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You are welcome

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Deflationary NFT based token with fixed supply and burn based utility. Get a bag or stay poor as fuck.

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CT is already picking up on the novelty of using paint to get an NFT of your murall edit. 1 ETH and you can repaint the entire murall to what ever you want. wait long enough and NO ONE will ever be able to erase it and you'll have an NFT of your conquering.

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You may be eligible to claim an airdrop if you have been into buying/selling/trading NFTs since last year

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Oh, whoops. New ATH.

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website: https://murall.art/home
litepaper: https://murall.art/docs/LitePaper.pdf

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Token contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x4c6ec08cf3fc987c6c4beb03184d335a2dfc4042

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0.5 of the ERC-20 PAINT token is used to edit 1 pixel of the permission-less community NFT: the Murall. Every time you mint a change to the Murall you have a unique NFT of your art stored, so even if someone paints over your art, your changes are immutably stored on the blockchain. There are no restrictions to what can be posted on the Murall, the only limiter is the usage of the ERC-20 PAINT token, which has a fixed supply, and can only be used to paint over the entire Murall 21 thousand times.

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The project is less than a month old (as far as their investment vehicle goes), so I don't know how you could get much more kino alpha with the NFT bulll run we're in.

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poo in the loo pajeet

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I pray you are not such a retard ONE anon calling this a jeet thread would prevent you from reading the materials I provided, peace

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>9 posts by this ID

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10 now, top kek.
Get a job to feed your village op

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I'm not sure I actually understand the value of NFT's to be honest, but this actually seems like a reasonably fun little project. Good luck OP

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I'm welcome? To what? Help you hold your heavy bags? Fuck off Rahul

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