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Why doesn't anyone talk about the fact that ETH has lower fees whilst handling 4x more transactions which are 20x faster than BTC?

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Check Mochimo guys.

Microcap that is growing a lot right now.

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because btc is digital gold
we only use it for nostalgia

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For bitcoin, tx fees don't matter. People just want a reserve currency that they aren't getting cucked by the fed. They don't care if a bank or coinbase or paypal or whoever holds it for them, and they do account transfers instead of real, layer 1 tranders. They just want to put their savings in an asset that holds value.

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do you remember when Vitalik made fun of BTC for a $0.05 per transaction?? And he also promised POS in 2016, he almost never delivers

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eth is a piece of shit. i just paid $400 in gas fees to get my funds out of a lp. i was legitimately afraid if they keep going up my money would be trapped

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But maxis shit on ETH constantly even though it does everything that BTC does but better.

Remember when satoshi described bitcoin as a "A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System"?

I'm talking about pure ETH-ETH txns.

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>it does everything that BTC does but better.

Not everything.

1. Security
2. Scarcity
3. Adoption

I hold 50% BTC and 25% ETH btw. They coexist.

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It's more bloated as a result.

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Bitcoin literally has been cucked into place with the digital gold narrative

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F.L.A.R.E. N.E.T.W.O.R.K.

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ETH is more secure than BTC. ETH has never rolled the chain back due to security exploit on ETH. Bitcoin has twice

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Everybody will flip their shit when it will become apparent that the flippening was never about shitcoins flipping ETH but about ETH flipping BTC.

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That's what the original flippening was about, newfriend.

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Because people are really, really stupid

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Fuck off Pajeet.

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Nice veteran status signalling.
>thinks ETH is the one.
>didn't position himself for the SPARK airdrop.
>doesn't understand Flare will BTFO all other crypto besides the one that it will be dumping all of the value it unlocks onto.... XRPL.

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>ETH has never rolled back the chain

marginal call. After the DAO hack they sort of did. I mean yeah vitalik made a point of NOT rolling it back, but sealing the child DAO was the same level of intervention as a rollback

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because nobody gives a fuck about the tech unless you're a programmer fag, if people did then BTC wouldnt be nearly as high as it is

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>knowing about the Flippening makes you a 'veteran'

Christ how new are you?

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Did the term "the flippening" ever stopped being about ETH anf BTC? Sad if so.

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Did you miss 2017?
First eth, then bch tried flipping Bitcoin. The euphoria was crazy.

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Watching the overall market cap double without any apparent issues the instant BCH was created was when I realised that none of this shit is real

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I dumped my bch way too early, I think between 0.06 and 0.1 or so.
Congrats on those who nearly doubled their btc. Seriously.

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Its buried in FUD because maxis spread false narratives. All in eth is the real patrician move.

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I dumped my BCH the moment it forked it for around 0.15. It was pretty insane I remember BCH spiked to almost 0.4 bitcoin, then when it was listen on coinbase it came out at like $9k or something retarded and then just plummeted. Now BCH is at $500 / 0.01btc, lmao. But that was closest anything has come to flipping BTC.

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I remember waking up and immediately checking Kraken. There was some massive wall at something like 0.6 that got melted instantly just moments before the exchange itself melted.
It was a scary and stressful time as a bitcoin holder. Bch pumps, the fucked up difficulty adjustment resulting in 1h blocks, korean exchanges, the bch shills on /biz/, etc. Nocoiners will never know how much we suffered.

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Read again
>ETH has never rolled the chain back due to security exploit on ETH
>due to security exploit on ETH

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Eth is hitting 100k before Bitcoin. Screencap this

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that would be so based and redpilled

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Because it costs 100$ to use now and so does Bitcoin.