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we we're supposed to moon ... I dont have enough money to buy a rope now

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I am financially unsafu

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I swapped this dog shit coin for coti 2 days ago and haven’t looked back since

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funds were supposed to be safu, I hate cz

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you now have digital coof

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damn look at my dubs, moon incoming ?????

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dont care not selling til $500 minimum.

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>bought ATH
>it's everyone else's fault

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Did you buy this shit at 330$? You're retarded if you bought over 150$.

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It's at 225, even if you bought at ath how the fuck are you financially ruined? That's a drop, but not a ngmi drop. Don't tell me you were dumb enough to sell anon. For the love of God I hope you're at least taking advantage of the Wild BSC West

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