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Fee burning has consensus and will be implemented in London hard fork. ETH to $10k CONFIRMED

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EIP 1559 is overhyped garbage. Fees to 10k confirmed

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>I said this year

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Should I buy this shit?

Whats the point of buying ETH as a investment? If the price goes up like an investor would want, the fees to use the network itself would become too expensive and people would stop using it. Am I right or is there something am

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Berlin hardfork in april is going to RAISE gas costs

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/biz/ is dead

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Stakign coming soon to coinbase. Price may dump short term, but you keep earning through staking and it compunds

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Answer the question or fuck off?

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What about long term? Will ETH go up or will the fee problem kill it?

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Secret Societies are behind Ethereum, and the EEA was formed a long time before Bitcoin had any serious mainstream adoption.

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Too late.

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Sure, I'll answer your pathetic question. Lurk moar

If you can't figure this out from the wealth of information surrounding you then you're beyond help. Form your own opinion.

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Layer2, EIP 1559 and ETH 2.0 are all in line.. It will scale and kill "ETH killers"

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easy $2k by end of march, who knows beyond that

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wtf /biz/ is onions now

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This. ETH will never regain the ground it has lost to ADA and BSC

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lol what did it lose exactly?
>the xrp of 2021
>literally the neo of 2021
funny how newbies always think their new coin is always the best

i will visit your shitcoin grave, don't worry

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>anime poster who writes like a fag
Yea never mind I don’t want your advice. Especially if you get this butt hurt over a basic question about crypto on a crypto related board you gay faggot

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how will this EIP fix anything at all? Number of transactions in mempool will remain the same and people with low time preference will put the tip higher than those pajeets who can wait longer.

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ETH is the undervalued crypto asset by utility alone... an incredible achievement and is a path to wealth in the same way if you had invested in Microsoft I'm 1979, path to wealth... ETH will allow passive income in the range of 5k to 20k per month, possibly more for early adopters. This will paradigm shift will create generational wealth. How is this possible? Its eating the $1.4 Quadrillion dollar derivatives market thats why...

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Trx will improve x100 fold dude... 200 tps to 2000 tps with layer 2 scalling till we get to ETH 2.0.

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Fuck off cunt

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Can you please answer >>30285648
? Even with ETH2 and EIP1559 fees will naturally go up overtime. Do you think a token that’s used for network gas can scale as fees to use the network will grow as well? I’m afraid it may become too expensive to use

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This shit is bananas!

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yeah I did not say July

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The miners still have to accept it, it's far from done yet

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here plebs, here is a breadcrumb for you

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yeah try to YOLO with this tokens that never give you profit
BSC is a bull run rn just get off at the right time
wanna see a good profit?
>go for Swirge, buy SWG and don’t worry about your future profit

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Thanks anon

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ETH 3k EOM check em'

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but EIP 1559 isn't layer 2. Literally nothing will change from first glance

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