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Not today, Bog
Green, blue and yellow IDs make it
Red, purple, pink and brown IDs don't make it
Gray and black IDs make it next run
We are going back up edition

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i know i'm making it. don't need your child euros or your adult freaks or color coding. i know it because i carry the power of china with me in my coinflux networked mind

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Rubic. Big release in 30 minutes. No matter what the colour I'm 100% going to make it.

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Im balls deep in BOG, there are no other ID colours for me than green.

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check em

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honk honk

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Mustard goes in the trash, along with your pump & dump panjeet rugpull exit scam. In all seriousness get bogged you pathetic faggot.

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naw man that shit was green

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sminem pull me out of misery also check em

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Pls i need hopium

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Sminem save us

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God it’d be nice if the bleeding would stop... been losing ever since the fall from 58k

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Sminem save me

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See since this is dictated by /biz/ that means I'm the one who is really going to make it huehuehue

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i hope so Sminem

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Sminem cool boy

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Convince me not to take out a massive personal loan and use it for yield farming.

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Still I Rise

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Roll like a mole

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yield farming is a fad
last shitcoin fad was uni summer and we took a 80% hit in a single day

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Yeah but look where that shit is now. Meanwhile I’m still sitting on a stack of link that crabs south of thirty bucks while altchads are eating my lunch.

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yeaaah ngl I sold my linkies in early feb to ride cake and bnb
I genuinely couldn't handle it anymore to have such a shit performer in a bullrun, i'll go back into it once we settle down a bit
riding FTM and BAT rn

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Praise be to sminiem

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praise sminem, my rubic stays fucking cubic $200 eoy

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Godspeed anon. Make it for those of us getting JUST’d by a fat Russian scammer.