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Stimulus just passed on a Saturday!
Bears should be shaking in their boots. Love how the market makers screwed the little day trader in the crash, many margined out . Now screwing those that were short .

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Avatar posting is not allowed on 4chan. There's a reason we don't have profile pictures.

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I have lost over 50% of my port the last 2 months, mostly on AQB

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Its almost 2 Oclock, What have you accomplished today?

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the beast must eat

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here at Palantir we are a fashion retail business with a focus on winter and athletic clothing lines that cares about sustainability. make sure to order your unique and eco-friendly head-wear now

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i just got off the phone with my trusted financial advisor.

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RBLX will be doing a lot of somethins

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About oil.

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Just headed out now to sam's club for my tri-montly grocery trip

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I made coffee, downloaded movies and battled crippling depression

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Everyone I know is using their stimmy to lease a Tesla.

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What Coin you guys are talking about?

I just found a gem! real use case, new technology, growing like crazy!

Plz share with me more good projects.

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dammit karp take off that fucking hat, shareholders are watching....and quit doing that yoga shit, you can't save the west with far east esoteric gobbledy gook

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You need to go back then

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Soup, that should be enough

>> No.30355297

OIL LEAP calls, yay or nay?

>> No.30355298

Wake up at 10:15am PST

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Is this ur seed phrase?

>> No.30355305

Fuck it im watching the platoon cause i cant find full metal jacket

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I am addicted to porn and masturbation. It's become so bad I've been missing work so I can sub and buy more content off OnlyFans. I've even been avoiding my girlfriend because my addiction to porn is so severe. It's actually now affecting my personal life and my girlfriend is growing suspicious as to what I am doing and why I am not hanging out with her as much anymore. I masturbate around 12 - 19 times a day, sometimes more. I feel shameful after every session but I cannot stop masturbating and consuming porn. Just last month I spent about 600 dollars worth of OnlyFans content and I had to eat ramen noodles for several weeks until my next paycheck and I barely scrapped by for rent. I seriously need some advice on controlling my urges.

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the stock price was dropping
so i bought the dip
but it was a ticket
on a sinking ship

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Funny, everyone I know is using their bidenbux to load up on Robux

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Reposting, as it's very, very important:
I posted this on Friday afternoon
>pic related
and had a bunch of people freak out, saying it was bullshit, that Mannarino was a schizo / lying, asking for source
Unfortunately I had to go before I could post 'proof'
Here you go!
This is a big fucking deal! Bank of America announced they believe the Fed will enact YCC at the next meeting on the 17th at around 2:00pm EST
This is why we saw the HUGE turn-around pump on Friday - institutions bought up the market IN MASS (just to trigger that pedantic faggot)
If you are bearish, think that this is the end, that this was a bull trap.. Stop. You are missing the big picture, you are missing the reason behind the pump
YCC is going to rip your bearish face off
If you haven't watched Mannarino talking about it yet, pls inform yourselves
>inb4 Mannarino is a schizo
Mannarino is a market genius, and a super, super high ranking free mason, *extremely* well connected. Do not mock "our guy"

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Made coffee. Gonna get to gardening soon. I am going to invest in the stock market and the stalk market.

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why is there a question mark after cheese. how can you go shopping for only three times each month if you aren't sure what to buy anyway? I'm asking because mostly decide what to buy while shopping for a few essentials I meant to buy before

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>buys the dip in spring of 2000
>doesn't break even for 12 years

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I just don't like food very much and eat to much if I buy unhealthy stuff so I keep to the essentials and buy in bulk

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how do you not find a way to watch a movie online
it's not like you're searching for some obscure avantgarde flick only 10 people have seen either

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you asshole you stole my pasta ,
literally found this on adv and replaced the number of days fapped
kek instant (YOU)s

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Mannarino is funny because he sees the doom but also sees that the FED jsut does whatever the fuck it wants. I imagine he has taught more than a few taxi drivers about the yield curve and silver bullion.

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should I buy oil monday or wait for a dip?

>> No.30355504

Will you buy the reddit stock once it comes out bros?

>> No.30355519

Pragmatic poetry for the eloquent trader

>> No.30355521

Based list, but where's the milk at?

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Oh shit I forgot to put money on the side to spend it on the IRL Robux. I don't even care if it will go up or down, I'll do it purely for the memes.

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The bill still has to go through the House again. Plus this stimulus may not make the market pump like you think it will. It could cause the 10 year bond yield to spike.

>> No.30355541

I like this picture. It reminds me of a time when I put penis into vagina.

>> No.30355569

it's a classic, feels kind of bad because imagine some guy actually goes through that and sees his ordeal become a copy pasta.

>> No.30355598

Huh, did their facility explode or something? I'm sure you bought it at fair price, so it wouldn't make sense for it to drop that much on its own.

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The Candles are red
Your portfolio is too
Our stocks they bled
So does my heart, for you

>> No.30355610

CTRM frens.. we're gonna be rich

>> No.30355611

Last time we got cheese from sam's club it wasn't very tasty I couldnt remember if they sell other brands there so I only want cheese if it's not a sam's club brand, but still only if it's cheap cause I ain't about to spend 15 bucks for a pound of cheese.

>> No.30355619

>finished my solid walnut Lazy Susan
>started framing in a wall mirror in walnut
>grocery shopping
>hardware store
>replaced some bulbs around the house
>did the laundry
>organized the pantry
>contacted buyers of some modern furniture I sold online
>went out for coffee
>shit posting in /smg here and there
>researching ETFs

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Bullish for tinfoil

>> No.30355643

I'll short it.

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Hang in there brother

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Please buy some lean hogs and pump my bags.

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That being said, buy the ANVS dip

>> No.30355734

>reuters is not a valid, reliable source
ok child

>> No.30355750

fucked my wife, ate a muffin and drank coffee, came to /smg/

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Sometimes I don't drink the whole gallon before it goes bad but you convinced me, also reminded me I need to buy meal replacement powder online, thanks.

>> No.30355759

Fixed my water softener, did my taxes, cut dogs nails, watched some football

>> No.30355772

I'll do whatever is profitable without regard to my feelings on le epin internet rivalries.

>> No.30355783

Has tjhe EV-bulls killed themselves yet or do they need more pain still?

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>in mass
Opinion regarded

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Stim package just passed.

>> No.30355840

You will pry these RIDE shares out of my cold dead hands, which will totally not be cold and dead because I an hero'd.

>> No.30355850

I hope you're saving these. You could sell a limited edition on the floor.

>> No.30355857

Seems to be on constant pump, so I went all in on Friday.
I hope it works out.

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based gardening fren

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Ahhh, Oil.

>> No.30355893

I shit posted on ess em gee, made bacon and eggs for breakfast, and now I'm about to take a test for my online college class.

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what did you get anon? I"ve been eying GUSH and SU

>> No.30355907

Leaf here who got 16,000~ after my grandma passed. Looking to put it all into an ETF in my TFSA and just let it roll for 20+ years as I don't need the money atm. Was looking at something like VEQT or XEQT. XEQT has a bit less CDN exposure compared to VEQT, thoughts or suggestions of another ETF to just dump this into and let roll?

>> No.30355908

Senate yeah, needs to hit the house before Biden can cum on it

>> No.30355922

Um... Oil.

>> No.30355946

Senate just passed the stimulus bill. Get ready for the big green dildo on Monday. Hope you retards have your SPY calls ready.

>> No.30355955

Facebook is giving me TRT and adderall advertisements - how can I profit off this?

>> No.30355973

>institutions bought up the market IN MASS
Dark pool money didn't snap up this dip. DIX is still relatively low when compared to actual periods of large, sustained buying. The bottom is yet to come.

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Retards never understand that Yuri is the purest and cutest form of love and romance, although because im a dude people have said you're a cuck because you just want to watch two girls and not be involved, I have no response for that so just fuck you idc

>> No.30355997

No need to try and convince him. Greg's behaviour and mannerisms are great filters for normies. I say fuck em. Thanks to Greg I switched to oil 3 weeks ago from tech and I'm happy.

>> No.30356001

That footage of those kikes standing and clapping for themselves is peak D.C. faggotry. Every single one of those bastards needs to be [minecraft]

>> No.30356007

I've been waging since 8 this morning

>> No.30356022

You're right. I just saw the headline pop up in my feed.

>> No.30356063

Finally! The children are out of the house. They're with her parents and will be there most of the day. That means the both of us can finally become human again. I got my hait cut and bought Mille Bornes (the French auto-racing game made in the 50's).the checkout lady got angry that I didn't have a mask on (again), but I told her that "these hands aren't just diamond against FUD-ing dearie, but also the oyveyrus". Her shaved and patchy hair had a few more bits fall as she shoved me out of the store. By that time, she (my wife) said that the Phillysteaks were ready (we don't do cheese) and we only want through 5 or 10 ounces (that's a kilo for you britbongs). After eating, I figured a mow-down of the nether lawn ought to do. The haircut lady didn't want to, so I had to get the clippers myself and hack at the dense foliage until the landscape resembled moderately-sized shrubberies. I'm sure I can finish the day playing Mille Bornes with the wifey though.

>> No.30356065

Yeah but the Dems actually have more than the bare minimum majority in the house, should just be formalities from here out.

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Reddit fag this is bobo country

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I mean Americans clap when a plane lands, or at the end of a movie. What's any different here?

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We just had a 7 year low in gamma exposure.. we are moving up anon. YCC + stimulus = hell of a drug. I hope you bought the dip.

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>giv me stimmy check
inflation takes off
>gas doubles
>housing up 10% a year
>food costs way up

g good deal

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I've got GUSH, ERX(energy) and of course SU.

>> No.30356158

Max your body and portfolio gains, WAGMI

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Reading the poet anon, that is pretty grand
Nilhistic humor, that's a fun old jam
That last specific stanza sadly broke my heart
Castor Maritime ended up a big wet fart

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research day

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>> No.30356234

Anyone here on thevault private tracker? I've asked on g/ptg/ but they're homeless aussies.

I've read they do group buys for market reports - is that still common? What can I find there?

I haven't seen a recruitment thread on HDB in a while- is the IRC interview the only way to join?

>> No.30356255

>he doesn't understand that it's redd*t who is bearish
>he doesn't understand that it is dumb retail who is trying to short this market
>he doesn't know that YCC is coming

>> No.30356257

Food is up 15% and housing expected to go up >20% in my area this year. Joy!

>> No.30356274

House prices are going up already and stimmie hasn't even hit. It's nuts. I have no idea how future generations are going to ever buy one.

>> No.30356275

the inflation trade is complete horse-shit. It will collapse on it's face and my gold miners will explode.

>> No.30356278

Until the fed explicitly says they're doing YCC the 10 year bond yield is going higher and the SPX is going lower.

>> No.30356303

woke up at 12:40, put laundry in, did my stretching routine, drank a liter of water, did 30 min cardio on the bike, asked some anons about my taxes and formed a list of things to check on regarding that (thanks to you lads from previous thread), now taking a nice dump

>> No.30356305

I remember when $20 used to mean 2000 Xbox live points, now it's 1600. Microsoft is ruining their currency into the ground and we need a strong dictat to expel the gollems bringing down the Microsoft store

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>alright so our next caller wants input on his latest investment
>have a go at it caller..
>oh its anon...this guy again...sighs*...shuffles papers*
>alright so your investment you want input on is...
>you took physical delivery of crude oil?
>as in...you got a semi stopping by your place with barrels of crude oil, unprocessed, straight out of the oil drill platform and packaged into steel barrels?
>and you plan on selling this only when it reaches 1000 dollars a barrel?
>Jamie can you just...hang up on this guy I dont want to answer this stupidity
>so our next caller...

>> No.30356355

Low gex just means big moves up and down.

>> No.30356364

March 17, 2021, 2:00pm EST
mark your calendar
If the 10yr auction coming up goes badly, possibly moved up before then

>> No.30356367

Newfag here. I only have some experience with crypto. Where and how do I buy stocks?

>> No.30356373

I would know what the sentiment over on reddit is my chum. Don't get caught with your pants down in a bull trap is all I'm saying, always good to hedge

>> No.30356388

no such thing as a free lunch i guess. shocker.

>> No.30356389

>you can still just walk with the money
No, that is the idea behind having a corporation at all, with millions of dollars on the table fraudulent activities such as me taking the money and running opens me up to serious serious class action lawsuits. Having a collective corporation is the only feasible way we could all buy a yacht to party on without being opened up to legal problems. The corporation protects you from being scammed by law. The only way the money can be scammed is either by the shareholders voting poorly or a hostile takeover, and only one of those is likely due to how we are doing the crowdsale

>> No.30356395
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you know what to do

>> No.30356406

I feel like I’m being gaslighted by the market. It’s one fake out after another

>> No.30356417


nah, the tech sector has problems because the valuations are insane. the index as a whole is not overvalued until you see over 2.5 on the ten year.

>> No.30356441
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stocks are for incel gamers, sorry. Here's a better business plan

>> No.30356447

From their white paper:
>When GEX is a high number, it acts as a brake on market price. When GEX is low (including negative), it acts as an accelerator. Practically, the "brake" stifles the market's upside while the "accelerator" ultimately enables upward price action resembling a squeeze (in both form and function).
>"accelerator" ultimately enables upward price action resembling a squeeze
>upward price action resembling a squeeze

>> No.30356466

Fill out an application with the IRS and try not to flunk the penis inspection

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GUSH is a banking scam! There are more GUSH shares than oil on the market!
Saudi Arabia will default this month!

I stacked 50 gallons into my Ford F150.

>> No.30356529

>over 100% premium on a silver round
Jesus and I thought JM was scalping with their 20% premiums

>> No.30356530

xom because divs, David
just like Jesus wanted

>> No.30356568

natural consequence of big money algos being smarter than us. don't try and trade, just follow

>> No.30356575

Anon if I had the capacity to store physical oil I would have since covid.

>> No.30356607

I never qualified for gibs but now I'll be homeless by 2025 if I don't make it.

>> No.30356626

7 million redditors with rent due, willing to throw money away if it means sticking to the hedgies!
I salute the entrepreneurs who made merchandise off this

>> No.30356641
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fuggg I posted in wrong thred

>US government giving them huge overpriced contracts for some reason
Yeah, but it's identical to every single space flight ever. Space is fucking expensive. Elon is actually the other way around honestly. He -could've- gotten fat stacks of cash like every other guy, but he's lowering the prices and threatening their market share, globally. For comparison, check pic related, $3k per kg and it went down since 2017 when this paper was released. And apparently even that isn't enough and he's making Starship, project goal is reducing the flight cost to as close as possible to fuel only, it makes it ridiculously cheap. If it was about government gibs, he could've easily gotten almost 10x money than now, like everyone else in that list. He wouldn't lose US government if he went expensive, but he also wouldn't get so many commercial contracts globally.
t. spess autism

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>you got a semi stopping by your place with barrels of crude oil
>you got a semi
>a semi
Bullish for SOXL! Heckin' BASED!

>> No.30356708

You have to go to your bank ask them to supply you with a female broker

>> No.30356727
File: 1.09 MB, 1174x1218, Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 12.11.06 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be Pelosi
>Get $21,000 stimmy check



>> No.30356739

Friday made people forget what happened after 2/24 and 3/1. Price movement that severe cannot be sustained and we will see that on Monday. .

>> No.30356792

I guarantee Mama Pepsi is going tits deep into RBLX

>> No.30356794
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Call your broker (female) and tell her what you want to buy then hang up. Just send the tip to her in the mail later.

>> No.30356811

Why would I buy oil stocks when nearly every country on the planet has been taken over by liberals who keep pushing the "global warming" narrative? Beijing Biden himself has said that he plans on banning the sale of all oil and petroleum based products so we can all start driving electric scooters to work.

>> No.30356819

Surprised that the minecraft servers haven't been DDO'sed at this point

>> No.30356824

You have to go to the wall street floor and yell real loud

>> No.30356846 [DELETED] 

Low taxes today, time grab more $ENQ
Look at it mates, you will get that this blockchain is new stage in crypto
smartphone dapps and mining
I am safe now with this system, tards wouldn’t get how it is working

>> No.30356885 [DELETED] 

I don't get it, what happened after 03.01?

>> No.30356886

yeah i make too much also. my mortgage is 3% so that may end up being a good deal.

but yeah these 1400 checks arent a deal for people.

>> No.30356891

Can you translate into Hindustani please?

>> No.30356909

You know oil isn't just for gasoline right?

>> No.30356926

>he can't flip stocks in the short-to-mid term
Unironically not gonna make it

>> No.30356937
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>I don't get it, what happened after 03.01?
Forgot the pic

>> No.30356938


Imagine wearing merch to celebrate being a bagholder

>> No.30356945

when these old politicians die the party is going to be over and the stimulus ends, we will all be fat and docile and ready to be devoured by any and everything...

>> No.30356963
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So whats the plan lads? Long SQQQ? Or is this just a bear trap?

>> No.30356970

Eh that is IF there is upward price action.

>> No.30356983

i would fucking heem any faggot i saw wearing this shit in public

>> No.30356996


>> No.30356999


thats excactly why you should buy oil stocks.
no capital, no investment, shortage in supply, price to the moon.

oil stocks are risky and thats why their expected returns are higher. People arent looking at fundamentals everybody goes "ooh, oil thats scary".

Buy Apple at 35 times forward earnings if you want to, I'm buying Oil-companies at 5 times forward earnings.

>> No.30357005
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so I said fuck it with classifying doji bullshit and just found the nearest 0.25%ile to previous days price action for: 10 days back projected forward normalized to today, and looking back 2-15 days of OHLC data. notably dark blue is the most recent prediction and says down

>> No.30357025

Low GEX acts both ways anon. If there is selling pressure, it will become a freefall.

>> No.30357031

with fucking what is there anything besides starting the corporation that you have planned that actually makes money. Is the point of this to make a SPAC or is there no plan attached to it till it starts.

>> No.30357045

I'm going to start making a bunch of this crap for redbubble and the other art scam place that Dutch anon said he was making money on a few months ago

>> No.30357053

does CDN stands for Canada? It really just depends if you have a Canada home bias or not. Being a burger I still think we'll be better than everyone. VEQT seems like a pretty comfortable set and forget though

>> No.30357054
File: 1.69 MB, 1666x1484, yuri_hug_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do people hate Yuri? It is two anime girls. Objectively better than one anime girl.

>> No.30357055
File: 1.05 MB, 1067x647, inevitable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because oil is getting more expensive. Also check what companies supply green energy. In Canada for example it is Suncor. Does this name sound a bell? Also check what are future suppliers of net-zero fuel, BP and Shell. Those names shoud ring a bell as well.
I wonder how retards like you would manage to do anything in stock market if it wasn't for /smg/. You should start paying us to be honest.

>> No.30357056

There are people who think gas is just for making cars go vroom

>> No.30357062

You know what I mean oil faggot. Look a SPX Chart.

>> No.30357100

I find it hard to believe people who are saying that Wednesday was the last dip when I have been doing nothing but buying every dip for the past two weeks

>oil stocks are risky and thats why their expected returns are higher. People arent looking at fundamentals
I looked into XOM and could have gotten around 50 percent profit but decided against it because I couldn't justify to promote their business. I bought SU instead, while currently sitting on a 20 percent profit and I don't regret any of my choices

>> No.30357102
File: 67 KB, 385x1024, 1576456275601m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you aren't continually buying TQQQ every paycheck, you're a fucking retard. Gonna laugh when your shit drops 25% in the near future.

>> No.30357116

make a fucking scatter plot of what low GEX does vs future price. stop arguing over what you think it does and SHOW what it does

>> No.30357138
File: 7 KB, 256x196, 1892357496781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People are getting their stimmy?

>> No.30357149

Lol why would I hold SPY or QQQ?

>> No.30357165

They got somewhat decent house prices down in Texas that are all brand new. You can find some decent ones for 200k but they are a bit father from cities / require more travel to buy food and shit

>> No.30357179

>nasdaq was red for the year at one point on Friday.
>nasdaq will be red for the year come Monday.

>> No.30357188

is rblx monday?

>> No.30357198

so you're saying I fucked up buying AMD at 80 and Nvidia at 490???

>> No.30357212

>are a bit father from cities
this really shouldnt be a negative desu

>> No.30357213

Yuri is best

>> No.30357228
File: 956 KB, 1518x2024, IMG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>click on /gme/ out of curiosity for what the fuck they talk about
do they... actually believe the stuff they're saying?
>$7m potential share price
>going against a $500 trillion company now
>price surge will last multiple days or weeks

>> No.30357230

can you really lease a tesla for 1400 $ or less?

>> No.30357237


>> No.30357241

It's wednesday.

>> No.30357277

And end of year the nasdaq will be above 16k. Keep chasing the dragon, retard.

>> No.30357290 [DELETED] 

So my heart does for you

>> No.30357291

I believe anything between 80 and 90 USD to be a fair price to pay for AMD

>> No.30357294

true, but most of the jobs in the cities so could be a pain having to use like 2 hours of your day just traveling to and back from location

>> No.30357300

any anon actually lives on stock trading or is it just a hobby?

>> No.30357307
File: 194 KB, 1432x718, lemonparty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Low gex, volatility up, up or down.

>> No.30357321


>> No.30357323
File: 26 KB, 871x256, kodak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They think it's a second squeze, when in fact it's a second Kodak.

>> No.30357328
File: 45 KB, 596x408, something-fear-when-greedy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's from their motherland

>> No.30357343

I already forgotten about GME, do people really?

>> No.30357349

So, my heart does for you

>> No.30357351

Explain why this next stimulus bill won't set off the bond market?

>> No.30357356

Making money is easy, trying to imitate the anonymous decision making process of 4chan through a legal entity is hard. The point is that we decide what we spend our money on and how we make money after the corporation is created so we can all vote on it, every single person on the website.

If you're concerned with how we are going to turn a profit then you don't understand the point of this project, If I wanted to scam you I would simply buy my book of buisness from my actual company for pennies on the dollar with debt to make Forchan's balance sheet look insanely good and then feed you retards some stupid story to make you buy. But that is not what I want to do and that is not the point of a community created corporation so i will not be doing that

>> No.30357360

right, I've been WFH for so long I forgot I used to commute an hour, I guess you can just get a WFH job

>> No.30357364

Nasdaq will be 9,000 eoy. We are going into a bear market.

>> No.30357369

They are high on a good week for GME.

Suspicious amount of avatarfagging too. Kinda looks like prepping the bagholders for their illustrious role if you ask me.

>> No.30357436

Is there a chance that Burry’s recent posting about pho was a psyop hinting that water is a good value play ($PHO), or am I completely insane and he was obviously just talking about good food he likes to eat? I’m thinking the latter.

>> No.30357441
File: 77 KB, 665x720, e4cc0ed1f0f90a9a1f5d3abc2201b1df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get the vasoline, boy.

>> No.30357446

Institutions hold 122%, insiders hold 27%, and 28% of the US bought GME in Jan.

>> No.30357449

I wonder how people come up with those numbers for companies that don't pay dividends. You're basically betting against other people who might believe that price is higher or lower than your prediction.

>> No.30357456

It's 140 atm anon and did 300% in 2 days in late Feb.

>> No.30357470

i love you

>> No.30357477

It probably will unless Powell does some more big QE and YCC.

>> No.30357483

in the thread when asked about the "peak price when this thing moons" their answers range from
>$1000 to $100k
>$2000 to $100k
>30 to 40 (user called out for being a shill)
I just don't get it. Is this delusion or mental illness?

>> No.30357496

Cute mo-san.

>> No.30357502

Idk but I'm ordering pho for dinner now

>> No.30357509

Look, I hold GME. I know this stuff. The moment people start to unironically throw le million per share because some avatarfag with Satania pic posted a tweet by literally who is where I'm checking out.

There will be lots of bitter bagholders after it's all said and done.

>> No.30357515
File: 1.37 MB, 430x360, wat rin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, did he unironically quoted that? I mean he says he read the book, but in the book, the Brotherhood is revealed to be fake, manufactured by the Inner Party to smoke out dissidents.
So the metaphor is very apt, but not in the way he thinks.

>> No.30357525
File: 102 KB, 840x1200, 1571960656565_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just realized PYPL crashed back to 240 from 310
I sold at 225 because the stock became too hot for me.
I wasn't too far off at least.

>> No.30357528
File: 138 KB, 505x482, he does.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut up faggot.

>> No.30357533

I’m not doing my taxes until after I get my check, made too much money in stocks last year.

>> No.30357534

yup. they're playing bag-holder, or rip the other guy off. not much wealth creation in that narrative.

>> No.30357536

gme squeeze will cause a market collapse and throw everything into an eternal bear
it's already happening
you have been warned

>> No.30357545

it's 300% if you were stupid enough to buy at $45. Good luck with your continued pump n dumps mate.

>> No.30357551

the thread belongs on pol or /x/ really, just spam go backl to pol in the thread

>> No.30357552

I'll rotate back in if it dumps after earnings as stocks typically do.

>> No.30357558
File: 1.02 MB, 1493x923, gold-bear-900-close.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my body and bank account are ready

>> No.30357564


Dividend payouts is not a factor driving returns. Earnings and book value are driving returns.

>> No.30357569 [DELETED] 

Market down 7%, $MCM up 70% =)))

>> No.30357570

Greed. Also denial that they should cut their loses after robinhood cucked everyone

>> No.30357574

so what you're saying is these people are about to make institutions a lot of money and be left holding expensive ass bags that nobody will ever buy?

>> No.30357579
File: 71 KB, 552x524, pepe1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, this made me chuckle

>> No.30357587

Desperate bagholders are very dangerous. They will come up with most unbelievable stories. Unfortunately, some newfags will fall for them.

>> No.30357598

It's overdosing on hopium after a great week. $1000 is perfectly achieveable if you go by deep GME lore (since it's hardly DD), everything is a delusion born of circlejerk.

>> No.30357608

Hey guys, so I just discovered this thing called a cash secured put. I'm excited to try this new way of losing money on SOXL.

>> No.30357620

Should this be a good tome to switch from growth to value?

>> No.30357626
File: 402 KB, 754x720, bobo, destroyer of worlds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I buy SOXS then?

>> No.30357654

It is in my experience that nobody who regularly refers to events from 1984 has ever actually read 1984, because they always miss the fact that the book itself is alluded to being an in-universe propaganda piece.

>> No.30357657

At this point, there are multiple different parties competing to weaponize the dumb money redditors

>> No.30357661
File: 255 KB, 956x1426, 1585255021247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No dubs

No happening.

>> No.30357673

oil won't dip until republicans take back control. So never.

>> No.30357682

At that situation $45 was unironically a great buy. You sound salty.
>le pump and dump
Confirmed not knowing what's going on.

>> No.30357685

Returns to whom? I'm talking about what investor gets back for putting his money in stock. If company doesn't pay you back for investment, then you might as well put it into freezer. At least you won't lose sleep over speculation not working out.

>> No.30357698

Cash secured put is the manly mans version of a limit buy.

>> No.30357704


>> No.30357707
File: 730 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210306-113047_GAMEYE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure a lot of you fellow incels have some old games lying around among your piss jugs. If you don't play that shit you can make a few grand real quick on ebay while the market is still hot

>> No.30357720

I got out of GME in a day when I made a couple hundred bucks.
There is some voodoo back room chicken sacrifices going on around that shit. I have no doubt there are rabbis calling rabbis calling favors sellling assets, and someone(s) is likely outright lying about holdings.
So I'm staying out and watching this shit as an interested passive.

>> No.30357729
File: 168 KB, 517x524, 1612523068470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess you're right. I don't know. I haven't seen this in past.

>> No.30357736

>because they always miss the fact that the book itself is alluded to being an in-universe propaganda piece.

>> No.30357737

>take back control.
they're going to sweep 2022

>> No.30357743

mental illness

>> No.30357766


is this site legit?

>> No.30357779

Buy and hold these in the long run


You'll thank me later.

t. Pennyfag

>> No.30357782

>i just want to collect old games for my own enjoyment
>can't find them at thrift stores or yard sales because fatass flippers scoop everything up for eBay

>> No.30357784

Are you in the market for those games?

>> No.30357790

The only problem GME holders who are looking for the Squeeze really have, is that they aren't coordinated like a single firm, and they are being lied to by institutions that are supposed to work for them.

>> No.30357798

Speaking of Burry, anybody seen how he's been pushing Porsche (owning Volkswagen owning Porsche)? VW is already on its way to outsell Tesla in Europe soon.

>> No.30357801

So what do we think will happen for GME for the 3/19 quadruple witching? Nothingburger? I’m thinking of buying like 2 shares in case it does moon to infinity, and if not, losing $300 bucks means absolutely nothing to me. Shit, I lost 2k paper handing indexes just this past week alone due to stop loss sells from all the volatility.

>> No.30357814

>the book itself is alluded to being an in-universe propaganda piece.
You mean the book "1984", or the (((Goldstein))) book?
It's been quite a while since I've read it.

>> No.30357857

would be an easier sell to people if there was more to it than that. sounds an awful lot like the land buying group that was on pol

>> No.30357868

I live in nyc, so many retro game flipper stores charging 100+ dollars for old shit

>> No.30357879

>NOK at 3.88
holy fuck, I completely forgot about that shit.

>> No.30357893

HQU.TO x2 Nasdaq bull in CAD

>> No.30357921

I work with a company that is a supplier to VW. There is no fucking way they can properly switch to EVs. Literally any other manufacturer has a better chance. The only reason they outsell Tesla is because they are relatively cheap.

>> No.30357922

VW is already on it's way up, i was going to buy but I missed the boat. I don't really know what other company to compare it to since TSLA is so fucking high and F and GM just do weird crab shit and I've seen them just dip 1 or 2 dollars off nothing.

>> No.30357925

Haha you really think a republican will ever win again that isn't controlled opposition?

>> No.30357950


Free Cash Flow is attributeable to the shareholders. The company will pay out free cash flow if it's the best way to return money to shareholders but it can also buy back shares or reinvest the money if they see opportunity. All of this creates value for the shareholder.

Consider this;
You own a company, it has a bunch of hard assets and it has 10 dollars per share on its balance sheet in cash-
It decides to pay out 5 dollars as dividens, upon doing so they have 5 dollars less per share on their balance sheet so the value of the company is immediately 5 dollars lower.
Because of this dividend payouts shouldn't matter to your returns and research shows that this holds up. Dividend payouts have nothing to do with total returns of a stock.

I own many companies that pay out dividends because dividend payout companies tend to be valuestocks and value stocks are expected to outperform. But it's not the dividends that create value, you can just as well buy a value stock that doesn't pay a dividend because we now know that dividends doesn't drive returns.

This is a hard concept to grasp but it's true nontheless.

>> No.30357954

Giving dates for situation as dumb as GME is a fool's errand.

The reddit DD that pushed 3/19 was full of factual errors and half-understandings of the market. Now, if you want to risk $300 on a meme play of the century, go ahead, I unironically think it's not a bad play. Just don't fall for reddit dates.

>> No.30357972

>losing money means nothing to me
Sounds like a GME buyer already. You dont belong here though.

>> No.30357973

The nostalgia doesn't make them any better, you'll hook up the gamecube or Xbox original or whatever to your super nice TV and get bored after 5 minutes just cycling through games that used to give you hundreds of hours of enjoyment. The gamecube ones I got from some bitch a long time ago who just gave them away, 99% of games after gamecube Gen aren't worth shit

>> No.30358000

Stuff like that is the inspiration for this. Stuff like that is extremely liable to scams however, where as this is a corporate agreement backed by US law, they will get the IRS to pull that money out of a bank account and send it back to you if they have to, to keep corporate law functioning as it is so important.
It doesn't sound like a lot yet, but that is because I haven't even started any true marketing, this is just raising awareness and scoping out if there are more people who wish to get involved in these early stages.

>> No.30358020

>company A never gives dividends
>for 15 years puts more money into the business
>at year 16 files for bankruptcy due to market down turn at bottom of interbusiness cycle

>business B gives dividends...

>> No.30358028

Trump will win 2024 easily. It took a massive global black swan to make him lose 2020.

>> No.30358042

Literally everything in the book is implied to have been run through the Ministry of Truth in order to turn the events into one that suits the interests of the state. Winston Smith is such a generic fucking name for someone working at the in-universe equivalent of a British successor state that it's kind of a dead giveaway that he himself is an "unperson", and his resolution in the novel is one where he gives into the state and then is left completely open-ended. One of the layers of the book is that it's intentionally written as though it's been put through the propaganda machine.

>> No.30358047

I can't say the same about the PS2 era games. It was a golden age

>> No.30358049

Reddit is a disease that plagues humanity.

>> No.30358062

Check out Z too.

>> No.30358067

No, I was smart enough not to sell those games to gamestop as a kid and I'm not going to sell them now

>> No.30358072

wow 2 shares of gme.

why even bother posting.

>> No.30358079

this is delusional

>> No.30358088
File: 2.50 MB, 1920x1080, Dropkick_on_My_Devil_Dash_Episode_9_Untitled794683.mp4_snapshot_00_05_51.560_0001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Stop Losses
>On an index
I have no words

>> No.30358108

I have a muscle twich in my right butt cheeck and it wont fucking stop bros help i want to die

>> No.30358116

I just dont think democrats are competent enough to repeat win and all the cheating will be gone after covid is done with

>> No.30358120

>The company will pay out free cash flow if it's the best way to return money to shareholders but it can also buy back shares or reinvest the money if they see opportunity. All of this creates value for the shareholder.
How often does this happen though? It's stilll speculation, but I guess it gives shareholders something to grasp onto

>> No.30358125
File: 39 KB, 699x359, sling-blade-dwight-yoakam12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poorfag brainlet here. I plan on buying some July calls Monday morning, MRO and SU.

>> No.30358126

What? Why would Mossad child sex blackmail artists make a website that was bad?

>> No.30358135

I literally just bought a ten thousand dollar bike, son. Losing $300 is like a fun day at the casino.

>> No.30358179

I was an xbox guy but enjoyed medievel and Spyro
They dont be me joy anymore, simple as

>> No.30358191

>stop losses on ETFs
holy shit I have never seen such retardation
please put all your money into savings and earn .6% APY, you'll make more money that way

>> No.30358197

Question for aviationfags... would the results of the MCAS problems have been the same if they'd happened to American pilots?

>> No.30358202

trump's whole image was that he is a winner. now that he lost he has no way of continuing that.
that isn't to say that there won't be a trump-like candidate, and probably a more successful one who actually knows a thing about politics. but it won't be trump

>> No.30358215


The problem isnt that the money was reinvested, the problem is that the money was reinvested in such a way that the company went bankrupt.

Berkshire Hathaways has never payed a dividend and the stock went from 7.5 dollars to over 300.000 dollars but maybe that's not good for you, you'd rather take future bankrupcies that at least payed out some dividends before collapsing.

>> No.30358228

There was a report by UBS recently detailing how their margins on the ID.3 are close to Tesla.
Also, what are you talking about? The base model of the ID.3 costs 42k$, it's not cheaper than the Model 3.
Quite frankly, I think you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

>> No.30358248

get away from the electronic signals. your body is a circuit board, and you do respond to energy fields.
also, try a touch (very very small) amount of nutmeg spice.

>> No.30358256

oh I don't think It'll be Trump, he's a dud now, but I'm pretty confident we'll have like 40 year old white guy in the office soon enough

>> No.30358259

That's not actually how it usually happens
>Company starts
>Company invests money into itself, growing
>Company reaches it's max size (TAM if monopoly)
>Nowhere to grow from here, shareholders vote for a dividend

>> No.30358270

how do you get your money if the company doesn't pay dividends?
You don't unless someone else is willing to pay money for your share.

>> No.30358287

You got KOTOR 1 and 2, I got KH 1 and 2. It evens out.

>> No.30358323

That's some next level analysis. It's a bit far fetched though without confirmation from Orwell.

>> No.30358337

Not actual brokerage stop losses. Just decided I want to be able to use the money for a house down payment and would rather pull some out for the next 3 months rather than risk a larger draw down. I agree with you in theory.

>> No.30358365

Trump got more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. He is insanely popular. If it wasn't for COVID he'd have won easily and there wont be COVID in 2024.

>> No.30358371

They're literally passing laws to make sure the cheating never ends.

>> No.30358374

>be tech monopoly
>only way to keep monopoly is huge cash burn to price out small buisness
>never pay out dividends and just pretend you're going to monopolize other industries too

>> No.30358377

You forgot, the book also ends with him imagining an execution but then cutting back to him thinking positive thoughts of Big Brother, which kind of suggests that he was executed but they kept him alive in the narrative to showcase the mercy of Big Brother.

>> No.30358385

not at all. the problem as the investor is that despite the company sounding great, something came along that wasn't expected and ate it. and since they weren't repaying me, I got nothing.
My problem is my cash flow. When I get to the status where I have enough that I can be benefactor, I'll consider being more lenient and working as a charity.

>> No.30358402

should i put my stim stim money in gme?

>> No.30358421

So why are you asking for advice when you're just gambling?

>> No.30358426

You buy the shares in hopes of a good dividend by default. You sell it if you no longer hope for that dividend as much as the guy you sold it to.

>> No.30358432

If it goes below $100

>> No.30358434

yes, now that all of trump's popular supporters have abandoned him to save their own careers he's going to have enough support to run again
get a grip

>> No.30358436

By the time you'll get them it will probably be over.

>> No.30358445

Oh, okay. So your statement that the book is alluded to being a piece of "in-universe propaganda" is just straight up head-cannon and made up. Not only does your analysis subvert and even miss the main themes of 1984 you unironically think a piece of evidence that supports your theory is that an Anglo couldn't be named Winston Smith. Thanks for the entertainment though, schizo.

>> No.30358463

You should dump it in TQQQ and then panic sell for a 50% loss in a couple weeks.

>> No.30358475

scary /smg/ hold me

>> No.30358481

Yeah, that's why MSFT and AAPL don't pay dividends. Neither does IBM. Not every tech company is google or amazon.

>> No.30358483

Alright, what's next Berkshire then, I'm all ears. I'm sure it's not just an outlier and it's very easy to pick speculative stock that will do the same in few decades.

>> No.30358507

>couple weeks
you could get that in a few days with a leveraged 3x.

>> No.30358528
File: 729 KB, 1500x2000, 1610918411980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made 6 dollars scalping ethereum

>> No.30358529


Earnings increase will drive the stock price higher.

You buy a company for 100 dollars that make 10 dollars a year. They raise their earnings to 100 dollars a year by reinvesting instead of paying out dividends.

Now, I hope we can both agree that the stock price is no longer 100 dollars. You won't find many companies with 100 dollars in earnings trading at 100 dollars so here's where your returns came from. The value of the bussiness went up because they reinvested and increased their earnings.

I'm explaining this to you using logic but even if you don't accept my arguments I will also present you with the hard undisputeable facts:
There's been countless research on this topic on all the data available in the last 120 years and the conclusion is that Dividend payouts do not affect returns. They don't, it's as simpe as that.
You might think this is weird, and that's fine because I was once like you but it doesn't make it any less true. Dividend Payouts doesn't matter to your returns. If you accept this, you will make better investment descicions.

>> No.30358533

Then just don't buy, if it doesn't fit your investment methodology. The market will disagree with you, and it has a way better chance of being right.

>> No.30358542

Making a youtube stock channel and posting doomsday videos would be easy money

>> No.30358548

This is just gossip and good times, not a place for investing advice. I sincerely hope nobody thinks of it that way, at least.

>> No.30358565


>> No.30358577

Lol they do buybacks instead, of which at one point their yield from doing buybacks was actually above the average dividend yield

>> No.30358582

nice. do that every day, you'll be rich before you know what happened.

>> No.30358586

>have fidelity
>for the first time use it for a limit buy
>limit doesn't trigger for several weeks
>money goes into "core" SPAXX
>unsettled transactions for over a week now
these guys are trying to jew me aren't they, there's penalties they're going to charge for the unsettled amount isn't there?

>> No.30358600

>not using darkpool splits from here

>> No.30358632

Desu he's full of shit when it comes to the book itself alluding to it but I got the same vibe just from the writing style. Wouldn't say it's schizo so much as a common interpretation, although again the book doesn't really suggest it.

>> No.30358633

What are you talking about? He needs voters not "popular supporters". Weren't you here in 2016? He was hated by everyone in the establishment but he won anyway because the people love him.

>> No.30358653

AAPL has a shitty dividend, but they'd rather speculate on property in Silicon Valley. They own a lot of plots that are just empty and overrun by giant homeless camps now.

>> No.30358666

>business B gives dividends
>cuts dividends on year 2 due to a slight market dip
>never reinstates dividend
>stock price permanently stuck at 1/2 of year 1 price
Your scenario for A was retarded enough as is but lmao @ u tard.

>> No.30358673

Why would you buy team RED?

>> No.30358681

I don't have enough assets to wait until the company goes private. Happy days to you and yours, and if I was in the business of investing for other people, I'd probably be saying the same thing.

>> No.30358683

True dat. I wasn't even going to mention share buybacks, because that would go way over his head.

>> No.30358694

brushed my teeth jerked off to kpop and drank some coffee, probably will do some programming work soon

dont need to resaerch sotcks because its all in Suncor

>> No.30358702

Didn't he lose a ton of white voters and gain a bunch of minority votes? Talking solely about black business during the riots didn't help it seems

>> No.30358720

I think fidelity just restricts your account if you have enough fuckups. Source: a guy who lost track of settled cash dicking around and has like a million good faith violations landing on monday/tuesday.

>> No.30358725

Stock prices are determined by supply and demand in the market for stocks. Not by earnings reports. Its only worth that price if someone will pay you that price for it.
I know all about dividend indifference and modigliani and miller. You don't have to act so haughty.

>> No.30358726

But wait, if returns are on valuation, then why wouldn't the price be going up when the dividends are now reinvested in the company?

>> No.30358728

interesting take. I felt the premise was to shallow when reading the book the underlying motives are not as elaborate as they are made out to be. freeing themselves from the society by simply enjoying their love life to their fullest didn't sit well with me as being a grand enough point to get across

honestly, I felt 1984, Brave New World and Clockwork Orange to be lacking. Fahrenheit 451 on the other hand was great to me

if you are up for a gamble, throw your money at something that hasn't mooned yet, in fact, isn't even listed yet: RBLX

>> No.30358740

>hated by everyone in the establishment
>won the nomination
this isn't the cinderella story you're claiming it is

>> No.30358744

You don't have to wait. You can sell the shares
What you are doing in that case is arbitraging the dividend/buyback expectations of other people.

>> No.30358761


>> No.30358769

So.... buy gold? Weak dollar is good for gold

>> No.30358777

So you are just here decreasing the quality of the thread for no particular reason? Go back to red.dit faggot

>> No.30358789


>> No.30358815


>> No.30358824

well I'm glad you're having a good day at least

>> No.30358829

Quality can’t go below zero.

>> No.30358834

I've slept under bridges and eaten from dumpsters. I don't enjoy asking anyone to hold my bag.

>> No.30358870

Imagine panic selling SOXL under $30

>> No.30358874


>> No.30358937

NAT hasn't mooned yet....also one of you tranny cunts reported me, kek thanks for the warning

>> No.30358943

This is just sheer delusional. Are you too young to remember 2016 or something?

>> No.30358952

It's not bagholding if they are willingly take it from you. Especially if they get to their own investment goal (maybe they do in fact have 15 years to wait for the first dividend).
Trading is win-win more often than not.

>> No.30358954

The Bible does say shit about tax fraud, btw.

>> No.30358978

this is we don't buy biotech companies we don't understand

>> No.30358995

>Wouldn't say it's schizo so much as a common interpretation
Common interpretation? Really? That's shocking since so much of the book could never be interpreted as being beneficial to the Ingsoc regime if it became common knowledge. How could anyone mistake the book as being anything other than it is; a direct, blunt, matter of fact third person narration of a dystopian regime.

>> No.30359060

>supply and demand is not a factor driving return
I can't believe what I'm reading. Are you retarded? Who do you think determines the price of a stock???

>> No.30359078

I'll give these stupid morons another week, if the money in the SPAXX doesn't settle the purchase I made and I get dinged I'll just dump my positions and move somewhere else

>> No.30359095


there's been research on how difference in returns between diversified portfolios can be explained. you can have any opinion you want on what drives returns that's fine I'm just stating what the research shows and the data says that you are wrong. There is no dividend factor.

>> No.30359146

why did you delete your post where you claimed that supply and demand do not determine stock price?

>> No.30359152

I guess if you twist it far enough, it shows that the Party is omnipotent and you shouldn't even try to rebel.

>> No.30359254

At the equilibrium price supply and demand seize to explain anything.

>> No.30359277

you should incorporate blockchain as a public ledge and voting mechanism. You can get highly overvalued just by blockchain memes

>> No.30359337

>politics as usual
>black swan

>> No.30359911

About time
I've had MRO calls for a month and am up 100%

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