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>20 million market cap
>Binance golden child: https://research.binance.com/en/projects/prosper
>On the Binance Smart Chain, on Ethereum, Matic confirmed, Avax confirmed, Clover partnership confirmed
>Can be bought on Binance, Pancakeswap and Uniswap
>All doxxed team
>Already have a working product (beta)
>Smartphone app (beta)
>Already audited
>Staking announcement soon™
>Secured by Chainlink
>Partnership with a major sports-betting company confirmed by the devs
>Dev wallet locked for 1 year
>Based roadmap
>Entire market is currently taking a shit so price is low: https://coinmarketcap.com/es/currencies/prosper/

It's Augur but for Binance!:
Augur has a market cap of 315 million dollars! That is a 15x from here.

Oh and to prove that it's a legit project:



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thanks for compiling the info anon the project sounds promising,i cant find a whitepaper though what would be a very bad sign,but i assume i just didnt find it yet,if someone could link it id be grateful.

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Thank you kind anon

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It _is_ a legit project, Augur didn't have a whitepaper either for whatever reason and that's more or less the niche the Devs are aiming at. They're are also saving all major announcements for when the market starts going full throttle again. They even said so in that french magazine thingy interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ9tNN5IQ8k For the time being they're only announcing defi partnerships like with the Avax AMA on Monday, the token was already reaching $8 before the entire market took a dump, now it's crabbing at $5 for the time being. Staking announcement is also on hold but should be soon considering Bitcoin and Ethereum are already gaining traction again.

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Devs already confirmed partnerships with Matic and Avax, both of which are crabbing right now. Apart from a migration to Polkadot on their social media: https://twitter.com/clover_finance/status/1366633919378956291, token was already on its way to reach a Top 100 marketcap before Bitcoin and Ethereum shat the bed two weeks ago. Now it's the time to accumulate before /biz/ starts fomoing into this and the price starts skyrocketing. Because it will.

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i dunno not having a whitepaper strikes me as a not very reliable investment,there are a lot of other projects out there that at least made the effort to etch out their vision for people interested in it..

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put $7k into, was looking for a lowcap coin on binance, bought this, pros, rose and tvk, around 6-7k each along with my 200k in rsr,
I was holding algo and grt but so is EVERYONE on 4chan, I prefer the idea of finding hidden gems that haven't mooned yet, that's how I turned 7k into 250k with rsr...

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Since it's more of an utility token instead of an altcoin, perhaps that's why they don't have one. But they summarize the objective of the token/platform in their Medium profile pretty well:

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ill look into it tomorrow,appreciate the sources anon.

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Wish id dumped this piece of shit at $9 tbqh but i was drunk at the time and missed it

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With such a low marketcap you could've easily swing it but now it's crabbing so it's a bit too late now. Hold on to your bags anon, it should reach $10 again soon if that's really your sell point but comparing it to the Augur marketcap I believe it can go higher if it really gets to replace it.

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