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Any actual tech fags on this board?

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lol. it's nonsense

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nothing lmao

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I use big words. I am very smart.

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Beyond the pure, distilled psychosis of the Twitter post, the part I hate the most is the capitalization of "Hi Fidelity"

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He's talking about smart contracts while using meaningless words in between to make himself appear more intelligent

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it's bitcoin sv shill. he's got the same problem as unwriter. he's basically saying you can build twitter clones and host video streaming sites and run it off bitcoin sv.

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imagine spending brainpower thinking about bitcoin when you can think about chainlink instead

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Imagine spending brain power

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Yeah, he’s an idiot. Von Neumann architecture refers to hardware, not software. It’s just basic computer set up of CPU and on off switches.

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Honestly sounds schizo

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he's what we call a "nigger"

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It mean bitcoin has six hydrocoptic marzlevanes fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft

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It does refer to hardware but software can mimic it when considering a virtual machine

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bitcoin is a smart contract platform. it's not a payment token, each transaction is a script, but unlike ethereum it doesn't support opcodes for arbitrary execution, yet.

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bcash2 isn't bitcoin though. if you're going to run something that isn't bitcoin, might as well just use ethereum which has broader support for arbitrary execution.

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Star trek tier techno babble. Reverse the polarity!

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imagine brain

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So I guess that literally nobody knows what he is talking about. Why are there only brainlets on this board?

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There are no "(non) von nuemann" operating systems because the term refers to computer architecture. Basically all computers in the world are such
>input goes to CPU
>CPU adds and takes instructions from memory
That's VN architecture.
If bitcoin is an OS it is not 256 bit because a. It's running on our 64 bit machines and b. it's not really an OS

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sounds like it's geared to moon!

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this is utter bullshit.
t. techfag

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>bitcoin is a operating system

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schizo word salad

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This nigga been smoking too much DMT

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Bitcoin can be used as a giant supercomputer, doing computations, running scripts and algorithms and essentially is an operating system. The big block version that is. So he is essentially saying that nobody has yet realized the true potential of a distributed operating system backed by the largest amount of computing power in the history of the world?

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> 4 spacial dimensions
He invented another one?

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all that computing power only does one thing which is solve sha256, you cant run shit on bitcoin

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You can add as many as you want, your brain just can't imagine it. It's a maths thing.

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ETH already exists

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the mining algorithm has nothing to do with the scripting language. thats like saying all ethereum does is ethhash.

but will never replace bitcoin

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ETH sucks for this shit, fees are too high, scaling is too complicated. BSV is the only one that works.

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>Bitcoin can be used as a giant supercomputer
yeah, a grossly inefficient one. You can build a virtual computer in Minecraft, too. Doesn't mean it's good for anything.

>doing computations, running scripts and algorithms and essentially is an operating system
no, it's not an operating system, it's just a Turing-Complete language. Although for a while it was said it wasn't, although I heard that's actually wrong. IDK.

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This is false, Bitcoin script is now proven to be Turing complete and you can run all kinds of things on Bitcoin - it is a distributed super computer


The Game of Life: In 2019 Xiaohui Liu was at a Bitcoin SV meetup in San Francisco. He spoke briefly on how we hoped Bitcoin would provide a solution to multiple problems inherent to Silicon Valley companies.

Xiaohui's project, sCrypt, was a fully functioning Bitcoin Script compiler in C++. Xiaohui has continually used the familiar language of C++ to show other programmers what is possible inside of Bitcoin Script.

"An easy way to validate Wright's claim would be to use Bitcoin Script to replicate a Turing-complete system such as the Rule 110 or Conway's Game of Life. Xiahoui made this easy for us by releasing a boilerplate code for Conway's Game of Life in C++. The Game of Life is a cellular automaton that is played on a 2-dimensional grid."


"By creating an initial configuration on the blockchain one can observe how it evolves. Since Conway's Game of Life is Turing-complete, one can replicate it on the Bitcoin blockchain, then we can have demonstrable proof that Bitcoin is, for all intents and purposes, Turing-complete. If you're wondering why this hasn't already been done in Bitcoin's history, a quick look at the code in Bitcoin Script would make it apparent why. The script is quite large, and would not be possible on the BTC chain. Because Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain that implements Satoshi's original design, this is only possible on Bitcoin SV."

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then where's all that computing power for scripts, nodes? almost nobody is hosting a node

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If you diffuse the atoms in the quantum field beyond the typical thresholds it will undoubtedly cause a shift in the continuity of space-time such that cryptocurrency will achieve 2000000x returns in a mere 3 months.

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Bitcucks are annoying as hell, can the coin die already.

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>2nd layer technology
Hes about 10 years behind. He should delete twitter and lurk more.

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spells spatial as spacial....

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> von Neumann
A Von Neumann machine is one which has common program and data address space.
Not all computers do, notable examples or CPUs which have separate data and code buses are AVR and PIC16.
This is useful in embedded systemes, because code memory is read-only, while data area is read-write.
This other architecture is called Harvard btw.
In case of Bitcoin or ETH, the ledger is read-only, but the mempool is read-write.
Smart contract (code) is first written to RW area (mempool) and commited to a RO area (ledger).
On execution the contract is then read from RO ledger, and uses RW area (mempool) as a scratch space.
This is closer to Harvard architecture than VN.
So the schizo is right on this.
> 256 bits
A machine is referred to N-bit if the pointer size is N-bits.
In Bitcoin addresses are 256-bit, and since addresses can be used as data pointers (e.g. instead of moving tokens we can move data or code!) this makes it 256-bit system.
You are literally using this feature with all pajeet ERC-20 tokens on ETH.
A pajeet writes a smartcontract to the blockchain and the system gives it a 256-bit address.
You then input this 256-bit smart contract address to trigger it.
This is literally like a call by pointer.
You can also store data this way, so the smart contact can read it on execution.
So the schizo is right again
> signatures
The problem with Bitcoin is that the network is secured by doing a useless SHA256 computaion.
Since it's the energy input that matters not the nature of the computation, this could be used for useful computation instead.
Third win for schizo!

> Educate yourself

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okay, so what can you do with all this

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There is one aspect which is often missed.
Bitcoin was DESIGNED as Turing-complete.
It's a fucking virtual machine.
However Blockstream devs castrated it by removing conditional opcodes and upholding the 1MB block limit.
This is why ETH was created, it literally reintroduced features which Blockstream removed!

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And then ETH fucked up, had to fork, got killed by cryptokitties, and suffers from high fees. What a shit coin. BSV is an actually working virtual machine.

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All kinds of useful things have been done in 2010-2013 before the system was castrated and fees killed it.
Here is an example of cellular automata on ethreum https://conwaysgame.github.io/solidity-ethereum/
Cellular automata can do calculations, Stephen Wolfram will explain you how

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Kek, all those who will follogo for your trash are making out a digital death. thanks GodJesus i bought my $PHR that will soon bring me access to graphene with 100x transactions per sec. that’s the main reason to call all of you fuckers

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tech fags will rule the world
they will hide behind a blockchain and operate on the OXEN blockchain baybeh

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>There is a Vishnu living in the blockchain

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Indeed there seems to be a pattern.
Each time the system becomes succesful, the computation functionality is overlooked in favor of moving tokens.
This increases the tx price which prices out computation uses.
Then the computational functionality gets removed because nobody uses it anyway.

"The oracle problem", see LINK which is supposed to solved it.
There should be no oracle problem, because there should be no fucking oracles!
Let's say that the smart contact needs external data, like this:
So each miner pulls in EXT_DATA form whatever they think is the right source, and runs a corresponding variant of the calculation.
The consesus algorithm (miner vote) then decides which variant is committed into the ledger.

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I love that clip.

I used to show it in a training course.

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So this is the reason for the hostility in this thread? These revelations that of Bitcoins true capability not only exposes the sabotage of the BTC crowd who destroyed Bitcoin in the first place, but also the incompetency of the ETH crowd who are building on a platform that can't scale and all the promises of their tech is actually realized on BSV that can scale.

BSV is just a far superior ETH, in technology terms.

This is interesting.

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Not very relevant. Smart contracts on corn will never happen. So OP twatter is either taking about a corn fork or 2nd layer, either way not current corn.

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You can run DOOM with it.

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The redpill is that back in 2011 Bitcoin did everything which ETH does and more.
See this: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Script#Opcodes
You have OP_IF which is a conditional jump.
You have OP_VERIFY which decides if tx commits (state gets updated) or not based on the computation value.
You have arithmethic opcodes like OP_ADD or OP_SUB (Note they have disabled multiplication and division!).
You can put arbitraly shit on the stack with OP_PUSHDATA.
You can put arbitrary shit into ledger with OP_RETURN.
You can load input data, run computation and decide what to do based on result!
It's a programming environment.
Literally the only thing missing is OP_CALL which invokes another smartcontract by address.
Guess what was the killer feature of ETH?
Ability to call smart contracts!
Literally adding one instruction to BTC VM achieves the same result!

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Why do all the ETH devs insist on building stuff on their crappy platform that is bottlenecked to all hell when they have a much better alternative available? I assume "better tech" is what drew them to ETH in the first place, but now it's a piece of shit, so why are they staying?

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Also nice to see an actual techfag chime in! You sound like you are deep into this stuff.

What's your current job if you don't mind me asking?

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So you know this scheenshot from 2014 or so when /g/-fags are saying ETH is not gonna be worth anything?
Because they were not expecting that Blockstream would castrate BTC!
In 2014 ETH was useless, becuse BTC would do the same thing, and do it better!
Read this page
See it describes ETH, LINK, etc.
Then click on history
Notice how edit activity ends in 2015

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> spacial

this retard can't even spell spatial correctly

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this is true, (they thought) they had to make the decision between a world computer and a currency, and Satoshi's whitepaper outlines a currency, not an operating system. ETH just went the opposite direction

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those digits tho

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>tech fags will rule the world

I don't doubt this. But right now it feels like only those people who know how to build on BitcoinSV as it is the only platform that is scaling.

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>Most people are too new to even know about this copypaste

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newfrens gotta learn it somewhere

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he's a retard that doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about, smoked a bunch of vape pens and zonked out to an iFuckingLoveScience video while he tried to type out this post looking at wikipedia

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University professor hahaha
But like 15 years ago I was a rising star in infosec field in my country
Then this happens:
> attend an infosec conference
> some hot chick is wandering around
> erection.jpg
> chat her up
> me: so what do you do
> her: i'm cia [local version]
> me: cool joke haha
> her: pulls out badge
This was the moment I realized that shit is fucked
Called my thesis advisor and said I want to stay at the uni despite shit pay

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Ahem... *clears throat*

Here's the real crypto redpill:

Craig Wright is unironically Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockstream - owned by Bilderberg group - intentionally crippled BitCoin by refusing to raise the blocksize cap as was the original design, this caused the adoption and growth in BitCoin to stagnate and collapse due to the artificially high transaction fees imposed by tiny blocks. BitCoin would be at least $50,000 by now if it wasn't for Blockstream, they don't want BitCoin to challenge the central banking system which Craig has spoken out against multiple times.

The original BitCoin protocol lives on as Bitcoin SV (Satoshi's Vision). Craig's company nChain has been hard at work to eliminate the CPU bottleneck in the Bitcoin node software which was originally only single-threaded, rumour has it BSV miners are upgrading to Xeon Phi processors (64 cores) which the code is now being optimised for (thanks to the work by Steve Shadders). This is due to be finished by February 2020 for the Return to Genesis upgrade which will remove all limits in the BSV protocol code and lock down the protocol, with the software limitations removed BSV will be ready for unbounded scaling with the short term goal of sustained 1 Terabyte blocks and millions of transactions per second.

This breakthrough in cheap free-flowing data and sound instant money will create a 4th Industrial Revolution as companies compete to start making ever more powerful computers, faster bandwidth, cheaper and more electricity to mine the Bitcoin blockchain. Mining will be the biggest and most advanced industry on Earth, an expected Bitcoin price of millions of dollars is not unreasonable at this level of scale.

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>ETH just went the opposite direction
ETH's problem is Vitalik
> be smart kid
> realize BTC is a VM
> make your own crypto VM
> wowimgenius.jpg
> shit does not scale
> am gonna solve this
> second system effect kicks in
> project stalled
> have shitload of money from eth
> refuse to hire more competent people to do the job

> a uni professor realizes why shit is fucked
> applies for grant, codes a demo, goes to a conference
> glownigger at the conference wanders between posters aimlessly
> wow.jpg
> glownigger calls his retired colleague who works at a VC fund now
> VC calls the uni
> enter HBAR

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Did you touch her boobs?

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I smoked a bowl and now I like this idea

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Wise anon what coins are you in or looking at?

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Kek it's trippy when you start to ponder the implications.

Here is another fun article that is quite relevant


Really makes you think....

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Schizo technobabble

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>Craig Wright is unironically Satoshi Nakamoto.
Satoshi Nakamoto was a group of people with glownigger funding
I can see at least 2 people wrote the whitepaper
Likely members are Wright, Beck and Szabo
No proof will be ever presented because it would be a violation of NDA
Better to keep the money and stay alive
Also it does not matter because Satoshi's coins cannot be spent, blocks 0 to 20K are locked forever

> realize some 50 year old obese guy would be jerking off to her report
> no more boner

ADA after it finishes dumping and the shit actually works
FTM and AVX once they can fix their shit code
Buy a suicide stack of XRP because the SEC lawsuit is shady as fuck, as if the goal was keeping people from getting it
LITENTRY looks good on paper, but a bit too shady business-wise rn for my taste

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y'all thought billions of transactions a day and mining farms of tens of thousands of computers was just for fake internet money?


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Also silver
Also food, water and mining stonks
Find and read the USDA anon thread

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Link it

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Sorry took a while

Oh and by the way
What is weird is that HBAR started to be shilled here in the last 2 weeks
Tech looks solid though
Dunno, maybe pajeets know it's a longer term game, so they buy at 0.10 and dump on you at 0.15, rinse and repeat

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Thank you for finally explaining in simple terms

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