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We have a lot to go over in this thread today relating to the news over the week regarding the roadmap 2.0, Brave 25.4m users and more.
>Plans to build a dex and native crypto wallet that could be a strong competitor against BNB,Uni,oneinch,etc
>plans for BAT enabled IPFS integration which could be bigger than filecoin
>brave search engine
>NFT store
>BAT to pay for a vpn service
>community revival

Then theres some stuff we are still waiting on that is close or there is a possibility of
>BAT's connection to grayscale and why it could be a top asset choice.
>Self serve ads
>Publisher ads
>Payments in brave together

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Oh great another cringe thread to fuck up the catalog. What are you discord trannies going to lie about today?

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Additionally we also now have more utility through BATs new lossless lottery which can be found here. https://app.pooltogether.com/pools/BAT-0x0381ae

Just another area where BAT meets defi, and another cool usecase for the token.

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Probably telling people to buy BAT at the ATH before the weekend dip so they can sell of and buy back in at a 10-20% discount.
Wont matter in the long run i guess if we get anywhere near $1.

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3 years for a 3x in $ is awful. The BAT/BTC chart is still ugly.

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friendly reminder that shilling for a $1 EOW/EOM pump is retarded. the mission is to accumulate cheapies

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this you? >>30308204
guess that ribbing about groomercord cut a little pajeet

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reminder all ID space posters are discord trannies hellbent on FUDing BAT so they can finish accumulating.

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You are correct and GMI. Accumulate cheapies for under $5 before the normans start buying $100 here or there through the browser wallet. You should use this opportunity to load up a 10k suicide stack and more.

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What is this crap? At least code your own contract.

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Can we shut the fuck up about BAT so I can acoomulate more for cheap? Thanks.

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You say 3x, i say 10x.
I don't care, i really love the idea and the Brave browser has been amazing compared to chrome.
Already doubled my money due to getting a bit over a month ago and have my BAT earning me some APY.
Sorry, not selling.

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Why code my own contract when I can gauge the interest and then one day fork to its own standalone app built into brave?

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fuck me lads I just lost all my BAT after posting the last four digits of my checking account on /biz/, beware!

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fuck lads I only have 1k, need to get a job and grind out for as much BAT as possible, what's the timeframe looking like? please don't leave me behind

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wish i could just go to sleep for a year and wake up to my profits, we're so early i just want to make it without losing anymore time of my life bros

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I'd consider it but your images are cancer.

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No idea desu senpai, but get a fucking job so you can focus on crypto you fag.

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fuck off stupid investor cuckcoin
>I will never visit this shit you try to show
no one will believe in this rubbish
smart buyers chose juld, just check this stat for last year. easy 220% plus

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I am legally obligated to call you a nigger.


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months at this point, only reason we pumped was because of news about a new search engine for Brave. I wanted to keep accumulating at 50c, we'll probably see it crab towards $1 throughout this month then it will probably stay there depending on how BTC goes. Once BTC does a huge dump (30%) its probably best to sell off and wait for a dip

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What's the recommended min stack?

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why tf do i want firefox2's adcoin?

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5k-10k or whatever your budget allows

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If the big friday news was just a lottery pool, we should work out more of the tokenomics.
The whitepaper has a formula for the optimal number of coins to hold. However, this requires knowing how many coins are being held by speculators (i.e., wallets BAT hasn't moved from in months). Does anyone know of where to get this data, other than manually going through etherscan and the API?

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where you stake?

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WFH, I have my computer open with biz an d the BAT charts, my work computer open with fucking nothing, and I sit and wait. I get emotional with every dip and pump, but deep down, I'm not touching shit for 5 years until I can buy a house cash.

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check'd. houses for all batbros

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>got 5k
oof barely there.

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I'm just baffled by the unrealistic attempt to shut people up from talking about BAT, guy even threatened us all in the last thread that they're going to ruin our life by harvesting our IP addresses.

BAT is growing. I'd like to accumulate more coins I only have 5k and BAT is going to go up whether I like it or not.

But there is a March/April dip that should happen, then there's the winter/fall bear season that may drop the coin back to 30 cents or lower, last year's bear season was pretty bad.

Brave keeps releasing news and things are going to escalate and price is going to go up whther biz talks about it or not.

Just try to get as much as you can before you get priced out.

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Lol? Bruh can you prove to me that this is actually a Brave system because this whole protocol is governed by the POOL token? BAT just happens to be an asset you can deposit into their pools.
Why say it's "BAT's lossless pool system," the website says right there that anyone can create a pool.

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According to the whitepaper, the optimal number of BAT to hold is:
z_BAT = (S_BAT[future] - R * S_BAT[now]) / (gamma * sigma^2 * S_BAT[future]), where
z_BAT: the optimal number of BAT
S_BAT: current and expected price
gamma: risk aversion
sigma^2: price volatility
R: risk-free exchange rate operator

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I use brave on my phone daily for coming here and a few other sites. I have recieved 0 rewards. I have ads turned to max and auto contribute off. What am I missing here?

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5k is easy 6 figures when it truly pumps, 5k is even 7 figures if brave takes half of googles users. people underestimate how scarce BAT will be in the coming years, with half of googles users there wouldn't even be enough for 1 BAT per wallet. Normies are starting to hate big tech so if brave's search engine is good, we're in for even more of a moon in 12-18months.

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it's because you're new and don't know that we don't talk about BAT.

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provide screenshots

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how do you think it will work when there is no bat for advertising?

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Fractional bat baka desu senpai

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are you worried about that, everyone having to deal with hundredths of a token? Hopefully they just start there, call hundredths "bits", ie .01 BAT is one Bit, there are alot of stupid people who are that bad at math

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Of what??

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there will always be BAT floating around, it will just be more expensive. advertisers only give brave USD and then brave allocates BAT with it to send. You'll only be getting fractions of a BAT in the future from viewing ads. It's going to be wild thinking back about how I earnt half a BAT per day just using my browser.

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any female in your vicinity

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>press bat icon at the address bar
>press settings near bat logo
>Press advertisement settings
<in my language this is "see details >"
>now you see pending rewards

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all that matters is a fiat counter, normies don't care seeing 0.00002 BAT deposited into their wallet when they can see the fiat value next to it. If anything they will want to hoard it up to 1 BAT like BTC

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right thats true, they will just look at that.

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Stop trying to trick people into playing your scam lottery, Reddit faggot.

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well at the moment you can only get 0.005 bat al the lowest.
and i usually get 0.01 from one ad.

they might get it down to 0.001 whit these wallets they have now so bat could only go x10 before they need to make new wallets.

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Fractional BAT are called "Robins", fren

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You kids are all losers, eh? Your whole lives are just built around these gay, cliched 'gotcha' comments that aren't even funny on some throwaway thread.

What did they do to you 'people'?

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I actually am new which is why I don't understand why we don't talk about BAT.

But I'm not the one creating the threads, I just reply to them if I see one. But I would really like to know why we don't talk about BAT when this coin has so much potential to get rich off of?

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This is a third party application that extends the utility of BAT. Its not run by brave, but if it were to grow large enough we could have them implement it into the browser and even put up money for sponsorships through the ugp etc. Regardless its more utility for BAT.

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because some anons get mad they can't accumulate enough in time, fuck em. We will keep making threads and we will keep shilling BAT

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bought the dip today, got my first bag of 1000BAT
what are our price predictions EOY?

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Its because back in 2017 there were two major coins you couldve chosen. LINK, or BAT. Despite being in totally different realms of the cryptomarket, some people decided you could only all in one the coins. The people that chose BAT instead of Link (its okay to diversify) are incredibly salty and butthurt, because LINK mooned and BAT didnt, yet. They are so butthurt that they make it their sole purpose to go around to every BAT thread and shit it up, and want to live in some weird deluded state where they never hear or see BAT again. Theyve developed legit phycological problems from this. It wont change the facts though, BAT is going to be an absolute monster, and will easily be over $15 in 1-1.5 years. Regardless of the current market conditions.

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BAT is LINKv2, 50x Return from where it is now over 3 years

>> No.30312392

Everything in your post is true except

>and want to live in some weird deluded state where they never hear or see BAT again
I fudded out of frustration cause they kept pushing incredibly retarded updated like Binance widgets or Brave today instead of anything BAT related but never sold because I knew they would eventually do something right. Their new roadmap is actually things the crypto community cares about and is why the price is increasing. The bull market helped but we all know BAT has no problem being stable while everything else goes up. Although if bat went to 0 and Brave went bankrupt and Eich got the rope I'd maybe not care that much, although I would also have held to 0.

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Brave should host some gaming tournaments and give out free Bats to the winners could scoop up every battlenet user for example, the new chrome?a browser for crypto and gaming?they are right about web 3.0 paying the user to use it also very comfy browser but altruism usually renders you broke sort of why web 1.0 turned into (((2.0))) however brave could be a good refuge browser for autistic people they way it was before in the before times, with no competition and big tech being synonymous with sjw faggotry and spying/stealing its up to brave to fuck it up at this point

>> No.30312658

Also the puns!

"Two people BATling it out to be the world champion!"

>> No.30312852

go back

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Bits, bytes, and bats would go over really well actually.

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there is nothing valuable about bat. they can keep bloating up their chrome-clone with worthless crypto "features" all they like, doesn't change the fact that nobody that uses it actually wants or uses any of those features.

a dex? they're just grasping at straws at this point, nothing but desperate trend chasers.

>> No.30313244

They just did that with splinterlands

>> No.30313287

The lottery pool isn't big news. Its a third party application that I spent a couple grand to spin up to increase BAT utility a little further. Over the long run it could soak up more of the supply. Small incremental progression like having a friend turn on their rewards,participating in a pool, sending bat to a burn address etc can compound over years. It doesnt have to be macro movements all the time.

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They are also partnered with gala games who has developed townstar, mirandus thats in the works and a new tower defense game thats in the works. I would imagine they might be sponsoring future tournaments and offering some rare nfts.

>> No.30313580

mirandus actually looks ok

>> No.30313951

oh....thats kind of lame. why robin?

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what the hell is it doing lads

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Gentlemen there are clear lessons that I have learned from this. I came to /biz/ years ago when LINK was sub penny. Over the course of a few months, I was continually surprised by how shilled LINK was. It had intense meme power. BAT has only recently grown some meme legs. I suspect that's a part of the problem, the Link marines were just better at PR than the BAT bros. Correct me if I'm wrong, I wasn't here when BAT and LINK were directly competing, at least I didn't register BAT as a competitor at the time.

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can someone link me to the tranny discord

>> No.30314247

The BAT signal

>> No.30314291

> ha ha if you don't like the generic, tired pics I post (that someone else made 5 years ago), then YOU'RE the loser! Everything on here must remain in the same gay time loop that it always has!

Now say 'cope', 'seethe', or something about 'leddit', because you're not human and don't possess a soul.

>> No.30314330

we will take off at .70, just need BTC to stabilize

>> No.30314539

Holy shit shut up you fucking tranny

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This is cringe

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Its crazy to think at any moment we could get a grayscale listing or the sku,self serve or publisher ad update. Whats also crazy is that the 1m+ content creators or some cnbc segment could push brave/BAT towards a viral cycle.

>> No.30316292

This is pretty accurate. I think theres more to the LINK memes than people realize though, that it wasnt all organic, but rather targeted and created for a purpose.

>> No.30316373

We need to start making more memes. I've considered faking me getting robbed IRL over a BAT meetup and trying to push the idea that I got robbed over BAT to the media and stuff, would be bullish as fuck

>> No.30316636

We definitely need a BAT mobile. Oh and fudders are just Jokers

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ill rob your BAT for free if you want innit

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How would one convince their company to use brave on office computers?

>> No.30317148

Emails upon emails
Get your IT department on board and convince as many senior management people you can that brave is faster and safer

>> No.30317151

no add
bandwith economy (huge for companies)
if adds then workers are gratified even more

>> No.30317182

you can't really.

you could go for the security or privacy angle and try buddy up with the IT guys at your work to convince the boss but i really doubt you could convince your boss to make his staff watch ads all day for a couple dollars

>> No.30317280

How likely is the sunday/Monday dip? Trying to get 2k more in

>> No.30317319

I think the theory behind BAT is excellent and well worth investing in. However, I really, really hate that it's tied to a specific browser. Is there any chance of BAT being expanded to more general advertising, or is its success always going to rely on the success of Brave?

>> No.30317333

If you do put them on company computers don't use rewards or they won't use it. Just get people to use the browser and let them come to understand the rewards functionality on their own time. The important thing is getting their foot in the door and out of google's clutches. Just tell them it's basically Chrome with no google, which is true and appealing enough on its own.

>> No.30317351

If it dips in BTC value by 20-30% in the coming week I will YOLO my entire BTC stack (0.2 BTC) and hodl for 10x gains

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Bravephone Q2 2022

>> No.30317410

this is the most pretensions post ive seen on here
unironically kys

>> No.30317516

>inb4 lurk more
why is the term "suicide stack"?
the idea that you'll commit suicide because if you had just bought more you will have made it?

>> No.30317552

nigga its flatlined at 68 cents what are u on haha

>> No.30317587

Its more so i dont have to deal with chrome.
It is bothersome.

>> No.30317606

i imagine thats what the search engine is for.

>> No.30317731

Oh well, I guess I can always buy in and then hope for the standard "use own platform for proof of concept, then sell technology to google" route. What seems more likely is that if the BAT model starts picking up steam, google will just make their own version and continue to dominate the advertising market.

>> No.30317782

And the exchange, where bats can function as the bnb coin.

>> No.30317818

Yes, the API isn't released yet, but the idea is that it can be used multiple places.

>> No.30317846

Yeah, its because you will have lasting guilt. The thing about suicide stacks is that a pets.com suicide stack is different than an amazon.com suicide stack. Other alts are basically pets.com while BAT is basically the amazon of crypto. Yeah people made money on pets.com but people are not really guilty about missing it. The people who had the opportunity to buy hundreds of thousands of early amazon shares probably want to rope at least 15 times a day. You could make money on a crypto that pumps and fails, but if you miss BAT and you hear about it 15 times a day in 5 years you will want to rope for not having a 10k stack.

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How much more do I need to make it?
Currently holding 1620 BAT

>> No.30318196

i know nothing, but i'm bullish on BAT

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>> No.30318427

suicide stacks start around 7k

>> No.30318543

>How much more do I need to make it?
As much as you can. Anything under $10 is an insane deal. How much Link would you have wanted under $1?

>> No.30318918

We really need the scientist to finish their suicide stack calculations, I have heard 2,500-10,000. Personally I would say 5k if waiting 4 years is a suicide stack.

>> No.30319190

how are you going to manage your suicide stack taxes? just not withdraw over 40k?

>> No.30319238

thanks for confirming
sitting on 10k at .58 i bought a day right before it pumped
i'm actually considering applying to work for Brave

>> No.30319443

We won't really know until we see movement based on actual implementation of the roadmap. If we pump 2x over a month, I think we see $30+, which would make me a millionaire.

>> No.30319968

10k is sui stack. Make it I think its 50k.

>> No.30320015

Let me put it this way. What if there was a field where if you planted a $.68 seed and if the conditions were correct you could come back to a $120 plant in a few years. If the conditions are not as favorable you might only get a $40 plant or if the conditions were extremely unfavorable you could potentially dig your seed back up for $.50. How many of those seeds would you plant? What if you knew that other people could discover your magical seeds and drive the price up. Your $.68 seed just became a $2 seed in two weeks. Manage what you can. Im not slowing down my seed buying anytime soon.

>> No.30320139

Maybe they should spend less time dicking around in mee mee coins and more time innovating the browser

>> No.30320168

I have held my 100k for years. I will pay whatever taxes are due when it comes time.

>> No.30320510

I think BAT potential market cap, at least based on ads, may be one of the easier ones to calculate since its tied to an existing business model. But still not trivial to do so.

For me the premise and opportunity of BAT is making the attention economy efficient.
Brave opt in ads and privacy respecting are good ideals and selling points, but they are separate from the premise.

I am not sure what the market cap of the attention economy is but ads in only a portion of that.

I think one of the challenges Brave and new cases of BAT will face is how to value attention differently for different demographics.

I imagine a world where kids can spend BAT on Robux.

>> No.30320782

I remember seeing a batbro saying he paid Polish girls to shill bat this weekend. Does that have anything to do with the r/girlsgonebat ?

>> No.30320794

I'm using BAT to buy land

>> No.30320839

Nah, girlsgonebat is literally just 2 women posting every few days to accumulate themselves

>> No.30320949

BAT will need a large ecosystem for you to do that
people need to use BAT for yours to be worth something

>> No.30321175

I mean you can cash out BAT
If you get midwits to think they can earn $20 an month just by browsing fucking twitter, you can create a speculative market of trading as long as they keep their gas fee's to a minimum

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Post your BATmobile

>> No.30321215

bat bros are we still going to make it? thinking of aborting mission once i break even, then might just buy once the cycle ends.

>> No.30321272

nah doubt it. that was thotbro.

>> No.30321307

>once i break even
Did you buy at >0.80 or something?

>> No.30321332

i'll pay for Uber with my crypto, Anon

>> No.30321375

Damn he really bought the top

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I see Brave's fair value market cap being at around 20 billion as of today.
This would put it at a similar valuation to:
>LG Electronics
>Seagate Tech
but it would still be slightly smaller than:
It would also have MORE value than:

>> No.30321468

the cycle isn't ending. Don't get fudded into thinking crypto going forward will be anything like the past.

>> No.30321513

Mcafee -$13 million

>> No.30321522

For me, it's the BRAVE BROWSER. The best internet browser. I even download the BRAVE BROWSER on my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop because the BRAVE BROWSER DEVELOPMENT TEAM is so user friendly and helps fill my crypto wallets with BAT (Basic Attention Token)

One time I asked for 3 ads to be served and they gave me three, WITH the BAT (Basic Attention Token). I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly BRAVE dev laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!". But the best part is with BAT, it's not even free for me!

Now the BRAVE BROWSER greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS blocks every ad, cookie, and tracker. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere with my BRAVE BROWSER, I use it at least 7 times a week for my daily browsing needs which include work, shitposting, school, and stalking my ex on facebook (without the trackers!).

What a great BRAVE BROWSER

>> No.30321592

Aggressive marketing, I like it

>> No.30321614

>unironically kys

Hey a tired chan cliche that was kinda funny like 5 years ago, sweet! Also, it's 'pretentious', you fucking retard.

>> No.30321647
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You talking about today's valuation or?

>> No.30321688

McAfee got busted scamming today for 13 million

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dude Roblox is a multimillion dollar game even my own kids are addicted to it i sent over $500 on it for them this could moon if bat allows kids to buy premium items in game with bat

>> No.30321776

dude I went to uni with made the most popular discord bot for Roblox authentication or something and he's living meagerly off of it.

>> No.30321868


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uh bros?
am i fucked?

>> No.30321907

go to armstube dot com and send it over to them

they fight the jew at every front great causes too

>> No.30321914

damn thats some nice gains, just hold it

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Been using this piece of shit for a week and not seen a single ad.
Yes I have it set up at 5 ads per hours max.
At this point I'm just using a more private chrome and I hate chrome.

>> No.30322022

I can't redeem it to a wallet though, I had another 200 before BAT mooned and sent them to devon stack but now I want my money

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You know the system is working when you're mad about not getting any ads.

>> No.30322058

Not sure about this site but you should tip earned bat. It helps grow the project, which leads to your stack getting bigger.

>> No.30322067


IMHO i happend to love reddit

>> No.30322143

i started last Wednesday on my pc and have gotten 36

>> No.30322165


>> No.30322191

Do you know how to add sites to monthly contributions? I cant seem to figure out how.

>> No.30322197

now imagine this effect in the masses.

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File: 3.54 MB, 249x311, 1613582897120.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean I literally do believe in this project, but I have not seen any ads, though Brave says I've seen 5 the last 7 days.

>> No.30322285

Visit CMC, newegg, amazon, breitbart etc to generate some "interests" for yourself in the ad engine

>> No.30322318

Is something wrong with the left doggo?

>> No.30322345

lab puppies can be full blown freakish retards

>> No.30322376

Check notifications settings
What stops google from releasing G token with less privacy protections and keeping their hold on the market? I cant believe they dont have something like that in the works.

>> No.30322482
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Click on the reward icon in the address bar while on the site and click set monthly contribution
Yeah, I browsed some amazon in the hopes it would help. Guess I'll force myself into some more normalfag shit

>> No.30322543
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I saw Brendan Eich at a grocery store in San Francisco yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying because the cashier didn't take "BAT"

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those with FIAT.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any google infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

>> No.30322578

They may one day but google really doesn’t have any good will with people anymore and now one trust them.

>> No.30322607


>> No.30322612

open a new tab more often

>> No.30322729
File: 43 KB, 128x128, bern mouth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the actual fuck>?

>> No.30322733

Not just the puppies.

>> No.30322822

kek, didn't notice

>> No.30322839
File: 66 KB, 518x526, bat pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

4th time answering this question in general, but Google is going in a completely different direction from Brave. They have infrastructure built in the complete opposite direction. Google ads are designed to take your personal info and sell it to third parties. It might as well be the company mantra. Trying to turn 180 degrees and making a GAT token would be a risk from the view of its investors, for good reason.
Sorry, Google. Say goodbye to some of that pie.

>> No.30322847

Do you have cross-site trackers disabled? Ive noticed that all ads disappeared when I turned that off

>> No.30322863

i appreciated this

exactly a use case like that would ingrain BAT into the minds of a generation
only issue is Brave doesn't allow ads to target kids right now and there are regulatory issues

I think we could also see something like web surveys that reward with BAT, limited by IP address

>> No.30322922

exactly, Brave is focusing on client side analytics and could possibly develop huge capabilities there while also surviving regulatory assault that big tech may come under in the next few years, or in the European markets

>> No.30323393
File: 327 KB, 834x870, 1613066181150.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do have cross-site cookies disabled. Which is the default setting.
Shouldn't matter if the ads are private, as promised. But it sounds like you are saying it should be on?

>> No.30323604

On my phone the "Block cross-site trackers" is disabled. I honestly couldnt remember if that was default or not because was messing with the settings and something changed, but thats what I have on now. Had that on and ads just went away

>> No.30323870
File: 1.85 MB, 250x188, ....gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I send ETH from my Uphold wallet to my Opensea.io wallet so I can pay the gas fee to upload an NFT?


>> No.30324723

>Link marines were just better at PR than the BAT bros. Correct me if I'm wrong, I wasn't here when BAT and LINK were directly competing, at least I didn't register BAT as a competitor at the time.
I'm high AF but I'll reply. I think BAT whales who got in at the ico for like 4c and kept selling at 40c were rinsing and repeating damaged BAt a lot. That coupled with literally 0 crypto updates for like a year made it worse. I also bought around 800 LINK at 50c but BAT was my biggest bag

>> No.30324734

Have you tried the new Uphold wallet? Click the Try Now button at the top of the page.

>> No.30324843


>> No.30324845

Alright BATbros...just picked up a 10k stack...pls no rugpull

>> No.30324851
File: 809 KB, 4500x3000, 497F82E8-FA1B-448F-8289-D251B5BEB921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jeezus fucking Christ!!! You guys are still going hard. This coin is about to blow the fuck up.

>> No.30325149
File: 84 KB, 1033x670, n-word.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buying into the Saturday/Sunday dump


>> No.30325343

you'll have an estimated date on when they'll pay you with BAT, dont worry about so much the ads and just keep it at 5

>> No.30325575
File: 123 KB, 1920x1080, incumceevabull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looks at funny lines on chart

>> No.30325629
File: 25 KB, 587x750, fml.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay I figured it out but now I'm seeing this
metamask just confirmed the transaction but it's just stuck like this in a loop. I'm screwed aren't I?

>> No.30325704

Nevermind it says right there it takes a while. I'll (probably) be fine.

>> No.30327489

where is the best place to buy this chuck e cheese shit

>> No.30327744

Crypto.com waives it's fees for credit and debit card purchases for the first 30 days. It does have KYC registration, but if you register now you'll be verified to buy the end of the dip on Monday morning

>> No.30327825

If this dip is so known why don't people swing it?

>> No.30327886

Hey BATheads,

how can I lend or make money off my BAT?

>> No.30327949

It’s because you have an iPhone. Remember who we’re up against

>> No.30328022
File: 20 KB, 800x600, OptimalBAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone check my math, I know shit-all about economics (being a neuroscientist by trade). From the whitepaper I'm calculating the optimal number of BAT held by a speculator (z_BAT) as:
z_BAT = ($_BAT[future] - R * $_BAT[now]) / (gamma * sigma^2 * $_BAT[future]), where
$_BAT[future]: expected future price ($40)
R: risk free exchange operator (1.0 for convenience)
$_BAT[now]: current price ($0.697 yesterday)
gamma: risk aversion term (>0 - 2). 1 is risk-neutral, most people are 2, but /biz/ is easily <1, being very risk seeking
sigma^2: BAT price volatility/standard-deviation ($0.079 current 15-day volatility)

When I allow gamma to vary, it gives the following graph for the optimal number of BAT.

>> No.30328259

People do, and the momentum is still there, so the floor doesn't fall through

>> No.30328359

Nice im not going to risk it. I have a feeling about this weekend. A good feeling.

>> No.30328454

Expect a high Saturday dinner time

>> No.30329667

thanks for that formula breakdown
what is optimal number of BAT?

>> No.30329804

it's a function of your risk appetite

>> No.30329972

What does optimal mean in this case?

Who cares about making it, faggot? Acting like you aren't just a monkey on the other end

>> No.30330637

>Who cares about making it, faggot? Acting like you aren't just a monkey on the other end
you're on biz, asking people what to buy and how much, and you can't even understand this chart
i think you are actually desperate to make it and for good reason

>What does optimal mean in this case?
His chart is not actionable at all.
Even given all the built in assumptions around expected price and using recent volatility, the only thing it's saying the more risk you are willing to take, the more BAT you should buy.
No shit.
At best he is saying, if you are on /biz/ you should buy more than 12 BAT or about $8 worth.

>> No.30331092

I wasn't saying anything, other than that I was going through the whitepaper formulas and wanted to check if I was correct before putting in actual work making projections on future volatility, as 12 seems off. It's more for shits and fun than to give anyone something super useful.

>> No.30331661

>Not using SPSS to calculate correlation coefficient of Crypto trading and various data


>> No.30331817

Bros...I have a good feeling about it.

>> No.30331880
File: 44 KB, 739x317, batmobile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys this is cringe as fuck but BAT needs more memes so I opened photoshop. Let's get the memes going frens!

We definitely needed a bat mobile lol.

>> No.30331911

SPSS is absolute trash, R is way better.

>> No.30331916

now attach wagecucks as slaves pulling the BATmobile since, well, the tire shape

>> No.30332017

I'm not asking anyone what to buy. I certainly put zero trust in your interpretation of the optimal.

I'm sure your idea of "making it" and mine are world's apart. You're a future pile of dirt telling another future dirter they won't make it because they questioned a fake chart.

Money isn't everything lad.

>> No.30332099

i dunno its the only one i learnt wayy back in uni. havent used in years. pirated it somewhere back in the day

>> No.30332118

good idea

>> No.30332160

I still use R for a fair bit of my job, automated some things in it, so I can get paid while browsing /biz/

>> No.30332328

well, do some calculations for us

>> No.30332429
File: 541 KB, 1280x720, bategg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one is fresh off the press.

>> No.30332460

ive come across mantradao, not sure its 100% pearl but ppl r dropping a new feature monthly, worth checking

>> No.30332634 [DELETED] 
File: 969 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210223-202400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This but eich's face

>> No.30332693

Is 1k brave coins enough to be comfy?

>> No.30333129

Depends how long you want to hold for and what you want out of it.

>> No.30333312


>> No.30334723
File: 47 KB, 960x952, od0q0f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


what does suicide stack mean?

>> No.30335070

You won't rope yourself for not buying more, when it lifts off.

>> No.30335099

It means when BAT finally hits $66.6 we will cash out then commit suicide, offering our souls to the might Lion to power the browser

>> No.30335702

You can put it on binance savings, the returns are shit though but better than just hodling

>> No.30335791
File: 150 KB, 1600x990, 1608421241856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


thought so, thanks for confirming, fren

>> No.30335952
File: 45 KB, 778x512, 1593358336277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you guys think it's a good idea to pay for VPN (NordVPN, etc., etc.) so I can farm more ads?

i'm getting about 1.5 BAT per month atm, but i do admit that i don't browse that much.
With the price of BAT increasing it seems like it should pay for itself.

>> No.30336088

What if I get all my family members to use brave? Will it ultiply my gains or will the same isp thing lcap the gains?

>> No.30336222

You make literally less than 3 cents per hour using Brave. What a scam coin.

>> No.30336255


>> No.30336457

Imagine being against the only company with a chance of killing google.

>> No.30336504

Be Brave. Be Based. Based on what? Based on Brave.

>> No.30336692
File: 43 KB, 1153x720, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What to make out of this chart bat bros ?

>> No.30336710

My dad uses Bing rewards religiously. He earns a $10 amazon gift card every couple months. If Brave can't compete they are donezo.

>> No.30336744


>> No.30336849
File: 1.45 MB, 1200x800, 1614570022594.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$1 billion EOY

>> No.30336896

>price dipping
>bought another stack

My average price is now equivalent to the ATH... Bring on some news

>> No.30337126
File: 21 KB, 545x380, this must be a joke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made 100 USD in BAT in less than a year. Seems like BAT's already beating Bing rewards lol. And it has a browser. And it can replace Bing because it'll have its own search engine.
So comfy.

>> No.30337213

Before they changed prices it was easy to pay for xbox live gold and then some just using bing for searches.

>> No.30337383

Now they pay nothing and there is no reason to use their browser over Firefox with adblock/ublock

>> No.30337476

Love the shills that pump this garbage token. Hopefully the devs rugpull soon.

>> No.30337521

this is incorrect

also this thread sucks as predicted. get fucked BAT bros, everything is up in my portfolio except this

>> No.30337604

I read all the hype here. I tried Brave. It's dogshit that pays literally cents per hour to browse. imagine being so poor you need them to pay cents. Bing rewards shits on Brave.

>> No.30337688

you could always just invest your money instead of sticking it in cryptocurrencies

>> No.30337863



Buy more.
March 7th
2.30 am GMT

All in.
March 9th
9.30 am GMT

>> No.30337873
File: 82 KB, 871x525, 2021-03-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30337944

hahahahahahhahhaha holy fuck thats fucked

>> No.30338113

See >>30337126
Your Bing rewards do not grow, they inflate.
>everything is up in my portfolio except this
Yes, it should be. BAT is undervalued still. Check out Roadmap 2.0
Not very likely, but it would be interesting to see.
It's literally Chrome but faster--it's also based off of chromium, just like Chrome was. I have had some site compatibility issues, though, sadly. i.e.: Lition staking website and kleros websites are unusable on Brave. As well as 1inch exchange wallet connecting.
Thing is, I'm pretty confident Brave team will fix this because they're pretty attentive and address user issues historically quickly.

>> No.30338856

I got some BAT news for you

>> No.30339408

what issue do you have with the kleros website? I got my kleros off it back in the ico on brave and had no issues with it.

tell me pls

>> No.30340368

What does it means ?

>> No.30340547

I have no clue, but the FCAS score is all I need to know. 816 is like having a 750 credit score, which is considered very good

>> No.30340647


>For users, Brave is still going to collect data about you. As Brave puts it, “When you join Brave Rewards, your browser will automatically start tallying … the attention you spend on sites you visit.” Brave will then feed this data to their “ad matching” algorithm to target you with ads. Oh, sorry—in Brave’s ad marketplace, “users become partners instead of targets”, so I guess they’ll “partner” you with ads. Feel better?

>By the way, Brave says its “ads ... do not collect information about you”. But obviously, Brave itself still does—they explicitly say so—because it’s essential to their “ad matching” algorithm. Advertisers, in turn, buy access to this algorithmic targeting. Thus, advertisers may not have the data, but they get the benefits of the data.

>This shell game around privacy is a recurring theme. For example, Brave boasts that the ad matching “happens directly on your device” and that they don’t upload your personal data to the cloud. Well, right—they don’t need to, because you’ve already done them the huge favor of installing their browser, thereby making it easy to feed at the trough of your personal data. Moreover, this “local storage” wrinkle doesn’t take Brave out of the business of collecting, storing, and profiting from personal data (which is, in fact, their entire pitch to advertisers). Just the uploading of it. If targeted web advertising is a shit sandwich, then Brave is merely cutting off the crusts.

Don't fall for this scam

>> No.30341075

Retard fud, the ads are matched on your device to a catalog of ads. Your info/viewing never gets sent to brave.

>> No.30341178

I read the entire article, and it's just a steaming pile of opinions with no real facts behind it.

Reads like a buzzfeed opinion piece

>> No.30341254

Brave isn’t advertised as a total lock down security browser retard. It’s just a regular browser with a bit more security and features. Use Tor if you want to buy CP on the dark web so badly freak.

>> No.30341320


>m-muh privacy

>> No.30341447
File: 31 KB, 601x508, 1AD8C7E9-D9FE-489A-9298-6AB870FF8094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30341576

if youre using windows, turn notifications on.

>> No.30341627
File: 137 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who the fuck are you lmao, what kind of person even looks at obscure websites, you're a weird fuck with shit FUD, go get some exercise you obese mother fucker

>> No.30341662

Firefox and Brave are at the same level, which isn't to not be expected as they are both made by mozilla. BAT still isn't that bad of an investment though.

>> No.30341702

We're on 4chan, if this place isn't weird enough for you, then no place will be.

>> No.30341866

Thing is Brave is intended to have mass appeal, not fill a niche for hyper autists afraid of spooks spying on them. This is good too so it has much more room to grow. Can even bring normies into crypto once they implement the native DEX/wallet which would raise the market cap across the board. So even Brave fudding spergs should want it to grow. Win/win

>> No.30341989

I agree, Brave is doing very well. If only you could buy stock in Brave, eh? Instead you can buy its token that has had far less adoption and its price doesn't even necessarily correlate with anything Brave does :D.

>> No.30342004

yosh. time to gamble 6 months of wagie work

>> No.30342114

just got my first ebay ad, how long until every big company gets a dip in brave?

>> No.30342191

i made 2.5 BAT in a month clicking ads. feels good. liked brave for a long time but attention as a commodity doesnt sit well with me. but also i love bat bros

>> No.30342268

Pretty good time to stack up, IMO. Anything under .65 is free money. I just wonder how far BTC will go down this weekend. I'm also trying to buy UNI at the lowest I can get it

>> No.30342330

Right now im chilling with my 145 BATS. Holding to the moon.

>> No.30342543

>46 tabs open
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.30342657

>Not using TAILS when being a schizo
The state of trannies.

>> No.30342720

Coingecko is a much better platform than normie cmm. Use dark mode on coingeko for ultimate no eye strains

>> No.30342735

I preffer Batoshi

>> No.30342769

There's hyperinflation coming our way BAT can't wait that much.

>> No.30342771

Any site issues turn the shields off. I don't like to but it fixes broken sites. If sites break from brave you probably shouldn't be on them anyway.

>> No.30342820

Deadass, hasn't the value of the U.S. Dollar gone down 50% over the past 10 years or something. When this does happen, most cryptocurrencies will skyrocket.

>> No.30342983
File: 187 KB, 996x671, US10yrBONDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's already here....

>> No.30343019
File: 40 KB, 600x600, 9F81D405-750A-4CFD-ABA0-27DB6E81E924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe that the dip is finally over now. This means that we should see a dollar soon.

>> No.30343118

I need it to dip til tuesday tho.

>> No.30343173

Need it to drop below .60 for me to throw another 5k at it.

>> No.30343192

That's not BAT you fucking retard.

>> No.30343200

>This means that we should see a dollar soon
We don't want this to happen.

>> No.30343252

>feature creep is a good thing!

>> No.30343267

Dont you faggots want it to go up?

>> No.30343360

not going to happen

>> No.30343530

Once crypto market collapses you can be sure Brave/BAT will be one of the winners just like Amazon and Google were when dot com bubble popped. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook are all closely watching Brave and wondering if it can succeed in what it set out to achieve.

There is a lot of money to make in digital advertising, every big company knows that. Brave/BAT will win once we start seeing all tech giants trying to either copy their business model or simply buy them. That's when it gets interesting and the real battle starts. To stand up to them, Brave's value as a company has to rise exponentially this year and the best way to do that is via BAT.

$100 is my end of the year prediction before the whole market gets nuked to oblivion.

>> No.30343531

Can i get bat throug binance? Pls i want to make it

>> No.30343617

No faggot we want to buy cheapies until Brave has a respectable market share of web browsers because then it will go exponentially.

>> No.30343721

you can get BAT through Binance with USD, BNB, ETH and BTC I think

>> No.30343811

Don't give unrealistic advice. 100 eoy is not going to happen. The DEX/Wallet won't even be out EOY.

>> No.30343966

its annoying. probably redditors who stayed after gme and cant use their fucking head

>> No.30344289

Reminder if you talk about BAT /biz/ gets your IP address and ruins your life. If you talk about it too much sergey is going to die :) keep going, I want a reason

We don't talk about BAT
We don't talk about BAT
We don't talk about BAT

The Saturday thread is going to be just as cringe, you discord trannies can't coordinate hard enough

>> No.30344539

Have you read the posts in this thread?
You get this creeping feeling from the tone of worthless input and shitposts
Similar to how Q retards stuck out on /pol/
Is this just discord groups or an influx from reddit? Or was it always this bad and Im just noticing it now?

>> No.30344620

You seem upset you are being priced out.

>> No.30344739 [DELETED] 

>5 posts this ID
This same low IQ faggot tried to say before that BAT only has intrest because of GME weeks ago. How can you be such a fuck retard and not kys
>2.0 Road Map released
>Brave acquires privacy browser a day ago
Seriously kys you fat faggot tyranny, no one's buying it.

>> No.30344812

Never got my BAT yesterday and now my rewards pay day is for next month. Fuck this browser fuck this coin fuck trannies fuck jannies fuck niggers

>> No.30344826

>5 posts this ID
This same low IQ faggot tried to say before that BAT only has intrest because of GME weeks ago. How can you be such a fuck retard and not kys
>2.0 Road Map released
>Brave acquires privacy browser a day ago
Seriously kys you fat faggot tranny, no one's buying it.

>> No.30344946

Exactly like this. This weird condescending smugness that isnt relevant to what they are replying to. Really comes off that they think they are clever subversive actors.
Own 5k, might get more. Been using Brave since 2017.

>> No.30345137

So i shouldnt buy what the heck mate

>> No.30345151

I own 50k bat dummy

>> No.30345233

Also I didn’t say it “only has interest” because of gme brainlet. If you had better reading comprehension you wouldn’t write like an illiterate

>> No.30345359
File: 8 KB, 263x115, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in a month?

>> No.30345398

No one is buying the FUD he's selling.
>50k BAT stack
>DCA .34c

Theses faggots saying GME 2 weeks ago is the only reason people are into BAT are huge retarted fucks who deserve no deceny.

>> No.30345432

You are legitimately retarted

>> No.30345492

Bullshit, for 2 days low iq redditors with thin skin like you and the other fag who cried at me have been pushing this GME is the reason why bullshit. You know exactly what I mean and you are trying to save face on an anonymous message board. Enough said. Kys

>> No.30345661

i still havent gotten the tranny discord link, wtf

>> No.30345734

As long as it's the 2 week ago GME faggots and not the 1 month ago GME faggots WAGMI

>> No.30345919

Unironically will never be a woman.

>> No.30346228


>google is the default
just like almost every other browser literally just change it in the settings lmao its not hard

>> No.30346657
File: 9 KB, 682x79, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this shits pretty outdated, even the telemetry portion is disabled.

if their biggest gripe is that it autoupdates then i dont know what to tell you sweaty neckbeards

>> No.30347156

you're lucky im not a mod or i'd get ur IP address, social engineer your address and rock up and smash your dads head in because ur clearly a minor and i dont hit kids

>> No.30347186

You're so fucking underage please get off of this site and go back to r/cryptocurrency, thank you.

>> No.30347529
File: 63 KB, 1080x475, IMG_20210306_154147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I installed Brave a week ago. I'm definitely a convert.

>> No.30347586

what is it about BAT that attracts schizo haters? every BAT thread always has at least one full blown schizophrenic posting weird FUD, it’s uncanny

>> No.30347697

What's the best method to grievously abuse this system for BAT? How many ads can I force my browser to chug down on a VM per day?

>> No.30347791

your outgoing IP is tied to how many ads youre credited for despite how many ads you see.
you can F5 your home page to see ads every 4-5 page loads but they will only count the maximum 5 an hour.

>> No.30347803

buy the dip

>> No.30347891

I try to tell people to have moderate expectations and get called a tranny shill. 20% of my crypto is BAT.

>> No.30347902

Sounds even easier. Run an auto-refresh app on the home page to get the 5 ads, leave it on 24x7? Could set up a virtual environment and have a few VMs with separate IPs doing this?

>> No.30347962

Open lots of new tabs every hour, gets your max rate

>> No.30347981

id suspect theres some kind of bot check mechanism that would catch simple refreshes, but feel free to experiment

>> No.30348024

Thanks for the advice.

I'll give it a whirl, put together some automation to have it watch a youtube video or something simplistic before opening a new tab. Will post my findings in a future thread then.

>> No.30348094

you dont even need to do that, just hit f5. opening new tabs doesnt work by itself, they actually need to load - which they dont until they are in an active window.

>> No.30348212

I'm on mobile. Literally takes seconds to open a plethora of tabs. Just swipe the useless ones and click the ad ones, works like a charm.

>> No.30348271

that might be better for mobile, but on a desktop its easier to hit one button for the same effect

>> No.30348340

I'll definitely give it a go when I get round to installing on my laptop and other devices.

>> No.30348762

unless you're legit dogshit poor then farming BAT on a large scale with bots is only hurting yourself if you're holding BAT, less clicks through to advertisers resulting in less advertisement.

>> No.30349117


>> No.30349147

I’m still not entirely convinced the “I farm BAT” LARPers are being truthful. Brave has fraud detection, and on top of that you’d need several KYC accounts on Uphold to even withdraw the BAT.

So unless you have several fraudulent SSN’s laying around, you’re not getting more than 5 BAT/hr from your “BAT farm”. Does uphold even let pajeets or third worlders have accounts?

>> No.30349261

thats just it, its not even worth the effort to try to farm this thing. its a real working product and if you think its a good investment then just buy some. getting bats through browser use is like the most passive of incomes

>> No.30349357

lads what happens when all the BAT is taken up? we're only 1 mil away from all being in circulation. Isn't that bad for BAT as a currency since no more can be gained??