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Stop calling this a scam

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At this point, anyone getting involved deserves the dunno that's coming. I'm just going to filter the threads again.

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It’s literally going to kill uni

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multichain is shit and causes instability and loss of network effects

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Ok fag. Bye.

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I lost faith in the project after Matic x Rubic AMA. It was obvious that Vlad is asking Matic guy things he don't understand and it looks like he was trying to figure out how they works in the middle of the AMA session.

For me it looks like they are trying to build website and not a DeFi crypto project.

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I lost faith in the project wheb i foind out the project was run by pajeets and all the white people were hired from pajeets in mumbai who work for george soros. For me that was the final straw.

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Thank you my good friends
Don't let the secret out again
Us Pajeets put out a fake limit order feature today. It does not work. In fact, we take money from order creator and stick it in our pocket. Pajeets are have limitless supply of ways to scam and pull rugs.
Rugpull is soon
Don't let them know

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Why has there been so much fud about this in the last few days, the white paper looks fine to me

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It’s not FUD. People on biz genuinely look after one another and care for each other’s investments.

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There’s no proof this is a scam

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It might not be a scam but you are FAR better off buying a real project that hasnt had to resort to coordinated shill efforts or lol random pajeet fiverr videos and will moon this month coinciding with mainnet release

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>I lost faith
Fud Faggot Group Therapy Session
My Rubic Stays Cubic
Rubic Total Victory

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It's not a scam. We are just accumulating and no pajeet or newfag that didn't indulge in early link doesnt deserve the 100x+ that rubic will pull off.

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here it is >>30314081

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Eoy estimate that isnt meme bullshit assuming this product delivers on anonymizer and etc.?

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kek go back to r3ddit nigger

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You guys have 3 weeks


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Conservative prediction $4eoy
As long as Rubic successfully meets it's roadmap milestones in a timely manner.
So far, so good even with the 1 week limit order delay. Optimizing multi chain functionality, UI/UX overhaul, anonymizer, and L2. Between all those with the addition of Wrapped RBC for BSC and listings.
Rubic Looking Cubic