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Why do 72% of retail investors lose money

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They retarded

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they buy low and sell high

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Doesn't this only relate to traders? I can't imagine most people lose money with stocks after ETFs were invented and Index Funds.

Like just hold wtf

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69% of statistics are made up

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the median amount of lost money would be a less normie key performance indicator, kek

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because they sell

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Because they sell. They "need" the money.

Cigarettes weed alcohol heroin dates cochise and then a therapist after to try to stop but they never do.

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Weak hands. I know a bunch of people that sold the bottom of the covid panic and didn't buy back in until somewhat recently. Even before that, my brother would regularly sell his shit when it goes down 5%. They just get scared because earning money isn't easy for them and they don't want to lose it all.

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Buying and selling at the wrong time, being too impatient to just hold, doing too many trades and losing to fees, being fooled by some "smart beta" or whatever ETF that actually underperforms the market. It's easy for retail investors to lose money.

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Probably because they're impulsive and buy what's trendy, take advice from talking head shills on television or anonymous retards just like themselves on a Burmese crocheting square

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I'm learning to trade, from a professional trader, that number is whack, he tells me 90%, another tells me 95%, another says 99%. I think it's some traders tell themselves to feed their ego.

But the truth is, imo, most people who come in and lose money then walk away with feelings of shame instead of learning from their mistakes. Also they don't manage risk properly so they get wiped out

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It's specific to Cfds, lots of fees with the spread and to hodl a position.
And too much leverage

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I mean you take one look at this board and you understand why. You're some dumb motherfucking cretins. You buy every shitcoin every scam. Panic sell at every drop.
Like tf i haven't lose any money on any investment ever. Always sold for a profit.

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They use money that they can't afford to lose, so any slight perturbations to the charts and they'll fire sale everything.

Too many people think it's like Hollywood - super frantic 1 minute tracker - BUY! SELL! BUY! and want instant returns, usually because they're in desperate need of cash.

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this, selling too soon or just being unlucky desu, lots of anons got rekt holding request, rlc, hot, chx, lit, one and other projects that have been shilled extensively here, but desu biz also shilled ftm, qnt, lto, vidt, matic, and other successful projects.
personally all in link since 2017 and 0 profits taken, will only sell 10% once i reach 8 figure hell.

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I wonder if we contribute to this
I mean, we'd like to think everyone else panicposting everytime something falls 1% is just having fun and getting some use out of their pink wojak collection, but...

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Because the other 28% win, bigly

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Most likely, but I think if you have the sense (?!) to find your way to biz and set up trading accounts etc that you're not going to take this place overly seriously!! If you do then you're guilty of not DYR and so on thy own head be it.

Don't get me wrong, this place can be great to see which direction the wind is blowing outside of shill/fud plant posts, but you probably only start to see that with experience, and to be experienced you will need to have lost at some point and held your nerve to come back and learn.

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weak character and impulsive behaviour lead to bad decisions

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