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You need to understand most of these 2017 shitcoins are never coming back or doing anything of interest. If they haven't moved up by now, like BNB or LINK have done, they are dead. Zero interest from the market.

I know you married that shitcoin. But don't fall for the sunken cost fallacy. Moving on isn't easy but you have to.

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From the creator of second rate and third tier web browsers comes... Another web browser only autists and snowflakes will use under the guise of privacy that just means your data is being sent to a company that is trying to be a monopoly vs a company that has a monopoly. Security, and free money! Ad coins! Holy shit you mean my job can be clicking new tab???? THIS IS EVERYTHING AND IT IS GOING PLACES I'M SERIOUS IT WON'T BE ANOTHER NETSCAPE FIREFOX ALTAVISTA CRASH AND BURN GUYS I'M FOR REAL!

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Actually good advice. Letting go of your shitcoins is hard as fuck

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just bought 10k more BAT thanks

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For me, it's the BRAVE BROWSER. The best internet browser. I even download the BRAVE BROWSER on my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop because the BRAVE BROWSER is so user friendly and helps fill my crypto wallets with BAT (Basic Attention Token)

One time I asked for 3 ads to be served and they gave me three, WITH the BAT (Basic Attention Token). I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly BRAVE dev laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!". But the best part is with BAT, it's not even free for me!

Now the BRAVE BROWSER greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS blocks every ad, cookie, and tracker. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere with my BRAVE BROWSER, I use it at least 7 times a week for my daily browsing needs which include work, shitposting, school, and stalking my ex on facebook (without the trackers!).

What a great BRAVE BROWSER


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I’m starting to feel this about RLC. What do you think? Move on time?

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Yeah, I dumped mine for BAT, since there's better projects and the devs havent done anything. Still debating whether I should let go of my avax or not though.

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I think you uploaded the wrong pic anon

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is this some kind of test to detect bots?

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An interesting article on Brave/BAT and google.
Brave probably needs to be acquired by someone big in order to reach high levels of market share.

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BAT is totally unique in that it never died but never mooned. Add that to the fact that it has a working product behind it and is gaining millions of users every month and you should get an idea where things are headed.

BAT is your (yes, you) chance to make it. Ignoring BAT will end in tears at this point. Just go look at its fucking chart if you don’t believe me.

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just LOL at thinking BAT is anywhere dead

Man you clowns are so fucking hilarious. Just look at the chart, it just started going up

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I agree with you. The previous cycle (2013-2016) shitcoins sank further in 2017 and we never heard about them again. But BAT does have a working product so I wouldn't rule it out just yet. I think what you're saying applies perfectly to vapoware junk like Tron, Icon, VeChain and many others, though.

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>tfw went all in at 70 cents

I can still make it ... right brehs?

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Unironically yes. Instead of reading schizo FUD on /biz/ just educated yourself about BAT, use Brave, earn BAT etc.

The cool thing about BAT is you don’t have to just baghold and pray some vaporware rumor will pump your bags. You can actively use the crypto and participate in the BAT ecosystem. What’s not to love?

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Same here, it'll be fine

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You know how I know BAT isn't going anywhere?

I've been using Brave practically since its launch. Going in blind as a regular-ass end-user, I installed it, opened it up, and was given The Choice: Flip a switch to turn on more ads and collect pocket change across time, or leave the switch turned off and maximize the ad-blocking utility, aka the whole reason I downloaded the thing in the first place.

Guess which I chose. And guess what virtually every other normal end-user (as opposed to people actively investing and speculating on the future value of the BAT itself) is going to choose too.

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when can I use my BAT to buy advertisement spots?

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I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. People don’t want online advertising, but they don’t want CURRENT online advertising. If there’s a chance they can make money (crypto) from unobtrusive private Brave ads, they’re more likely to allow it.

The trick is that the money/crypto needs to be worth it (in relation to allowing ads) and that normies have to actually learn about this new online ad ecosystem. Both of which may take way too much time.

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Sign up for the self-serve ad waitlist

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do you find this relatable to you?

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I got into crypto last year, not 2017 so I have no attachment to BAT but it does have a working product with a recently laid out roadmap for the mid term so that's pretty nice. I'll keep my investment in BAT

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I'm your "normie" end-user. You will never convince me that a slowly-growing pile of pennies is more valuable to me than just not dealing with as many ads.

>The trick is that the money/crypto needs to be worth it (in relation to allowing ads)
That's not the trick, that's the problem. An unobtrusive, privacy-respecting, user-friendly ad will never be worth more than pennies per user for an advertiser to buy. Ergo, being "worth it" to the kind of end-user who opts to download an ad-blocking browser in the first place is essentially impossible. The business model just doesn't make sense on a fundamental level.

>and that normies have to actually learn about this new online ad ecosystem
This is also the problem. The vision leans heavily on a forlorn hope of turning your average web-browsing normie into some kind of niche enthusiast who cares about such a thing as an "online ad ecosystem". I'm literally a tech enthusiast with crypto investments, and even *I* couldn't be arsed to give a shit when choosing my browser - and the Brave team thinks they can talk the average person into buying in?

Dead on arrival.

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Thing is, other shit coins are going to get pumped with more volume release. BAT is already at max, and has a growing product behind it. It has 3xed this year and then some. Has Link? Nope.

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There is another problem, the average normie spends all their time on their phones using apps to connect to shit not web browsers. Brave will definitely need to create something that connects all normie activities together into one thing.

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Absolutely correct, sir. BNB and LINK are pretty much the only two shitcoins that have recovered and done well. And this was visible very early on.

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How much do I need?

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I don't own Bat other than Brave rewards but I wouldn't count it out because Brave is a real product. I use it as my main browser and they have some nice stuff coming this year. Tokens with a real use are different from true shitcoins.

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I admit this is compelling but I could also stake my bnt on bancor and earn rewards

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>nooooo you can't just target the younger demographic that the vast majority of advertising dollars are trying to capture by putting ads on the apps that they actually use!!! what about the ecosystem!!! what about the new marketing paradigm!!!
Yup. Brave is a great browser, but BAT is about as DOA as DOA gets.

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The mobile browser needs to improve quickly
Maybe integrate itself to some 3rd tier mobile manufacturers

Someone connect me to RIM

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Didn't read; never selling my BATties

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You don't even need /biz/ autists to pump your bags. Advertisers will pump your bags eventually because they need BAT to run their advertising campaigns. BAT rising is inevitable. They're growing exponentially and once self-serve comes out the demand for BAT will be so high that you will kys if you didn't buy.

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A browser that can automatically sign them in using their app data. Then each website they're signed into can become a floating bubble on their phone they can click on to easily switch between.

Normies will be cumming their pants over that.

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What difference could the mobile browser make? Mobile browsers are *already* just a backup utility that phone users begrudgingly use on an as-needed basis, while still doing 99% of everything in each service's specific app.

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Well, while it may be a moon-shot and a far away goal, the main target of a mobile app should always be 3rd world countries where the cellphone reigns supreme

Maybe I phrased wrongly, but my samsung device came with its own Samsung browser as well as chrome as it is android.

I think there is great future in buying small companies in latin america and africa and pushing any brand, not just Brave, there

This is not necessarily Brave's aim, but my 2 cents

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This is true. Even my ENTIRE family, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins don't use computers or laptops anymore. People at work are on their phones too and people spend a lot of time at work.

While I believe in the Brave project, it's clear that they are not innovating for mobile which is going to stop normie adoption in their tracks. Let's hope they have some plans to quickly roll out convenient and practical mobile products that's not just a web browser. Like I said above, they have to figure out how to be a one stop source for normies to connect all their activities together conveniently.

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Is there anything to buy into today? Should I just wait?

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BAT is different.

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>faster than chrome
>blocks youtube and spotify ads
>can play youtube in background
Literally all you need to tell normies who are on mobile and when they figure out theyre being paid in BAT they lose their shit and shill it to their normie friends and the cycle continues.

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buy bat at 60c-65c and you'll see $1 within the month. But if you're a longholder you'll see 10x that by EOY and then 100x next year.

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No. It has broken the Canuck $1 barrier, but not yet USD$1.
It will likely break it at least once this year sometime. Currently it is just moving sideways, waiting for the next big news.
Once it breaks USD$1 I have no idea what will happen though. Those who have 10K stack early on may dump. I would

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>can play youtube in background
Actually, all browsers can play youtube in the background if you full screen the video then push the home button to minimize the browser.

But I was trying to use Brave yesterday to play youtube in the background and it doesn't work unless I do the full screen trick.

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I have 26k BAT and there's no way I'm selling at $1.

It does work, you have to enable it first.

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Good. Dont sell. I myself legit believe in the project.
But, as I tried to convey, there WILL be some who will dump; it happened when it broke CAN$1

Right now, as a poorfag, I'm dumping as much as I can into BAT as well

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It works better than Firefox and Opera on my shitty phone, actually.

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Another crypto I find interesting is "Stellar Lumens".
Any holders here?

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I was about to dump mine but Gilles came out with V6 next quarter so I'm waiting for the inevitable pump like the last 5 times to unload

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But this time it’s different

Normies will adopt faggot smasher coin because they love trump!

It’s different than all the other times this time because we are against Alphabet and Google this time!

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Pretty dumb anon, I've made almost $1000 from ads and UGP so far

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It's a trap if you want to make money.
Not a meme like Doge but can't moon harder than Doge either.

>> No.30355741

Worthless. Do your DD and you’ll see why

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Your way retard. I’m the normie end user too you fucking moron. I use Brave Ads and they very obviously have a future. Even Google is scrambling trying to find a way to make their ads less invasive.

You’re a smooth brained retard though, wouldn’t expect you to get it.

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>>30352153 #
God you’re retarded.

>hurr I’m a midwit and I don’t like Brave Ads therefore nobody will

I’m the normie end user too you fucking moron. Clearly millions of Brave users already have Brave ads toggled on and that number will only increase. I use Brave Ads. They’re private. If I don’t like them I can turn them off. I can set how often they pop up. All incredibly good improvements from current online advertising. They very obviously have a future. Even Google is scrambling trying to find a way to make their ads less invasive and they can never replicate what Brave is making or they’d lose billions in fraudulent ad revenue.

You’re a smooth brained retard though, wouldn’t expect you to get it.

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BAT sucks, but it's not BAT's fault really. It was destroyed and ass-raped by ERC-20 fees.

The gas outweighs the utility 100x over

I don't give a shit about "muh 2 more months"

It's now, or never

>> No.30356571

Actually kinda a blessing for the short term, all BAT in circulation right now are on the exchanges, so if that supply is bought out, it'll pump

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i converted my lumies into bats, sick of watching that coin crab at .40 for weeks on end.

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>Incestuous "Ecosystem" comprised mostly of the shilling of various crypto products to crypto enthusiast end-users, whose perception of the BAT token's value rests almost entirely on hype and speculation about its future price
The absolute state.

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BAT is simply built different

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Yeah, I think I will as well

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Thanks for your effort anon. I'll tip you .00001 BAT. It will show up in your uphold wallet on your next browser restart.

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you know how I know all of these posts are from the same 5 faggots? Because we still dont talk about BAT, neither are any of you really, you're just repeating the same 3 conversations that happen in all BAT threads. thanks for making /biz/ suck discord

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are you the tranny which is going to get my IP and kill me because im talking about BAT?

>> No.30358844

no, you're just a paranoid schizophrenic

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You know there's a hide button, click it and poof the thread disappears. If you're really intelligent you can figure out how to apply filters to 4chan to auto hide posts about bat :)

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I actually enjoy the new tab ads they have. They are usually pretty cool looking. Most of them are crypto junk I don’t care about but sometimes you get an actual company that has put time into it. I always tip
My bat to a woodworking guy whose videos I enjoy.

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why would i do that when i can call you out on your bullshit, uncle fucker.

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take a hit of my bat pipe and chill out faggot

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Contributing is actually the best thing you can do if you've only recently started using Brave. It legitimises the use of BAT as well as increases the likelihood of a bigger creator beginning to use it AND talk about it.

MrBeast has it set up, but the fact that he's not directly addressed it means we've not yet seen a single day 5m+ user bump

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wait, if we an absolute whale donated 10k in BAT to him and he used it for a giveaway? Bullish if people can convince this mega fag to get his 12vie audience to download brave

>> No.30361436

Probably, yeah.
The rally started around 30 cents. You only missed out on 500 million worth of mcap, putting us at 1 billion now. I would probably place fair value of this project at 10-20 billion. If bubble and altcoin season serves us well, potentially way higher. Enjoy.

>> No.30361457

this retard probably doesnt know what brave even is, its more likely his handlers that maintain the channel setting things up like this

>> No.30361506

It would pay off in spades, but it'd probably be better to speak to him/his team beforehand and explain that you want him to advertise Brave the browser. The BAT would be theirs to do with as they wish, 10k bat to hold and turn into a quarter million next year, or to give away in a competition or some weird Brave related Minecraft challenge...

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Strange, Internet Explorer had 90% of the browser market when Firefox launched. And Firefox had a majority of the market until Chrome launched. It's almost like it was a startup competitor can take marketshare and obsolete a dominant player.

>> No.30361619

averages 30-40m views, if he shilled out brave and got every viewer contributing their monthly bat he would be making huge amounts, youtube wouldn't like it though.

>> No.30361740

Diddums for YouTube and Google, maybe they should look at a way of working around Brave's model, or even partnering with them.

>> No.30362354

There is a 100 BAT tip limit preventing this.

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