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Get in or stay poor but always dyor

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based a 4th gen Chain

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bizfags are still accumulating as we silently moon to a new ATH in the next few hours. the last 250x or even 1000x if the genius team completes the mission

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its literally fucking crashing like tower 7

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2.2milli stack checking in

do i have enough to make it?
how much do i need?

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kek, getting desperate, huh? you had TWO+ YEARS... aspies are trippin' again... we just bounced off the new support level with adamantium support... nex leg up will put us at 0.005 and then 0.01.... very comfy.

just look at the mcap of XRP in 2017, HOT can easily hit 25-50 cents at the peak of the alt season

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HOT will never reach 0.01 let alone 0.10 or 1.00

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i am a multimillionaire already because i market bought RaiBlocks on Bitgrail and Mercatox like a maniac when it was at the literal bottom, and this is the same thing, Antshares vibes all over again. I don't need to proof anything to newfag brainlet-cucks like you - get in or stay poor, but unironically this time.

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can somebody post the feet and the bdsm one

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I have 100k+ hot though it's 1/10 a suicide stack and still I'm stacking this nigger coin so fuck off kevin smith

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>revolutionary technology that is capable of 1 billion transactions or more per seconds, literally no limits on TPS... privacy and user-focused, frictionless user experience for end-users, unlike all other cryptos which are only understood by nerds and code monkeys
>won't do another 3x or 30x, even though mainnet is around the corner just right in time for the biggest altrun in human history

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10 mil?
I just want to move to argentina
fuck australia

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The best crypto project is $MCM

> post quantum secure
> fair and decentralized
> 3 million $ market cap and growing fast
> Original concept

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>2 years late product
>only got released because they couldn't pay the warehouse storage
>meanwhile bondage boomer studio is up and running
>spokeswoman literally sells nudes
>expecting this to ever reach 0.01

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based fudder
keep the normies out
i'm still acoomulating

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>caring about things that are unrelated to the technololgy stack
>not knowing that $HOT is getting shilled heavily in some of the largest Telegrams as of recently with more than 50k users, who see it is the next ETH
>not realizing all sorts of project have mooned despite being late (see ETH/ADA)

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i love you anon, that's definitely one of my faves from the early days when we all accumulated this gem

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>the people who are involved with the company do not represent the company they're involved with
>telegram pajeets are shilling it so it must be good
>b-b-b-b-but other coins did it why not mine??!?!?1

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Post nudes

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>baseless arguments the post.
truth is we are pumping to new ATHs any moment now, and the support levels are very healthy at these prices. every coin needed the chinks and ranjeesh to pump 100x - doesn't matter if a coin is good, is it summer already???

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>new ATHs any moment now
Yes boyim keep paying for Goddess Mary's Palace >>30358199

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can't wait to dump on you at $0.20, easy 60x

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do i sell the top during the bullrun or just hodl?
i imagine it could get higher but i'd be waiting 4 years probably

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>3 lower peaks
looks like the one getting dumped on is (You)

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look at the BTC chart newfag

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you aren't even trying anymore

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I literally don't have to
HOT is HOT garbage and anyone smart wouldn't touch this shit

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exactly what i was thinking. i was like nope, responding to this brainlet-tier FUD is below my dignity kek. there is also no point, he's obviously accumulating right now

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>he's obviously accumulating right now
Why would I accumulate HOT garbage?

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>he's obviously accumulating right now

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She does look *really* fuckable here though, still not buying because she's a whore

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fucking bullish anon

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Anyone enjoy seeing all these shit coins from 2018 being shilled on Biz like its some brand new shitcoin?

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When Holo fuel though

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great cake is enq, that is what you should look at now
check it and tell me that I am wrong
look at their PoS and PoW tech, if you smart you will know everything

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LINK is a 2017 /biz/ shitcoin that just mooned last fall, did fucking nothing but crab for years... so that argument is a bit weak as well, don't ya think?

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h-holy shit

good eye anon

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what does it mean kek

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If you don't know then you shouldn't even be this deep in crypto

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ahhh bullish af

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This explains why she hired all the underage trainees recently.

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wow, holy shit. now i understand why holochain is having all the NWO type government connections to the united nations think tanks, the european commission, rockefeller foundation, bill and melinda gates foundation, mozilla foundation, etc... it all makes sense. holy shit i am fucking hyped right now.

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I guess it's implying that this is actually BULLISH
Guess they're part of the elite and have many connections with them so this probably will be successful

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You are disgusting and should be shot

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>will melt faces soon

Why though? Please educate me, I'm not finding anything about this coin that indicates a pump soon.

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Does this not look like an excellent investment opportunity?

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what? why?
What did i do?

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Sorry not you. You may live.

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you are right anon, i mean these rumors are pretty old already but this kinda confirms that holochain is actually belonging to the elites, fucking bilderberg conference level connections, we will be rich af
HOT was discussed here for years, DYOR if you haven't bought and don't get fooled by the FUD

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This has become codeword for 'nothingburger'

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first time i saw DYOR i thought it was a coin

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fucking kek

just read through this fucking thread and you'll know if it's worth buying
i'm not gonna spoonfeed you anymore than i have to (pic related)

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News from 2018 and 2019 don't tell me why it's meant to melt faces 'soon' but I thank you for doing the needful.

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because the mainnet launch is fucking imminent, are you from alabama anon?

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>mainnet launch is fucking imminent

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I'm from a meme country in Europe. Got some sauce for main net?

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>revolutionary technology
>literally no limits

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Actually, yea

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idk about faces, but this melts my eyes

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that's a dude

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posting rare mary's get em while they're HOT

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got some more of those? fucking good, make me rich and make me hard, if you catch my drift

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>i'd love to sniff your eggy gas baby

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i can't stop laughing at how he has a real avatar of his face

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Kek wtf

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>if hard, rough, sadistic and irregular are not your things... don't contact me

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topkek for realz who is dis

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psst anon... i have a great investment opportunity for you!

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Waiting for the Verge and Ambrosus threads. Ico bubble year was so much FUN. Lol

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don't get it
who in their right mind wastes money on a 41-yo

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fartboy30, also there are plenty of desperate and deranged fucks to go around

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>Although blockchain has posed to be the solution in this scenario thanks to its inherent distributed ledger technology (DLT), it suffers from major setbacks of increasing storage and computation requirements with the network size. This paper proposes a holochain-based security and privacy-preserving framework for IoT healthcare systems that overcomes these challenges and is particularly suited for resource constrained IoT scenarios. The performance and thorough security analyses demonstrate that a holochain-based IoT healthcare system is significantly better compared to blockchain and other existing systems.

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>It is important to distinguish the concept and idea of shared distributed ledgers, from the specific current implementations of the blockchain, which but one flavor of shared distributed ledger that may have structural and environmental issues that may not be overcome. Hence the global commons movement is paying close attention to post-blockchain ledgers, which have different underlying philosophies. For example, the Holochain distributed ledger, rather than aiming for a single worldwide chain of transactions, in which every transaction needs to be verified with the total accumulating database of all global transactions, has a biomimetic philosophy, which allows for local and contextual open ledgers to connect with each other and become interoperable.
>the global commons movement

that's a code word for the bilderberg elites btw, wgmi faggots

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So can you guys actually explain why this is going to moon this alt season?

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tf you talking about

this is a fetish board

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>this is a fetish board

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is your wife 41?

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there’s more mary content than shill content lmao

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love me some mary

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oh so that's how that works

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>threads of a story

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fartboy30 asks for some gas fees, the eggy ones

>> No.30365060

based lmao we all gonna make it

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my god, this thread delivers

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Andre Cronje litereally jerking off to the holochain code lmao


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please OP, you are based, but im still acoomulating, please just wait before making these

>> No.30366745

ok fren but hurry up, lots of normies are getting aware of holochain lately

>> No.30366777

Is it true that fantom copied holochain?

>> No.30367010

fucking checkedddddd77d777777ddddd

both are amazing technologies, holochain has the potential to kill blockchain for good, it's basically next-gen technology better than all blockchains by default. that's why andre cronje the FTM dev lost his shit when he first heard about holochain, absolutely loves the projects

>> No.30367473

unironically would fuck the shit out of her, what is it about super slutty mildly attractive women that gets me so fucking hard?

>> No.30367699

man im trying to eat breakfast here

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>be me
>believe in holochain
>don't believe in holohoax

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biz tards have a mary folder on their desktop and love posting 10 y/o pics of her, but thats inconsequential to whats coming....biz will be late to accept the fact that blockchain is sub standard and will be dropped like a hot potato as soon as 6 months

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lets see who has the last laugh, I'll be checkin in every so often but this place is bottom of the totem pole when it comes to breaking news as biz is just a place for scammers to shill their bags pretty much

>> No.30368487

based, it's funny if you realize that it's already too late for many of the newfags and those oldfags who sold early.... like, imagine buying HOT at these prices if you knew about it since 2017/18 biz times. but anyone who gets at leat 5-10 million HOT has a decent chance at making it in 3-6 months so whatever, let them accumulate

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HOT or HBAR? My dick leans towards HOT but my brains goes for HBAR. What do?

>> No.30369498

hbar is a scam

>> No.30369615

so is HOT

>> No.30369937

>it's him again
other's have already begged in here that we stop the shilling before everyone has accoomulated... it's over, post as much tranny scam bondage FUD as you want, we will 100x with or without you. what are you holding if it isn't HOT? why are you so fucking interested in this coin that you are still replying after hours lol? (hint: doing overtime to buy cheaper i guess?)

>> No.30370309

>kek at the silence

>> No.30370339

>what are you holding if it isn't HOT?
not HOT
>why are you so fucking interested in this coin that you are still replying after hours lol? (hint: doing overtime to buy cheaper i guess?)
no I'm not buying this degen boomer scam coin it's going to 0

>> No.30370432

i'm back and i'm surprised the thread is still up lmao

why do you browse and post in a thread about a coin you hate?
youve been here for over 4 hours lmao

>> No.30370471

holo is going to be really awesome somewhere between 2024 and 2026. This is a long investment and hype threads will just cause speculative asset bubbles. If you are interested in holo now honestly you are better off buying some hardware to run a node then just trying to buy some tokens and hold. this is a real product but it's a long way out. there is no reason for it to moon.
Also if you understand how it works you will know it probably won't moon but the network will make money and provide a great benefit for decentralization

>> No.30370546

>why do you browse and post in a thread about a coin you hate?
because it's not going to 0.01 let alone 0.10 or 1.00

>> No.30370549

dude shibari is awesome btw. if someone leaked your sex folder and judged you on it would that take away from the other things you do? everybody has sex. it's not like she's a criminal

>> No.30370618

fuck yeah bro it looks fucking awesome actually

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>if someone leaked your sex folder and judged you on it would that take away from the other things you do?

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Answer the question brainlet

I unironically bought 8 million HOT in the last hour with my farming gains, let the ride begin, this shill was pretty good thanks OP

>> No.30370788

I answered the question brainlet

>> No.30370850

post portfolio so we can laugh at you
i bet you hold at least 20M holo

>> No.30370889

Fuck off with your reverse shill FUD, the tokenomics of Holochain are exactly designed to moon.... did you even read the whitepaper?

>> No.30370946

yes in fact i know the person who wrote it and in an ideal case the cost should be elastic to the size of the network

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>i bet you hold at least 20M holo
I hold 0M holo

>> No.30370997

Didn't holochain say they'd ban people from their chain if they did the hate speech? Kek no thanks, centralized SJW coin.

>> No.30371061

As the network computing power grows the value of the token will grow accordingly, so if you buy the token early enough you will be set for life. Easy as

>> No.30371152

Degenerate sjw coin, not supporting these niggers.

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you forgot to put the 10 in front of that 0


>> No.30371241

>he doesn't realize that degenerate SJW bullshit will dominate everything including crypto in due time

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>Cu.ck ID strikes again

>> No.30371366

Fucking cuckkkk

>> No.30371473

Okay Cuck

>> No.30371609

>Cuck Heeb

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This thread has really delivered ngl. I think I'll just buy a bag of HOT for the meme, this shit is funny as fuck. Can't we setup a daily general for this coin??

>> No.30371993 [DELETED] 

Where to buy this? Which exchange has the best liquidity?

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>Can't we setup a daily general for this coin??
are you fucking retarded

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>Can't we setup a daily general for this coin??
are you fucking based

>> No.30372535

the only thing that was good about this was the 2017 feet memes

>> No.30372885 [DELETED] 

post em

>> No.30373165

hourly general starting from tomorrow post all your memes holo chads

>> No.30374452

pump it, this is mooning on tuesday

>> No.30375158

I buyed. How much will this be eoy?

>> No.30375474

Just by circulating supply this probably won't ever be more than $1-2 imo
Someone prove me wrong

>> No.30375660

You’re not wrong but I’m in it for the tech

>> No.30375814

So just a 300-600x from here? Comfy desu

>> No.30376307

I have no fucking clue if it'll ever get that high, but if becomes a true "ETH killer" than that's a possibility

>> No.30377093

More like 30 to 50 cents but still amazin

>> No.30377833

Imagine not buying HOT for over 3 years...