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ChainLink or LiteCoin? Starting my stack on Sunday, what's better?

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LINK is a scam and has been debunked

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Bitcoin gold

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Not on CoinBase

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this is probably bait but if you honestly consider buying LTC you might wanna also consider buying a rope.

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Why? It seems very stable

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Buy litecoin. Link was just devalued from ERC20 to an ERC10 token. It’s over for link

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I heard rumors that Vitalik is considering introducing negative ERC values, just to degrade Sergay

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unironically bogged.finance

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Newfag that’s wings of redemption

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god damn it
im so fucking sick of the ERC council. unbiased my ass

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LINK. There is no real reason for LTC to exist its only useful currently because Bitcoin is stuck on boomer 1 MB blocks

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Swap your chainlink for Polkadot instead
this is financial advice

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how long must we shill this /biz/ is running out of time anon, missing the moonshot

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If your white Link if your not white litcoin. Chainlink is for whites

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This is a chainlink board sir.
The under age boy in your photo indicates your inclination toward litecoin and subsequently you should kindly fuck off back to whatever pedo filled shit hole you crawled out of and promting kill yourself.
Good bye.

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haha why the fuck would anyone hold LTC what is that

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It was actually rebunked recently by citigroup, or so I've heard

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