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I've never been as depressed as I feel now. I feel like absolute shit. With all the integrations and major bank shilling, and link does nothing. This is so awful. I just wish I would die.

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Why do you think Chainlink should be worth more than Uniswap in the first place?

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Lol, stay away from this and go fuck yourself bastards. stop crawling to put money in your shitcoins. i manage to get revenue from sharding. already got some phore tokens and going to get some graphene at the distribution

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And what's that supposed to mean?

>muh adoption

Who the fuck cares dude? Crypto is all about Pumpamentals

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All of these literal who's pay to use links services. Link is averaging 2 integrations a day. Uni is a governance token. Uniswap doesnt need it to work

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What the fuck do you don't understand about that concept? Elon Musk tweet caused Dogecoin to flip Chainlink in the rankings (even though momentarily)

Chainlink does not have pumpamentals and it is the most important thing in crypto to make money. Get over it you fucking retard

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Adoption is the number 1 pumpamental.

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No it isn't

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Of course it is.
That's what put ETH in the No.2 spot.

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It's simple really. As long as the Chainlink network doesn't ACTUALLY earn money and needs to be subsidized the price WILL NOT make huge leaps upwards. Same goes for all the other data feeds. As long as nodes get fucked by ETH fees it's not happening.

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>the Chainlink network doesn't ACTUALLY earn money and needs to be subsidized

You're clueless.

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That and pumpamentals. Chainlink will still pump due to pumpamentals.
Ivan on tech clearly stated that chainlink does have good pumpamentals. It just hasnt pumped yet, but it will.

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I'm aware they are getting paid. But ETH gas fees are a huge cost and especially during high volatility eat up more than nodes get paid for.

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you just don't think anyone is doing anything to fix that?

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And ada on 3rd

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Project with good and solid pumpamental action does not need fundamentals, adoption or even use cases

OmiseGO was able to go absolutely nuts in a day over a Apple sticker on a skateboard. It wasn't even a rumor that they were working with Apple, it was simply a picture where the OmiseGO founder had inserted apple sticker to his skateboard. Huge pumpamental action

Projects like that are the solid ones which will make you rich, granted that you are able to time the top.

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What would a chainlink pump look like? It's already top 10. 2x? 4x? 10x?

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>the solid ones
best of luck to you ser

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He's right. The gas costs to reward nodes is often higher than the rewards themselves. Its why they're introducing layer 2 solutions soon.

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I'm aware of OCR and Arbitrum, thank you. I'm saying as long as Chainlink doesn't run on L2 it's not really profitable and the Co-Founder Mr. Betray keeps on dumping more and more stinkers on the market because of it. I'm not trying to FUD, just saying for the time being I see a low probability for a huge pump unless the whole market pumps.

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ada on third spot is just because lots of retards in the market, Ben covered it in a good video recently

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More like: ADA has pumpamentals.

Chainlink doesn't. It's funny how you guys are trying to cope around it

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>But ETH gas fees are a huge cost and especially during high volatility eat up more than nodes get paid for.
Node payments and gas costs are completely distinct.

ADA is an "ETH killer"; its pumpamentals are based on ETH's adoption.

There are other factors, but in the end it's all about the promise of adoption.

The rewards and gas costs are distinct.
The gas costs are not deducted from node rewards.

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Trust the plan

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Uniswap has millions of users,

Chainlink has 0 organic users. Only AAVE and SNX use it, and it's cause Sergey subsidizes them.

Chainlink is literally a scam.

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>Uniswap has millions of users,
>Chainlink has 0 organic users
Over $10 billion in Defi right now.

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Fucking semantics. The nodes would run at a loss if their gas costs were not subsidized. For these subsidies stinky linkies get sold on the market which does not help price especially with the low volume. God damn tism.

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As said thousands times before: adoption, use cases, fundamentals do not matter

It's all about pampamenthol pamp-a-dampa action.

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>and it's cause Sergey subsidizes them.
See >>30337669

>The nodes would run at a loss if their gas costs were not subsidized.
lol no
Sergey himself said adoption increases as capacity increases.
He said demand will increase tenfold as gas costs are reduced tenfold.
This means the gas costs are a limiting factor for the users; not Chainlink.

Pumpamentals revolve around adoption.

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So what the fuck is the problem? You think its price suppressed or some other linkie cope mechanism?

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My bitcoin is down 25%, but mochimo is up 100% already :)))

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Look retard we get you are stuck like a tard banging its head against a wall with trying to swingtrade link via discord and Fudding it when you have dumped and shilling it before you sell. We get you are some vile iranian/pakki/zoomer brainlet thrash who actually believes that. We get you are a tard. We see you discord crap fest threads every fucking day. However you don't do tech, programming, economics or blockchain, your just some swing trading refuse (essentially a prajeet) who is such a tard that he genuinely believes his stupid stale fudd threads swing links price but they don't. Even if link soards you will be poor more than likley because you will be caught on the wrong side of your swing trade. That's because links price is driven by NDA'd adoption. I've a hunch in the end you will wind up sitting on the side and maybe even kill yourself when you miss a major price rise and that's fine with me because then we won;t have to see your discords crappy force meme crap anymore. What was amuzing once has become very very stale and boring, it's time you died. LINK is a good hold, that's about all that needs saying.

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>Sergey himself said adoption increases as capacity increases.
kek, sergey also said he was partnered with Swift and Google, a proven lie. He's a lproven iar. And you're a proven brainlet

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Price suppression is definitely one of the factors.
Also general market latency/irrationality.

Chainlink is a whole new paradigm, like ETH was in 2015.

>kek, sergey also said he was partnered with Swift and Google, a proven lie
Take your meds.

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Yeah you are coping because all you have is that shit pit you sit in a discord and these crappy fudd threads. Its like watching a documentary on street children begging from tourists seeing your life. So yeah it must be hard for your to cope when someone lays it out and you realise that's what thousands think then they see your retarded crap again and again. Exit bag?

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I like the mochimo-poster about a hundred times more than the "pumpamentals"-poster. The term is simply far too atrocious looking and sounding to justify its use even in effectively deployed FUD.

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The discord shit has been for about three months the most boring forced re edit tier fail imaginable. What was funny one is boring now. These people are late, poor and retarded.

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ADA seems cool, i bought some

Holding a dickload of link forever tho.

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What fucking plan?? There is no plan and if there was it's clearly not working

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haha, nice trash
my bro’s will never go for this trash on 4chan
we are not a retards

>JUL -all on holding on Jul and Jul tradingwill

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Why does Uniswap need a token though?

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>tfw paid half my new car eith the uni airdrop
Feels good mang

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sold my UNI like a retard a while ago. I just didnt see it doing as much as LINK and ADA

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Linkies will hold

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Have you considering eating nigger dick?

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Volume on binance is 400btc. Wtf

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Kek bless anon

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The team is ciphering off $150 million a month. Anyone paying for link is a masochist

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you know what happens next on low volume

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The chainlink team is now ciphering off $150 million in profits every month. Anyone buying this shit is a retard

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bot’s broken

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This is what mental illness looks like

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This is what Reddit spacing looks like.

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Anon must check about Mochimo

> Fast
> Scalable
> Quantum secure

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Please post pic of schizo den. I want to see how someone with your illness lives

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token not needed

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UNI is also beating LINK in MC too dont forget faggot

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>He hasn't read the 4th IR
If you actually read the shitty books he is putting out you would know that your memes suck ass

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imagine the gape

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-by Klaus Schwab

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So this is the new FUD, huh. Not selling.

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Kek that comment about not having read the books really set you off didn't it. If you live in Europe I wouldn't mind lending you my copy so you can see for yourself that it's a big nothingburger.

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