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My boomer parents tax guy sent them this. What does /biz/ think of his economic outlook?

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I mean yeah, we're going to nuke Jackie Chan, it makes sense who cares

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What happens if you buy Vix index funds and hold long term?

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Yep, this is why I picked up 2500 July 25C in CLF at 13 lol

What is the right to buy 250k shares by July worth when CLF goes to 50?

250k*$25 profit any math geniuses in here?

A cool 6.25m?


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where is 3/3

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>they got OP before he could post the third part

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My bad

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die in a fire you fucking tranny freak

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"I hope this find you well"
Did they deliver this by putting it in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean?

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Surprised a boomer financial adviser isn't shilling energy stonks. I swear that's all they ever do

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He is just summing up what biz are talking about every day.

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interesting that he didn't address the corruption behind how CPI is determined

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I was kinda thinking that too. CPI is rigged as fuck. He should know better

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Can I get some info detailing how screwed up it is so I can make a mental note.

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Is this real?

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so wtf are we supposed to do. exiting the entire market into cash seems dumb because we'll get raped by inflation. i guess we can go 100% crypto but i highly doubt crypto will pump if stocks dump. maybe the /pmg/ fags are right

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Yeah, you should listen to the tapes

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Honestly it’s kind of lucid IMHO.

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nixon was very frustrated with jews

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>maybe the /pmg/ fags are right
maybe. doesnt hurt to hold some PMs

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For those of you that don't understand the
joke. The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is
called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed
and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus
rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed.
The sign says that the shop was "Formerly
Chuck's", implying that the two words
beginning with "F" and "S" would have
ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So,
when Chuck owned the shop, it would have
been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".

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that’s the problem, there isn’t a clear safe haven, at least not in the traditional sense. those who have the means to carve out spaces to increase their wealth will do so... follow the money

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Too much to read.
Quick rubdown?

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what is this cleveland cliffs shit, the name alone just makes me mad

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None of this fucking shit matters because it's clown world. You guys don't fucking get it. They will use their black jewish magic to do what they want it to do no matter what. It will crash when and how they want it to.

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Decent information although I'm curious why he is bringing it up if he's a tax guy. Maybe he wants to manage peoples money in the future.

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Good info

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>Using "begs the question" incorrectly
Can't take this fucking idiot seriously anymore.

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That was a lot of text to say, "we have no fucking clue". I guess it makes your parents think he is earning his pay.

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its been at 13.88 for the past fucking month youve been posting it, who is gonna buy a stock that never goes down but also never goes up.

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its literally nothing, he says absolutely nothing of value. Just WORDS WORDS WORDS so dumb boomers think he deserves what he is getting paid.

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>Manage your risk appropriately

Fuck it. Going all in on crypto. I am going to make it or die poor, in which case the second option doesn't change anyways.

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That's a lot of words to say "guys printing money bad maybe inflation soon but also maybe not" which everyone knows right now...

I've decided to become a financial advisor because of this shit, seems like free money telling boomers obvious common sense info in a lot of words

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real talk though, basically the CPI contains every day items like bread or some shit. in reality, inflation has only occurred in assets (stock, real estate, crypto) and bigger ticket items like cars. the reason for this is due to where the Fed's injected money went, banks & corporations, these entities are buying assets with big bailouts, inflating those assets. the stuff in the CPI hardly reflects inflation as there's really never a reason to hoard stuff like groceries.

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Americans are losing because they literally cannot imagine a world where America isn't on top and assume it just goes that way "just because" while jews steal all their wealth.

Fuck this gay shortsighted boomerniggermexican shithole.

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a fun situation: I've been reading stuff like that since 2014. I agree with it, and expect the downturn to eventually happen.
But it never happens


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This includes housing right?

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still better than the financial advisor in the bank i just changed for lower rates. he pulled up a graph of stonks over the past ten years, showing how the average went up, and so if i put all my savings into stonks that they manage i will make a lot of money because 'it will always keep going up'

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i believe it does, but only the monthly payments (not sure if just rent or both rent and mortgage) which does a lot to obscure the total value of a given piece of real estate. and https://www.bls.gov/cpi/factsheets/

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yes which is why housing prices keep going up. interestingly housing used to be included in inflation reports but they remove it. if you remove things that are experiencing inflation from inflation reports then there is no inflation

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If you have the money just buy a home of some sort. If everything goes downhill at least you won't be homeless.

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Checked and Satan pilled.

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He predicts inflation and return to mean of valuations. Which means he would expect a couple years of crab or minor growth in dollar price of say the s&p.

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even this boomer gets it. He doesn't talk about QE - but fiscal stimulus - it's not a sure thing that it directly enters the real economy. Besides all the reasons he listed... You get a stim cheque are you going to suddenly buy 2 cans of tuna whereas you used to buy 1? Are you and others going to buy a new tv?

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The issue with pm is that you pay a premium when you buy, and lose a similar amount when you sell. So if each is 5% you need an increase of 10% just to break even. There is no tax advantage and it is less liquid then stocks and bonds since you need to physically find a buyer, likely a local shop. At which point they may not even be buying.

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> using "begs the question" wrong
tell your parents their tax guys is a flaming retard

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he says it's an unsure thing but possible risk. there are just as many reasons why fiscal stimulus won't cause CPI inflation.
read this it aligns with what he's saying

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>he thinks there will be another stimulus
Dumb old man probably thinks biden is president

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Too bad PMs were taking a shit along with the rest of the market during that announcement the other day.

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He realized he could spend an hour writing that essay and then bill every one of his clients an hour each since he sent it to all of them. Way more lucrative than just doing their taxes.

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>young people investing instead of buying shiny trinkets is bad
But it was okay when boomers and jews did it for decades?

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They need young people buying useless plastic crap and paying interest to keep the great ponzi that is the american economy going.

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