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how much should you diversify if you have a 5k - 6k portfolio? is 3 coins too much?

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3 coins is max

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thats the rule

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What about a USD 500 portfolio? Wish I was joking.

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As a newbie, try to keep track of how long and how much you have actually researched your coins. Think of how much money you intend to make with them in the long run. Use these two bases as a compass to guide you.
I.e.: Esp as a newbie, it's pretty unrealistic to be invested in like 5 coins, because it's unlikely you understand more than the basic concept behind each coin. This can lead you to sell at even the smallest dips because you lack conviction. Or even worse, you might allow a project to take you down -80% because you ignored the warning signs and you really didn't do the research needed to prevent yourself from becoming a bagholder.
As a newbie, just take 3 main coins. Learn every little thing about them till you can recite them to your friends and family, as well as take part in serious discussion about each one. After you can do that, then feel free to branch out.

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1 coin then use that to borrow same value of btc to buy another $5k worth. Find something that hasn't pumped much yet that has isolated Margin on binance & just blindly 2x long it. Btc.d is probably gonna be hitting 50% soon so feels pretty safe to 2x long almost anything on btc pair. Beginning of the year was ideal but still not too late at all

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just find a good low cap that isn't pumped and wait. Also consider BSC cuz it might get eaten up by fees if you use uniswap

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Just Binance but cheers.

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10, imagine if one of your two coins rugpulled. ouch

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How long should verification take? I’ve been waiting awhile

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It doesn't matter you are poor. You are literally drowning and u are worried about how to invest 5k? Go wage until you have an adult amount of money.

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For every amount invested?

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0. All in on link

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Wrong. Diversification applies to every portfolio size

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2-3 seems right