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>only 56.5k in cash, 14k in mutual funds

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>25 years old
>$28k in cash
>$60k in portfolio
>$450k in home equity
I am gonna make it

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>22 years old
>$500k in crypto
>$100 in cash

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>15k cash
>20k mutual funds
>30k crypto
>70k 401k
>50k home equity

You're doing fine for your age OP. I only got serious about money closer to 30. Put some of that cash to work though, 56k in cash is doing nothing for you. Invest a good chunk of it in mutual funds, crypto, or a down payment on property.

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I'm 26 with 0 dollars and 0 net worth you'll be ok

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why so much cash anon

come take some of that out and gamble on shitcoins

you know you want to; why you could enter 6-figure hell overnight with the right picks!

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>$200k index funds
>$12k in single stock trades
>$200k cash
>$100 in BTC

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>$900 bank account
>$500k crypto

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what's in your portfolio? you staking anything? LP? ALEPH? gotta be growing no pain no gain

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I live in the woods, I poop in a outhouse and I steal my power and internet

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>less than 3k in crypto
>1k in cash
>50k in pension
>shitty 2018 Hyundai
>4/10 wife

I'm fucking worthless

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fuck ths shillers! if they rlly think im so stupid to follow their links for a scamshit, they will defin die from schizo
we don’t need your shitcon when we have the upcoming graphene airdrop, lol. the only fucking way to get graphene is the distribution

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I hope your 17 children die before you Ranjeev

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I have only 700 usd

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That’s pretty good man. Any human with $10k is only 2 10x trades away from making it. Find a good speculation

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24 years old and about to hit 1M+ in net worth pretty much all from my job.

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So everyone is either a trust fund kid or didn't go to college?

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not when the housing market rugpulls

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>600k all in chainlink

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>all in crpyto

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