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>I told you guys not to buy into the thursday/friday peak, you could have bought more if you bought into the saturday/monday downtrend instead; you never know what might happen though so congratulations for getting your foot in the door nonetheless.


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people who buy at the top and then cry shouldn't be on /biz/

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Where "staying bliggity" = crabbing at 50 cents until it crashes to 12 by EOY. Fucking mook.

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Upwards crash to $12?

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For me, it's the BRAVE BROWSER. The best internet browser. I even download the BRAVE BROWSER on my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop because the BRAVE BROWSER is so user friendly and helps fill my crypto wallets with BAT (Basic Attention Token)

One time I asked for 3 ads to be served and they gave me three, WITH the BAT (Basic Attention Token). I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly BRAVE dev laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!". But the best part is with BAT, it's not even free for me!

Now the BRAVE BROWSER greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS blocks every ad, cookie, and tracker. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere with my BRAVE BROWSER, I use it at least 7 times a week for my daily browsing needs which include work, shitposting, school, and stalking my ex on facebook (without the trackers!).

What a great BRAVE BROWSER

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Based and BATpilled

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RICH BY 2025

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What's a good minimum stack?

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5k is the minimum.

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Holy smokes I'm barely there.

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yeah me either lmao, I only have 1k and I'm a zoomer with no job, i'm unironically going to do my best to get as much money for BAT as possible because I need a make it stack

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How much you aiming for?

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$1 next week.

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Ideally, 5k. But as much as possible. Maybe 10k, but I don't know how I'm going to get all that money. I need to get a job soon.

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im on 5.6k and aiming for 10k by midway through year, think towards september is pushing it if you want to get in on the DEX moon early

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What do you do for money? Neetbux?

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So we all gotta get in by Late summer then?

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Anon check this out


Future of crypto

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ideally yeah if you want to get in before double digits occur

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>Investing in acoin that's been 50 cents for 3 years

Yall are fucking retarded

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биггэты блять?

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people said that about bitcoin in the early days

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Will we ever see 50 cents again?

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I turn 19 in May. Nothing right now I'm unemployed but I want to get an internship. I know how to use Linux which is useful I guess. I'm taking my CompTIA Network+ at the end of this month so maybe I could wage at a help desk job or something.

Whatever it takes to make it. I know future self will thank me.

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I fucking hope not. Once we pass the $1 line I don't even think we'll see below $1.20 again

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What about 60 cents?

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>i only buy coins that already pumped so i can get dumped on

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we might see 60c tomorrow or the next day but that will be the very lowest it goes

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god i shouldve bought the dip

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desu I'm starting to feel bearish about BAT if our most consistent meme is bliggity blatty

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Stats guy from yesterday here. For anyone considering BAT, here is a graph of mean log-returns (reward) vs standard deviation in returns (risk) from 2018 to now. So far BAT has carried considerably less risk than LINK, while offering almost the same return.

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Can measure risk v. return from other dates if anyone wants. In the meantime I'll do some Monte-Carlo simulations of prices and try and work out some predictions.

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lets see em

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Jesus, I posted 30 seconds ago. It takes a while to simulate. Though it's always good to learn to do it yourself.

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whats the original song the memes based off of

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So we're not talking about BAT, were just having a bunch of bots spam the same unfunny meaningless shit in every thread. embarrassing.

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Oh shush.
If we crash that's a good thing too.

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FUD detected

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if you've been watching and you're not retarded, every single BAT thread has been puke worthy cringe. The discord is putting in zero effort.

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theres a discord?

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Double checked my work and added some new coins, as it seemed off. So far BAT is more comparable to ADA. While LINK and BNB have been the best performers and DOGE the highest risk.

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I'm feelin' pretty batty today, boys

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Damn dude, you sound like you're filled with hatred towards BAT, were you one of those people who got screwed in 2017? I'm legit concerned for people who are this full of hatred over a crypto currency, go meditate or something.

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Double checked my work and added some new coins, as it seemed off. So far BAT is more comparable to ADA. While LINK and BNB have been the best performers and DOGE the highest risk.

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would be interesting to see this chart next year

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