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Is there anything more pathetic than being a bull in a bear market?

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the trick is to not self identify as a cartoon bull or a bear

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Can't really think of anything more pathetic than being a bull. Stock market going into a serious bear market and crypto will follow

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I give up, I'm joining team bearfag.

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Dont get BoBos celebrating to soon.
first break 20k downwards and celebrate bear market. this is still bull market territory and could go higher.

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>Is there anything more pathetic than being a bull in a bear market?
Yes, being a bear in a bull market.

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You're ngmi nigger

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You retarded shitbrained mutt
What do you think, even if we drop below 40k there’s no returning back to 50k or even ath

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Kys nigger

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eh, we're crabbing, this is nowhere near an actual bear market. when BTC corrects 50%, and alt season starts, you'll kill yourself for not being all-in alts OP.

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post shorts or gtfo

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