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Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized p2p privacy cryptocurrency!

Monero is secure, low-fee, and borderless, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT (hidden tx amounts) ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with transactions being visible only by a Monero user willingly providing a view key for a specific transaction.

Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of current popular cryptos. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of txs increases. Further, the mining network algorithm RandomX establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier of entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward will gradually approach 0.6 XMR in May 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a MoneroChad will be with you shortly.

Essential viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq6w03E2DS4

OFFICIAL WEBSITE - https://web.getmonero.org



>Non KYC:
Local Monero
Crypto ATMs
see: kycnot.me



Gui/Cli (recommended)

IOS: Cakewallet
Android: Monerujo

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What are you EOY predictions frens? Remember to ignore the schizo from the previous thread.

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about tree fiddy

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800 seems realistic.

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I was going to be more conservative and say $500 - $800 but I can live with this too.

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Hey, I'm the multi poster from previous thread.

Just want to publicly announce my debunkings were never fully rebunked.

Some debunker scame close to only a few points.

Overall I totally REKTED SHAKED AND KEKKED Monero investing thesis proving it to be inferior investment choice when compared to daddy Bitcoin.

Anyone can retrospectively read the thread and confirm that I indeed had the best logical arguments to be used forever until eternum when debating XMR pedocoin enthusiasts.

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k... keep me posted

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Dude, I can't just copy everything in a new thread and start all over.

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i await the day your coins get locked on an exchange and you cry.

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>Monero investing thesis proving it to be inferior investment choice when compared to daddy Bitcoin
Thanks, just bought more. See you on the other side Shlomo.

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Reposting because I didn't get an answer, and this point is preventing me from investing more:

I like XMR a lot, but I'm always afraid of a very failure-prone component in a project, and that's people.

Unlike BTC or whatever, XMR is actively being worked on, modified, edited, the mining protocol has radical changes all the time, etc.
But since I am not knowledgeable enough on the topic, my question is:
How much can they fuck up? For example if some retarded dude (or even worse, woman) start having stupid decisions for the future of the coin and stuff, to what extent can they break everything?

I've seen too many "volunteers" groups breakdown over retarded shit to be confident.

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newfag here

how do i buy litecoins anonymously and have them deposited directly to personal litecoin wallet ? i'm tired of these middlemen asking for ID's and charging transaction fees

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I have a 3900x. Would it make sense for me to mine Monero? Any useful sources for me to read up on how to mine efficiently?

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also, new bread fresh posts, so state your arguments and lets go.

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Some retarded dude already tried to fuck around with Monero and he basically got told to fuck off and was prevented from playing any major role in XMR development. That's the same guy who created 0xMonero.

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Alright bros
I did it
I bought 0.3 monero

shill me on buying more

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just dca bro. all there is too it.

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18-25 USD per month.
Minus the electricity and lifespan cost.

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I bought one yesterday. It’s only like $230

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Monthly transaction count has doubled in the last year.

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What's the reason for the big jump in october?

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Not sure if it's causation, but there's at least correlation with a strong price increase that month

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If I remember correctly it's when some dark net marketplaces stopped accepting Bitcoin and started to only accept Monero.

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Hey anons, I've heard that Monero is a stablecoin that's manipulated by the black market/other big time crime organizations. Is there any truth to that?

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if by manipulate you mean use, yes.

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latest revision

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WHM dropped Bitcoin for Monero in December though

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They manipulate it's price upwards yes. They don't want to lose money. So they want to keep it stable as much as possible and slowly make it rise up.

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It is kinda hard to invest in something that will be used by pesos to find all sorts of disgusting porn, hard pass

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Bitcoin is actively being worked on as well.
>How much can they fuck up?
well there are a lot of eyes looking over the code and all the new protocol updates get audited (For example, Bulletproofs + is being audited a second time right now) so failure of the network due to code error or bugs is possible but very unlikely.
The research of Monero is volunteer based. If free market individuals came in to influence change and the community refuse to fork to that change, there would be new chains forked.
>I've seen too many "volunteers" groups breakdown over retarded shit to be confident.
I think you are 100% correct about this concern, which is why I contribute as much as possible to preserve the idea of digital cash. If Monero were to get pozzed, I would bail and look for the next privacy minded community.

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>Cherry picking
>Ignoring any counterarguments when not useful
>Shilling so hard started replying to himself when no one bit
>77 posts by this ID

Hiding your posts once again. But just to BTFO you forever as you don't seem to care about actual arguments,


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My teeth are fucked up and falling apart I hope you guys make a shit ton off monero I hate begging but they hurt so bad inn ready to kms.

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What do the Mexicanos got to do with it man

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the only problem I have with monero is:
what if bitcoin gets a working layer 2 solutions that provides perfect anonimity for the users of this layer 2?
bitcoin network is larger and monero would lose a lot of its appeal
that's the only thing that makes me unsure of going all in

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is a meme stock that would've gone under years ago if it weren't for corporate welfare, similarly microstrategy lost tons of money and its stock crashed 99.9% in the dot com bubble. The only notable institutional holding btc is MassMutual and they only bought $100MM worth, which is only 0.04% of their investment account, the "muh institutions" meme has been around since 2014.
>DWARF any input from normies
Black market economy includes corruption and money laundering. Gangs like the sinaloa cartel have annual revenues in the billions. The IMF estimated that annual black market economy is worth ~15% of OECD GDP, which is ~$9.5 trillion. It's estimated ~$35 trillion are in tax havens.
>made illegal
it won't be
>criminals would be aware of these tracking methods and would mitigate them.
Judging by posts I've been reading, most xmr holders think it's 100% untraceable. Also, these methods can't be completely mitigated unless you mine the coins and never spend/sell them.
>This way the government would just introduce more normies to the privacy coin ecosystem and shoot themselves in the foot.
Just like banning xmr, which would not only be the biggest publicity in xmr's history, it would also be proof that it works.
>I had 0 indicators
I meant the oscillator on the bottom, not sure exactly which one it is.
>too little of a sample size
same goes for btc cycles, everyone assumes it'll keep having these hyperbolic bull runs, and that it's impossible for it to go to $0. Also, there isn't just one data point for alt season, it happened in 2013 too.
>BTC wins again against others. And others move with BTC anyway. Coupled with BTC.
Lots of alts are up in sats since their release, eth and link for example, I don't think many people bought and held alts since their release anyway. Alts are basically leveraged btc so buying low and selling high is very lucrative.
meaning there are about 20 vaporware shitcoins with higher mcaps

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>certain narrative to fit their alter ego and karma points.
Agreed, but biz is almost the same, people just shill their bags and a lot of people fud their own investments, so everyone has a narrative/bias and the incentive is profit.
>Usual phase of evolution: BTC->ALTS->ALTS&BTC->BTC
>I was big into alts, then just dropped all for simplicity once I realised BTC is main mover
Yea that's probably true for a lot of btc maxis which is why I can believe you bought in 2012. But I think there's a difference between xmr holders and holders of other alts. There are actually xmr maxis, and a lot of xmr holders probably only hold btc and xmr. People who buy other alts are usually just trying to get rich quick and don't care about fundamentals or the austrian/ancap theory that bitcoin was based on.

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post teeth or no one will believe you

>what if bitcoin gets a working layer 2 solutions that provides perfect anonimity for the users of this layer 2?
pretty much impossible, even if it were layer 1 privacy > layer 2 privacy. furthermore, monero is technically superior on every other metric as well, especially tx fees.

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Websites run by political dissidents in the US nowadays are almost entirely funded through cryptocurrency, chiefly Monero, due to credit card companies and banks banning them from their services (despite not publishing anything that is illegal under US law):

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No incentive towards mantaining the network because of 21kk cap. We are already seeing miners getting mad with ETH because of EIP-1559. Since there is no cap on Monero, yet it is still deflationary by nature, it is a win-win. Of course this is just one argument, but there are several that make Monero stand out. The downside is that whether all of them will matter or not, is all but speculation.

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I am very interested in monero, and I believe in the project, but I am afraid to buy at the current price. certainly many countries will ban it and will make the price drop dramatically, so I prefer to wait

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I’m sorry about your teeth dawg but you know the rules. I’m not snitching on you but fuck right off

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monero is not an investment for price speculators
I care about the fundamentals, if I was greedy and wanted money I'd buy random shitcoins that serve no other purpose than to attract dumb investors like you

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The way I view things:

XMR will never be able to scale appropriately without L2 solutions. XMR is already halfway there with a privacy-proofed L1. What do you fellas think?

Anyone know of any smart contract platforms with monero-like privacy at the L1?

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>certainly many countries will ban it and will make the price drop dramatically, so I prefer to wait

and just like with drugs, when you ban something people want it gets cheaper..... wait........

>> No.30362004

>certainly many countries will ban it
how do you propose they would go about doing that, how would it be enforced, and why would they do that?
btw the PRC banned bitcoin in 2017. the price dropped a couple of percent before surging to 6x per coin over the following months.

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if you just post as a noob wanting to try monero for the first time i would have donated.

begging fags discuss me.

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>what if bitcoin gets a working layer 2 solutions that provides perfect anonimity for the users of this layer 2?
>what if
You are arguing with a hypothetical, so that needs to be pointed out.
I'd also mention that perfect anonymity is not a possibility. There will always be some metadata left behind by an individual not wise to opsec. Also, a layer 2 solution, no matter how extravagant, would not solve the privacy issues on the base layer.
>bitcoin network is larger and monero would lose a lot of its appeal
People who value privacy don't really care about network effects. They care about use case.

>> No.30362129

I think we need to go beyond this. Until someone solves Vitalik's trilemma, L1 and L2 are honestly not an issue desu.

>> No.30362183

Oh god i hope they start banning it. The price will skyrocket.

>> No.30362218

Me too. Have you seen P2P rates on Korea?

>> No.30362242

I made a thread like this about 2 weeks ago and no one comented just because im a nigger

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> RandomX establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier of entry
so instead of buying specialized mining hardware, they buy many cpus and separate systems, which doesn't solve the problem. you could argue that focusing on numerous hardware is worse than focusing on the power of the cpu. I can't see that scaling very well.

>> No.30362256

>certainly many countries will ban it and will make the price drop dramatically
Nigeria has already banned crypto altogether. All it did was jack up the prices:

Even if all governments ban Monero (not gonna happen, if nothing else some small states like Singapore will keep it legal in order to profit from being a financial hub), it would still be a convenient service for sending funds across borders. In order to ban Monero, you'd also have to ban TOR, proxies and VPN's, which would be hard to enforce.

>> No.30362320

fair enough

>> No.30362329

Are you also from Anonymous proxy anon? Wow we have so much in common!

>> No.30362439

>so instead of buying specialized mining hardware, they buy many cpus and separate systems, which doesn't solve the problem
No but it does mitigate it, since it is no longer as cost effective.

>> No.30362538

sure it does mitigate asics impact as of currently

>> No.30362550

Looking amazing anon. I think there’s a photo of some black actor or athlete wearing the monero leather jacket. He should be added in somewhere

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You need a NVMe ssd drive to mine monero

The 3900x should be fine

You might have to change the bios on your PC

>> No.30362676


No you got hold and wait when it hits 800 sell

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Some anon speaks japanese? What does Monero-Chan say here?

>> No.30362815

来る means 'come' (as in 'arrive' or 'approach')

>> No.30362827


Too many creeps peeping on peoples Bitcoin transactions so some people switched to monero

Its not a coin I would recomend buying a lot of because you'll attract rug pullers but its definitly a coin i would recomend buying

>> No.30362848

>they buy many cpus and separate systems, which doesn't solve the problem.
That's not the problem.
The problem is that ASICs are already extremely expensive and they price out the normal person. Having ASIC resistance means that anybody with a CPU can mine because there is no longer a ~$5000 barrier just to build a miner. Of course, better CPUs cost more, and individuals can still make mining farms, but the check against this is that regular individuals can counter this with machines they can very realistically build with hardware you can find at any electronic store.
you don't need an ssd to mine monero.

>> No.30362851

>You need a NVMe ssd drive to mine monero
lol. wut???

>> No.30362977

The vast majority of bitcoin transactions will happen on the lightning network, meaning they will have the privacy of monero but backed up by the audibility and stability of the main bitcoin network.

Monero is just another shitcoin for accumulating BTC and it’s not even much good for that these days looking at the price action.

Fuck this coin give me my money back REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Thanks! And here?

>> No.30363012


I think asic is banned from mining monero

>> No.30363082


That s what some anon claimed in another thread maybe he was trying to mine with a laptop

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This kills the monerocuck

>> No.30363186

(So I believe she says "(Are you) coming (along)?" in >>30362689)

The other pic says naisho ni shite ne "Keep it secret, okay?"

>> No.30363206

keep it a secret

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You are retarded and therefore deserve to remain poor. Natural selection.

>> No.30363262

a fast disk allows you to sync a node faster, but you absolutely do not 'need' it. furthermore, you don't run a node for pool mining so that's completely irrelevant anyways.

>> No.30363276

How do I buy XMR and make a wallet?

>> No.30363278

Thanks frens

>> No.30363284

I unironically want to buy this coin purely because it has an anime girl mascot

>> No.30363320

Read the OP

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>the only problem I have with monero is:
>what if bitcoin gets a working layer 2 solutions that provides perfect anonimity for the users of this layer 2?
>bitcoin network is larger and monero would lose a lot of its appeal
>that's the only thing that makes me unsure of going all in

Never going to happen.

>> No.30363335

buy it from any exchange that carries it using either fiat or another crypto.
download the monero wallet from getmonero.org to make a wallet.

>> No.30363356

>DNm id asking how to buy XMR

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>certainly many countries will ban it and will make the price drop dramatically, so I prefer to wait

Doesn't work like that. Demand + scarcity = higher price.

>> No.30363426

>Captura de pantalla 2021-03-06 a las 20.29.05.png

>> No.30363448

Oh lol missed it, okay so I’m downloading GUI is that the wallet? And I can buy on kraken?

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>meaning they will have the privacy of monero


>Bitcoin Will Never Be Truly Private Says Andreas Antonopoulos

In a livestream Q&A on Antonopoulos’ YouTube channel on July 7, he said Bitcoin (BTC) was unlikely to ever implement privacy features similar to those used by Monero (XMR).

Antonopoulos said creating such features on a cryptocurrency like BTC “would create an enormous amount of controversy.” In addition, he said the structure of Bitcoin simply doesn’t allow ring signatures and stealth addresses.

“I think what we’re going to see soon is Schnorr, Taproot, and Tapscript, which open the door to a lot of improvements,” Antonopoulos said, “But they still do not involve zero-knowledge proofs or the types of ring signatures and stealth addresses that are done in Monero. Bitcoin is not a privacy coin.”

Bitcoin can be better thought of as pseudonymous rather than fully anonymous, as many transactions on the BTC blockchain can still be traced even with these privacy improvements.


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How many coins does $50 buy?

>> No.30363561

what I mean is that no on the long term, regular people will be outnumbered by miners who bought thousands of cpus to mitigate randomness and make the regular guy a minority. so it's the same problem than with asics over again, except now you take more physical space if you want to mine more, which doesn't sound very good for the long term. if monero keeps rising in price, cpus will always be more affordable for the miners, there's no limit on the number of cpus a miner can buy.

>> No.30363599

Yeah you can set up your wallet in the GUI. Or download one of the apps mentioned in the OP, they also generate wallets.

>> No.30363677

Awesome I’m setting it up now so I just buy the coins on kraken and send them like a normal wallet?

>> No.30363929

Is this right? My wallet address seems super long

I was gonna but $50 worth but wanted to make sure that looks right I can’t afford to lose it

>> No.30363934

in one situation miners outnumber regular people by number of units, and in the other situation you have miners outnumber regular people by number of units AND barrier to entry (because the cost of a single asic miner is far greater than a single cpu).
>which doesn't sound very good for the long term.
what do you mean by this? Is this some environmental bs?
> if monero keeps rising in price, cpus will always be more affordable for the miners, there's no limit on the number of cpus a miner can buy.
except you are not understanding that in the current situation with Bitcoin, regular people can't buy asics because they are too expensive. You can buy a ryzen 3900 for $500 at pretty much any computer store and get very reasonable hash rates. Miners will always have an advantage, but with Random X normal people with nice computers (e.g. gamers) can realistically contribute without even building a specialized rig.

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10k end of decade

>> No.30364060

looks right. you can check it here

>> No.30364123

Oh that’s handy, thank you for that and checking! Okay think I’ll buy whatever that gets me and be a monero hodler!

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That is your receiving address. Specifically, your main receiving address, because it starts with 4. If you generate a subaddress, it will always start with 8.

I'll be honest anon, you should just read Mastering Monero (it's free). It's a short read, like 3 hours worth at most, and it will explain the fundamentals of Monero, how it works, how to use it, etc.

>> No.30364249

Wow thank you guys for the quick responses you’re very helpful, I downloaded the picture to look at later but thanks for letting me know I’m still new to this stuff but was curious about monero.

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Currently liquidating my st*cks to buy more monero. Feels comfy. Fuck st*cks honestly, it'll be monday noon before my trade goes through.

>> No.30364384

well imagine if instead of focusing on the chip power, you focus on how many chip you have. that doesn't scale well, if more mining is profitable you will see one day cpus everywhere, as opposed to having that number kept down by the cpu architecture instead. it's just clunky.

I understand the issue with asics and I wish there was a solution, but that randomness algorithm will just lead to the same outcome long term: regular people won't be able to mine normally because they would get less than scraps. at the cost of seeing the world filled with mining machines that don't belong to them.

>> No.30364487

which counterarguments did I ignore? Please show

and yes, those tactics were used by wannabe debunkers

>> No.30364626

I already deboonked that chart

>> No.30364654

Ooh if I buy on kraken I should probably leave it so I’m not paying fees that didn’t make sense now that I think about it.

>> No.30364684

Just bought an unspecified amount of Monero. Cope, seethe, and dilate.

>> No.30364696

no do not leave your coins online

>> No.30364700

Your argument honestly makes no sense anon. I’m trying to understand it, but I have given up. CPU’s are more accessible to people so mining is easier for the average person. What’s so hard to understand about that? ASICS make mining more centralized.

>> No.30364817
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>> No.30364980

These girls need to be added to the citadel

>> No.30365096

Do not leave your assets on an exchange, unless you plan on trading/selling in the short term. Even Kraken recommends this.

>> No.30365410

Not deposited directly but Binance is pretty good. Just input fake name and address. The KYC withdrawal limit is like 2 BTC worth of crypto.

>> No.30365426

>Nigeria has already banned crypto altogether.

well that was fucking stupid of them
Poor countries should be supporting crypto so more money flows into their economy

>> No.30365492

I now have 1 whole monero

i feel good about this project anons
I could pump 2k into this a month, what do you guys think of this?

>> No.30365538

hahaa bitcion juest goying to take it kick?

>> No.30365679

I'd put 5k total into Monero and if you can afford it gamble the rest of your money on shitcoins. If you make nice gains there you can put more money into Monero for these sweet long term gains.
The nice thing about Monero is that it won't dump on you. But you also cannot make profits as quickly as you could by gambling with shitcoins.

>> No.30365778

Well I already put $10k into XMR this month, take from that what you want.

>> No.30365817
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>Well I already put $10k into XMR this month, take from that what you want.

>> No.30365920

Sounds good

My current game plan is constant investment XMR for long term, BTC swings for slow BTC accumulation (hodling when I fuck that up), BAT as a short/medium moon coin and a few others that i'll try to short on, but nothing crazy

>> No.30365968

Anyone have those monera chan images where she pegs you? Also need the sauce on those

>> No.30365980

I’m literally all in, only 6k of liquid at hand to survive

>> No.30366097

>I’m literally all in, only 6k of liquid at hand to survive
Dude, I'd be scared to live like that. I don't put more than 10% of my liquid assets into crypto.

>> No.30366142 [DELETED] 

I’m a noob can any of you Uber monero chads help me out, I’ll love you long time. 85g4PX7551XXiuhGKCtZ5nMiqjJ3A6wzqPzyD7os9hbQ5NG9xUKwYdx3XCeHdE5dLnbXhi4viwix4Nhj2K3y8RnDLGsY8vy

>> No.30366212

no, fuck off beggar.

>> No.30366256

why are all these niggers begging all of a sudden. fucking worm.

>> No.30366283
File: 766 KB, 932x716, john_mcafee_youtube_FnKrMKo_WlU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Great, but could you please make a version with a non-nude Monero-Chan?

Also, John McAfee is big on Monero, could add him as a king or duke:

>> No.30366346

it’s fine, really
some familial support in case I fuck up too much and a job coming in the next few months anyway.

>> No.30366465
File: 314 KB, 1280x1662, hotair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30366502

Can I buy Bitcoin without KYC then trade it for Monero? I'm tired of having to provide ID'n shit.

>> No.30366662

Just buy monero from localmonero. Half the listings there don't require IDs.

>> No.30366669
File: 126 KB, 991x695, making it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it would have to be with cash. crypto atm or something idk

>> No.30366676

You pay less fees if you do Fiat > Litecoin > Monero

>> No.30366783
File: 45 KB, 680x480, 19yo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

xmr is a trash coin. think about it. you never know if the keyimages are being reused over and over? they say its an "auditable supply" but lmfao wtf. they already had one inflation bug and who knows when the next one comes?

don't listen to these all these picrels

>> No.30366834

If you're fine with using a credit card, you could go to https://changenow.io/exchange?amount=100&from=usd&to=xmr

If you want to buy it with cash, there's Localmonero.

Daily Stormer actually has the most comprehensive guide on how to buy Monero that I've seen so far:

>> No.30366847

Same. I'm new to crypto in general and every coin thread on /biz/ seems like a death cult seeping with propaganda looking to exploit you for their own benefit, here included, so I just let my dick decide for me and went with this one.

Is Litecoin > Monero cheaper than BTC > Monero?

>> No.30366905
File: 1.24 MB, 1500x1230, newmonerocitadel2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30366985

Bitcoin transaction fees are like $20

>> No.30366986

>a death cult seeping with propaganda looking to exploit you for their own benefit
Dude, nobody gives a shit about the pennies you can throw at XMR. They make no difference.

>> No.30367147

Tried that, but at the end you need to supply valid ID.

>> No.30367192
File: 65 KB, 512x629, problem-IRS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Looking awesome, bro! The Monero Trollface might also be a good fit somewhere.

>> No.30367233

it bugs me that the Monero research lab logo has the same color scheme as 0xMonero down there

is there a batter way I could represent it?

>> No.30367302

Needs butterfly anon and dj billybool.
And more xmr chans.

>> No.30367364

Woulda been cooler if it was a chick kicking them bawls

>> No.30367370

A picture of sarang noether?

>> No.30367594
File: 489 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm tempted to rebalance for an unknow amount of monero of my complete portofolio.

Should I ?

>> No.30367801

banning reduces the supply and increases the demand cause the price to skyrocket

the more countries that ban it the better

>> No.30367953
File: 329 KB, 720x616, 1614917530150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>0xpajeet disappears
>a seething ESL schizo who posts FUD every second post in a thread without ever making an argument appears

>> No.30367954
File: 822 KB, 998x819, 3452365455.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I spent way too much time erasing the background on this considering the size and placement. I just wanted an excuse to stare at it more.

>> No.30368022
File: 20 KB, 300x300, C2312DBC-32C2-43FE-881D-9D0EC5711D5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With Monero, I am investing in privacy. That’s it. Monero is like chad bitcoin’s genius little brother that is more of a manlet in the family.

>> No.30368137
File: 558 KB, 710x626, dreamcatcherNightmare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

noice, thank you

>> No.30368146

I have a question for you guys: If I were to buy Monero at a non-KYC exchange with my credit card, would it be possible to trace the transaction back to me? Exactly how untraceable is it? Thanks.

>> No.30368198

They just know that you bought Monero. What you used it for is hidden unless you show them your transaction history.

>> No.30368206

Face: 2nd from right
Ass: 3rd from the right

>> No.30368427

I hope you keep the file with layers, so you can update this as the xmr lore & memes progress
This might be the single best monero meme-artwork already

>> No.30368464

thanks anon

>> No.30368562
File: 92 KB, 221x196, who.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's that dude? He better be a top top chad to be so close to Monero Chan.

>> No.30368733

some politiciants son, pretends to have 160k xmr or smth
don't believe him one bit
I think he just claims it, so he can accept bribes in the future silently and cash out his holdings on paper

>> No.30368742

XMR newbie, about to take a 50k plunge. I don't plan on running my own node, so I'll be using a remote node. Will using a VPN through a remote node eliminate the risk of being identified (assuming the VPN is trustworthy and doesn't keep records)? Are there any risks to using a remote node besides IP logging?

>> No.30368780


>> No.30368883

Bruh, you’re about to drop 50k and you’re not willing to download the blockchain?

>> No.30368894

3rd from the left is clearly the best overall girl. I love her smile, and she has amazing legs and a very nice ass. Third from the right has a fantastic ass too.
there are non kyc ways to purchase crypto with a credit card?
this. I don't know who that is
oh and douglas tuman, howard chu, and arctic mine should be on there as well :)

>> No.30368924

It's easy to prove if he does hold that much Monero. Did he disclose his view key?

>> No.30368939

> Discloses how much he owns
His ass belongs lower on the citadel

>> No.30368994

You'll be fine connecting to a remote node with a vpn. Use one of the public nodes recommended on getmonero.

>> No.30369267

Duke tier maybe? he may be a fool for disclosing what he has but its over 1% of the circulating supply, surely that puts him up in generational wealth somewhere.

>> No.30369531

I know, I'm just jealous he's on the same floor than Monero Chan.

>> No.30370416

Much appreciated

I haven't looked into what it would entail to run a full node. Figured I'd just get the stuff and look into joining the network later

>> No.30370577

based af

>> No.30371328
File: 1.85 MB, 3508x2480, 1614494939923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30371386

don't pick a fight with btc btw you will lose. just try to hide in it's shadow like before...

>> No.30371578
File: 204 KB, 860x855, 296-2964958_transparent-wojak-png-wojak-biz-png-download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recognize this triforcmation in the alt markets, XMR IS LITERALLY GONNA MISS ALT SEASON

>> No.30371587
File: 1.53 MB, 1150x4384, monero-is-the-future.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't pick a fight with btc btw you will lose. just try to hide in it's shadow like before...

Read it and weep, Pedro

>> No.30372208

can anyone help me with my GUI wallet? i've just downloaded it and want to start my own node, but the daemon doesn't seem to want to connect. i am a total brainlet btw

the gui log says "cant connect to". when i run monerod under log level 4 it just shows it endlessly cycling through and failing to connect to various 18080 port addresses. i've allowed all the various monero programs access through the firewall already. any ideas?

>> No.30372360

>the gui log says "cant connect to". when i run monerod under log level 4 it just shows it endlessly cycling through and failing to connect to various 18080 port addresses. i've allowed all the various monero programs access through the firewall already. any ideas?

Set up a connection to a remote node:


>> No.30372375

>go on darknet
>everything asks for or accepts bitcoin
>have yet to see monero be offered as a payment method
is this just a meme or what

>> No.30372403

based retard

>> No.30372440
File: 288 KB, 1024x286, xmr-is-untraceable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.30372557

Cannazon and Monopoly actively encourage their users to use Monero. I know because I purchased stuff there recently. One other exchange I checked out outright banned BTC. Either you're lying or you're retaded.

Marketplaces have learned from the DarkMarket fiasco, where German law enforcement got access to transaction histories of thousands of users who paid with BTC after the site got taken down.

>> No.30372558

If you’re on sites that only accept BTC and not XMR you’re browsing DEA honey pots and deserve to get v&

>> No.30372605
File: 217 KB, 1600x1066, 1969-holden-ht-monaro-gts-350-coupe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please, include the superior 1969 holden monaro gts 350

>> No.30372623

Very nice.

He's a retarded chink, probably MSS shilling against a coin they can't track or ASIC mine.

>> No.30372684
File: 42 KB, 1210x420, can.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30372868
File: 369 KB, 2792x1310, whm_white_home_market.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30372935
File: 1.21 MB, 640x640, 1610168735028.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MoneroChads, after 5 days of downloading all the blockchains for my guiwallet, I static shocked my tower into restarting itself. I had like 80k blockchains left and now it cannot connect and finish the download. I still have a 94gb file from where it last left off. The network status keeps toggling between connecting and disconnected. Did I just cuck myself and need to restart the download?

>> No.30373017

Sounds more like you physically damaged your computer.

>> No.30373024

Does this mean they can't actually track people through Tor? I always assumed they could if they really wanted you.

>> No.30373092

With enough money, anything is possible.

>> No.30373217

All of the Tor exploits were from JavaScript or other opsec failure. Even DPR only got caught because poor shipping opsec led the feds to his address and they were in the room with him when he logged in to SilkRoad.

>> No.30373345

Newfag here, how important is kyc vs no kyc for monero?

>> No.30373348

I can connect to a remote node just fine, I wanted to set a local node though

>> No.30373350
File: 2.94 MB, 576x1024, 1598875010006.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

likely, got me through the obama and my ex so I should start looking into building a new rig.

>> No.30373423

If you live in a relatively free country kyc is fine, the money trail will end as soon as you move it off the exchange.

no-kyc is only critical if you live in China or something where just buying it could put you on some sort of list.

>> No.30373477

you maybe need to go into your router settings and allow 18081

>> No.30373741
File: 19 KB, 100x100, 1614712220492.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where can I get a yield on my Monero besides Binance?

>> No.30374149
File: 558 KB, 1600x1069, 9786534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30374273

I thought it was because his gmail was linked to the bitcointalk account that he shilled SR with

>> No.30374322

yeah this was the main reason. He was pimping SR on the clearnet with a username that was traced to his gmail.

>> No.30374400
File: 174 KB, 1024x867, 1610064478332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I thought it was because his gmail was linked to the bitcointalk account that he shilled SR with

Bingo, rossulbricht AT gmail, lol how fucking retarded was that????

>> No.30374480
File: 22 KB, 480x320, 1612921708245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok Monerobros, I'm ready to put down 0.053 btc for some darknetbux, is my pathway good?

Binance / Coinbase -> Bisq wallet -> Wasabi Wallet without CoinJoining -> LocalMonero / AgoraDesk-> xmr go brrrrrr

Is this btc->xmr method good enough to say that my btc was "lost in a scam"? Please forgive my paranoia, just want to make sure I'm squared away.

>> No.30374581

Just buy it/trade it on Binance.

>> No.30374656
File: 380 KB, 512x512, kaiji_red.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, I live in a third world shithole that is suffering with very high inflation. From what I read on /biz/, this seems to be the case in many first world countries as well, like Canada, and to less extend, the US.
Currently, my portfolio is diversified with stocks, some real state funds and just a bit of crypto (ETH and Monero, both I'm currently mining). Do you guys think moving most of it to crypto is the right call? The stock market has been just horrible so far, the real state funds are ok but I think they're lagging behind inflation.
Note that I'm not trying to land a 10x or anything, just protect my hard-earned money from the government's printers, which are working at full speed. I believe Monero has good fundamentals and would be a good way to at least protect some of my money.

Any comments or advice is very appreciated.

>> No.30374675

You're overthinking it. As long as your money is in a personal Monero wallet at one point, you're good to go.

Try 2C-B, it's fun.

>> No.30374817

this is overkill. your threat model is not people doing chainanalysis and breaking Monero. your threat model is you're giving your mailing address to someone who's possibly a Fed.

>> No.30374897

What's your favourite monerochan image?

>> No.30374916

the lewd ones

>> No.30374930

that's retarded. just fiat onramp to monero or if you want to avoid kyc onramp to Bitcoin and trade on bisq/use a coinswap/ use a non kyc exchange.

>> No.30374994


How successful have you been mining Monero?

Are you mining solo or in a pool?

>> No.30375002

This probably isn’t optimal, but I have a buddy in the US that does marketplace>kraken>first gui wallet >second gui wallet

>> No.30375048
File: 18 KB, 420x418, Qs4T8qw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao, I wish they would list it
>tfw Amerifat

Fuck it, you're right. I'll just stick with LocalMonero and open Brave with Tor and call it a day. You guys are the shit.

>> No.30375148

You just need 100gb free disk space to download the full blockchain. Then you can open some ports for others to download from you, otherwise you just leech off of others

>> No.30375152

>open Brave with Tor
no, do get the real Tor browser if you're going for privacy.

>> No.30375160

I've been doing ok mining, it's profitable at least where I live. 16~18.5kh/s@140W, hashrate depends on whether I'm using my PC or not. I free a few threads when I'm browsing or doing light programming like now.
Mining on a pool (MoneroOcean atm, since XMRFast stopped updating the monero amount I was suppose to receive each day).

>> No.30375224

I do all my crypto activity in a Linux VM, but that's just me. And I use the standard Firefox based Tor client, not Brave.

>> No.30375235

try starting the daemon with the --db-salvage flag

sell your stocks now; inflation is happening because central banks keep printing money in a desperate attempt to prop up the stock market by suppressing interest rates, but it isn't working. they're either going to have to print a TON of money, causing stocks to "crash up" (gaining nominal value but losing actual value from inflation), or alternatively, allow interest rates to rise, which will crash the economy because no one will be able to pay back their loans at the higher rates.
hedge against this by buying crypto (namely monero), real estate, and commodities (especially precious metals, see /pmg/ for more information)

>> No.30375306

Americans can use binance, just vpn to somewhere that's not a dictatorship. How are so many newfags unaware of that? And you're probably gonna have a bad time trying to lie to feds if you have to ask that question here.

>> No.30375429

you're browsing glownigger honeypots you dumbass

>> No.30375721
File: 218 KB, 408x333, EqBSxQjUUAEXwZd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30375753
File: 109 KB, 828x950, EA5FE84E-DBD8-4601-87CF-62008D113428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one

>> No.30375778
File: 99 KB, 769x1285, 1599199852878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30375968
File: 1.12 MB, 1427x2300, monerowaifu20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30376077
File: 176 KB, 1449x800, 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Needs an orange '69 Charger at the top followed by a few other lesser muscle cars going down, and at the bottom it needs a crudely painted, beat to shit orange Civic or Beetle or something.

Mercury also made their front ends into giant M's on their Cyclone and Montego muscle cars which make them a good Monero car.

>> No.30376131


>> No.30376191

>they buy many cpus and separate systems, which doesn't solve the problem
increases hardware and power costs dramatically.

>> No.30376214
File: 195 KB, 795x385, 544C616C-9436-4833-A5CB-0B4FA87F0866.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey fellas, I’m the guy who bought yesterday and got dumped on immediately after, just letting y’all know I just bought a bit again.

>> No.30376342
File: 84 KB, 240x249, 1614538751628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30376356

based and cheapies-pilled

>> No.30376359

name sites

>> No.30377166

Thanks, I'll take a look at /pmg/ and see if there's anyone from my country around. What other commodities would you recommend?
Also, I can't afford actual real state yet, but are real state funds safe?

>> No.30377203

>What other commodities would you recommend?
Energy, agriculture, metals. Shit people literally need to keep producing for civilization to continue.

>> No.30377328

>Energy, agriculture, metals. Shit people literally need to keep producing for civilization to continue.
how do you feel about adding microchips in there (TSMC, etc)

>> No.30377359

TSMC, Intel, Global Foundries, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm, ARM, Samsung, all good.

>> No.30377398

>What other commodities would you recommend?

>> No.30377426

So, tech stocks = good?
All my stocks are from traditional banks and energy companies. I think I'll sell all my bank stocks and put that money on Monero.

>> No.30377628
File: 47 KB, 528x413, IMG_20210305_130811_614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What other commodities would you recommend?
o i l

>> No.30377731
File: 165 KB, 548x932, 1614627251183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for your cervix, anon-kun. We will all make it into the citadel and then the Mars mission begins when the normies try to join us.

>> No.30377751

can we see the private address to check if the key correlates, otherwise you will loose funds

>> No.30377761

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa no tech stocks are literally the worst asset to buy right now (see above image). tesla is a forebearer of what's to come. recent past performance is the worst indicator of future growth of an investment.

>> No.30377778
File: 18 KB, 474x474, 1614214573518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hitler did nothing wrong. Gas the bankers FOREX war now.

>> No.30377822

FUCK, almost had it.

>> No.30377965

I don't see the logic in this at all. Inflation would just push tech stocks higher. The worst thing to have right now is fiat.

>> No.30378011

>What other commodities would you recommend?

>> No.30378014
File: 31 KB, 300x300, sheshere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I start mining XMR on someone else's PC?

>> No.30378034

>supply valid ID.

>> No.30378067
File: 230 KB, 860x860, 1615080873947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Name a more bullish development for XMR than pic related
kys spamming beaner retard

>> No.30378076


>> No.30378180

>Name a more bullish development for XMR than pic related
I literally can't. Buttcoin whales now have NO offramp except for atomic swaps or direct to physical assets.

>> No.30378243

You’ll get em next time, pal.

>> No.30378418

Nice try unlucky bro

Of course you'll need ID to buy with credit card. Not that it's necessarily an issue since XMR is fully private once you've got it but there are other options if you don't want to KYC at all.

>> No.30378562

Never felt comfier with my monero stack. Monero is literally the freedom currency, almost everything else is surveillance and censorship prone which is troubling when you consider how evil and corrupt governments are.

>> No.30378714


>> No.30378784

So i know connecting to a remote node is risky without a VPN because that node may try and log my IP. Is the same risk there if I run a full node and someone tries to remote in to mine? Basically, if i start mining this stuff, can someone tell that I'm mining it? Or that I'm at least running a node?

>> No.30378979

IIRC you need to specifically publish yourself as a remote node to get that type of connection.

>> No.30379142

Ah, good, hosting a remote node is opt-in. Thanks, fren. Making my first forays into cryptocurrency. I stuck exclusively to LINK up to now, but XMR has always nagged at me. As always, I'm kicking myself for waiting this long

>> No.30379672


>> No.30379847

tech stocks are already inflated due to low interest rates. if the interest rates goes up they will crash

>> No.30379887

in inflated terms yes, in real terms they'll eat shit. at least with fiat there's a small chance the fed will actually let rates rise and we'll get deflation

>> No.30379896

It would be nice if private smart contracts existed desu
I can't comprehend why people still buy bitcoin when monero exists though.
How can somebody look at king shitcoin and at monero and then decide to go for the surveillance coin?

>> No.30380041

Most people still don't know Monero exists. You vastly overestimate the intelligence of normies. Most people think Bitcoin is literally the only crypto, if they think about it at all.

>> No.30380123


Search amazon NVMe SSD

>> No.30380146

interest rates aren't going up. The game never ends anon.
>there's a small chance the fed will actually let rates rise
lol. There is no way that is going to happen. We are going to slowly be devoured by these monsters. It's a great idea to hedge against it but holding stock is part of the game.

>> No.30380209

You are right.
And this is called "being early".

>> No.30380243


Watch the price Dont just pump 2k into it

I Don t want you to pump 2k into it at 230 and it drops to 205

Just buy like 1 coin when ever you feel it is stable

>> No.30380282


You were told not to do that

Thats too much at once

>> No.30380329

>private smart contracts
isn't that avax or whatever shitcoin

>> No.30380336

50 $XMR is the makeit stack. Buy.

>> No.30380361


If you have lite coun hold onto it

Dont trade LTC or BTC for monero in less you got a overseas business deal

Hold onto your LTC BTC or monero until your ready to sell

>> No.30380379

No idea desu

>> No.30380412


That s why it is stick around 205 no one wants to pay more then 230 for the coin and get rug pulled down to 190

>> No.30380514

>broken english
>FUD posting
>obnoxious spacing
>spamming garbled nonsense
You're the schizo beaner right?

>> No.30380557

Right I want to get my unknown amount off the exchange. I downloaded gui wallet, create a seed, connect to remote node and withdraw my stack from the exchange, write the seed, password and date down on a bit of paper, is that everything?

>> No.30380601

There's one schizo who is obsessed with monero never going over 230. I'm guessing he sold at 230 and he will rope if it ever goes higher than that

>> No.30380622 [DELETED] 

I was in the last XMR general thread I was talking to an anon about my situation and he said to make a fake wallet I finally got it figured out if you see this I’m the guy without the fridge my address should be 4Ah3phpm73EioTBkCGgSRdiMLbdUMyBNjEo8ARsfDnEc6KqvJ4N2zpP63EhjwApt9YgX372m4YSdiUMupSYbi64513C1jS2 thank you dude if you see this.

>> No.30380699

If your house burn, will you be ok?

>> No.30380790


why are people posting their "4" addresses in this thread

keep them shits private nerds, use a sub address

go make a new wallet.

>> No.30380831
File: 335 KB, 1080x1343, schizo beaner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I know, there will be a 300 post thread and 100 of those will be his moronic ramblings and declaring himself the victor. He was here earlier >>30359264
He's also a beaner
pic related
He is exceptionally obnoxious and I'm going to doxx him as soon as he slips up further.

>> No.30380997

cartel fudding xmr?

the future is hilarious

>> No.30381076
File: 554 KB, 574x561, 1614917836695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's literally the same thing other anons are doing, fudding to keep the price low so they don't get left behind by the Mars rocket.

>> No.30381177

I don't even mind FUD but it's ridiculous when 1/3 of a thread at bump limit is just nonsense written in broken english and another 1/3 is people arguing with him.

>> No.30381604

I have £4000 to invest. Is it a good idea to put it in Monero?

>> No.30381658

But XMR is on binance, unless the cucked us version is that cucked.

>> No.30381673


oof yes, I see bongs bitching about VAT on PMs all the time

>> No.30381685

Long term yes.

>> No.30381721

Yes the US version is that bad

>> No.30381742

How long term are we talking?

>> No.30381798
File: 44 KB, 1024x576, YziqTr8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw just confirmed first trade of 10 XMR on LocalMonero
What a fucking rush man. Feels like I just broke 50 laws even though I used crypto the way it was intended. This coin is gonna go to fucking Mars sooner or later lmao

>> No.30381958

Is it a better investment than something like silver?

>> No.30382086

For bongistanis, probably. They pay a 25% VAT on silver. I'm in the US so I have a mix of crypto and shiny rocks.

>> No.30382191 [DELETED] 

I really want to get into XMR but I can’t afford the shit if any chads wanted to help me become a holder I’d bless you for life 46EeWZQhkkpVTsftXSX7dneSPQX5sTnDHHnCGM4yxPB8YNhhyYAZo4LRrwhrXoixrxCy7MR2Fpvp9bifRfexvc262mgFpMT

>> No.30382449


Maybe the US State Department forced them to ban it the same way they forced them to legalize sodomy (gay anal sex)

>> No.30382726 [DELETED] 
File: 183 KB, 1242x1194, billy NO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just make high quality wownero memes for donations and swap your wow to XMR if you don't trust the glorious anonymous hackerman wow devs

it'll probably get you further than posting XMR begging in generals

>> No.30383453

Is cudo miner decent for Monero?

>> No.30384496

Welcome to the citadel.

>> No.30385619

holy shit anon. this video should be included on every xmr general.

>> No.30386175
File: 107 KB, 1159x644, 1614351439872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's an incredible video. I just doubled my unspecified holdings.

>> No.30387272


>> No.30387472

Why is the potential for atomic swaps in the near future not priced in at all?

>> No.30387572
File: 27 KB, 480x409, slug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a PMG boomer who wants to get into Monero because it has a cute anime girl and because the privacy aspect is positively antisemetic. What are the chances the world gubberment shuts it down because of how untraceable it is?

>> No.30387574

NSA might, if you piss them off hard enough.
Europol, no.

>> No.30387711

Because of how untraceable it is they can't.

>> No.30387713


>> No.30387755

Monero getting banned is an interesting topic. Essentially you cant stop it from existing so it boils down trying to block all the off and onramps to it. Atomic swaps removes the final real intermediary that they can lean on (the exchange), I suppose the trickiest thing about a monero-banned world would be finding someone to swap with, without alerting authorities

>> No.30387800
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>muh inflation

>> No.30388096

>ZCash at 25.88%
kek ZCash shills on suicide watch

How long until someone starts making his "pedocoin" FUD posts again

>> No.30388483

The continued low valuation of XMR breaks my heart. Of the top 100 coins on CMC, monero is the third worst performing in the 7 day period. There are only nine coins which lost in valuation, monero being one of them. Five of those nine were USD tethers

>> No.30388559

It doubled in price. My guess is also people are unsure if it will work reliably.

>> No.30388584

Forgot to add that despite having slipped to #22, Moneros trading volume is at #26, so it's not like there's this intense currency action keeping the price stable. People aren't buying and selling XMR - they're offloading it

>> No.30388683
File: 31 KB, 650x366, Wally plays674053-titanic-and-violin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for the longest time I thought there was an inflation bug that someone was exploiting to profit from slowly.
but I realized whats actually happening.

Monero is being dumped by darknetfags and organized crime. they literally have to constantly cash out to stay in business.
Monero is dying because it's too useful.

>> No.30388936
File: 210 KB, 1280x853, awoo orca washington.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could not hate my state government more right now.
>mandatory globo homo in schools
>STILL half locked down
>can't even use fucking morphcoin because "lol blocked region"
Good thing that means they're afraid of XMR.

>> No.30389692

This is not possible though. We know that there is continuously increasing adoption, which means a continuous influx of new XMR buyers. Are you telling me that LITERALLY every single person who uses xmr cashes out IMMEDIATELY?

>> No.30390128

>Are you telling me that LITERALLY every single person who uses xmr cashes out IMMEDIATELY?
Well either several anons here are lying or that's false on its face.

>> No.30390132

>liquidity is bad

>> No.30391101

>there are non kyc ways to purchase crypto with a credit card?
You can use a credit card to buy stuff on localmonero. That's the easiest way I'd say.

>> No.30391141

Top of the reply count again lads. People are starting to notice.

>> No.30391336

>How do I start mining XMR on someone else's PC?
Install a miner and have him wonder why his CPU is always at 80°C

>> No.30391495

>Monero because it has a cute anime girl and because the privacy aspect is positively antisemetic
Unfathomably based.

>What are the chances the world gubberment shuts it down because of how untraceable it is?
Shut it down? Zero. Absolutely impossible.
Make it illegal to use? Yeah sure, some countries already do that. People will just move to a non-KYC way of obtaining the crypto, which makes the normies and boomers back off to some extent, but if it's the best currency for illegal activity (from tax evasion to drugs to terrorism), it's GOING TO BE the currency for illegal activity, no matter if it's illegal or not.

>> No.30391576
File: 114 KB, 256x256, akarin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I figure a coin that makes illegal transfers safe would be a good coin to invest in, as the world government makes an increasing number of things illegal, and disgust/fear for the modern world increases.

>> No.30391720

you don't have a crystal ball and don't know what monero's long term value will be. even all of the developers and spokespeople for monero admit this but 99% of this thread is people making unfounded claims very confidently. if you aren't able to tell why they're doing this you're very stupid. it's not that they want one retard to invest $5,000 into monero, it's to soothe their own autism as well as contribute to the general cult-like dominance on discussion here and everywhere. it's not unique to these threads or even cryptocurrencies generally. people do this with everything. severely autistic people even do this with their opinions about movies or video games. it's a sign you're way too invested in something, whether it's an autistic obsession or if they have literally invested too much of their money.

>> No.30391725

NEW THREAD: >>30391709

>> No.30392012