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How do I convert BAO to xDAI?

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baoswap doesn't work for me :(

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Stay off my farms boy!

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Please help a BAObrother out, I have been farming on the ETH pool and tried to switch now, got my BAOs to xDAI but just can't swap BAO to xDAI.

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use pancakeswap

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First add xdai net to metamask.

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I want to use half of my BAO to swap to xDAI, then POOL xDAI-BAO and stake that for farming. So I got BAO on xDAI, everything seems to work, but when I submit the transaction on BAOswap it's just pending forever and I can't see the transaction on the blockscanner, doesn't even take my GAS.

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thank you, I already got that, also switched to xDAI via uniswap. But now I want to swap BAO to xDAI.

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find another hobby retard

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Now use https://omni.xdaichain.com/ while metamask is on the ETH mainnet and unlock your BAO (one fee) then transfer BAO to xDai (second fee).

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Transfer of your penis to the trapnet not working out so well? Perhaps more psychological medication would be of assistance.

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1 xd network is a scam with confirmed rugpulls/scam coins all over honeyswap
2 all the migration really does is put your gains behind a $30 paywall back to "mainnet eth" where you're on your own anyhow

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These gas fees are even smaller than your penis!

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your fault for getting scammed by yet another food coin

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Thanks anon, already got that. I just can't swap BAO for xDAI and don't know why. I click confirm on metamask, set GAS to 1 and it doesn't work. Anybody know why?

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you don't, because its a massive scam! RUN while you can with profits

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Convert to USDC before you get rugged

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The Honeyswap rugpull on BSC had nothing to do with the Honeyswap on xdai, these guys are legit and making me comfy while boomers on mainnet are catching knives

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Post a screenshot. Are you using https://alpha.baoswap.xyz/#/swap ?

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So I harvested 90k bao but now it says it's locked? I still got some baocx (about 4k) to my wallet but not sure where they came from.

How long do they stay locked or what? Help a bao noob farmer pls.

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>How long do they stay locked
Same rules at the mainnet BAO farm. Locked until December then trickled out over 3 years.

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try setting gas to 2 or 1 and use metamask's speed up option perhaps?

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when is baoman going to fix the xdai pools not showing the apy? i want to max my shitcoin pairs before more people get in

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Fucks sake how do you retards keep putting your money in a protocol and not even know how it works

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Already tried. What amount of gas do you usually use?

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How does one calculate APY anyway? I was looking at some of the API tools on blockscout but I can't figure whats going on other than watching the master contract and seeing where the whales are putting their money.

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What a fucking elitist.

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If it's a scam why didn't they rug when it hit ATH?

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Its really complex rugpull like Uniswap is working on.

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This cost $0.0003 gas.

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usually 1, one time it was slow and failed and 2 went through np. maybe try more, even the default 20 is only like 1.5 cents

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So BAOswap xDAI swap works right? Something on my side doesn‘t.

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>So BAOswap xDAI swap works right?
Just used it. Works fine. Do you have enough xDai for the transaction?

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Thank you, read all the docs and I get it now, missed the 95% lock part when I was checking them

It's so the less retards can get some money and maybe I can become less retard after while

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How do I see my bao/xDai slp tokens in my meta mask wallet. Where do I find the contract address?

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you don't. baoman rugged you. you get nothing. good day sir.

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Yes I got that free 0,01 free Daily one

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You could go here but if you have staked them you wont see anything.

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Add xdai to your network if you check your meta mask you can see it’s connected to the ethereum network. Add xdai.

I spent probably 500 in gas being a retard making every mistake you transitioning could so if anyone has any questions ask me.

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It's a mess. Tell me what do you want to do? If you just want to move Bao to Xdai, use the omni.xdaichain

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This is going to get huge.

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I made $50 arbitrage trading small amount between BAOswap and honeyswap last night.

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>How do I convert BAO to xDAI?
how to setup xDAI farm:

1) get DAI and BAO on your ether wallet

2) convert your DAI to xDAI at this link: https://bridge.xdaichain.com/

3) bridge your BAO on ETH to xDAI via this link: https://omni.xdaichain.com/

4) once you've migrated BAO and DAI to the xDAI chain, go to the baoswap pool and provide liquidity: https://alpha.baoswap.xyz/#/pool

5) once you've provided liquidity and received your LP tokens, go to bao.finance to stake your LP and start your farm on xDAI: https://xdai.bao.finance/farms/BAO-xDAI%20BAOLP

and you're all set

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We really need something with pictures like that that substack that got so many people into BAO in January.

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>So BAOswap xDAI swap works right?
works for me
followed these steps:

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no. we don't. we need normies and midwits to go fuck off. we're farming and we're full. no more room. go farm SURF or VIKING or something LOL

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Nah he's right. If that makes you think he's an elitist you're a fucking retard.

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while we make less from more people farming
it's better and healthier for the project long term if more people provide liquidity and push adoption on the xDAI L2

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The price of BAO expanded with the number of holders expanded, newfag.

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what you should be really asking is why try to convince newfags of your PnD scam? everyone saw what happened in February you pajeet fuck.

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Yam was a very popular project before a exploit was discovered.

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Bsv gas fees are non existent too you don’t have to convert eth to shitcoin xdai to get bsv . Losers

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I like the chainlink shout out:

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the price of bao "expanded" because that faggot chico shilled bao again. dude needs to fuck off too. stop pumping my bags. higher price > more farmers > less for me. once i've completed my 150M stack ill start helping people again.

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the first defi yield farms died and rugged so that the next generation can learn from their mistakes
always good to let the bugs get ironed out beforehand

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Hey it's Denjin SAMEFAG ARTFAG
Wasn't this supposed to have rugged by now Denjin? You copy/pasted 300+ threads about how the rug was being pulled. I still seem to be farming. How is your sonic art comic drawings going faggot?

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We need buyers and not farmers

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Lets have a LINK lunch.

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Take meds.

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We need you to sell all your BAO now and go back

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ok wow i didn't realize you were only pooling like $100. i guess you can stay.

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>once i've completed my 150M stack ill start helping people again.

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>Lets have a LINK lunch.
yum yum

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I'm just a Humble Farmer, tending to my BAOcx.

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>let the bugs get ironed out
Jesus, man, you shouldn’t talk about Chinese people like that

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Good to see that you crossed the bridge with us.

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He is back!

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pic related was my BAO-ETH UNIV2 before the migration

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suck this shillers! if they rlly think im so stupid to follow their links for a scamshit, they will defin die from schizo
we don’t need your shit when we have the upcoming graphene airdrop, lol. the only fucking way to get graphene is the airdrop

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having dinner soon, happy Friday to all my bao bros
fuck the haters

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Hoping I get rugpulled soon. Invest in baoswap.

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Very nice.

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weekender to end them all

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So you really BAO will be worth anything after december when the whales that have locked billions of BAO can finally sell?

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Its getting trickled out over three years.

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lol god no. this is going to dump to $0 shortly after december. maybe you can flip some in the short-term but id get out before november.

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happy farming bao bro

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Go that fucking logo makes me physically cringe every time I see it

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If coingecko can pull the price of HNY from honeyswap on xDai then they should list the price of BAO on Baoswap.

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Thanks guys, had to reset Metamask, now everything works great. Farm works smooth, comfy.

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>Farm works smooth, comfy.

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fuck you leave some for the rest of us

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>fuck you leave some for the rest of us

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Send your tokens directly to BaoMan’s wallet. Same result as investing in this scam.

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Fuck off we're full. Just stay on mainnet you pajeets.

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This is what my BAO-eth Pool pulled.

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how do you get that fancy tables?

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APYs for xDai farms here.



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it's just a custom spreadsheet I made.

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They can wait until the alpha ends in a couple weeks and everything gets well documented and bugs/glitches are ironed out.

Let us early migrators have our lunch and spoonfeed others later.

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Really nice work, love dem tables.

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very nice

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>Let us early migrators have our lunch
whole bao senpai eating well

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Thank you.

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I'm confused about the migration and don't know shit about xdai besides xdai stake is a cursed token. I harvested and unstaked my uniswap LP before the slashing date. Is it worth it to get back in on xdai? I kind of just want to stay on uni LP because of all the pairings available but gas is terrible obviously.

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Like Baoman said, if you're uncomfortable with undeveloped websites, interacting with contracts directly, etc, you can continue to farm on mainnet. But after everything is finished, you should probably come over to XDai for higher rewards.

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>Fucks sake how do you retards keep putting your money in a protocol and not even know how it works
I just follow what /biz/ anons tell me. Hasnt really gone too badly yet.
>Asko (that one hurts tho)

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Lol I payed 120 $ to get my BAO to xDAI. Maybe ETH really is shit.

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Give it to me straight. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.30311114

Meant for

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Stop making new threads.
Stop responding to threads with constructive discussion.
Stop spoonfeeding the newfags.

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Fuck off faggot you don't deserve to be graced with bao

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its very difficult and honestly not worth it, just hodl and sell at 0.01

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we have the same amount of LP
I hope so anon

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>Stop spoonfeeding the newfags.
the circle of life
today's newfags are next years oldfags

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do you have any xdai? if not find a faucet. xDai is flukey with metamask. i usually log out of metamask and try again. it does take a bit for some odd reason. today it hasnt given me any issues though, but i only check maybe once every few days.

>> No.30312654

the lock keeps from dumping. Bao is a long term play.

>> No.30313172


everyone, please do not respond to questions or comments in bao threads, and please always remember to sage.

no more spoonfeeding. faggots have had months for this, and dozens of pages of docs to help them.

>> No.30313176

Anyone else having a problem with the Bao discord after they added a rule change you have to approve?

>> No.30313876

Literally, my rewards/hr have dropped by 60% in one day. FUCK

This is what happens when you spoonfeed pajeets. I'm just trying to compensate for holding instead of farming in Feb FFS

>> No.30314365

same. its a fucking tragedy. spoonfeeding must end.

>> No.30314423

On day one they fucked up and had rewards for ETH block times. The fixed it to be on the correct xDai block times now.

>> No.30314959

I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

>> No.30315603

kek, he still thinks its a scam

>> No.30315656

BAOfag, use this to swap BAO for xDAi, swap half so you can pair and stake

>> No.30315665


wouldn't your amount staked be changing due to impermanent loss?

>> No.30315699

forgot link: https://alpha.baoswap.xyz/#/swap
use that to swap

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this is the price you pay for being so long on crypto that you invest into token giveaways

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14mil on eth mainnet and 500k on xdai, comfy bros

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you mustve been early on mainet, I have more on xdai but only 5 mil on main. still comfy tho

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do you not understand that once bao is a working product you burn mass quantities of it to make synths? The huge fully diluted supply is not as big of issue as you might think.

>> No.30316277

why is it dumppingggggg

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No midwits allowed on my farm, xDai migration is simply another iq test by Baoman to make sure those that make it are truly worthy.

$0.033 by July.

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I tracked il loss/gain, didn't show it in my screenshot
got 2 million extra bao and about -0.151 eth so I actually gained from liquidity providing AND farming
almosr at 50 million bao total (including locked bao)

>> No.30319647
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how many bao to burn when the next stage goes live?

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stayed up past midnight helping discord newfags farm, but I'd never even lift a finger to help a /biz/tard farm

>> No.30320912

Fuck you, friendo. My APY will never recover

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this is from approximately 18h of farming. Granted, this number will only go down but in 2 months TOPS I'll have farmed 100% of my staked amount.

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okay but when pandaswap coming out?

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Anyone know java? Is there some way to make working analytics for bao xDai pools? Baoman just copied the uniswap code and the analytics functions are right here on github.

>> No.30323876

> tfw not even chico could make it pump back to 0.002 after shilling it TWICE
bros, bao is never breaking 0.002 again.

>> No.30324360

Chico is a faggot for shilling bao at all before synths getting released.
Chicofags bought at ATH. They consider themselves bagholders and will dump as soon as we get back to .003. Only way to counteract that is by encouraging them to farm.

>> No.30324765

xDai doesn't have the proper oracle support for it. Not as easy as you think to port over a project to another network.

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First full day of xDAI staking for me here. I'm gonna track my farm this time since I didn't on mainnet. 1m bao and 1200 dai staked yesterday 9pm. Going to calculate average daily APY as well since we don't get that on the website currently. Feel free to check my math on the APY, I'm no genius.

>> No.30325676

So is this a stable coin now? Will it ever go up again?

>> No.30326123

All it takes is some fag youtuber to catch wind of it

>> No.30326142

Hope not. My APY will tank further when BAO gets the publicity it deserves. Its literally a quiet goldrush right now. You see other project bagholders nut over 30% APY with a token lockup lmao.

>> No.30326456

Farming is a taxable event

>> No.30326664

I heard they can also tax bofa

>> No.30326875

Do not mess around with farming. I basically lost my tokens and my sanity along with them. Just a huge mind fuck and loss of time. Error after error. The APY is all over the place and you lose 25% when you unstake. All in all, another food token scam like kimchi and shit.

>> No.30327227

what's deez

>> No.30328090
File: 95 KB, 1234x1070, 56F2665A-811E-44A5-A2AF-8E93EA8711EC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You see other project bagholders nut over 30% APY with a token lockup lmao.

>> No.30328113

Honeyswap got it to work on xDai.

>> No.30328179

who dumps their bag as soon as it reaches .00012? lol

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File: 86 KB, 838x629, 0D4088E6-2CD6-45EB-9F15-24000D32FD1F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its literally a quiet goldrush right now

>> No.30328275

Reminds me of that guy that bought BAO at $0.0006 and terrorized BAO threads in January when it briefly went down to $0.00025.

>> No.30328532

pussy little bitches like you shouldn't be in crypto, he's right, the docs are fucking crystal clear for bao

>> No.30328670 [DELETED] 

>dumbass doesn't know what forking is

>> No.30328765 [DELETED] 


>> No.30328946 [DELETED] 

you sound like a brainlet desu
>t. turned 4k in LP into 12k in LP and 20k in staked bao, just swapped to mainnet and made 1mil bao in 24 hours

>> No.30328994

you sound like a brainlet desu
>t. turned $4k in LP into $12k in LP and $20k in locked bao, just swapped to xdai and made 1mil bao in 24 hours on bao/xdai

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I'm just a Humble Farmer, tending to my BAOcx. First day gains.

>> No.30329625

I have 165m bao but dislike baoman and the shit tier project it is. How much will it me worth EOY?

>> No.30329678

How does $165 sound?

>> No.30329810


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very cool
I increased my stake amount tonight for more farming

>> No.30330043 [DELETED] 

Blind farming is a pain in the ass. Wtf is the point. Can't make calculated risks with investment. I like the project, but with no solution in sight for the APY% this seems like a "ty for trusting me, now gfys" scensri. If oracles don't work on xdai, why did you rush into farming on xdai with a promise of 75% more yield, but LP is subject to IL, so you have no idea which pools are worth staking in

>> No.30330531

the .00025 to .000045 seething was even better

>> No.30331039

finance is the jungle hunt for modern civilization. you know you can literally just stake usdc/xd token for like 10k apy rn in free options chain token that is on the hype train. staking and lp tokens are like the only available features to crypto. oh wow, nft art so cool, they should make a website where people can look at pics and chat all day...

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