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Colleagues were discussing today how they should invest their money from their Girokonto(bank account) because they are getting negative interest now, I suggest them ETF's and they went like:


What the fuck is wrong with these people??

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You vill tend to ze refugeez

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>this thread again

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klaus schwab is a closet racist.

>t. know some people that study at st.gallen

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>hates cattle

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Fuck you daily threads OP.
Ban this fucker

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worst of all

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>mfw german wagecucks wake up every day early in the morning to support niggas and lazy shitskins with government bux
>mfw niggas and shitskins rape, kill and fuck your women while wagecuck is working
>mfw your cuck government can not kick them out of your country
>mfw your country will transform slowly into an absolute shit hole
>mfw you can not do anything about it
>mfw i am living a comfy life in a based country without niggas and shitskins
>mfw my 8/10 gf sucks my cock everyday

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bext xchange in germay?
low fees, good with connection to bank over sepa.

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but hitler

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It's just some butthurt turk whose sister is getting railed by some Ronnie and all he can do is spam shit on 4chan. Pathetic. Many such cases.

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Why are Krauts so cucked?

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