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There is nothing I understand less than people shilling against Cardano.
I even understand how someone could get duped into the most obvious pnd rugpulls, but how can anyone dedicate themselves to fudding a project such as Cardano?

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Because its pumped by normies as ADA shillers repeat their “ETH KILLER AND ITS ONLY 1DOLLAR IM SO EARLY”. They dont care that its vaporwAre

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rent free

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>They dont care that its vaporwAre
lmao you have no idea.
Is all the information you get coming from just reading thread titles in the catalog or something?
Please, buy more ETH.

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Its going to dump just like in 2018. Bagholder you wont even 2x it with that marketcap. Might as well buy fucking nft shitcoins

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They are literally retarded and probably don't follow the space at all.

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but he's right. about the gas.

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Yes and that's why Fantom is going to destroy everyone

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>caring this much
>seething this hard

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Hey op, i totally get your disdain for this new generation of [insert shitcoin] schizos, but can you please use the terms "cardano" or "ada" in your op so those of us who dumped our bags at the ath of this 5 yr old vaporchain can filter out the ancient alien tier SOON theories of redditors holding our bags?

Love you,

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u are anon
none of this is real
as far as you believe in this shill they try to shill here faster you will fail all your assets
Buy skeptically, don’t risk and getincome
wanna see yield farming or staking, choose modern systems
I use YVS Finance, check it and realize how smart platform should look like

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Also, make sure to take the time to report this bot. Driving up the cost of vpn's for Indian scammers benefits all of us.

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touch a nerve there, did I?

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I kinda want to stay out of this whole ETH killer race. If ETH manages to solve the gas prices DOT and ADA are good as dead as that's what people actually care about. If not then ETH will be overtaken by ADA or DOT but even then there's no telling which one will dominate.

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The issue is that the price is way overinflated for what it is right now. Even if it were to take eths entire marketcap which i think is very unlikely your gains arent gonna be crazy

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Except that it's actually rolling out. I know, it's really not, right? Wait and see...

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Explain how it is vaporware?

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How many projects are building on ADA?

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i made a little money on ADA and then got out. i want it to succeed but it probably won't. the fact that charles takes time out of his "busy day" to do rehearsed liveblogging about covid, niggers in africa, etc. tells you everything you need to know about how dedicated he is to this project. he's already rich, he doesn't care about developing a working product. it's not even about developing a product, it's about him controlling people and having a savior of the niggers complex.

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There are lists but it doesn't matter. You aren't seeing the bigger picture. Anyway, ETH tokens can move over to Cardono easily and will.

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Didn't you guys just get smart contracts? How fucking pathetic is that

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No one will move from ETH to your shitty platform retard

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no smart contracts yet, but they can now do basic tokens and nfts without features as of a few days ago.

only took them 4 years and 100s of millions. bullish

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>Claim to be ETH killer
>Require L2 and sharding to scale and even then won't reach sub 5s finality in addition to the massive limitation that come with L2s

How's it any different than ETH? It doesn't solve any of the problems.

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haha, when it happens how retarded are you going to feel? Why even make a thread about something not happening? I don't see it on literally any other coin. Stay mad that Cardono has the buzz if you want to. It isn't going to change anything.

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>no smart contracts yet
Oh nonono hahaha

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it solves Charle's micropenis problem

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Im sorry but you gotta be a retard to buy this overvalued trash.

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lmao, this niggers want to spaml fucking rubbish on /biz/
I don’t believe in this spam
>SWG and BSC
>This is our future

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This is my stance as well. Buying AVAX or ADA or DOT or FTM etc etc etc is essentially just gambling on a horse race.

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Sums it up perfectly.

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Nobody is going to move their tokens to another network. If you don't believe me, ask anyone making money in defi presently.
Gas is expensive, but when you're swinging $10k+ stacks of shit around, you pay your fee to enter the contract; then, you pay to your fee to claw back your principal + interest with a huge net gain. Exactly zero people with large sums invested care about $250 gas.
If you need a case study, have a look at bsc. Their transactions are effectively free, and it's a carnival side show with no detectable community interest in actual yield farming.

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Am I the only one that is invested in both ETH and ADA?
10x as much in ETH though

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Look boys. It's fucking obvious why /biz/ hates Ada.

1. What coin does /biz/ hold?
2. If ADA kills ETH what is the other major casualty?

There we have it. They know ADA is a better project. They know it's inevitable but they aren't ready to let go of the Link dream ($1000 EOY right guys?).

Some will move over to the Ada/Coti system and make money and be happy. Others will ride Link and Eth into the dirt and be salty forever.

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I own the bare minimum of ETH necessary for gas but this is a ridiculous position that is going to lose you a lot of money. Wake me up when ADA has ETH's network size and transaction volume and somehow manages to outperform it at scale.

ADAfags not counting all their chickens before they have hatched challenge (impossible)

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Just so you understand, you're not going to because you want ada flip eth so reason is useless.
Nothing can flip eth until that product does everything that eth does and all of the people with major investment into the eth network ecosystem move over there.

Again, I'll reiterate for you, even if cardano had a working product, they don't, I'm not uprooting $35k in investments to replant over there, just to save on $250 in gas a few times per year. The fucking move would coat me more in gas than i typically spend in a year.

There's nothing you can do but deal with this information.

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what does COTI have to do with ADA?

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where are the smart contracts? it’s been years

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>Be typical /biz/ user in 2017
>Buy cardano at $1.50
>No real product yet, just a placeholder erc20 token and the promise of developing a platform using the scientific method complete with heavy documentation
>Basically all hype at the peak of one of the biggest bubbles of all time
>It rapidly tanks 95% to $0.03
>Typical /biz/, buy high, sell low

Now you understand why people are fudding this and seething so hard. The market conditions as a whole are much different now than in 2017/18, as well as cardano's product launches and research papers. If this was vaporware they wouldn't be wasting time hardforking to push an update to allow for native tokens, making a wallet/staking platform from the ground up, etc. Why would they just larp literally hundreds of research papers for a scam pnd when they could have the same effect with 1 whitepaper if that was their intention?

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>How long has it been? 3 Days? 4 Days? It's crabbing at $1.11 just like this is still CG #1
>Look at this attached chart for Cardano just crabbing over an entire two weeks
>No smart contracts still after 4 years. deadlines keep getting pushed back and back despite muh Q2 (short for Q-anon 2.0) deadline (two more weeks, trust the plan)
>No projects being developed for it (Polkadot already has ~360). no one can post a link to any projects
>Scaling still 2 years away (phase 4 of 5). everything is hypothetical
>Can't deploy own coin on this ("pooh's tank brigade of tiananmen coin" to have china ban hammer chinese ada holders)
>Governance still 3 years away (phase 5 of 5)
>Gene Simmons, the lead drummer of Rolling Stones shills this (a Scientologist trance music group)
>Only 40,000 transactions on it currently a day. Ethereum does 1.5 million.
>My wife is leaving me
>Literal ghost chain, Tron and BNB have more utility. charles is spamming transactions with high volume to make it look like people are using it
>Almost certainly a security
>Room temperature IQ anons can't read good, will seethe at this ignoring all points
>He had dinner with Shatner, a fucking leaf
>This will crash the chink gpu farms in favor of white countries to virtue signal for Africa
>Charles did a cock tribute to Lush Rimbaugh. He's boomer tiered alt-light
>Prove you're not white supremacist and sell your ADA now. You're not a Cardano holding NAZI are you? Antifa will doxx all your wallets.
enjoy alt season as this pumps with everything else but those bags are going to be heavy afterward

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/biz/ shills and buys unlisted pajeet rugpull PnD scams like HOGE, MCDC, BOG
/biz/ shits on well performing genuine projects with clear vision and tech, such as ADA, DOT, BNB
Says everything you need to know about this shithole

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where are the smart contracts? It’s been years

>> No.30345109

Head on back to r3ddit, so you won't have to hear it homo.

What are you retards even buying L1 assets for? Unless you've got insanely deep pockets, there's not much point. They're fuel for powering transactions, and gay gambling 2x you'll make on them when btc drags them up by their dicks is a joke compared to the steady rate of return you can make in lp, yield farming and lending. Plus, the lower level assets provide an infinitely better exposure to upside during a run.

Go back.

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Legit products take time to create a future proofed and tested product with actual papers behind their work.
Cardano is now a multi asset platform and a lot of features are finally at the stage where they can be put on the mainnet in a matter of months.
Sorry if a realistic timescale isn't what your used to.

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They still be fudding cardano for taking their time, after witnessing muh double kebab avax fiasco.

>> No.30345246

true lol. imagine a small bug on a financial network transacting millions.... where people's money and lives are at stake, it's best to test the shit out of your product. look at Boeing and the 800 MAx fiasco too. greed will be the downfall of everything that breathes.

>> No.30345360

>Sorry if a realistic timescale isn't what your used to
>realistic timescale
>4 years no smart contracts that are essential for the product
Sorry that you are projecting regarding “realistic time scales”

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Because their videos are full of pure marketing lingo such as "post quantum resistance" and such.. it uses sha256 like fucking BTC. Sure, SHA256 wont be cracked by quantum computers but why use stupid buzzwords? that was only the first thing that made me sell. The constant false promises of charles and the cult like following didnt sit well.

>> No.30345566

I thought the market had matured but seeing this shit valued at $40bil based on what 'it's going to do' is just more of the same shit we saw in 2017.

I really don't know how people fall for this shit.

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Because the leader of Cardano is an insufferable manchild who himself fuds other projects and who stretches the truth at every turn and oversells/underdelivers.

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at the moment it does more than btc and btc is valued manifold that amount

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It's too bad csw's toxic personality got him thrown off of binance, once all these reddit kids get disillusioned with ada (stay tuned) there'd probably be an opportunity to 5x dump on them when the retards start talking about
>the real satoshi has returned to make us rich
What are done other old trash coins like ada xlm and doge that these retards will eat up. A few bros tried to get a pnd going with ltc, but that's not catching on because it's known total shit.

>> No.30345692

my buddy has put like 80% of his net worth into this coin off of youtube videos. I need to have a talk with him soon about it

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$MCM Mochimo for the legends

>> No.30345737

Fundamentals ride back seat to public exposure sadly.

This. Literal god complex

>> No.30345783

Meanwhile Cardano continues its cowardly advance into the ETH territory. Brave ETHies fearlessly stay out of range of ADA gains.

>> No.30345787

Sold about half my ADA, still dont want to count them out just yet

>> No.30345801

out of curiosity, what are you invested in?

>> No.30345863

>their videos are full of pure marketing lingo
Lol of course they are, its intended to be marketing material for normies. If you've ever done anything in marketing you would know that raw data-driven advertising rarely works. Normies just don't care. They want the "social movement" bullshit, which I agree is bullshit. But every company kinda has to do this to gain traction, especially if you don't have the benefit of a first movers advantage.

I think if you started to read some of their research papers you would have a different outlook on what they're actually doing


They're one of the few crypto development companies that isn't just taking a copy/paste approach, and isn't just doing zergrush "test in production" sketchy half-baked implementations that leave their investors incredibly vulnerable to scams/hacks/exploits/etc

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eth and aave are my biggest convictions. also have some other erc shitcoins that have decent fundamentals. eth already has the public attention and being shilled by marc cuban, and with eip1559 coming into play in july, should go up some. I think part of the price is already priced in though.

>> No.30345946

This. Except I sold at $1.30. Made a nice profit. Now I just need ZIL and DGB to stop being crabby fags.

>> No.30345979

Why do ethfags get so buttblasted about Cardano

>> No.30346060

>raw data-driven advertising rarely works
fair point.
Recently thought about parking just a little money in just incase normies bite, but he posted his lockdown rant which will probably backfire.

>> No.30346160

interesting choice. I was thinking of getting a defi token based on the eth network, either aave or uni. perhaps even contributing 1 eth to uniswap. is that a decent way to earn uni or not enough given the usage fees?

what do you mean the price is already priced?

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Avax will surpass them all anyway. Eth, Cardano, Polkadot, they will all bend the knee.

>> No.30346246

I also have uni. uni has been doing great work recently and i can see that going up. Also by priced in i mean the valuation of eth is already reflecting the anticipated eip1559. so when that launches it may only go to 2k maybe but EOY i can see it mooning.. really it will depend on how much traffic eth gets.

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Avax had a bug, that's hard to overlook. this is not a domain that forgives... if it were a game, fine, but financial networks are built on this, gambling with people's money is gambling with their lives imo..

>> No.30346345

BTC had a bug, ETH had bug, FTM had a bug, SOL had a bug and so on and so forth.

Get head out of ass and bow down to your soon to be AVAX overlords faggit.

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My id probably changed because I'm phoneposting, but I'm that guy. I'd personally never "all in" anything ever, and think putting all your eggs in one basket is retarded no matter how secure that basket looks. But I think cardano is proving their resilience and longevity more and more everyday. This entire industry is just a giant money black hole that gains power as it grows larger, and history has shown us that if you can pick the projects that will be still be around 5 years from now, you'll probably make money in the longterm.

You can still make money in the short term with flash in the pans, but timing a top is a lot harder than it looks, and it's hard to not get greedy. With something legitimate that isn't just a foodponzi.finance copy/paste with some changed numbers, you at least are relatively secure in the fact that you'll get another kick at the can the next bullrun. Zoomershitcoin.finance 1000000%apy foodscam won't be getting anymore kicks at the can ever.

>> No.30346385

I thought eip1559 would make eth more valuable given they're going to make it scarcer (burning fees).

do you see any "eth killer" having success this year?

>> No.30346436

Back to telegram, turkroach. Everyone here already seventupled their eth during the avax grand opening bonus block event. Old news...

>> No.30346454

there are levels to it, was the btc network ever shut down?

>> No.30346487

indeed it will. Also dont really see any eth killers doing anything yet.. cardano doesnt even have a working smart contract echosystem and dont really know what polkadot is doing. Guess only time will tell really.
I feel like they'd have to get stuff working before july for them to have a chance.

>> No.30346501

1. It's true that Eth will never scale and will never have acceptable gas fees

2. Cardano is unproven, nothing about it should be hyped or even discussed until there are some working products.

3. The only project in the world today that is actually working, actually proven to scale, actually has pennies for gas fees, actually has a massive community is Binance Smart Chain

>> No.30346573

>The only project in the world today that is actually working,
It's literally not a crypto though. CZ can rewrite the chain any time he wants. So it can't be considered a candidate for a "working cryptocurrency" because it's not a cryptocurrency.

>> No.30346685

Get out of here with your fucking rugpull freak show. Exactly zero real dollars have flowed into binance scam circus, which is why pancake is sucking wind. Who the fuck is going fund liquidity on projects that blink in and out of existence in 45 minute lifestyles.

>> No.30346699

Maybe even sooner than july, since optimistic roll ups are just around the corner, no? last i heard they were planned for Q1. That's in part why I wanted to get on board uni as soon as possible lol

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Yup, they literally had to fork the entire code base and create a new blockchain - BTC minted a Billion token in that block, the BTC team hid that fact for years.
AVAX network never shut down, it slowed block production on the C-chain which is not even the main Blockchain on AVAX. The consensus protocol discovered the minting error and stopped it getting out of hand only <750 AVAX were minted compared to BILLION BTC, remember there's only ever supposed to be 21 Million BTC.
In fact, Emin Sirer - the Cornell chad brain behind Avalanche is the same guy who spotted the DAO Hack vulnerability on ETH, before it fucking happened.

>> No.30346819

my man...


I have 2500 ada, I might turn 1000 of them into Avax. should I wait for 9th of march?

>> No.30346883

Because muh snowflake autism.

Agreed. Charles Soiskson lives rent free in ADA haters heads. I dont even think about him, I only pay attention to him when I come to this board, so much hate he gets. Only then that I listen to his videos. If it was not for the snowflakes, Charles would be a footnote in relation to his own project.

>> No.30347011

Absolutely seething. Keep holding onto the future promises of Cardano! They'll come any minute now.

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This is exactly why I’m never buying any ADA. Charles is a narcissistic man-baby who thinks he’s hot shit because he bought BTC for sub $1 and only exists to feed off of attention retards give him. We’ve seen so called ETH Killers come and go dozens of times. EOS was supposed to do it and failed miserably. ADA has even less of a chance than EOS had. Charles is a toxic leader and does 0 actual work on his own project aside from promoting it as something beyond what it actually is.

>> No.30347276

My god /biz/ has become retard tier lately. Here’s a little alpha leak. Look for the biggest number of active developers outside ETH ecosystem atm. It doesn’t start with A or B, but starts with D. That’s will be the blockchain where smart money will flow. Especially when there’s already 100’s of projects in the pipeline to be launched on this chain.

>> No.30347297

>Keep holding onto the future promises of Cardano!
Lol. I think the poor people in this thread would call me an eth maxi, despite the fact that I only have .09 eth in meta.

>> No.30347355

It actually starts with P but honestly maybe?

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ADA is at a 35 Gorillian market cap and has had 5-years to mature, there might one more pump when Goguen launches, but there is no Africa news, there is no DEX launching soon. It's not going to replace ETH, that is a myth.

AVAX has literally more on the table in terms of tech in 5-months of its existence, it's a new consensus mechanism that has never existed before. It has a fully functioning EVM which means there is a symbiotic relationship with ETH more than it being an ETH killer, whatever bullshit that's floating around

Currently less than <3Billion Market cap which of the two do you think has a larger upside potential long term and short term?

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I know which side I'm on

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you should be on their marketing team lol. im trading ada for it then, not the entire stack but at least 2/5

>> No.30347798

Oof. You’ll learn the hard way.

>> No.30347856

is there something usable or interesting about cardano yet or is it still just ridiculous promises from the smelliest looking person ive ever seen

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He won't but you will.

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We're nearing a triple bottom territory around $22.64 last token release did not have any price impact, at least not in dollars - it dropped against BTC but that'd because BTC went to the moon kek

I sold ADA $1.34 and accumulating AVAX for the long term now, if I were you - I would buy half now and wait until the token unlock on the 9th March to see if there is a dip, then buy more.
lol fuck their marketing team, once Apricot launches this month there will be no brakes on this AVAX train to Andromeda.


>> No.30348435

damn, should I wait then for a price correction on Ada before i trade it for avax? or meaningless longterm

>> No.30348582

its abt normie appeal smoothbrain
if normies like it schizos like us will exploit that.

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>> No.30348767

The moment tribalism was established on /biz/ was the moment it fucking died an agonizing death. Also poorfags.
I am holding stacks of plenty of projects, do I care about their tech or the future of this industry (that is directly tied to and propped up by infinite supplies of FIAT)? No. It'll come all crashing down once the state/corporate actors finish their own systems and initiate the biggest rugpull/pop the biggest bubble in the history of finance. I'll just print worthless FIAT for however long this scam lasts and move it into real assets, and so should you.

>> No.30348814

People who missed the train and are now jealous of those who made bank with it, or they are invested in competing projects. It's really not hard to understand - they want it to fail so they can tell themselves that in the end, they made the right decision.

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>There is nothing I understand less than people shilling against Cardano.
>i laugh
>defi is easy

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>> No.30350062

What do you think about HBAR anon? It fits your category of something likely to be around in 5 years

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Blockchain is history you guys are trying to keep a dead horse alive by propping it up

>> No.30352465

how will you be able to tell its ending
why would people choose tyrannical rulers over open source nerds

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>why would people choose tyrannical rulers over open source nerds
I am sure the crypto industry is a thoroughly authentic thing and has not been propped up by the people who are controlling the FIAT system.
I am certain these people, sitting on generationally accumulated wealth will just sit back and let 'open source nerds' ursurp their thrones.
I am certain all the backdoor-riddled hardware and state-owned infrastructure used to facilitate crypto will eventually be replaced by 'open source nerds', too.
I am certain there won't be controversy or regulations manufactured to specifically kill projects and assimilate them behind the scenes.
I am certain we wouldn't be stuck in levels of Weimar beyond our comprehension had crypto not miraculously popped and backed by ominous actors, moreso if FIAT had not been redistributed from many to few or lost along the way in rugpulls and glitches - effectively been taken out of circulation.
I am certain no one will be forced to participate in CDBC system and the like by their politicans and fellow NPCs.
I am certain that the promises of effortless accumulation of wealth will pan out extraordinarily well for everyone participating in this industry.
I am certain these 'open source nerds' are entirely out of reach of their 'competitors'.
I am certain the crypto industry is not being used to ease the general populace into an as-service economy whilst placating and bankrupting them.
You are correct, I have been foolish to believe that history would repeat itself.

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