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>Just met the boss of the company that i work for.
>He comes in driving a brand new Mercedes S-class
>find out it's his wife's car
>i'm told his own car makes this one seem like chump change.
>find out he's making many dozens millions a year
>prolly has a 9/10 waifu + dreamhouse to boot
>mfw i realize just how inferior i am
>Instantly get depression
>will never really go away until i am at least that rich but actually much richer
>even if i make it i'm still small fry

I'm getting even more suicidal bros. Has anyone had similar experiences? How do you cope being beta-rich at best even if you make it?

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Just delete this thread bro. I can already see the future of this thread.

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Try to make him your mentor.

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>I can't ever be #1 and even if I am someone will surpass me in the future, boohoo
Go have another existential crisis you fucking idiot babby faggot

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>Try to make him your mentor.
MLM tier advice

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If you suck a million dicks for 5 dollars each you will be a multimillionaire

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You are a good consoomer and wagecuck. Imagine not giving a fuck about your bosses shiny car and focusing on what is really important. His riches would lose all the value in your eyes.

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Take comfort in the fact that you aren't part of whatever disgusting pedo cult that piece of shit boss of yours is undoubtedly part of. All of the uber-rich are part of the pedo death cult. This has nothing to do with Marxism. By the way Marxism is totally cool.

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Green ID is always right. I've found that to be the most proactive decision. Or You can stop being a faggot I mean either way.

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There will always be someone richer than you. Suck it up and figure out how to make your own fucking money bitch.

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P-please rich man-sama be my master and teach me your ways

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this, comparing yourself to others is a waste of time. focus on your own goals and you will get there. also, i can't inagine actually wanting to be a luxury consoomer, don't luxury cars and stuff have massive headaches for maintenance? if i make it i'm moving to the countryside and chilling in some decent house with a civic or something

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Why do you even give a fuck about some dude’s feminal or his driving machine? Dude

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This. I have been hanging around ppl that are way richer than me for the past couple years. Parking my 20 year old car in between their 2 brand new cars, wearing simple, old clothes as usual, etc. I can see when they expect me to react to their wealth. You can catch it in the corner of their eyes when you first see something o theirs. I simply don't, because i don't care. It makes them very insecure and uncomfortable. It's probably the reason why i am still welcome in the friend circle, but still, it's weird how much they rely on their wealth being recognized.

I do comment on things i find genuinely nice - a lovely pet, a cozy tree in the garden, etc. But it's never what they expect, because it never occurs to them that the greatest gift they have might not be bought by $$.

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>>find out it's his wife's car
> Guy bough his a wife a car

What a fucking SIMP

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Yeah that kind of sucks. I bet despite all the stress of whatever the fuck he does for a living, he's happy to know that he's at the top of the food chain.
>I'm getting even more suicidal bros
Why though? Does it really matter that some faggot has more money than you? There are many different ways to find fulfillment in this life anon. For some it's being the best at what they do, for others it's raising a family, and for others it's being a leech on a system that's abandoned them. I can't think of anything more gay than being sad that someone consumes shinier products than I do.

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If you think money will make you happy anon you're in for a rude awakening if you do make it

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“The true way to gain much, is never to desire to gain too much. He is not rich that possesses much, but he that covets no more; and he is not poor that enjoys little, but he that wants too much.” — Francis Beaumont

Sort yourself out

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My rich gf bought a brand new mercedez lease with cool colors. I drive a used car and invest in stocks. Savers are losers but she doesnt listen to me she could 3x her cashwads

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>rare and wholesome zen mindset

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Consoooooooooooooooooooooom !

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you have a loser mindset. if you didn't you would realize that everything starts small and you would be learning everything about how his business works so you could copy it and go out on your own. ngmi.

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Just wait bro..

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> Want to sleep
> Making bags
> Getting in $MCM

Woke up with gains

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based colorblind faggot

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You are all a bunch of cucks and poorfags. I will never rest easily knowing there are people in my direct environment doing so much better than me. I think none of you have ever been in the company of the truly megarich and successful. If you had and you did not immediatly want to eclipse them it means you were always going to be inferior trash.

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>How do you cope being beta-rich at best even if you make it?
The realization of death and everything you achieve you will have to leave behind, helps a lot for me.
Every time I look at Jeff Bezos face I realize that he can't fix his lazy eye even with 100+ billion dollars.

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>never rest easy
you got that right, you will be your own undoing, screencap this

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Communists should all be brutally slaughtered in the streets

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This the wisest comment ever posted on biz

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>if I ignore it and put my head in the sand I will be able to cope and not kill myself
weak, you are ngmi

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Who's the cuck you faggot? You get your panties in a bunch and your balls shrink into your stomach all because some other turbo faggot like yourself has more digits in his bank account. Strip all that shit away and you're nothing but a dumb monkey chasing digits and social status. Get fucked by a pack of wild niggers.

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It's clear from your post that you notice and care very deeply about all those things you pretend not to, and you try very hard to convince them and yourself that you don't. You pretend to be an ascetic oddity to exact some sort of impotent revenge on the people you envy and hate.

This post is a case study in what Nietzsche calls "ressentiment." It smells of the bad conscience of the slave, who knows, acknowledges and resents his betters for their obvious superiority, and who dissembles in front of them and himself to salvage some sort of self-respect while still--in his head--somehow really sticking it to them! Yet you can't help but feel secret pride in being allowed in their midst. To share a meal with them!

You've duped them into sharing a meal with you! What an honor!

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This. I think everyone here has cognitive dissonance. They know they will always be inferior so they give up.

Inferior trash. His car costs more than your house.

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Based and redpilled. It's easy to tell the losers ITT who have given up and the patricians who will not rest until they and only they are solo at the top. The übermenschen.

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Found the pedo

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No matter how much you cry you will never be a woman.

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> Another demoralization thread

I wonder who could be behind this...

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There’s always a bigger bank account
A higher deadlift
A bigger dick
A hotter wife
Get over it. Jealousy and comparing is for women and niggers

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Nietzsche was an incestuous sister fucking degenerate, no fucking way I consider anything he said as sage wisdom. kys faggot

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>Strip that away..

LOSER+POORFAG COPE. Instead of improving yourself you want to strip away others' virtues. Literal communism tier.

You are the coping inferior bitchfag here.

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Low gas fee now, time buy more $ENQ
Look at this fellas, you will get that this blockchain is new era in crypto
mobile dapps and mining
I am safe now with this system, tards wouldn’t get how it is working

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this. honestly its pathetic

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imagine being this much of a zogged out golem

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Seneca said it first

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damn what a disaster thread

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fucking top kek!!

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How much money do you have?

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>This post is a case study in what Nietzsche calls "ressentiment"

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i have enough money to be on 4chan shitposting, that's all i want. i've made it anon, it's all in your head. the rest is just a bonus

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You are suck a fag. You will always be too poor. You wife/gf will always be lower tier than some other. Your houses will always be smaller and in shit neighborhoods. Your kids will always be underperforming. Because you are small, shit tier, poor and underperforming. You will always be pathetic.

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Yeah, I've had that situation. My boss tasked me to write up some bullshit compliance work for an 'engineering union' sort of and then I went to some meetings with them. They were all CEOs of different companies in our field and I was the only wagie engineer there. They kept talking about their boats and shit during lunch breaks while I earned 2k after tax. Quit the company a year later and am now sitting on 7 fig stack of LINK. We'll make it, brothers

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. .
\_/ nice thread goy

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Untermensch tier.

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what a retard

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Are you okay? Seething because you have to go to work on Monday again? It's okay friend, you will see the light one day.

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I don't know how anyone who isn't rich doesn't identify with communism

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light his car on fire in the middle of the night

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>at work, he never goes home and has no social life outisde of MEETING
>any faggot can get finance with interest rates as low as they've been
>of course anon, i keep my really expensive car at home
>which he spends on ivy league tuition fees for his children who hate him, paying (((insurance))), a fuckoff mortgage and his credit cards
>tyrone spends more time in the dreamhouse with his waifu than he does
>you're not inferior anon, you just don't CONSOOM as much as him
>there's always someone bigger than you. find your own thing to be good at
>you will never be other people

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Based Übermensch poster

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it's not a lazy eye but the secret to his success.
get psychotic pilled or right eye woke or you're ngmi
(a lazy eye can be fixed.)

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this is wrong though. it's a projection of his own deep seated resentment onto an actual wise poster. >>30346104

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The only thing that sucks about not being big is not being able to implement my ultimate ideals, but then again, with what I would want even your boss probably doesnt make enough, and if he makes that much, he probably doesnt have enough time to implement it (and there is beauty in making things work, it's like an artist with a limited pallet and tools). But, learn crafts like woodworking, learn the history and implementation of interior design and architecture, learn how to build a car (if you want). learn the true meaning of quality in the items you get and what you actually want in life. More likely than not your boss lives in an expensive McMansion that he doesn't even like himself but instead built it to the specs of what is popular and necessary to keep resale value up. same with his car, just a statement, he probably doesn't fully enjoy it. People live their lives trying to meet the standards of society instead of discovering their true goals
because I don't seethe so much that I start believing in a system that has no basis in reality. I can sympathize a bit with those who might want higher taxes, but I'm not jumping to a system where all the workers make the decisions (co-ops only exist and work in limited sectors like farming and banking) and you have no real way of raising capital to start a business/project

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also added to the end. the only time being poorer truly sucks in when you can't even implement the basics of what you want. like, if you are an audiophile but can only afford $20 earbuds then that's when you want to start worrying

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Yeah yeah fucking bullshit. I'm not a buddha, i care about material stuff, but i have low needs. If i have a place to crash, can run in the hills and can shitpost on the web, i'm good. I don't need a lot of money for that.

That being said
>implying i don't own a business
>implying i'm not in the top 1% of income earners
>implying i'm not balls deep into crypto
Joke's on you, it's just that i still live like a fucking college student, and i don't mind. ''Making it'' is realizing that money isn't anything. You can chase it all you want but it won't make you happy. Happynes is found in moments totally unrelated to money. (Though you can suffer tremendously from SEVERE lack of money, obviously.)

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If "Improving" myself means cumming my pants like a literal faggot at the thought of consuming bigger and more luxury products than some other faggot like you forgive me for not wanting to be "improved" you kike nigger faggot.

>> No.30351090

>even if i make it i'm still small fry
The real black pill is making and and understanding it was a waste of time

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>dude just be extremely lucky like I was!

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Realize that Mercedes Benz cars are some of the worst purchases someone can make when you consider the cost of repairs, how often shit breaks in a "luxury" car, and just how utterly un-classy the whole brand is. It's akin to a skank doting around with a Louis Vuitton handbag.

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>thinks wealth is made by luck only

>> No.30351260

This, there's nothing that pisses off richfags as much as when you completely disregard their so called status

>> No.30351400

Ok you got me, it's down to around 80% luck
>inb4 it's not
You could just as well have been born to dirt poor parents in some thirdworld shithole

>> No.30351639

Depends on definition of luck. Wealthy parents? Good genes? High IQ? Conscientiousness as a personality treat?

Where you put the line doesn't actually matter. It's just that people who feel the need to nag about luck are not gonna make it.

>> No.30351640

But it is

>> No.30351798

Maybe, but I don't think so. Richfags try to impress other richfags. They care about the neighbor who got a bigger yatcht. If there's a feeling that they have for poorfags, it's usually pity, but they usually don't care at all for poorfags. Finding out that a poorfag is ok with being poor evokes the same feeling as when you see a happy two legged dog. It warms the heart a bit, but ultimately you don't really care.

On the other hand, why do seething poorfags care about pissing off rich fags? If you're happy being poor, if you don't care for riches, why do you care about those who care for riches? Why do you want to piss them off? I'll tell you why. It's because you're a seething spiteful and resentful poorfag. Do you know what resentment means? It means impotent anger. You are resentful when you are angry at someone or something and can't do anything about it, so you seethe, and obsess, and concoct imaginary revenges in your head. You imagine they think about you. You imagine they care about you and how you feel about money. You imagine their day ruined when they find out that you don't care. Haha. Are you serious nigger?

>> No.30351812

it's a slight beg of the question though. if someone had really shit luck and it was pretty much impossible for them to ever achieve it, they would probably complain about luck, and they would actually be correct and if they didn't nag they still wouldnt make it

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Without communism you have the 0.001% chance of making it rich from crypto or going in on a weed farm with a rich friend or inventing Bang energy drink or something like that. With communism, you stay poor and can also be tortured to death at any time because your neighbor said you are anticommunist

Communism is actually great as a system for torturing communists to death

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>> No.30352174

The point is that complaining about luck is not going to solve your problems. It's just something that the weak people who are never going to make it do. Not bad, not good, just how it is.

The "poor" are better off in free market societies. Just compare how people were living in 60s in USA and USSR. Not even speaking about the freedoms that americans had, they were also simply much better fed and dressed.

>> No.30352302

Luck favours the prepared faggot.

>> No.30352507

>Communism is actually great as a system for torturing communists to death
That's a fantastic line.

>> No.30352530

true, and those who truly won't make it anyway are just going to be hurt mentally by constantly thinking about it. The only valid reason I think luck should be brought up is when people try to say that anyone can be a multimillionaire just by working hard, when that just isn't true.
some cases yes, some cases no. for example, I got unlucky, at a young age I developed psoriatic arthritis in just about all my joints (excluding mid/upper spine). and no medicines work for me (not biologics, chemo, not cortisone, or anything). there is no preparing for that or working to improve, just pure luck that can't be changed. but yea, if you are making the best of your situation, if something ever arises then you might be better able to take advantage of it.

>> No.30352597

I could never respect someone with a lot of cool shit but it's all on credit, or he has a lot of cool shit but he's cash poor. I much more respect the stinky linky eating beans and rice, or the millionaire driving the 20 year old car. I especially respect the strong, because strength can only be built, not purchased. I only respect parents if they're doing a good job.

Most people are trash though, and it's not worth getting worked up over.

>> No.30352759

He's probably the owner or CEO. Most managers aren't making fuck you money

>> No.30352786

>muh concept of "thrown-ness"
No such thing. We are all the product of our parents' genes. We could NOT have been born anywhere else and to pretend otherwise is the height of foolishness. Take your guilt cult kafkatrap bullshit somewhere else.

>> No.30352925

Awfully long post for someone who doesn't give a fuck what other's think of them, really makes you think...

>> No.30352929

No because i realized emptiness and the inherent zero sum value of all material things. Aka, your fomoing yourself.

>> No.30352978

Jealousy's for women but some niggas is bitchmade - 50 cent
If you don't know the profundity of this wisdom, ngmi
Stack your chips and be out about you, fren

>> No.30353125

I appreciate the lesson in metaphysics, but that doesn't really change the point though does it?

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