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i like the token, it's taking a bit to generate momentum again. worrying slightly but oh well.

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I'm in deep. I love it but "momentum is suppressed" would be a severe understatement

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This is the perfect time for them to release the announcements especially binance listing, anatoly please, not another 2 weeks.

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I am holding but I suspect this whore will drop like a PRL rock in an ocean of rape.

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I'd hardly argue it's perfect right now... momentum of Bitcoin might shift.

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I'd argue it's hardly perfect**

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I swear we need to talk to Analtoy about that crabbing...

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why don't they release announcements? interesting project, but i feel like i should wait before going all in on this one

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Forgive me father for I have sinned.
I sold muh parsnips.
This shit is not good for people.
Tech is ok but it aint worldbreaking.
Price just keeps crabbing, I'm moving on.

Also check em

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not fucking selling

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a real crabby boy

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who holds a coin that did x30 lmao new here? hodllll

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you must fight your inner crab to become the crab in order to defeat the crab from within.

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Should have bought GRT

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I prefer crab over discord pump and dump

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>Your thoughts my son?

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look at the mcap, this shitcoin has loads more room to grow
it’s also been relatively stable for 5 weeks, whilst everything else is sat on top of a big green dildo.
it will pump eventually

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The absolute state of poorsiq bagholders

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If you're still holding this shit over GRT I seriously pity you, you have an extremely low IQ and will never make it

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GRT is like PRQ but for normalfags. GRT is basically facebook

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GRT is a newcunt magnet, go in any poorfolio thread and EVERY one holds GRT. The threads are also an absolute state full of people who don’t understand market cap and supply.
GRT is fine, but it has very little room to grow, it’s already on EVERY exchange and already at 2.5 billion mcap. But yeah I’m sure it will get to $20 EOY especially with all the token unlocks lmao

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shoo shoo GRTranny

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>GRT is a newcunt magnet, go in any poorfolio thread and EVERY one holds GRT
Gee I wonder why, truly PRQ is superior because no one fucking buys it lmao
You guys are fucking sad

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Your only FUD is it’s crabbing lmao
That’s not going to last forever.

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Lmao stay poor

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What time is Analtoy answering those questions today?

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I have one dream. Sell now faggots. Ruination is near unless you're sub 20¢ avg entry.

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Enjoy your measly 2x from here and then dump back to 0.50 once the bearmarket begins.

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>GRT is a newcunt magnet
been noticing this as well lmao

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2 weeks

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Aaaaaah i want to sell my xcm stack for 30k prq

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Yeah in fact it's dumping now

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its only dumping when it breaks the $1 support

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Man these 2 weeks have been a long 2 weeks

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This piece of shit crab coin financially ruined me, I FUCKING HATE IT.

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2 more weeks anon - trust the plan

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My ID will reveal everything, but only to those who can open their third eye and understand it.

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Tonight GRTrannies will fucking hang, check 'em

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Oh no PRQueers I got too cocky

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>your thoughts my son?

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Checked bwoi

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if it isn't an elaborate scam, it's gold.

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p+ - price increase
3DQ - third quarter
JtE - just trust everything

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So tired. I'm poor and late to crypto, my 2 holdings are inj and prq. They both didnt give me any gains yet. But I'm optimistic. I actually live in neighbourhg country from estonia, in latvia

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Literally just a wallet.

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Pretty good.
I think once IQ Protocol is released and NCase has been tested by a few clients then they will be able to start integrating more and just start dropping names.

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just be patient fren, so long as you aren’t losing money it’s fine
both are solid projects

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I sincerely believe it'll go to $100 within 5 years, I hope I'm not a schizo

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I have a question for you parkfags.
Why does parsiq need a token to use their product? They say you can pay using fiat/prq/other crypto or stake prq. So my question is: why does it have to be prq staking instead of any other crypto like eth? Are they going to mint new PRQs when staking and pay them out to themselves to pay for the server usage?

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cuz prq is a stable coin, anatoly confirmed it

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They don't technically need a token but they have decided to integrate it heavily into the services.
They have three levels of services:
free tier which has a limited amount of actions that can be performed
Normal tier which most users would be using
Premium tier which is mainly for the risk score data sources since Parsiq need to pay other parties for that.
Tokens are required to unlock the non free tier services and the amount of tokens held determines how much of the service that can be use i.e. how many wallets are tracked, how many triggers can be actioned.
I think premium still might require fiat payment but even with fiat payment a portion of the payment will be market buying PRQ and using some of the PRQ as liquidity for IQ protocol.
IQ protocol isn't necessarily going to be paying out in PRQ. They said it will be community voted and I think most people will go with ETH or USDC.

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>They say you can pay using fiat/prq/other crypto
this won't be the case in the future, prq will be bought and used for payments with fiat

also, the autistic team is working on more than just parsiq, ncase, iq etc - they will use the prq token

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New prq won't be minted, read up on iq protocol

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>this level of not knowing

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Checked 'n based

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stop shitting on people, you might be used to people fudding and shitting on your project, which lead to you developing this mindset, but prq isn't one of your shitcoins

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How bigs your stacks lads?
Got a cheeky and I'm not selling a single one until after $10

>> No.30342079

also cheeky

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...a cheeky 16k that is

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>stop shitting on people
Don't tell me what to do, fren. He opened with an ad hom. He's fair game.

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not selling until next year at least.
$10 is this year

>> No.30342146

just shy of 40k
not selling unless i run out of fiat

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Just over 2k.
I'm holding until triple digits for it to be worthwhile.
Do you guys have any suggestions for any other up and coming ultra low caps? Bought most of my stack around 0.5 and bought quite a bit more up til 1.3

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For ultra low cap KTLYO looks promising. The team has a background in asset management and they are working on no code NFT creation and no code workflows. There isn't anything released yet and hardly any marketing but the product is meant to have a beta this month.

For a larger cap but still not massive cap then CyberFi is good.
New cross chain launch pad being released this month with stake pad built into it which is their side project. Main project is a asset management system with a dex aggregator like 1inch but with more automation with liquidity and yield management.

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It bleeds, but nothing really major. I dont plan on following the biz way aka buy high sell low. But cant deny, feel a bit cheated when some shitcoin does x5 on a whim, and good projects just stall or dump.

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1k. Not much money to spend, average buy was around 1.30. So, not feeling good yet

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What I've noticed is that mid market cap projects that have a narrative that is really infrastructure focused haven't made much price action so far this year compared to projects that could be shitcoins but are just purely focused on s kind of DeFi narrative.

None of the oracles including Chainlink have done that well, Quant hasn't done very well, Alliance Block has been crabbing nearly as long as Parsiq.

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Big announcement coming tonight, hope you guys are ready.

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frenly reminder to never ever buy a coin with a "buy" button on their website
projects like that ALWAYS go to $0.00

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My gut tells me extreme levels of comfiness are right around the corner.

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>GRT is a newcunt magnet,

Rather hold an obscure shitcoin on no platforms than have normies pump his bags.

Never change /biz/

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same fren, we WILL break out this month

>> No.30343559

r u makingtrying to talk about the income of erc20 coins? checked gas? such abnormal fees against Apollo's own mainnet, you fools

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Sold. I expect the rest of the market to take a big dip in March, and I believe PRQ will go down with it, irregardless of any good news that comes in. I will be looking to buy back in within a month or two though - I still think PRQ is going places long-term.

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Give it time. The one thing you humans underestimate is the power of time. And the power of time is compounding. Look to the sky

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There are clouds there. So?

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Trust the plan. 6 announcements in 3 weeks.
$5 EOM and I'll set a crab Rangoon record

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If we don’t hit $5 EOM I give up

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So arnt they now on for a double announcement week to make their schedule?

>> No.30345681

Should be something like that, yeah

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The admin dude in telegram said they would answer the AMA questions today. Could someone post the crabbing chart meme, ty.

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will i be able to buy a cup of coffee with my 1k stack next month?

>> No.30346457

This is FUD. You'll be able to buy 1.3 cups of coffee.

>> No.30346646

we all got too cocky
24 Hour Trading Vol

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It's been like that for weeks

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Here is what I am expecting for this month:

>Binance listing + BSC/Pancakeswap Listing, potentially in 1 announcement
>IQ protocol + Tokenomics
>Potentially their first Ncase client
>At least 1 big integration, either the custodian or payment processor they have been talking about. Or a formal announcement for partnership with Superfarms (They have been hinting at a popular NFT platform and Ellio loves Parsiq).

Lets hope they deliver.

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Isnt big kevin already using ncase on conmetro?

>> No.30348050

In the last livestream with Kevin it sounded like proper Ncase testing won't start until next month

>> No.30348204

No, Coinmetro is most likely going to be their first Ncase client. But it hasnt launched yet.

>> No.30348404

Don't afraid guys. Anatoly said in the telegram there is a huge pump incoming very soon.

>> No.30348861

I hope so anon, I hope so

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at the end they made it and all was good with the world

>> No.30351318

I missed my chance to buy more at $1.00. Feels not so good, bros.

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Not on telegram, any news on the AMA?

>> No.30351771

2 more weeks

>> No.30351851

Yesterday is was delayed to today.
I'm fucking sick of this bullshitting

>> No.30351915

Apparently it was due to stomach cramps or stomach flu or some shit. Anatoly has been on the toilet most of the day.

>> No.30352374

Just realized I'll be able to get the highest tier of PRQ staking if it releases on CM.
>mfw didn't know I got fucking 12% APY for staking XCM though and have none

>> No.30352544

??? can you kindly direct me towards the tier list for staking?

>> No.30352653

Same for LINK staking as well - if you're in any of CM's rebate tiers (1 or higher), you get an extra 2.5% per annum up to 5%. Seems pretty low but maybe PRQ's will be higher, and we'll still get a bonus for being a rebate tier.

>> No.30353525

Thanks anon

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Accumulating for another week, then moon

>> No.30353964

False. It will be two weeks.

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justdo ama from the toilet

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This shitcoin is giving me vibes of 2017 Ambrosus/Request network. Holder count is tanking daily. You'd easily be up if you sold this 4 weeks ago and ape into any other coins. Watch the upcoming announcement does nothing because team has NO CLUE on marketing, happened with Ncase, happened with Solana and it will happen again. IQ protocol is already priced in, cap this. The dump will be epic in 3 weeks if the combined news does nothing. I know I'll be dumping.

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very cute

>> No.30354393

cope, everything is dumping nigger

>> No.30354489

>Falling for bait

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You must be retarded. Check 7d and 30d on parshit and compare it to top 200, go on. If you want to know what cope looks like just check the trading TG.

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sure thing

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I'm going to rope

>> No.30355108

ffs why did i buy this.

>> No.30355163

Money forehead told me it'd be bigger than LINK..

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>> No.30355952

>falling for bait

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How could the team improve marketing?
I noticed they hired a marketing executive about a month ago which is a good sign, but not really feeling her effect yet.

>> No.30356335

>hiring women
>even for retarded shit like marketing
shiggy diggy my niggy

>> No.30356504

Oh I just realized it's 9PM in Estonia
So they bailed on the AMA again?

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Dale = Halfwit
Pest = Halfwit
Father = Halfwit
Tigran = Halfwit
Benny = Halfwit
"Name" = Halfwit

>> No.30356785

double dubs of truth, checked

>> No.30356790

It looks like the meatheads from BB.com arguing about how many days in a week there are.

>> No.30356817

pest is based

>> No.30356908


>> No.30356911

Add choi to that list. The telegram is rife with mental midgets shitting up the chat. Theres only a few people who actually post relevant information. The rest treat it like biz or their furry discord server.
As a lurker I just ctrl+f daniel to save me time scrolling through garbage

>> No.30357153

>mfw telegramiggers are just anons who desperately want validation via being named

>> No.30357194 [DELETED] 

Anon check out this gem.

$MCM Mochimo
> Quantum Proof
> Scalable and Fast
> Decentralized and Fair >Price going crazy right now =)))

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odds of PRQ being used for the PAID hack? I'm thinking we're in it

>> No.30357788

PAID wasn't a hack, though, right? It was literally just a rugpull.
If the team behind it can no longer be trusted nobody is buying it anyway.

>> No.30357840

>It was literally just a rugpull.
It was an exploit, not a dev-side rugpull

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If it was a hack I'd say there's a fair chance. PRQ have form here. I think this is why the AMA was delayed. Fantastic free marketing (and poomping) if they can effect some kind of recovery/damage limitation.

>> No.30357876

99% sure that was just a rugpull
hope they actually do have something on the table and this isn’t just an excuse

>> No.30357886

Ah, good call. If it's not actually a rug at all then maybe that's it? Would be good publicity.

>> No.30357912 [DELETED] 

I bought mochimo a month ago and its up 1100%, why is it going up so much !??!

>> No.30357961

So it was a "rugpull" in that Paid pulled liquidity after the hack to prevent the hacker from exiting, so now most of the tokens that were stolen are contained in Paid which is worthless for the time being.
If it turns out to be the case, and it might not be, Parsiq will blow up upon the announcement. I'm fine with a delayed AMA if it's for this

>> No.30358061

This is parsiq

>> No.30358099

Ah shit fairs, fingers crossed then be some great publicity.
That or they have another big client on the cards.
Either way be interesting to see what it is. Not too worried about the AMA anyway, but it had better be a good excuse.

>> No.30358136

Its a rug, the dev's were just public so they call it a """hack"""

>> No.30358183

Agreed, I think Daniel is smart enough to know that we're holding on by threads right now, so he has to have had a good reason for the delay. This might be hopium, but if I'm right well be poomping
unironically FUD

>> No.30358308

anon please don't do this to me, I literally spend hours yesterday trying to explain to people that it was the paid team that rugged
imagine you run a crypto project, but you know it's not going anywhere and decide to call it quits, you pull this and call it a hack, then you do a token swap, knowing the price will never be at previous heights, and you run of with the money
ceo has a track record of being a criminal, and it was known since January that the dev team was able to rug

>> No.30358319

>the AMA is delayed, and here's why it's a good thing!

>> No.30358356

let me consume my hopium nigger

>> No.30358366

i feel pumped today

>> No.30358389 [DELETED] 

What Coin you guys are talking about?

I just found a gem! real use case, new technology, tiny market cap, growing like crazy!

Plz share with me more good projects.

>> No.30358495

die screaming

>> No.30358549

well we will find out soon, the team must know moral is low at the moment, so they had better have a good excuse or there will be a mass sell off over the coming weeks.

>> No.30358654
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jesus christ

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If Parsiq successfully help either the PAID or Meerkat teams that would be a real coup for the price.

>> No.30358674

what is so important that they can't take 20 minutes to answer some basic questions, some of which are "wen binance"?

>> No.30358783
File: 1.39 MB, 484x484, 1615006507194.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are time sensitive tasks
>what are priorities
Biz should be an 18+ board.

>> No.30358812

Team is small, why would the team be distracted by answering low effort questions in telegram when they're given what I'd assume is a time sensitive project

>> No.30358892

Another wallet inc tomorrow or in two weeks

>> No.30358915

>they hid my question about fantom
lol what

>> No.30358920

Because random, generally shit tier questions from telegram aren't as important as making sure clients that pay the big bucks stay happy.

>> No.30358929

It’s not really, it just doesn’t look good when they say they will do something and don’t.
Ultimately though yeah, don’t really care all that much about the questions think it’s more the principle.

>> No.30358962

>calls others underage
>deliberately ignores that PAID and Meerkat are both rugpulls so they can pretend Parisq is helping them out instead of not being able to plan accordingly

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Seriously, people can ask about Binance listing when and other blockchains but I ask if there's any chance with working with Fantom and they hide it?
Wonder what it means

>> No.30359217

but yeah I don't really give a fuck about the ama either desu

>> No.30359312

I´ll tell you my thoughts alright! Every time I think about Parsiq there is a single word that comes to my mind - pathetic.
And I'm all in

>> No.30359313

>6.Is there a substantial challenge/difference for Parsiq when it comes to integrating with DAG based networks such as Hedera Hashgraph and Fantom versus blockchains?
it's not quite the same but fantom is mentioned here.

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You're not supposed to share your true thoughts until $10. This is Parsiq.

>> No.30359464

It's so tiresome bros....

>> No.30359819

Interesting, thanks. Do you have a link for that?

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Bought another $500 when it was $1.09 yesterday. Feels comfy

>> No.30359956
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you will kys eoy
check em

>> No.30360023
File: 1.27 MB, 731x5843, A5EAE43B-E6CD-4DD1-81FE-37EF41D0BD0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep hearing about this one.
Hit me with your best shill infographic

>> No.30360066

query tech is not that important for blockchains
live monitoring and crosschain/offchain automation is

>> No.30360171
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>> No.30360299

just copy and past it in the tg

>> No.30360500
File: 570 KB, 905x966, quick rundown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30360575
File: 549 KB, 507x1280, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30360910

Mar 14, I will not explain further.

>> No.30360984
File: 163 KB, 888x888, 1604906365601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30361015

Gotcha, so doing something in response to an event on a blockchain.
I can already do this with an indexer.
This seems like a disadvantage, who decides to rollback to a snapshot?
Can do this off chain
This seems super centralized
Wrapped tokens? Okay. nothing special

Thanks for the infographics, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

>> No.30361109

w-what happens then?

>> No.30361186
File: 81 KB, 888x916, 1605372243440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comprehensively fails the IQ test

>> No.30361207

Anatoly takes the final dump

>> No.30361767
File: 42 KB, 399x322, 1614293593965.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This seems like a disadvantage, who decides to rollback to a snapshot?

>> No.30361890
File: 61 KB, 679x377, 1585974968247.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30361917
File: 286 KB, 625x1354, 9807E375-36AE-4EFF-BF77-C5F0A87D320E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls no

>> No.30362747
File: 280 KB, 650x1207, 1598905185971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30362930

Zoom out Zoomer faggot

>> No.30363002

So then do it?

>> No.30363077

Holy shit 2 cent poompa!

>> No.30363207
File: 226 KB, 888x888, 20FC58BD-4954-4CDD-8C0D-89752DD6A51D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30363254

x100 in 5 years IS SLOW AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you just do a x3 every year for 5 years you get x243.

I'm saying that but I still dca at least 1eth into $prq at every dip from the token that recover the fastest. End of march will have staking and lending open and that will be my most waited feature atm

>> No.30363461

I can only get so erect

>> No.30363551

I swear these GRT cunts are actually brainlets

Muh next google, yeah turning as shit as Google

Get cancer and die a painful death

>> No.30364397
File: 188 KB, 888x881, 1607728308805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're going to get absolutely rekt by the upcoming token unlocks.

>> No.30365440
File: 321 KB, 777x475, 1603907866793.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30365532

It feels so wrong panicking over it sinking to 1.10, especially since I was walking on clouds when it first pumped to 40c
Maybe I'm retarded

>> No.30365557

I hope moneyforehead has advised them to start doing announcements at the the start of the week instead of the end.

>> No.30365644


That's the hedonic treadmill for you

>> No.30365761

The morale is pretty low and honestly another big exchange listing will pump it nothing else
Idk bros I like PRQ but this price action is dogshit

>> No.30365966

It will come anon, just 2 more weeks

>> No.30366020

I'm starting to think they do it on purpose to keep the price low for companies but not let it get too low

>> No.30366316

Na token price doesn’t matter, people wanting to use the service pay in cash

>> No.30366394
File: 47 KB, 612x612, 1614803757148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

then what are my parnips for

>> No.30366524

They already confirmed that's what IQ protocol is for. Your parsnips are used in literally every transaction - but clients can either pay in straight PRQ, OR when they pay with cash, it's simply converted to PRQ behind the scenes

>> No.30366564

Need thoughts on $MCM

>> No.30366587

morning, it’s just a wallet

>> No.30366674

making anatoly rich

>> No.30366931

iq protocol
2 weeks

>> No.30367334

There's not that much of q1 left, I hope they meet all the deadlines

>> No.30367701

we have 2 weeks and that’s all we need

>> No.30367825

It's like three and a half

>> No.30367999
File: 97 KB, 860x845, 296-296540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks

>> No.30368045
File: 87 KB, 500x500, 1610563380841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30368109

This but unironically
Trust the plan Parsapedes
Anatoly will be inducted on the 20th

>> No.30368205
File: 247 KB, 600x413, 1614951517997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate holding this coin so much

>> No.30368256

You don't get 100X after coinbase listed.

>> No.30368301

I will take a screenshot these dubs and a screenshot of my wallet to my bank to get a loan for a new house now

>> No.30368388

same, but i won’t sell, i KNOW the second i do i will be bogged like i never have before

>> No.30368417

please take one for the team

>> No.30368486

Holy shit can you guys stop talking about literal shit and start talking about the implications of parsiq saving AGAIN another crypto project?
Fucking ellio and ivan on tech are involved on the shilling of PAID.
Look at this, I hate spoonfeeding you faggots.

>"We pulled liquidity, are creating a new smart contract, & will be restoring everyone's original balances to before the hack. Those with staked, Lpool & UniFarm $PAID will have their tokens be sent to them manually," PAID Network said.

>'As soon as we were notified of the hack, we immediately called in all the right people to help us resolve the problem in the most fair and effective way.'

Also, they urged their community "to not buy the dip as you will be exposed to the same negative impacts and we may likely have to reissue our smart contract, so we urge you to please wait for our next update. We also advise you pull all your liquidity off Uniswap."

>> No.30368503

We're about to drop below 1m daily volume
Are the telegram niggers still celebrating?

>> No.30368530
File: 127 KB, 888x888, 1606298082066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This desu.

>> No.30368590

We have no evidence yet that it's PRQ helping. It's good odds but nobody knows for certain. Don't get too hyped just yet. And PAID was some low cap shitcoin anyway.

>> No.30368669

i will believe it when i see it anon
holy shit, what’s with the drop? its been low lately but not THIS low

>> No.30368840


>> No.30368886

That's what happens when you continuously hint at a ton of major announcements and roadmap accomplishments and then announce nothing for 2 months while everyone else moves on to projects that are actually seeing price action.
Nobody wants to buy. Nobody wants to sell - probably because a lot of people bought above 1.20 and are stuck bag holding.
Just in the past week they've
>Teased announcements, didn't drop one this week even though we're supposed to have like 5 left this month?
>Dropped the AMA for two days - they might have a good reason for it but we'll see
The coin is just doing fucking nothing

>> No.30368893

>Mint tokens
>"We wuz hacked"
>Token slowly bleeds to 0c
I don't want to invest in anything that even gives these scamming cunts the time of day.

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