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We're all going to be rich.

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Chink scam, it's going to zero

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haven't you heard the news OP? baoman minted 2B tokens last night. he called everyone a nigger on the discord and posted scat in the announcements channel. now they're flooding the discord with child pornography. get out of there, while you still can!

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get rekt retard

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Lol what a retard

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Looks like it's over for bao bros

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if baoman gets this project off and defi blows up (which it will as we already see whales lurking and crypto being more globally accepted) this is an easy $2-$4 coin.

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That estimate is FUD. At $2 it would put its market cap at almost $1.8 trillion.

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only assuming baoman doesnt burn a fuck ton of coins after synths are released and farming is done which he will because he obviously likes money nad isnt opposed to making more.

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Wtf baoman is even more based now

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For real now, wtf even is a synth?

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the inflation is not sustainable.
get into VSP bros, I know some of you have heart. It's YFI but only 40M mcap. 20x in the pocket.

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Serious question for my humble farmers, is it bad for us if the price of BAO rises? I mean if you never unstake and just farm your BAO CX daily?

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Yeah, this screams massive exit scam in the works. Just another food token that will make you spend hundreds in "farming" and then you will lose everything in some "hack" or some shit.

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So hodl or farm?

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Its not much but I do like to provide a little liquidity.

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FARM! There is no reason not to farm now that fees are so low on xdai.

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Do you get more when liquidy is low or less?

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stop posting threads. Do not help people from here

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Yeah switching from ETH to xDAI cost me 119 $, on xDAI I got the free 0,01 daily and can make about 20 transactions with that. I‘m traditionally a ETH fanboy, but this really made me think. Hope Vitalik doesn‘t read this...

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You guys told me this shit back in January and I believed you. It's done nothing but prove otherwise since the dev is always working and meeting his deadlines while building new features. And I fucking hate all of you.

Pic related I fucking picked SpaceSwap and then vikingswap because you guys told me those weren't scams and they were fucking scams. meanwhile bao is still alive months later and has official sushi partnership. I fucking hate all of you niggers.

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Stop diluting my farms you cunts. FUCK OFF

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I'm just a humble farmer, tending to my BAOcx.

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No I think my BAO is related to how many tokens I staked. If I had left my RSR/xDai in the Baoswap pool then volume of trades would make a difference.

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If you are so sure of it then make a prediction on Omen and make money off our crash.

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I don‘t understand anything you said, but thank you.

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I got a number LP tokens for staking RSR and xDai on the Baoswap liquidity pool. If I leave then in the LP I earn 0.03% on the volume of RSR/xDai traded in that pool. Is probably a small amount so I put those LP tokens in the Baoswap contract and I get paid in BAO which is likely more valuable.

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now I got it, thank you.

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The tables guy again, very nice table anon.

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Instructions on moving from ETH mainnet to xDai.

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quit spoon feeding I don't need more niggers shitting up my pools

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Fuck off nigger

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network growth > short term apy

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this board has IDs retard
we don't want people diluting our pools
If you're unironically shilling how to get in you're just a bagholder trying to make a quick buck while farmer chads actually profit

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You don't even understand how ID's work, clearly. What a fucking newfag.

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HOLY SHIT! Jimmy Rustles just plugged Bao on youtube.

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Wow 5 subscribers.

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BAOboard now has xDai APY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They're going to add new pools and strategies every month, at the end. I'd like to know what they are though before I ape in so I might wait

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When is farming going to end?

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Can someone help me? I did something retarded and this empty transaction is stuck in my queue and won't cancel lol

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Would you care to stake that claim on Omen?

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account > settings > advanced > reset. happens a lot on these non eth chains

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chink pump and dump scam where whales can farm"bao coupons" that are worth more than the current price of bao, slowly rugging you while this project continues to do the same thing with pandaswap and yetiswap

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Then stake it on Omen and make money. What date is BAO going to be worth less than $0.001 by?

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this road map is based

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you farm coupons, and swap the BAO.cx for actual BAO and receive more BAO than a 1:1 ratio. You have to be the dumbest fuck on here

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I really wish I had bought more sushi when it was under $3.

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Any idea what APYs are yet? Im in bao-eth but is bao-xdai better you think?

>> No.30360199

goto baoboard.com and you can see a rough apy i think?

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Yeah just for xdai pairs. Im switching from weth to xdai anyway, just realized people tend to borrow stable coins and they give higher rates on sushiswap so im assuming its going to be higher than weth anyway.

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My BAO-ETH farmed had an APY of about 1700%(Daily Average ROI * 365)

My current BAO-xDAI pool has an APY of about 5700%

Pic related is my BAO-ETH Farm. Which you can compare to my BAO-xDai farm here >>30353740

Only had my Bao-xDAI pool for about a day, but it's definitely pulling more.

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why the fuck is this starting to pump now? who shilled to the newfags?

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>My current BAO-xDAI pool has an APY of about 5700%
K thanks. Yeah I switched it from eth to xdai. Realized stable coins is what people tend to borrow.

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eth is pumping n-gga

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you are actively harming everybody in this thread's gains. fuck off.

no, I'd prefer short term APY. I don't give a shit about this baoman rugmaster. He'll dump on all of you eventually - I'm not sure you know how to play this game.

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see >>30356793

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So you made one hundred million bao just by staking or farming or whatever? I just realized I have 7 million bao from buying like 100 dollars worth a long time ago. What is my best move with this? Explain to me simple, I’m just a young wagie who works 70 a week and I don’t have time to research all this shit. Literally at work right now driving a forklift. What do, please

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BAO is so comfy.

>> No.30362660

>10 billion percent APY!
>90% of farming rewards are locked for 3 years
this shit will dump so fucking hard at the first unlock

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i would never trust chinks

>> No.30362792

Go to the site and tell us how much the apy really is.

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you really think youll make it off a chink scam named after some chink food

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Up to 5k APY, which means 250% APY effectively.
That's 0.68% daily.
Do you think that's a lot? There's some liquidity pools providing that return.

On the other hand, xDAI makes cumulative returns possible now, right? That means you can reinvest now.
Ignoring transaction costs, those 250 APY can become 1,100% APY without vesting, or about 23% in a month.

>> No.30363380

You should probably farm, but you're going to need some money to pay for initial gas fees. once you're on xdai, fees will cents though.

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>this shit will dump so fucking hard
Lets take that bet to Omen, big guy.


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>chink scam
Okay so what date will it crash by?

>> No.30363576

hard for anyone to say, just make sure you sell at the top anon

>> No.30363766

Such a comfy hold. People keep saying “chink scam” “rugpull” since January. Yet I’m still up over 200%. NEVER SELLING.

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thank you dude, i was stuck too for 3 hours

>> No.30364854

Holy shit people are still talking about circulation and havent read the docs hahahaha. Holy fuck how!???! There are many, already baked in and planned, burn mechanisms. Thats the only hint ill give. Do some research.

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File: 60 KB, 640x648, Screenshot_2021-03-06_13-56-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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ooh shit thanks anon

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What's the difference between alpha.baoswap.xyz & xdai.bao.finance?

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alpha is for swapping and adding liquidity to pools. xdai.bao.finance is where you stake LP tokens.

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nigga what isn't that the same thing? man I really am too dumb for BAO, that's how I know it's good

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naw, not the same. you have to put up 50/50 of two assets, adding liquidity to a pool on alpha.. then you are minted new bao-v2 tokens that you farm with on bao.finance to earn more bao.

>> No.30366094

put coin1+coin2 in liquidity pool on alpha. get back liquidity pool (LP) tokens representing your share of the pool

you can then 'stake' those LP tokens on xdai.bao.finance

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the hopium is literally cringe and insane lol
it could hit 10-25 cents tho in peak golden bull run if it succeeds as a cut/paste and captures value like snx/aave 0xmaki is an absolute chad and only works with other chads so its a real possibility

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Why is i a bad if BAO moons if you are farming? Will I get less BAO or less XDAI back when unstaking?

>> No.30366262

IL, most likely

>> No.30366296

>Why is i a bad if BAO moons if you are farming?
Two reasons. Persumably more farmers so less APY but I think the xdai bridge will reduce that flow of normies. Thats a big filter. But also because if you swapped half your bao for xdai you are holding a stable coin now as half your investment. Does the apy beat the trading price increase? Maybe, maybe not.

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These are all community made projects. xDai APY issues? Fixed within 24 hours by users. This is how you know Bao has one of the most high IQ individuals investing into it. xDai faucets ran dry this morning, that's how many users we're bringing to their once dead chain. Remember that all these smart users are going to be voting in governance on the future of the project.

If you know.
You know.

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thank you spread sheet anon hope youre having a good weekend

>> No.30366350

>thinking yet ANOTHER food token is going to make you rich

>> No.30366389

Thank you!

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If you are so sure of yourself then lakes make a wager on Omen of when it will rugpull.


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It's amazing. Name one other project with USERS developing tools for the platform to take the loss off the dev's shoulders to do more important updates?

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But what if I stake BAO-BAOcx? Then there will be no IL.
Does that pool have a good APY?

>> No.30366806

Honeyswap absolutely Blown the fuck out in a matter of HOURS.

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Do better has been doing the needful by amplifying the greatest midwit filter project to come out since LINK, leave him be. But since I am feeling generous today, I'll leave one more breadcrumb (the earlier one was letting nufags know there are at least 3 burn mechanisms being implemented this year, alone).
Pic related - Another early breadcrumb there was the specific mention of V3 synths being planned for support on Serum and Solana (FTX baby). And, who lists BAO before any other major exchange? FTX! Who owns FTX? SBF. Who stepped in to save SUSHI and now runs the platform? SBF! These documents were wrote before BAO was even on Gecko, and was sub-1m cap. Its the MOST obvious low-key, big player project in crypto history in my mind. This will be my last generous post, as I'm actively helping midwits along, and I shouldn't be doing that.

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>> No.30367045

you could also do xdai/usdc

>> No.30367057

yfw u realize sam was actually a background player in sushi from the beginning there was rumours when it first started that it was the FTX guys i have no doubt now based on its success, the guy is literally a genius whos made 4 bill personally from algo trading him and alex wice will literally change the entire point of sale/banking game no joke watch FTX become a literal bank like chase

>> No.30367145

even better. Would that work?

>> No.30367257

Means you get nothing when bao moons. I think that other anon is having fun with you. Bao-baocx might work, but its not a perfect 1:1 peg I believe. That might be the one to do, right now apys arent shown yet for each one. Once they all come out i might do bao-baocx.

>> No.30367664

Do Better is Baoman

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File: 825 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210306-161754_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is Sams play to create a synth market on top of the crypto market that is exponentially larger than the entire crypto market now. In the docs own words
>the addressable market for a project like BAO is >1000x greater than the current crypto market. With BAO, you will be able to use your staked LP to trade synths with. You will be able to get APY, AND STILL TRADE the value of the underlying assets. It will entirely eat the current crypto market alive.

>> No.30367948

>the guy is literally a genius whos made 4 bill personally from algo trading him

>> No.30368337

anon, if I gave you my email would you help me learn how to mine bao with my new 3080? I'm totally new to the crypto world.

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March 1st, weren't you paying attention to the one man fud?

>> No.30368552

Did biz get something right for once?

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i fucking hate being poor REEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.30368632

It literally all mooned you fucks enjoy eternal crab

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>implying a youtube video with 100 views is equivalent to a well-written guide posted on a forum full of interested parties
whatever. I've farmed 10mil bao in the xdai pools already, it just sucks that you're accelerating the process and ruining it for everybody else.

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File: 415 KB, 883x1130, 33956B41-1E08-4BD6-BC0F-92160EBF6FB9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have faith in the baoman and I have faith in this project. What we are trying to achieve is soooo hugeeeee and it’s a game changer for the entire finance industry. We are taking over. I did bet on matic when it was a penny and knew matic will be a great crypto player. I’m even more confident in BAO . I don’t have a single doubt that it’s gonna prevail. We gonna make it happen. This isn’t about money. This isn’t about getting rich. This is about I was part of this. Me and my Pepe friends changed the finance industry forever. It’s not just Wall Street get rich scheme anymore. It’s not Wall Street manipulated anymore bcs they just can’t . Everything is open source for everyone to see now

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>> No.30369141

> mining bao
have you ignored the entire thread? I never knew how easy it would be to rugpull people. no, i'm not saying bao is scam.

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>> No.30369280

The very first day I migrated, the xdai spy was up briefly and it read 12000% I farmed a mn in just under a day with half my investment (because I moved some of the unstaked eth)

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stupid question, what's the difference between BAO and BAOcx?

>> No.30369459

>have you ignored the entire thread?
No, I haven't ignored it. This is why I am interested in mining/farming it for starters.

>> No.30369483

For whatever reason we don't farm BAO on xDai we get BAO.cx. You can just swap them for BAO.

>> No.30369488

BAOcx is a coupon that can be swapped for BAO. BAOcx is what you receive when you harvest.

>> No.30369541

Isn't FTX basically also Alameda Research?

>> No.30369566

I missed out on some great gains because of lesser funds and finally have more money and thought I'd never see opportunity again yet bao and unfed came out and sitting on great gains. There's plenty of projects yet to come

>> No.30369726

More than being rich brother, we'll own governance over it. BAOman and Sam are midwit filtering out their tried and true set of "nujews". We the Fed now.

>> No.30369811

Which non stable pairs give the best return and have low chance of IL?

>> No.30369943

Someone please teach me how to farm BAO or direct me to where I can learn.

>> No.30369957


>> No.30369960

there will be more projects since I think we're still early but it just hurts to see everyone else farming millions while i barely make shit

>> No.30370092

got about 15k farming making 1.5 mil a day roughly

am i gonna make it anons

>> No.30370144
File: 196 KB, 361x362, BAB9704D-9BC8-4F15-B64E-5B304FB0A989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amen fren. “ We the fed now “ I like that kekeke

>> No.30370313

I'm farming roughly 1/10th of that. Should I kill myself?

>> No.30370373

see >>30356793
here is also step by step guide staring with "setup metamask for xDAi"

>> No.30370410

Maybe get a loan if you can support it? Usually anything with finance in the name or anon dev team is a big no no in crypto, this had both no nos but I still invested because only the sushi swap endorsement which I originally thought was a scam. Loan would be paid of 100fold if baoman succeeds

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>mfw im literally farming 1/100th of that
existence is suffering

>> No.30370612

That's ok friend.

I made very little in farming on mainnet, and have made more in the last few days than I did in a whole month of mainnet staking. Now is still a good opportunity, and you can use the bao you make to colonize the next EVM chain that baoman moves to, making way more than you are now, assuming history repeats itself.

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i got in on this project at 400k mcap but i only had 200$ to my name. I recently graduated college (parents paid for everything and i live at home) and i put every paycheck from my part time job into crypto. I'll try to get an actual job when i graduate, but i got rejected from grad school which was my actual goal, so i have no practical skills
tldr poor with 0 credit, but i have 5 mil locked on mainnet and iirc a make it stack is just 10m, so im hoping i can get there

>> No.30370666
File: 172 KB, 1748x628, xdai_bao_farm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30370765

In truth, half way to a make it stack is still good and better than 99% of others. Keep up the drive and you will make it

>> No.30370794

i have 5 mil on mainnet and moved my SLP tokens to xdai, i just used the 5% i got from mainnet harvesting to farm on xdai, which is really fucking little since xdai's pool weight is much higher than the SLP one

>> No.30371232

You moved your SLP? Actually heard SLP pools on xdai are doing very well

>> No.30371355

Mine dogecoin or some other alt and sell it to buy bao and then liquidity farm, you can’t mine bao lol

>> No.30371644

yeah, figured it was worth since block rewards on mainnet got shit on. I only have 838 SLP tokens so im not making too much money but I'll take what i can get

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