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Matic? Layer 2. Marlin is plugged in behind it at Layer 0. It will make it faster. Eth 2.0? Marlin can improve the speed up to 500%. Uniswap? Marlin can decrease latency. INJ? Already integrated, will allow High Frequency Trading on their DEX. BSC? Same as INJ. Can be integrated on Binance DEX for HFT.
>Marlin is layer 0 scaling solution that can decrease latency and speed up transactions by up to 500%
>It achieves this by caching information at the network level (layer 0)
>Blockchain agnostic and can be plugged into any blockchain application or dex
>It has been incubated by Binance labs for the past three years
>$POND recently listed in December 2020.
If you don't want to buy, you can checkout FlowMint and see if you can stake your shitcoin. If you can, you'll receive $pond as a reward.

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kek noice reference nigger, you got my attention

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didnt they fuck up their coin distribution and like 80% of circulating supply went to validators or something? did they fix this issue

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How will it improve BAT anon?

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Waat? Is this true? Kek

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Worth of getting suicide stack imo

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So this is good or nah?

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it was from like december i think when they launched and it was first shilled here by some pajeet bots. I dont think the project is a scam, but they fucked up the launch or something. Check their first tweets on their twitter when they launched their $pond tokens, they asked validators to sell it for liquidity as well kek

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Kinda, now is good I feel

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also check warosu form december

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From what I've seen, BAT is barely crypto desu. But if BRAVE ever transitioned to Web 3.0 model, I assume they would be able to utilize Marlin to decrease latency issues. Marlin will make Video and music streaming across decentralized systems more in line with speeds you get with centralized servers.

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Damn, thnx ser, I'll dig into this shit before ape, but I think it must be fixd, let's find out

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This can improve BAT aswell?

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FlowMint is pretty much my biggest issue with marlin. They should shut that down and burn all the coins they planned on paying out.

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Because without FlowMint, annual inflation from staking would only be about 1.2% annually.

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>holding since end of January

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miami marlins kek

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flowmint is nice tho, I've been staking this shit while holding other shitcoins, good gainz

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Is it fixed?

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Is this a blue chip too?

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I won't give my opinion on this project.

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Binance soon.

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Say it, anon, this is a free country.

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I was told when btc dom drops alts would moon.But that doesn't seem to be the case!

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