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Are you going to make it?
How big is your BOG stack?

> 30,000 BOG - Heir to the Bogdanoff Empire "Pump eet, pump eet again"
> 25,000 BOG - Bogdangrad Mayor "Bonjour" The greeting most would get upon entering Bogdangrad.
> 20,000 BOG - Bogdanoff Henchmen "Bogdanoff, eet's happening"
> 15,000 BOG - The Boy Sminem "So what's the next step of your master plan?"
> 10,000 BOG - VitaliK "Pump Ethereum for two hours and then wake him up"
> 5,000 BOG - Mr Rothschild "Forgive me, my Lord"
> 2,500 BOG - Mr McDonald "And garnish his wages, Mr McDonald"
> 1,000 BOG - Verizon Wireless "BOGDANOFF. ACCEPT. DECLINE"
> 500 BOG - Wojak "He thinks we're going up. We are. Let him in"
> 0 BOG - NGMI

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i bought just now at 80 cents, it's over guys

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At least when people buy, they will know right off the bat that they've bought into a dumb fucking scam

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Anonymous dev team?

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Where can you buy this shit? Without kyc and other bs.

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Have sex

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Doesn't come up on Coingecko so can't be a serious project.

Stay away.

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Fuck you bastard. Fuck you.

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It will get listed there soon and it will moon

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SEriously you fucking infuriate me. This is a great project with legit devs, it's the future of finance but you FUD it. FUCK YOU STAY POOR

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Huh? Where you gone FUDDER?? Fucking bitch ahahahaha

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bought in 20k at 0.27

based BOGS gunna let me make it

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You better sell the top because you're getting dumped on soon

how do I buy btw, asking for a friend

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i can hear the future cries of the people who actively fell for this shit

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Screencap this retard so we can laugh when it hits 3$+

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Holy fuck bro, you're really gonna make it

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>4 posts by this id
you are obviously just some retarded shill

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A cease and desist order will end this project. If any of you are smart, you'd sell this time bomb NOW.

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> 2,500 BOG - Mr McDonald "And garnish his wages, Mr McDonald"
McDonald Stacklet standing by

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Sure thing buddy, because if you have anything more than 2 posts on a thread you're a paid shill

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bagholders in 3......

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nope its still going up

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Excuse me mister, how come your skin is brown? Neva seen someone like that. Reminds me of bread, like there are different colors. There is white bread and brown bread. But then there is sweet bean paste bread, where the hell does it fit in? Makes my head spin.
Speaking of food, I think I smell some curry on you too, makes me hungry.

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>Dips once.
Fuckin retards lol

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Had a dream the other night that I met the Bogdanoff brothers. They were inside some kind of storefront doing work and painting the walls white, so I peeked in a jokingly said "hey, I heard you guys rule the world" and they said something like "it's $800 an hour to hang out with us" and I immediately left.

Pretty darn funny, just thought I'd share.

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I wonder how Sminem-kun is doing.

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midwit doesn't see how this can be a 200 million marketcap coin

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200mil is frankly just optimistic bullshit in the current BSC ecosystem, but Berry Data did 20mil just by going MUH ORACLES without an actual deployed product, so there's still plenty of room to grow. It's also worth pointing out that BOG was silently rebranded as BogTools to prepare for the proper Bogdabot deployment and the original Bogged meme page now serves the ARG side.

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Alright 200m is a reach but legit if Goose can be 60m, I can see Bog at 30-50m.

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I want my SMINEM , please Mr Bogdanoff

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ahhhhh i wanna swap some for some BNB so i can stake but while its mooning like this better to just hold?

>> No.30353451

Where is the price chart?

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You'd be missing on 4% of every transaction. But it's up to you

>> No.30353668

i know but i'll lose half my stack aaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.30353777

Is it too late to fomo in?

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The digits say buy.

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Bought. IGMI.

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No man. Do your own research but in my opinion this a good investment. The growth is exponential as it becomes more spread all over plebbit, twitter and so on

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File: 1.73 MB, 1920x1080, FINALBOG [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Ftazs4a.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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lmao im actually making it and who the fuck has ever seen a project with so many generous hodlers

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>im so fucking tired from losing miney
>hate everyone who approaches me
>i see graphene AIRDROP soon
>i invest in $PHR and get some graphene tokens
>i get rich from sharding tech
>i fuck your mama underneath your bed

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Comfy hold from 0.1

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this is probably the most valid interpretation of bog here

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If I'm in now, is it still worth in?

>> No.30355277

imo yeah, devs just contracted another developer from the community to help out, looking less and less like it could ever be a scam

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holding comfy 54k since launch.... NEVER SELLING TILL WE LAND ON PLUTO

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Imagine not investing 100$ and getting 7$ per day just by staking it.

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checked and staking is awesome

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Saw this at 0.1 but big bad bear fucked me hard so i couldnt buy. Would be a izi x10 im NGMI

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Once this gets attention outside of /biz/ it will moon hard, the question is can they get that attention

>> No.30356597

add liquidity

>> No.30356650

>a cease and desist order will end an anonymous open source bsc (china) project traded on an obscure to mainstream finance platform

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wot is ARG senpai

>> No.30356738

post on reddit and shit.

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Bullish AS FUCK

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can someone explain why my stake earnings go down? from 160->120. i dont see the idea of staking, or am i missing something?

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how to buy? I'm still new to crypto and the shitty bank I have called chase hates crypto except the crypto they tried to fucking make fucking hypocrites

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devs have said unrealised staking rewards can fluctuate short term due to changes in staking pool ratio but will always go up med-long term

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OK bro's I bought it. hope it goes to $5 and I finally make it. had the chance to buy 2 days ago and didn't :(

>> No.30357805

no ragrets

>> No.30358018

Comfy hold so far

>> No.30358522

how we doing, fellow boglets?

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help i want to go back to 0.8

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Launched like 2 days ago

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pretty comfy ngl

>> No.30358930

smooth tiny brainer that did no research whatsoever,ngmi

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Did we reach a dollar or 1000 holders yet?

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878 holders atm.

>> No.30359822

its crazy how fast this is moving

>> No.30359841

low test simps in the tg for vikky tranny, im selling

>> No.30359916

Gay AF. Another shit con for skiddies.

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>> No.30360039

Best entry point is now

>> No.30360042

We are so gay for bog
Shove your little ngmi dinky in my butt

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say goodbye

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Very good project, not listed on CMC and Coingecko.

This will explose for sure !!!

Jean Castex m'y Friends !

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Pajeets selling their 20$ stacks, bizraelis holding their suicide stack.

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bought in at 40c already 2x, meanwhile people on biz keep telling me this is shitcoin scam, morale of the story, listening to biz is how to stay eternally ngmi

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their ngmi token mechanic doesn't even work, when this dumps to 1 cent you are gonna rope

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simply why it doesnt work
a simple question for a cheap fud

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shit argument plus you're a dirty ape brained nigger

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im up 110bog from staking 480

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Go on kucoin, buy BNB, use binance bridge or trust wallet to convert erc20 to BEP, and then buy on bogged.finance.

You must convert the BNB from Kucoin to BEP20 otherwise it won't work.

>> No.30360417

the same was said about wynaut, goodboi, the anime moon girl,etc

>> No.30360431

i sold and i dont have any ngmi, so i am GMI. fuck bogs, fuck kikes, fuck trannies

>> No.30360536

maybe add ngmi to your wallet first so you can actually see it you fucking retard,here is the contract https://bscscan.com/address/0x994093af6a55edbca94532e3b7411fca2a51808c#code

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How embarrassing for anon.

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>tfw 0 NGMI

>> No.30361327

Easily a 50 million mcap project. Dyor, its easily worth more than that. Right now mcap is less than 2 million, you’re still early if you buy in now.

>> No.30361357

>in b4 flips LINK

>> No.30361462

where do you see mcap?

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Soon anon, just give it some time

>> No.30361549

>tfw took out my initial investment, but ended up fomoing back in when they released the news on BogTools

Will I atleast be allowed to sit at the childs table when we celebrate world dominance at castle Bogdanoff?

>> No.30361927

i did u fucktard, look at the ss

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What a scam

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Fuck just sold some bogs for bnc to make stake tokens without thinking about it. I'm not gonna make it.

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dont care you're a nigger and im going to poo

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>pump it

>> No.30362480

the right choice anon i did it earlier watch the BOG roll in

>> No.30363821


its ok you'll earn a sminem and you can erase those dirty dirty ngmi from your soul

not the right choice without sminem

ngmi until you get that sminem you losers

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Rocket bog

>> No.30364856

nice little bleed right now, loading up on some more bogbois

>> No.30364925

there is going to be a massive sell off once we hit 1k holders. going to sell some other stuff and have some ready for trying to catch that bottom.

>> No.30364943

I have, just trying to get some more BNB sorted out so I can stake the rest

>> No.30364973

NGMI rollout is periodic you twit

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>> No.30365516

I aint sellin my stack, im not risking my sminem

>> No.30365563

Also for the anons who aren't all in on BOG, just shared the gem I have been accumulating with biz because biz shared BOG with me.

>> No.30365628

Neither am I kek. I just mean I'm not all in, have some on the side to buy more because people are waiting to sell at 1k to try not to get NGMI.

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>950 cake LP staked

it begins

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I with I could buy the current dip, but there's nothing I can sell for BOG now...

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Is this really different from the old one?
The one thats worthless now... https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x47649d510705c5fd6479fb7a16586e9db66546ff

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I was all excited thinking my BOG might be worth something until I saw it was different from the previous BOG rug.

>> No.30366184

same ID lmao

FUD better

>> No.30366474

No, really, i got out of bed thinking I could finally sell my BOG for a profit. Its not even the same shit.

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>> No.30366629

It's definitely going to pump again eventually and probably go to double digits, but we will likely dump a bit for the next day after the run up the last 2-3 days. I plan to buy more around 30-40 cents tomorrow. Everyone waiting for 1k + chance at sminem to not get NGMI to sell profits. Not complaining though glad to pick up more at that price.

>> No.30367033

not related

>> No.30367557

I keep trying to stake my bog but the fucking confirm supply button does nothing. ive got 0.455054 bnb and like 300 bogs idk why its not working.

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>> No.30368395

Just saying, I'm going to sell my entire 200k stack when it hits $1.

>> No.30368565

I'm buying a 10k stack after the rubes dump this to $0.5 after $1.

>> No.30368985

increase slippage to 5%

>> No.30369673


>> No.30370833

Augmented Reality Game

>> No.30370873

Fuck. Alternate Reality Game.

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File: 16 KB, 603x393, jcd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My reality game is augmented.

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