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Which will offer the best return on investment from today to the top of the bull?

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The thing with cardano is that it will stay to the next bull and the next bull and the next bull.

While shit like polka will die within 2 years like all other altcoins do

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financial advice costs money, you willing to pay?

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Neither, even ICX will beat them. ADA is vaporware like icon was in 2017 and dots parachains arent secure.

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Harmony one

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I advise you to sell
Other try to bring you stupid rubbish

>don’t believe in this trash, a lot of trash on biz today
my homie always tells me - wanna mine and get profit - use not eth platform
>check Enecuum, this is top eco for this year

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it's DOT

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No one can tell you that. From a technical perspective, I prefer Cardono and it seems to also just have more buzz/momentum. It has taken a while to get where it is but now that it's rolling out I think it's the leader and best bet.

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these two have big market caps
but Matic....

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Both have subpar tech, They're not x10 improvement over ETH 1.0 let alone ETH 2.0 because they encounter the same problems ETH does and require the same solutions.

There's only one project that has a case, Those who aware of even the slightest progress in this space know which project i'm referring to.

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Fair assessment

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So far as the best performer of this bull run it’s a coin flip. So far as the best HODL it’s ADA without question

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> dots parachains arent secure

source? i'm not a DOT shill so I will like to read dissenting views

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lmao fuck off faggot

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both good, buy and hodl

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obviously dot jesus the iq level of this board drops inversely proportional to the price of btc

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It was in eye on icon, something about it not being trustless by being to centralized. 3 nodes go down or are compromised and the whole thing gets fucked up.

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No we don’t

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probably solana but atom is a fun dark horse. desu eth will rise again tho.

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this, /biz/ has become a shithole.

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>he thinks we didn't already top out

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as i'm pulling digits, buy SNTVT too.

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Why are you crying about these shittokens?
This is all your fault man, don’t be so tarded
Wanna have profit?
>listen carefully my boi, go to JustLiquidity and see yields for JULD
>Watch the stat, be clever!

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You're not aware, If you did it would be inevitable to find it because it's the only solution that make sense.

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Nice quads but you're wrong

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Will either of them have a working product by the end of this bullmarket?

No? Then they'll collapse into oblivion, like ADA and TRX did last time.

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nice digits clearly youre right

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Tf did you say to me bitch?

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666 and 5555 checked

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I have both. I plan on hodling both but I want to get the most out of my investment short to mid for the bull and then probably put the profits into Ada and btc for the bear. The 12 percent dot staking at kraken is attractive however

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Based rude quads

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Dot. Any potential gains earned on cardano from here on out are going towards paying shills to convince braindead faggots to pick up bags of this braindead project. No one uses cardano OP. At this point....its not about potential or whatever shills claim the future use case is. Its about actual current use/continued use. Once you realize Charles is just intellectually masturbating his cult of followers....you quickly realize that cardano is the most over valued piece of shit in crypto and will want to dump your bags asap.

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The staking rewards seem to be much better on dot as well

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ada short term
dot mid term
ada long term way better

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Real question. Why there are no legit projects on Cardano even though they released native assets?
Not even a thing.

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Dot is nowhere near the price it will be in few months but the real gainer will be the birb. Ifykyk

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That was kind of my thinking as well. I have 21k ADA and 700 DOT. Figure I can’t really lose with that unless the global economy collapses

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There will be eventually but there is no shame in riding the hype train in the meantime

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Priced in faggot.

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What are your views on


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I would say DOT, but its charts look so bad while ADA has made a breakout

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Look at this image and think about inflation.
ADA has normal staking rewards so it will be the stronger currency in the long run.
End of March will be big, Cardano will become fully decentralized.
If you ask which is likely to overtake Ethereum my vote is on ADA 100%.
Yeah the devs have been a bit lazy in the past but this has changed nowadays, they're back on track and ADA has a bright future whereas I don't see that much potential in DOT.

Also look at the amount of FUD going on vs ADA. And what is the main reason of FUD? Jealousy.

Do the math, mate.

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> Vapourware


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Neither. XSN is going to come out of no where and make everyone wonder wtf happened

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Yes. Very soon. Just a few more forks and some sort of under the table partnership will be anounced that will amount to nothing other than PR to sell more bags. Its like a pyramid scheme. You either shill the fuck out of cardano so you can sell your bags for a profit to the next sucker....or you take your L and move on without a second thought. Every single tramsaction on the cardano "blockchain" are people buying and trading cardano. Theres no inherent value in cardano beyond that. Theyre just fiat tokens that work like any other token. No legitimate use or value proposition for future personal or institutional use (ie the only point in hodling long term crypto projects).
Most ADA holders are either:
A) New to crypto and saw some youtube video or social influencer shilling it and they dont have any idea what the fundamentals of the crypto space are/where the crypto space is heading.
B) A shill trying to pump the price a bit more so they can get out in the green.
C) Both A and B unwittingly (retarded smooth brain)

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You mean HBAR?

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Do you even know what decentralization is? Or are you just using it in the same manner that every other project uses it (marketing buzzword)?

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Same but I think in the next pump in a couple weeks it can definitely hit about $45
I got in at .28 because I figured the hype would pump it 10x product or not lol

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Ada has topped out

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Fellow cardanopedes did we finally get too cocky?

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Both are shit. ADA doesn't actually do anything though so if you put a gun to my head I'd say dot. Ideally though buy AVAX.

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Neither. Eth is king and with L2 growing every day it will remain so. You already know how huge the first mover advantage is in crypto and yet you're here betting against it lol.

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Both legit projects, but Ada is more ambitious, more secure and decentralized, and Polkadot, despite the many interesting projects, has a huge inflation. Better bet on Dot shitcoins or Kusama at this point

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>Pic related
If you want to invest in hype...you need to be early. At a $50b marketcap....you are no longer early if you invest now. You might have some gains to make during the last leg of this bull run but they will be marginal in comparison to other projects that arent pyramid schemes. I didnt mind the cardano shilling in the past....but at this point its just gross to see. Its like watching people buy Gamestop stocks at $400+. Sure. It might reach $500....as long as the shills grow in numbers like a cancer. Im not here to fud. Im here to set the record straight for those who can pause the fomo and take a step back to observe the situation and their place within it. 95% of cardano bag holders will see this and quickly dismiss it as fud because thats how schemes and cults work (think politics). For the other 5% that have critical thinking skills and understand the mentality of fomo....perhaps my words can provide them a moment of clarity in an otherwise obnoxious space full of disinfo and emotional investment. For those lurking and new to the crypto space....perhaps my words can draw a moment of pause to not rush into something they dont understand. The platforms, search engines, and forums you use (for anything) are geared towards marketing and selling you things first. Chances are the info youve read or have been presented is tainted or just a complicated method of getting you to provide someone else your hard earned money (blessings). I wish the best for all you faggots and dont want to see any more anheros.

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you definitely are white

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This thread is an example of said marketing. Shill farms communicate marketing strategies. One person starts a thread that seems completely organic >"Dot vs Cardano. Which one will be king?"
The shills partaking in this campaign then post in the thread with answers that imply a lot but really say nothing and refer to nothing at all technical beyond the average boomer whos looking to fomo into something. 75% of threads on biz are like this. Some obvious. Some not so obvious. Pay attention and start critically disseminating the info you are being presented.

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Serious question. The 12 percent apy on kraken for DOT is very attractive. The 5 percent on ADA in the wallet is nice too. Is it possible that polkadot does slightly worse than ADA on performance but the percentage of APY makes it level out to even performance?

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those evens out, they are priced in because those APY participates in the inflation of the coin.
To summarize: you are not gaining money by staking, you are losing money by not doing it.

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DOT has better staking rewards. People will hold more.

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Checked. I honestly never understood why some people choose not to stake

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Binance Smart Chain is a rip off of ATOM, that's all you need to know. Its a working real world example of what can be done with ATOM.

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because smart contracts are not out yet. cardano doesn't need a smart contract to issue a token, the recent mary hard fork is for native assets or tokens. smart contracts are coming later

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based and birded up

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>End of March will be big, Cardano will become fully decentralized.
You mean Charles can rugpull whilst dodging litigation thanks to 'decentralization.
Sidenote, I am surprised I haven't read anything about meerkat on /biz/ yet.

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At first, I thought this question was insane (ADA is long-term inferior to DOT), but you might see a better return on ADA. ADA, if the bull comes, could hit 3-5+ whereas DOT might max at say 1-300.

Few except poors and cult members want to buy ADA and that is b/c, I think, the low entry price and the thinking of your line of questioning. Wait for ADA to hit 40-60c again before you buy if you do. DOT, 18-20. Again, ADA is broadly treated like a joke. Things could change, though.

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I’m in both. I got into ADA at .23 and DOT at 17. Dollar value of my bags are nearly equal. I’m wondering if the staking at dot is worth it enough to roll my ADA profits into

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Cardano and IOTA are looking to partner though. Pic unrelated to that, but related to this thread.

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Might yield some positive results

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