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>just entered 5 digit club thanks to /biz/
>mfw a 3rd worlder
Bless all of you, wagmi.

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Checked and congratulations!

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Blessed trips fren

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Thank u frens

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cute pic anon
and grats

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Can 5 digits USD buy you a mansion in your poor country?

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Thats the way son

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Checked and congrats man! I also entered 5 figs club last month thanks to the GRT frens here.

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checked and grind pill

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Congrats fucker, lets get to 8 figs.

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wow I was in the thread where that gif was made

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Third worlder here and I reached 5 digits club today too anon. Feels unreal.

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It will cost all of it to buy a decent house/apartment but for a wagie that rents I am a rich person

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can you tell me your roadmap?

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congrats anon wagmi

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Current net worth is around 50k, no house or car or anything but the stuff in my bedroom (bed, pc, phone, clothes etc). Im late 20s and want to get a job so I can move out and stay in my own place ad have some independence, but I have severe self-confidence issues and am afraid to be around people. So Im scared to spend my money and have 30k in savings and the rest in some shares that arent doing too well at the moment but I hope they will improve in time.

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