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sigh, lost some money

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Don't be a moron. If you hold you haven't lost anything.

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Keep going.

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Day trading is an easy way to get yourself in financial trouble. Never do that unless, of course, you listen to me and read my TA. Pic related.

>buy eth, go all in

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I pick 2 lowcap lowliq shitcoins, and try to juggle them, atleast 5k worth cuz gwei

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Just saw Mochimo posted over biz

Cool to see a project actually doing something new

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Good! I like it when others are losing their money. This will teach them to hold instead. At the same time made them realize there are no science behind trading because there are too much variables to consider.

Oh so you think whales give a shit about indicators and drawings? Kek yeah man go on.. retard

Go to portfolio threads, and ask the big ones whether they do it by hold or trade.

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Top portfolios here are swinging BTC and other top 5 coins

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those people got in early though, they don't actually have any skills to earn money like traders do, and consistent, highly profitable traders do exist, if you think otherwise it's just massive amounts of COPE

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Don't listen to him

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