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Things are seemingly too chaotic for a newb like me to reliably find winners. It was easier in January. What are some SOLID 2-3x? What percentage of my portfolio should be BTC, ETH and LTC?

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BTC/ETH/LTC are all solid x2-x3 from here
LTC more risk higher reward
if you only want x2 or x3 you don't need to bother with shitcoins

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you could always try tongue but hole

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Pick any defi blue chip and hold for 2 months, then reevaluate your portfolio

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Right, I thought so. I would like more than 2-3x but it just doesn't seem like will be able to reasonably predict those alts or find them even.


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GenX here who just bought a 3080 to mine. Less than two weeks in I have over $100 in btc. What should I do, roll some into eth and lite or keep accumulating? Need some solid advice anons, I want to make it.

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For the tech lovers.

Check Mochimo

Share the thoughts with me

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LTC is more risk less reward. Look at the LTCBTC chart

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BTC is a staple but
kek, buy BNB and DOT instead of those two shitcoins

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anything solid for x2 - x3 in btc pairs? fuck fiat

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Checked. Unironically LINK, it's in a bear market against BTC right now.

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BAT if you're a chad

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I agree that it has been underperforming, it's just a question of if this will change or not.

ETH competitors are like betting on horses and there are many to choose from. No one knows which will win, if any.

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I like haven (XHV). It's a privacy coin that's slowly gathering steam with new partnerships and a planned debit card

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Dyor on JIGSTACK for that x100 fren

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Thanks, anon
What about getting in on BAO?

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