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Why is it not going up

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Cuz you got scammed

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Because limit orders are not going to get the Normies riled up. Just realize that the team is proving again they are adhering to their road map.

>inb4 the 24 hour delay
Stfu nobody cares dilate

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New thread explaining why:


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Also make sure to check out unidexbeta.app

1/10 the market cap of rubic, x10 the development

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lol i looked at the site and kek'd
their spelling is worse than a 4 year old, and their UI is worse than rubic, which really says something

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They faked the limit order releases. Here's the first dex with limit orders which only a few people on /biz/ knew about:

enjoy getting in late because you were tied up in a panjeet slav scam.

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Horrid ui even worse than Rubic

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I already tested the limit order pair faggot. Fuck off with your rugpull. It already dropped hard and that graph is not even a bullish drop. The site has pajeet English. Also wtf does this even mean? Guess LUA failed?

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my response exactly kek

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>the limit order pair
It's literally the same order book they've had for 2 months, still doesn't work either.

unidexbeta.app has limit orders on any erc20 pair, leverage trading, support for 10 different wallets, and is working on a real binance multichain integration.

1/10 the market cap of rubic, currently a dollar per token. Best part? 22% of all fees go back to token holders.

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Answer the following questions:
1. Where is the liquidity coming from?
2. How did my RBC/ETH pair order work perfectly but apparently it doesn't work?
3. How is the weather in Mumbai?

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top kek
the liquidity question should honestly be the biggest one

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Id imagine the limit orders work great when you're trading eth for rbc coming straight from the team wallet at a limit sell price determined by them. I'm tempted to set a $100 bounty on anyone with an etherscan transaction showing they sold rbc for eth at a limit price set by user.

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>100k volume
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! commit kys bro

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Would also be interested in this, if someone can link a successful limit order transaction I'll send 0.1 ETH to whatever address you like.

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LUA is Rubic killler. It is much superior to shitty fake DEX Rubic that is made by very bad man named Ranjeesh (from the Chhattisgarh region). Lua has dipped and has volume under 10k, but no need to worry. It will be on moon mission soon! Fuck RUBIC it is scam, LUA is real deal!

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Moving my left nutsack for 0.1... ZERO DOT ONE Eth...
>absolute state of biz

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>copying a link for $150
Please don't pretend you wouldn't suck my dick for 0.1 ETH. Looks like people are starting to realize rubic is a scam, sorry about the heavy bags.

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if rubic is a scam they're a pretty good one. As far as I know no one has actually used the limit orders yet, but when they do, you'll hear about it. I already asked around.

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You're giving me a lot of work today, saving all the posts from your retarded cocksucking faggots so that I can add them to the 2022 Rubic Regret Collage. Jfc you losers are such retarded faggots.

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sorry about the heavy bags sirs. Rubic price barely move, but limit order obviously already go through.

I genuinely feel bad for you Ranjeesh. One day you will be able to get enough medicine for the village.

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Becoming very obvious the limit order "feature" isn't real.
0.5 ETH for a single link to a filled limit order transaction, just one.

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>0.5 eth "fee"
Holy shit, this is actually a fucking scam.

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Rubic is not a project you should be investing in long term. Reasons:

1. Market cap: $33M !!! For a swap exchange that has a really shitty UX and product, cannot be even compared with 1inch (used by Rubic primarily and has stellar product with $500m market cap and 8b monthly volume). With 99m circulating supply, reaching $10 is not possible in a gazillion years looking at this shitty product.

2. Usecase: Who the fuck wants to swap on Binance chain outside of Binance!? Also why the fuck would I use Rubic when I can easily get the best prices on 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap?!

3. Contant shilling: Pajeets scamming this board with stolen link memes just waiting for you poorfags to pump the price so that they can dump on you!

4. Inexperienced tech: Their dev team/tech is really inexperienced compared with dev teams of the defi world. Check the dev teams at Sushi, Aave, 1inch, YFI, CRV, Uni, SNX. These guys dont even stand a chance.

Worst part: The website was down for almost 2 hours which has happened 3-4 times so far (server load is a shitty excuse)! Imagine website going down during a swap.

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.15, you are literally retarded.

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Sorry Jagadish, we can not feed your stream toilet

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I'm saying I will send 0.5 ETH to anyone who can provide a link to a filled rubic limit order transaction, I know the "fee" is 0.15, I'm saying that the feature doesn't exist, if it does surely someone can provide just ONE filled limit order.

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I just bought another 32 ETH worth of RBC this morning through rubic.exchange. Stay poor and seething, faggot.

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limit orders is a massive nothingburger
i dont know why people were hyping it up

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Surely a high roller like you could afford to test limit sell 1 rbc for 0.0002 eth for a $500 reward. You've got a lot on the live in this product. You should have no problem showing the world how functional it is.

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Make it $2000 and I'll consider showing you a transaction

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Nope. Your investment is fake and gay. You're probably a dev considering this project is exclusively pumped by 4chan hype.
Prove this shit ass scam can limit sell rubic, or everyone here will see that an actual whale has no faith in this trash and is just waiting to dump.

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Seriously, your shitty exchange releases (after a week delay) one of it's big features and not a single person here can prove it works?
The transaction doesn't even need to be your own, just link ONE limit order that was automatically filled and post the address you want the ETH sent to.
If you've got 70k riding on this it is REALLY in your best interest to know if new features work or if the team would blatantly lie about a feature being released.

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I can literally feel the seethe and your teeth clanking, oh ranjeesh it's going to be a rough year for you. At least get a suicide stack, sell a cow if you need to.

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Kys newfag. Rubic is for link OGS. Put up the $2000 or get the fuck outta here.

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Coordinated dump by 5 of the top 10 holders. Sell while you can. You're lucky that I'm in their telegram to warn you about it.

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The bounty is now 1 ETH because I now I'm 100% certain that the limit orders aren't real.
I have to admit it's incredibly ballsy of them to go ahead with it and just rely on the fact no-one uses their exchange to actually test the alleged features.

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Nope, whether you're MassEffect, Comma or some other piece of shit, you can go fuck yourself. I wouldn't waste a single fucking penny on one of you dumb faggots.

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Eventually one of the devs is just gonna force a fake limit sell to scalp the reward bro. These guys are clowns.

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Stop samefagging you retarded newfag

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Why would I use it when I can hold it and become a millionaire in a couple years?

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Quick reminder that not a single person has posted a limit order transaction. If you can do this, I will stop fudding & send you 1 ETH. I'm not trying to shill any other coin, just sad to see newfags actually fall for a scam this obvious

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1. Market cap: $39M Rubic is a multi-chain one stop shop DeFi startup. Big things have small beginnings. Comparing Rubic to the already established 1inch and Uniswap from the get go is completely retarded They are an upcoming competitor that will take market share away. In addition, Rubic will offer services and provide features that both of them don’t You are just a crypto newfag, You wouldn’t get it
With just 99m circulating supply, upside potential is tremendous. Far better tokenomics

2. Usecase: You can easily get the same or in many cases better prices than 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap. When new features are added. You will be able to trade with the lowest fees around

3. Contant shilling: Jelly of all the fresh content and Rubic Meme Magic. Learned from the best, Link Marines showed us the way. In fact plenty of OG Link Marines contribute to it. Link holders are some of the biggest holders of Rubic according to wallet analysis

4. Experienced tech:Their Russian dev team is experienced. Rubic's team has been present in the crypto sphere since 2017. Their first product platform is MyWish - the leading platform for Smart contracts builders for blockchains. It has delivered several successful projects and has worked with big players such as Binance, Tron, NEO, and others. Rubic's platform was launched in September 2020.

5. Your best point overall was that the Rubic UI/UX is suboptimal and needs improvement. The team has listened to the community and acknowledged it. Vlad and the Rubic team have pledged to do a complete overhaul soon. They just hired a new developer to help with it. They also hiring two more devs as we speak.

Worst part
You are a complete liar and fud faggot
Website was down once a month ago because of DDOS attack for 2 hours. No information was compromised. Also, there was a 45 minute maintenance period yesterday. That's it, similar problems have impacted 1inch and Uniswap in their early beginnings.

Rubic Total Victory

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will you actually tho

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stop shitting up that board with your shit

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This is you. The desperation fud for Rubic has hitherto been bad, but this takes the fucking cake. jfc, the price isn't going lower. Either buy a bag or shut the fuck up already you faggot

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because it was just a coordinated shill you bought into, unlike DEXG which hasnt even launched off yet and mainnet coming soon

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bro are u a retard

>> No.30308731

The "fud" I'm posting is completely disprovable, it's not some fake screenshot or trying to shill a rugpull.
If the limit order feature that was "released" today actually exists, you can prove it extremely easily by linking a transaction that was automatically filled. There is no desperation or angle, I genuinely want you to prove me wrong but given that the bounty is ~$1.5k and not a single link has appeared so far, I don't think you will.


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Stop same-fagging you goddamn piece of shit. We didn't want MCDC, LUA, MOON, and we don't want DEXG. Fuck off with your pump and dump bullshit you motherfucking faggot.

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If I did, you would say "hOw Do i KnOw YoU uSeD tHe LiMiT oRdErS??!?!?" I'm not wasting the ETH you scamming faggot.

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If you link the etherscan it'll be obvious if it did

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I own RUBIC and ASKO great potential with both for huge gains

>> No.30308987

No, it wouldn't. It wouldn't show any different than a normal transaction pulled from Uniswap's liquidity pool. That's kind of the point you fucking disingenuous piece of shit.

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Addy: 0xFdf9D72d2F554495797dd83111E0C241E4Be7D0D

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That's not been filled retard. You've placed a "limit order" that will NEVER fill because the feature is fucking fake. It can be manually filled by a counterparty but that's it.

Please learn how smart contracts work

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while you are going to be snickering because you "trolled" someone into wasting a transaction fee we will be laughing to the bank. I assume you hold rubic too and are just fudding your own hold, i can't imagine someone being this dedicated to being a faggot without a vested interest in the project lol. Every thread bro... every single thread.

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Sorry anon, was making coffee.

Part 1: https://rubic.exchange/trades/public-v3/9114dw
Part 2: https://rubic.exchange/trades/public-v3/dgyp0t

Addy: 0xfdf9d72d2f554495797dd83111e0c241e4be7d0d

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Thank you my good friend
Don't let the secret out again
Us Pajeets put out a fake limit order feature today. It does not work. In fact, we take money from order creator and stick it in our pocket. Pajeets are have limitless supply of ways to scam and pull rugs.
Rugpull is soon
Don't let them know

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Fund the madman

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Some finally did it >>30309135
And you're moving the goalposts you fucking faggot. jfc I'd love to hunt you down

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shut up faggot lurk more, im still up 10x have fun buying my bags

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Pay the man you fud faggot >>30309521

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This is genuinely painful because you're probably stupid enough to think I am moving the goalposts. This is not a filled limit order, this was executed against the order book when a counterparty made the opposite trade, that is completely standard in DEX's and has been forever.

Don't argue with me though, argue with the Rubic FAQ
"The conditions for a limit order to be automatically filled are:
The trade rate from the order book is the same as the market rate, including gas fee + platform reward (that is now 0.15 ETH, this will change over time)."
as a condition to execute a limit order, it is LITERALLY impossible for any trade with a value less than 0.15 ETH to ever meet this condition.
I hate goalpost moving faggots as well but I sincerely hope you can see that this was not a filled limit order.
Offer still stands.

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If you weren't such a disingenuous piece of shit, you would say that the fee is 0.015 ETH, which it is, not 0.15 ETH. Getting my skip trace ready, either cut it out or you're going to regret it.

>> No.30310321

Holy fuck, it's legitimately worrying you don't understand the project you've bought into.
The fee to interact with the smart contract is 0.015 ETH yes, however the platform reward for limit orders is 0.15 ETH, they literally say this in the FAQ. That's why any limit order with a value of 0.15 ETH can never execute (higher in reality because of gas fees)

>> No.30310365

Holy fuck you're a loser, dude. This is how you spend your time?

You don't like this project? Cool story, move on with your pathetic, hollow life.

Where do you people come from??

>> No.30310422

so you needed to shitpost about your bounty to just disprove the limit order when you could've shitposted this from the get go? this is why I didn't even bother kek

>> No.30310494

Post a single filled limit order. I don't like or dislike the project, I'm impressed at the balls on the dev team to just say a feature is live when it doesn't actually exist and to rely on people not even testing it. I care about /biz/ being informed as well and that's why I've stuck to facts rather than saying it's a rugpull or something.

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You missed a part from the same FAQ:

>"Also the order can be completed if other users accept a trade parameters and participate in the trade."

The above trade was 0.0001 ETH for 1 rubic, which is less than half the price for a single rubic.

Pay the man.

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I'm not here to prove anything to ranting, shutin loser. I don't care what you think about anything, I just wonder how many things have to go wrong in a life to create people like you.

Rest assured your barely coherent rants against some random crypto coin aren't going to sway anybody, you poor man.

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>prove to me it exists
>but it doesn't exist
>I'll pay you
Get ready for a knock on your door later tonight, faggot.

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>This frontend is structured to be servely changed with your feedback! Let us know what whats for you as traders on our discord and Telegram.
>you will surely get the karkland

>> No.30310811

Is it too late to buy into this? I'm poor

>> No.30310814

The 1 ETH bounty is mostly just people reading can see that there is a strong incentive for rubic shills to demonstrate the feature exists and works, rather than just saying they can't be bothered. I know it doesn't exist, that's why I'm happy to put up 1 ETH, but I'm prepared to pay out if I'm wrong.

>> No.30310860

You can see the closing dates and times in both sides of anon's trade links. Those do not appear for trades that were manually filled in the order book.

Pay. The. Man.

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your structured is frontend to be changed severely feedback with your.

>> No.30310988

Yea, they were automatically filled from the order book. Still not a limit order, again, the platform fees mean any amount less than 0.15 ETH can never be filled by a limit order

>> No.30311159

You type like one, ask yourself the same question.

>> No.30311593

no we're early

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Just pay the man you seething dog

>> No.30311635

Negative, you are extremely early

>> No.30311685

>Willing to pay 1 ETH
>Won't test it himself
>Claims it won't work
JFC you're goddamn retarded, I've initiated my skip trace protocol. Enjoy the SWAT team, asshole

>> No.30311774

I gotta head out but I'll be back later tonight.
Why don't you spell out the exact steps I'll need to follow to sate your appetite?
I don't like seeing people ridicule dev teams online, so if you're truly as open minded as you say you are, I'd love to change it.

>> No.30311820

>Has looked at the smart contracts and knows it won't work
>puts up 1 ETH bounty to make the rubic try it and retards realize it's fake
sorry for trying to help you dude

>> No.30311832

>Cuz you got scammed

>> No.30311927


>> No.30311973

>>Cuz you got scammed

>> No.30312177

Sure thing. Place an order with the rubic exchange platform that is executed by the platform automatically against uniswaps liquidity when the price conditions are met, this is what they claim it does.

"Step 6: Wait for order closing. Please note that your order can be filled by other users or automatically by Rubic if Uniswap’s rate of the pair matches it (including gas fees)."

The automatically part is the "oh my god true limit orders" that people have been shilling here for weeks. The exact steps are laid out on the FAQ.

>> No.30312370

I'll make a thread when it get fulfilled in the next few days. See you later anon.

>> No.30312382

10x the development, but they can't proofread their website lmaoooooo

>> No.30312483 [DELETED] 

>the liquidity question should honestly be the biggest one

we'll be paid for staking liquidity

>> No.30312509

pay the man lmao, he did exactly what you told him to do

>> No.30312558

No joke, I'll make sure I read every rubic general for the forseeable. If it gets filled automatically post your address and proof and i'll send the eth.

>> No.30314334

ill be watching my man

>> No.30314850

Lua in the poo moonswap niggers never leave rubic alone. I like how your new scamcoin has a chart copy pasted from webull desktop app lol real smooth

>> No.30314997

>19 posts by this id

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Norbic? Is that you?

>> No.30315741

Poor LUA fags gonna fomo into $ROPE soon.

>my rubic stays cubic

>> No.30316103


>> No.30317559

Wow jannies doing their job. Unidexluamooniggers are gone! Praise kek!

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