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Exit all shorts. This is not a drill.

I repeat.

Stimmy Check Pump Incoming. Exit all shorts. This is not a drill.

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Time to short the us dollar

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When will this actually go out to the US public?

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i cant wait til the country collapses and hyperinflation fucks you all lol

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buying more silver

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They are demons

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Is it really that time again?

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So who was the republican traitor who abstained?

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So does it need to go back to the House then Biden needs to sign it?

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>Did-Did the country finally collapse? Did inflation finally hit?

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I hope it was McConnell that turtle fuck I hope he’s SEETING oligarch blue is deep dicking him and oligarch red

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buy fucking oil stock you retards

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It seems as if you only just arrived.
You've done a great deal in a small time span.

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Attached lmao

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Two 5 ounce bars were just delivered. Two more being ordered tonight.

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Based survivalist boomer.

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I'd fuck her

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you are dumb money retarded facebook normie tier soccer mom if you don't know that this is priced in, get ready for the fucking crash

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This. Unironically something stupid like doge would only benefit from this. I can imagine a lot of normies will fomo back into doge with their stimmy.

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If you haven’t bought SNX yet on this news you are ngmi
I should not have to explain why it benefits from two angles where everything else will be riding on BTC & ETH’s coattails

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they may be demons but they just paid my 2020 taxes and my bancor stock still doin a lil sum sum

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America is headed for a cliff, no manufacturing, net importer, regulating out our natural resource industries.

Wr have proven to the world that we cant control our niggers or low iq educated commies during a global disaster.

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Haha they look so funny in those stupid masks.
This is truly the clown world.

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>America is headed for a cliff
Did the Illuminati tell you that heyoooo

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any other source of this?

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It's real.

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Of course it’s real nigga we didn’t need you to spoon feed this

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>bancor stock still doin a lil sum sum

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Did it pass for sure or is this just something that most people expect?
Any possibility that it won't come after all?

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No it passed. Its on the way.

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It has to go back to the house again first because changes were made, but it is guaranteed to pass there

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So buy sdow sqqq pslv and crypto.

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Snx is an absolute gem. Basically allows anything to be tokenized. Physical assets can be tokenized and traded. This would allow a digital derivatives market with on chain underlying assets. Ive been buying DCA'ing snx every week now since January. Easily a $1000 token in 2-3 years.

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Hey pmfrens, ais this going to pump pms or not? Looking to buy some more, but was waiting for even more of a dip, but this cofuses me. Is this the end of the line for the dip, or are we going to see an even bigger dump now?

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Donating it all to my favorite streamer :) he deserves it

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Oba good

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Check Mochimo guys.

Microcap that is growing a lot right now.

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Already invested $1400 during the January dip.
Gotta get in early before the normie pump

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>get stimmy bucks
>immediately all in btc

Thanks for the escape help dems

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Is this the coronavirus bill for gender studies in packistan and speed boats in shri lanka?

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It's going to have the opposite effect this time. The markets are already spooked about inflation and the 10 year yield will get more unstable on this news.

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>that pic

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This. Gas is already up like 30 cents since Biden got in

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Loading alts heavily.

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is this clown world?

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Oh I looked back into it. This bill also has lots of stuff for building infrastructure in powerful democrat leader's districts, extra funding for the subway system in Pelosi's area, etc. Only like 9-10% of the 1.9 trillion is going to covid related things, which include the stimmie checks.

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>$1400 stimulus
>somehow assumes its $2400 per month for 6 months
>id: LX/Wumzn

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>80k cut off limit.

Democrats truly hate the middle class

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Enjoyr your 2x over the next 14 years

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>middle class

Kek. Even after expenses I'd have 55k leftover in a year. I'd reach half a million in a decade and be able to invest instead of wage at that point (3% monthly return on $550k results in nearly $200k a year, At $45k that's about 16k not enough). Thats more like upper middle class.

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> 2 Trillion
> Out of thin air

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I have more money than ever in my life. Why does the government want to give me more?

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Better than losing 80%

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Nope...ill hedge tho

Rates gonna fly to 5% now. and major market crash is coming until Fed addresses it

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>boomer parents bring up investing in government bonds

why are they so clueless?

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Is this based on previous tax returns? I got fucked for the last stimmies because I was claimed as dependent

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same, im getting laid off at the end of the month. Gonna be collecting 3550 a month until September LOL.

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I've been feeling suicidal lately, the world is crashing around me and I feel like I have no place in it any longer. I can't find my footing in reality. I'm not allowed to leave my house and I wear a mask at all times, to protect grandma.

But this $1400 is going to make it all better.

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This is ridiculous. Just open everything up so my tax dollars don't go to these welfare leeches

>> No.30360307

Stop paying taxes, stupid.

>> No.30360361

And then have the IRS boot on my neck? I wouldn't if I had a way out

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yeah im getting obscene amount of money. Company is dropping me 10k and another 2k for my PTO. Now im getting a free ride through the summer and I can easily pick up any job, I have absolutely no debt either. Im a fucking free man.

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Hyperinflation coming.
SPY to 500.
Buy all assets now or get priced out for your entire lifetime.
You will never afford anything unless you buy it right now.

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Fuck that I want pink wojaks Monday

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Alert! Alert! ETH 3K confirmed by April 5th. I repeat, 3K ETH confirmed in one month...

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>go to the public
anon i …

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You do. Man the fuck up.

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>But this $1400 is going to make it all better.


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Whatever you think you are “getting” will be eaten up 10x by inflation you moronic rubes

Oh except for the dem political insiders they will be getting 99% of this “stimulus”

>> No.30361025

Should I buy ammo, silver, gold, salt, more matches, or seeds/trees/tools to help establish a little farm with the free money?

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Ok boomer. All that money is going into savings, rent, and paying debt. There will be no significant inflation. Sorry. You were a buzzkill your whole life for nothing.

>> No.30361229

Throwing good money down the shitter

>> No.30361335

Yes grandpa it happened in 2021 you keep forgetting things, it's just old age, it's fine. Now wait for the organ harvesters, and thank you again for your sacrifice

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>muh inflation
>been screamed by autistic sperglords for years
>inflation hasnt even touched 2% since 2008

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>inflation hasnt even touched 2%
Oh yes and also Iraq has WMDs and Israel is your greatest ally. The government wouldn't lie

>> No.30361522

holy fuck a stimmy check just flew over my house!!!!

>> No.30361678

>inflation not even 2%
>yet magically EVERYTHING costs more

Keep trusting the government and elites, brother. Sure that will work out well for you.

>> No.30361786

My ID will contain this stimulus driven moon mission

>> No.30361849

imagine how much USDT will be printing

>> No.30361938

some dude from Alaska was a no-show

>> No.30361980

So, should I get GME now? Before the normies do?

>> No.30362023

yep. silver, guns, and ammo.

>> No.30362034

>Rent and debt money doesn't get spent
You know landlords & lenders have lives too?

>> No.30362251

Doge going to pump like a bitch

>> No.30362338

I don't live in muttland and I pray for dollar inflation кaждый, блять, дeнь.

>> No.30362433

Don't kys anon :(

Watch this funny video and cheer up instead :)


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It also has a 48 week extension to unemployment + a $400 a week kicker.

>> No.30362675

Yes. That shit is going nuclear if we get it before the squeeze

>> No.30362800

Enjoy being cut off from your crypto when your ISP's blacklist you.

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>mfw bought a house in September

I’d be completely out of the market if I didn’t and hyperinflation hit

>> No.30363391

High market cap for a quick buck but yes it is a gem.

>> No.30363425

The house will slap it on the ass on Tuesday and the treasury will cut the checks. Big win.

>> No.30363459

The bill may have passed the house the first time and now the Senate for the second, but it still has to be sent back to the house of representatives for a third and final vote on Tuesday before it can be sent over to Biden's desk for final passage.

The democrats hold a slim majority in the house of representatives and passed it the first time, so even with the slight revisions made to it to appease republicans and more conservatives Democrats, chances are it's going pass, at the very least, by a slim majority.

By late Tuesday, if not by Wednesday night, this bill will be passed and most of us can expect stimulus checks to hit our bank accounts either this Friday or early sometime next week.

Also, lol, been making $2400 a month doing fuck all collecting this pandemic is a fucking meme dude kek fuck wagies

>> No.30363529

What does this anon mean with "spy to 500"? Is spy going down?

>> No.30363560

1.9 trillion in debt and I will get exactly $0 from it while also having to pay it. im sick of it.

>> No.30363670

I’m salty as fuck. Been waging the whole pandemic. So it’s getting extended til September?

>> No.30363703


>> No.30363716

Pls answer. Thank u

>> No.30363719

Same. Have not stopped work at all while everyone I know is getting more than me from unemployment

>> No.30363726

same here dude. i picked the perfect time to be a complete fuck up and fail out of med school. when it's all said and done I'll have gotten about 25k from a $9/hr job a had for a month before starting school. wagies tongue my anus.

>> No.30363732

>So it’s getting extended til September?
Yup, to be fair though working vaccines wont even be 50% deployed by then.

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what is the chance of catastrophic collapse in all markets a couple months after the stimmie?

>> No.30363859

Irrelevant. Republicans could just filibuster if they were serious about it not passing. Just like they did under Obama, and just like the Democrats did for four years without pause.

If there's no filibuster, that's the Republicans saying "we vote for this".

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>All markets

>> No.30363958

within 2 years; nearing 100% chance

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>> No.30364030

> inflation isn't here
Have you seen commodity prices lately?

>> No.30364039

Why not no? Cringe

>> No.30364041

Same. I get 450/week to sit on my ass. Now it's gonna be 550/week. This shits awesome.

>> No.30364126


based pea brained /pol/ tourists

>> No.30364203

Heirloom seeds and tools would be a good start, especially if you don't have any yet. Ammo is hard to find. Silver and gold are hard to find. Salt and matches are good, but food is better. Buy heirloom seeds and start learning to grow. Then start to buy fruit and nut trees after you have learned some about growing annual vegetables.

>> No.30364270

big fucking retard alert.

>> No.30364275

I wonder what it will be stable at next pump

>> No.30364333

What do you know about Mochimo anon?

>> No.30364346

The polar ice caps are melting and yet we're talking about stimulus checks!

>> No.30364420

As early as end of next week. Don't count on normies blowing it on buttcorn though. Normies are way behind on bills. Real unemployment is sky high.

>> No.30364473

Kys shill

>> No.30364529

There hasn’t been rain out west in months and we’re talking about stimulus checks!

>> No.30364559

You're talking to a bot

>> No.30364562

isn't 90% of it going to israel and pakistani trannies?

>> No.30364593

>this mad
>instead of taking advantage if it

Why are you even here. Do you not realize biz WANTS to get rich and not work? This is one method. Too bad my unemployement check would be utter garbage and I'd get like $50 not counting the bonuses from state and fed.

Ironic you're probably mad about them but show no issue with the one's who keep using it not out of incapability of doing a job but pure laziness. Somehow it's now an issue? LOL

>> No.30364620

Her upper face kinda reminds me of an opera mask

>> No.30364713


Kek you bleeding poltards need to go back. Everything is a happening and everything that slightly goes against your political beliefs including non politics makes someone a traitor. Let me guess the girl down the street likes Pepsi instead of Coca Cola so she's an absolute traitor and is not wife material.

>> No.30364726
File: 119 KB, 1080x1093, af8e1c47a498538319fad9cccd827e324d62c52dcc13c12713b509931ef67a42_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, most of their known "opinions" are grandstanding. If they don't do everything the can to stop something then they've shown that they're not to concerned about the damage it'll pose.

>> No.30364733

Cant wait to pay a prostitute to stimmy my stimmy

>> No.30364870

covid changed a lot of your complaints from the top line.

As for the bottom line, hopefully hollywood diversity quotas keep them quiet.

>> No.30364903

No idea but have been paranoid of this. Ironic how the likelihood is increasing as my networth climbs higher. If I do get rich it wouldn't surprise me if it collapsed at that point.

>> No.30365001

you were doing well there until PSLV

>> No.30365241

......hmmm okay maybe ill claim unemployment i wasnt even going to get 3 digits so avoided bothering but with this kinda stimmy on top guess ill just be unemployed and have to go spend an hour applying for it

>> No.30365525

good bait

>> No.30365759

81k is 61k after taxes, I doubt you are living on 6k a year.

>> No.30365838

Didn't a bunch of people freak the fuck out after realizing they have to pay taxes on their unemployment lmao.

>> No.30366040

Why is that even in question?
The tax you before payroll, they tax you on income, they tax you on gains. They at no point miss a chance to tax you.
In my state you have to opt out on tax withholding for unemployment, it's the default.
You would have to be a mega retard to not realize they are taxing unemployment as income.

>> No.30366079

what's the point of sending out 2000 in fucking money if they're going to get 600 of it back in fucking taxes?

>> No.30366222

inflating the accountability

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File: 91 KB, 800x800, 1588142152042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lmao, why would we pay my 5 bills today when we can 10x our money in bitcoin stock and pay 60 bills next week

>> No.30366568

bigly, if theres a bull run its going to be fast and im cashing out and going all liquid

>> No.30366924

based your gonna make it

>> No.30367076

you can't fillibuster budget reconciliation

>> No.30367389

>3% monthly
uhhhh can you share your secret? cause I think you're full of shit.

>> No.30367453

Funny way of spelling Israel

>> No.30367506

Ride the next doge pump for an hour once a month

>> No.30368084

Bitcoin is going to $300k this year.

>> No.30368293


wash your mouth out with soap and water

>> No.30368295

Doesn't matter, everybody and his dog got a credit card, most will spend it immediately.

>> No.30368452

You can't - all trades are denominated in dollars - it's impossible to short.

>> No.30368494

USD fiat treasury mints $2,000,000,000,000

>> No.30368522

My two favorite Onlyfans girlfriends.

>> No.30368646

They're literally in it together you fucking moron. It's all theatre.

>> No.30368730

When do the burgers get it? How long do I have before everything pumps?

>> No.30368734

Implying US hyperinflation won't be felt outside the US.

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File: 200 KB, 1500x1207, 51C5F342-ED88-445D-8008-003B2DB21232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m gonna buy anime cardboard and Fantom

>> No.30369136

Might be a better investment than stocks.

>> No.30369507

pokemon isn't anime

>> No.30369826


Unemployment income is not the same as a stimulus check. The new bill also makes the first $10.2k tax-free.

>> No.30369863

I'm just being cynical. My heart goes out to people, and there are many, who are struggling.

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>> No.30370114

Already priced in. Cope and seethe harder

>> No.30370448

what are the requirements, and when do we get it?

>> No.30370476

So what are they actually going to buy? BTC? DOGE? GME?

>> No.30370698
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>Start investing money in crypto/stocks
>Casually tell my mom (what could go wrong)
>She tells our entire family

>> No.30370892

It's going to take a lot more than $1400 to change my life. It's why i'm saving. They will never give you larger amounts in 1 shot because you will have some mobility, nah, they give you just enough so you can buy that OLED screen you've always wanted or some other gimmick or useless object.

>> No.30370940

1400 is plenty mobility

>> No.30371034

he prob means 5000. most people talk about spy in units of hundred due to call options or something.

>> No.30371082
File: 48 KB, 600x665, 1615005836208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trust nobody anon, nobody

>> No.30371278


It doesn't even cover my rent, but I was not planning on the $1400 either, and when someone puts money on the table im gonna take it just like the next guy, but I was trying to say that those out there who are really hurting are in the hole for more than $1400, if you are stuck somewhere and want to start fresh, like moving away for instance, $1400 is a low amount, its a last ditch effort amount of money, for the very desperate which in the end will not help them, i guess its better than nothing, but its still chump change.

>> No.30371365

They'll use whatever is most recent.

>> No.30371576

This. I bet congress thinks $1400 is a lot of money

>> No.30371782

I'm getting $8,400 (wife and kids) which is nice.

>> No.30372100

hey faggots discuss something that will make us money

SPY strike price? 390?

>> No.30372171

They don't give a shit about anyone. 10 fucking percent of 1.9 trillion is for covid relief. It's nothing but democrat pork for the rich. Pelosi gave herself a fat slice of it too.

>> No.30372330
File: 1.41 MB, 1024x768, 1614389039873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



Bought $600 worth of cheap calls on a 3x inverse oil ETF

People think this is good for muh gainz...nope...interest rates finna double and spook everyone.

Fed so far isnt acting...which may mean they want a crash to happen to flush retards out of commodities

>> No.30372359
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, cheeze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah they really limited who's getting the money and people who didn't really need it aren't getting it. None of this money is going into crypto, it's going to people who need to pay rent and debt, the other $1.8B is pork for the bourgeois class of the one party system.

>> No.30372447

im cheesed to meet ya

>> No.30372490

some of the fucking dumbest people in the replies
>muh 15 dollars minimum wage
just make it 100 dollars so we can all be rich

>> No.30372493

>finally have enough savings to be out of crippling poverty, enough for possible medical expenses and potential unemployment
>western civilization moments away from collapsing
whats the point bros

>> No.30372541

6k is doable if you live at home, but yeah he's full of shit

>> No.30372581


Your gains were always just inflation.

You arent a wall street genius...all youve been doing is buying the dip.

Meanwhile the stuff you buy has just gotten more expensive and its distorted your success.

>> No.30372660


i'm just talking about savings and earning increases from waging, i haven't made much from crypto. even still, sad that the black swan song is coming

>> No.30372713

how much we looking at? 2k in 2w from nah?

>> No.30372775


Pretty much. I became a millionaire a year ago....i was extremely upset the cheapest house i could buy was 600k...now i said i just need another million to make.

The same 2400 aquare foot house last year worth 600k is now 1.8 million.

Im a florida fag...prices never do this shit in all my 38 years down here.

>> No.30372980


nice, a boomer millionare. housing prices are ridiculous everywhere now, but it probably doesn't help you that the global elite are choosing florida as their next staging ground. are you going to try and lock a house down or just keep riding out crypto/cash?

>> No.30373128


Seems like the bar for making it keeps getting higher and higher. I just want to fuck off and never have to trade or work again.

Im serouisly considering a really triplewide on my own land.

I just want to be done

>> No.30373295

another 60k of amp obviously

>> No.30373341


word, good luck to you

>> No.30373366

So this is how atlas shrugs

>> No.30373373

Ive been watching that one. .its very interesting..the trading action is like a razor and flexa is amazing.

Im waiting for a dip tho i may grab 500k. Almost jumped in today

>> No.30373418

It 100% happened in 2006-7 almost exactly like this in FL. Also happened in the 1920's here if you're familiar with FL history. This state has been defined by land boom/busts.

>> No.30373567
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All into altcoins baybeee

>> No.30373692


Prices have exceeded 2008 levels around here. I want to say the burst is gonna happen soon but i dont see it as a demand thing..its just inflation. Niggers just add 7k a week to the price because they can because some bank is gonna finance it

>> No.30373863

I've been watching Volusia county and while prices are inflated less of the 'buy a foreclosure, put in laminate and home depot furnishing and sell for 3x seem to be moving' and I have to imagine those guys are getting pretty fucking nervous with no evictions and mortgage forebearance.

I'm going to wait a few years but I see some good deals on orange groves. You can get 200 acres of Indian River citrus for 1.8 Mil that kicks off $500k net and goes up with inflation. For me that's much more compelling than a house beachside.

Where are you looking?

>> No.30373927

honestly don't even know if this is bullish anymore

>> No.30374021


Not indian river.

More like ridge manor and sumter.

>> No.30374254

Its fking happening right in front of your eyes

>> No.30374304

>ridge manor
Holy shit I never thought it would be that expensive there. Have you ever seen skunk ape? I heard there's a lot of activity in green swamp.

There is house for sale right on the boil at Chasshowitzka springs for sale for like $3.5

>> No.30374310

why $1.9 trillion? why not $19 trillion?

>> No.30374497

because they can’t hide sending 18 trillion to foreign aid aka the kikes so they’re doing it it slow bursts

>> No.30374507

>the girl down the street likes Pepsi instead of Coca Cola
Considering Coca Cola is an enemy to the white race, I would view that girl with based goggles and invite her to church with me.

>> No.30374510

Fuck this image hurts.

>> No.30374653

An active stock trader of modest skill can pull 2% a day consistently on stocks alone.

>> No.30374692


Yeah im looking chasz also...there actually a house on stilts for like 300k and you can only get to it on a boat. But hurricanes kind of keep me.

Like i said it may just be a big ass mobile home in hill country woth rover in back

>> No.30374934


Yeah im looking chasz also...there actually a house on stilts for like 300k and you can only get to it on a boat. But hurricanes kind of keep me.

Like i said it may just be a big ass mobile home in hill country woth rover in back

>> No.30375140

Guys remember

>> No.30375219
File: 111 KB, 308x231, hahaflorida.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cant wait

>> No.30375347

>Save for years
>only get 15k as a half neet
>get punished by inflation
I need to signup to a crypto exchange before I lose what little I have.

>> No.30375470

Someone explain to me why isn't inflation going to the fucking moon.

>> No.30375478


>> No.30375507

What’s wrong with that?

>> No.30375525

Op did you know anyone can white label a dvpn using sentinel SDK? You should, your IP leak is all over the place.

>> No.30375631
File: 23 KB, 600x439, AE47EEA8-8C56-4714-ACEB-71A9A1505E8B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want my Bidenbux NOW!!!!!!!!!

>> No.30375653


How can it be priced in? Like where are the 2 trillion coming from that you used to preemptively pump the entire market? It’s impossible. That’s too much money to be priced in.

>> No.30375659

>goes up in price
>everyone wants to borrow money from you
>goes down in price
>everyone shits on you for it even if you're still up 20x

>> No.30375746
File: 1.49 MB, 480x480, cd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/biz/ doesn't know it, but this is the next launch. Free normie money incoming!

>> No.30375817
File: 92 KB, 498x747, 1426137628450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>$1400 per child

Incels BTFO

>> No.30375831

I am jealous of my coworkers that got furlowed. With unemployment + covid bux bonus unemployment they have been able to do whatever they want for 4 months now, and it looks like that will continue for another 2 or 3 at least. All on about 80% of their normal salary. Why the fuck did the bosses have to pick me to stay and wage away during this shit. Now instead I am doing the work of 3 people.

>> No.30375932

sorry anon you got cucked

>> No.30376004
File: 7 KB, 246x205, E1AF1BEF-7592-4219-B220-78C703B9A294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell them you have COVID retard. Most states let you get UE for it.

>> No.30376015
File: 151 KB, 500x281, 1459504622707.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.30376016

Imagine thinking these stimulus checks are going anywhere but Tesla and GameStop. Buttcorns are delusional

>> No.30376038
File: 129 KB, 960x636, Arnie the goat pt2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30376041

global warming is not even real

>> No.30376048

My god I’ve never seen so many bear faggots in my life. The nasdaq went down like 10% and you faggots believe it’s the end of the world. Get real cunts, markets are going up.

>> No.30376052
File: 685 KB, 500x500, 1614266669892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30376110
File: 83 KB, 1080x608, movies - American Psyho Bateman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Global warming might not be real, but these digits are

>> No.30376164
File: 184 KB, 969x390, nobiden.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silver is all sold out

>> No.30376229

Why do we even need these stimulus bills? Just reopen the fucking economy and everything goes back to normal.

>> No.30376271


Lol their voters don’t have real jobs

>> No.30376305

>invest 1 dollar
>2 years later at 2% a day
>$2 million
Can you find me a trader that can do this?

>> No.30376364

Any trader with modest skill can do that

>> No.30376392

Even the top hedgefunds can't even get over 4% a year. No one is doing 2% a month consistently actively trading

>> No.30376456

Interest rates are going up. The market will fall until the Fed pushes them back

>> No.30376473

>Just reopen the fucking economy and everything goes back to normal.
do all the restaurants and small businesses that closed magically reopen?

>> No.30376586
File: 13 KB, 367x321, 1514143265030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get stimmy check
>have to declare it as income and pay taxes on it in a year

>> No.30376610


No I think the correlation breaks down. 10 yr can go up to 3-4 before it’s really threatening. Market was spooked by the velocity of the move. Nobody is really scared of 1.5%. They can move up as long as it’s not very rapid and you aren’t going have panic selling.

>> No.30376678

Maybe that's who the first stimulus should have went to and not giving corporations rim jobs and letting niggers and normies coomsoom

>> No.30376736

everybody knows if rates go up its hard to borow money. Houses and Cars go unsold.

This is bearish...You can print all the money you want..if rates keep climbing forget it

>> No.30376764
File: 65 KB, 426x500, 1590203835439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bond yield goes up because of inflation expectations
>seems like rise in interest rate is inevitable
>hurr durr lets give people more money so they can dump it back to the market
>even more people expect inflation now and bond yield goes even higher

>> No.30376784



Stocks go up

>> No.30376826

based merchant anon

>> No.30376894

Im jealous all my friends work at bars and restaurants so they all got to live the neet life for a while while i had to wage away through the whole meme. Oh well at least work just gave everyone a $2.50 raise for the whole ordeal and i lucked out by having a kid born late last year so i get all those extra stimulus checks and now a monthly child tax credit check

>> No.30376921


>muh bond yield

I bet it goes to 2 percent over the coming months and stocks go up too.

>> No.30376925

i agree but no amount of stimulus will fix it

>> No.30377012

Buy silver, it’ll make you happy

>> No.30377046

The market shat itself this week because of the rising yield rate. What do you think will happen if it rises even more because of a worse inflation expectation?

>> No.30377057

I’m morally obligated to only own EV stocks and crypto. Everything else is boomer propaganda

>> No.30377087

Beta and def ngmi

>> No.30377099

Depends 81k could easily be 100% tax free if you're married living of long term holds and 1k of gifts

>> No.30377114
File: 6 KB, 290x174, 1614748018328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its in the missile they sent to Syria

Back to work wagie

>> No.30377163

Probably speaking to the wrong crowd. Everyone in here will feel zero inflation because we will be sitting on the only assets holding value while everyone’s fiat is worth half of what it was a year ago.

>> No.30377174
File: 176 KB, 1600x900, 24341246784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hehehe I purchased cheap oil stocks pre-emptively last week after the crash bottom'd in anticipation boomer robinhood oil stock pump for next 2 months

>> No.30377180

An (R) Senator was absent due to family funeral.

>> No.30377189


The market will shrug it off.

The move was the fastest move up in the history of the 10 year. That’s why the market shat itself. If it continues moving up in a more orderly fashion I don’t think it causes much fear at all.

>> No.30377195


>>>muh its different this time

That just doesn't happen.. Most of the market operates on margin..margin which dries up as rates increase

>> No.30377209

I am living w parents working part time going to school, I will get the stimmy and put into coins

>> No.30377216


>> No.30377278

>If it continues moving up in a more orderly fashion I don’t think it causes much fear at all.
But it wont move up in a more ordinary fashion if people expect even worse inflation because of the stimi checks.

>> No.30377384

Imagine if the government could function online 24/7 so we don't have to rely on withered boomers spending weeks doing one thing.

>> No.30377389

>how to spot a newbie who gets his info from black people on youtube and tiktok

>> No.30377424

Because giving the government a tax free loan is retarded. A lot can happen in a year. Enhanced unemployment started about a year ago. Btc was sub 4k a year ago. That hypothetical $600 could be worth over 6 grand simply by waiting to pay your taxes and not being a brainlet and paying early

>> No.30377478

Guys, what is going to on Monday? What will the bond yields look like once this next stimmy hits?

>> No.30377482

everywhere it's sold out though

>> No.30377511

You ever been examined by the irs. They didn’t like how I was paying my medical bills. Thought I owed them an extra $10,000 in taxes over 4 years. I have all of my records and proved that I was fine. Still hit with about $4,500 in fines and cpa fees. And that was a straight forward case.

>> No.30377555



Lmao so dramatic

>> No.30377591

They actually count that as $2600 total when doing their accounting

>> No.30377645

>imagine selling stocks for cash because you are worried about inflation


>> No.30377653

my ark etfs are down 25% tho

>> No.30377663
File: 460 KB, 2190x2939, vCjUtte.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Invest in oil

>> No.30377664

Do you share a room with your grandma?

>> No.30377697

You either had a worse case than you thought or a shitty cpa. My CPA is super aggressive and I got audited because the IRS made a mistake and the CPA actually told the woman to "stop being stupid and get your shit together before you call me back"

>> No.30377727

Actually you're getting 12,400 plus 600 more for every kid under 6 and up to 8000 back for child care due to expanded child tax credit

>> No.30377767

Your meme stock is still up like 150% since the beginning of last year. Boomers will rub the 25% in your face, but you've made a decade of their gains in one year because of a retarded feminist picking investing in reddit stocks.

>> No.30377770

lurk more

>> No.30377777


That’s a great buying opportunity

>> No.30377854

me too, this whole stimmy will go in 2 tubes of phillies

>> No.30377855

Checked. Cathie has been chosen by God

>> No.30377864

I get like $10k per month, but it’s as a wagie in a cagie :(

My work barely even acknowledged the pandemic. For timely I have a 20x20 office and can just shut my door and either do my job or day trade.

>> No.30377867

nice digits mate

>> No.30377917
File: 295 KB, 2048x1536, Smug Dwyer - Top Strategist - Buy Every Dip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you Dwyer or Wood?

>> No.30377921

Thaaats not how that works.

>> No.30377935


quints don’t lie ARK funds confirmed recovering this week

>> No.30377948

Silver is going to a lot more than 2x over the next 14 years.
But how much of that will be inflation IDK.

>> No.30377963


>> No.30377979

If you bought puts on an inverse oil fund would that be a way around your morals? Just trying to help you make money

>> No.30378004

You're not wrong, but most normies will still spend this check on frivolous things instead of paying bills

>> No.30378035

Witnessed quints of milf gains

>> No.30378058

In Powell you trust

>> No.30378066

YOu sell stocks for cash to get real world shit you idiot. Every fucking hyperinflation in history is preceded by an epic stock market crash where people realize whats happening and rush out to buy actual asset.

Its not all just holding on infinitely to lol paper gains and doing nothing with them. .

You sound very poor and bitter. You are in for a very big suprise ala 2008

>> No.30378147

Hence the reason home prices are going way up right now and will keep doing so

>> No.30378160

Just went all in on APPL calls. That's where normies will put their checks.

>> No.30378161

They cant pay bills! Theirs a koof goin round.
Das raycis to expect people to pay bills when deirs a koof!

>> No.30378222

And the govt bailed them out and the market went right back up again the end.
Unless people get real wage increases the stimulus doesn't increase inflation.

>> No.30378448

You dont understand Inflation...the money printed has to come out of the financial system first. The mechanism is always stocks. ALWAYS

If you hold infinitly you will get burned. 99% of the companies on wallstreet wouldnt survive currency devaulation and you gains will be exactly ZERO no matter what currency is worth

>> No.30378466

pretty much guaranteed

>> No.30378588

Then a stimulus should reduce the need to sell stocks.
But honestly people who are getting these checks don't own stocks and the people who don't get them don't need to sell to survive.
Unless the elite get fucked and have to sell there's no crash. And we know the elite won't get fucked. The govt won't let that happen.

>> No.30378598

Gush? What date and strike?

>> No.30378692
File: 69 KB, 629x711, 1614511680938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the drop in the market for last two weeks was big money being moved into energy sector, sure hope you are long in oil/gas right now...

>> No.30378908

The industry secret is wall street and other international investment funds are buying up all the houses on the market which is pushing the price up. Theyre then registering them to a bunch of shell LLC's and having Property Management companies rent out their portfolios. Its all very jewish.
>buy for 200k
>rent for 1k/mo
>house now valued @250k
>rent for 1.25k/mo
>house now valued @300k
>rent for 2k/mo

At the end of the day, they recouped their entire investment within 10 years and still hold an asset that tripled in value over the same time period. The middle class has been gutted. Not sure how this eventually ends when it comes to direction of home prices. I dont want to buy the top (if there ever will be one)

>> No.30378987

Production still hasnt recovered and people are receiving free money. This is worsening the inflation.
Also I think the the feds would have stepped in this week if they had the tools to curve the rising yield rate. The fact that the feds let the market panic makes me think that this is an exit signal for the big boys.

>> No.30379164

I will be paying off the last of my credit cards.

>> No.30379393

~130k more amp tokens or 140 SNX
cant decide, anon

>> No.30379425
File: 99 KB, 800x557, 190417_-dan-creshnaw-ben-packer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have the right suspect motives but the wrong ulterior reasons. The handshake between gov and market makers is much more nuanced. Theyre one in the same at this point. People get caught up on whether the chicken or egg came first. Thats neither here nor there. What matters is theyre working in tandem towards goals that benefit each other. They use each other to obfuscate their liabilities within the publics focus and scrutiny which = us getting tossed and around and fucked each step of the way.

>> No.30380091

Why aren't they working remotely?

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