you'll be in the sun, drink in hand and get a notification that BAT is up 30%

>> No.30404385
File: 36 KB, 800x600, 1615066989928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30404427


>> No.30404448

Crypto to crypto tax is BS but I still sold all my LINK for more BAT. For now on, I’m only buying ADA, BTC and more BAT

>> No.30404551

i converted all my random $500-1k shitcoin holdings into bat, fuck it. probably isn't going to be that much in taxes with the small amount i swung.

>> No.30404583


son you fucking bigot

>> No.30404615

sold my stacklets of bat and ada and atom for more algo. when my stim check comes i'll buy more shitcoins unless they get pumped too much. maybe i'll even wait for the stim check crash even.

>> No.30404686

Cursive n's look like m, and the m's look like nm
and that's an r at the end.

>> No.30404715

the fact is i dont want to get priced out of glowie coin and then its too late. fuck tax

>> No.30404741

algo's a big brain piggy bank. i always have limit buys set under a dollar for each weeks btc dmp.

>> No.30405229

How would I know that's trans? Looks like one of the ugliest women I've seen in my life.

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