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How fucked are we?

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Many won't see the other side

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Very fucked much sucked.

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Holy shit. When you put it like that..

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You are only fucked if you sell. This has been true for as long as BTC existed.

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I don't fucking get it - who would be selling for fucking fiat in this situation? You are literally better off holding anything, fucking toilet paper right now. BTC has its flaws sure, and it is not without risk, but fuck me, chuck-e-cheese tokens have more value than fiat.

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The best time to sell was about a week ago, but the second best time is now.

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The next dump will start any minute now

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guys is the bull run over

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Simple, sell now and buy at the deeper deep on sunday

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Unironically this.

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Can you trade chicken choose coins for something at your local grocery store? No. Fiat is still the dominant trading currency...

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checked and sad

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OP under a different ID. Nobody is this gay.

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Please fucking sell already, you stupid newfags

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Cold. The currency of the future

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Golden ID and dubs confirm GOLDEN Bullrun

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fixed it for you.

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what this pattern is called

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I get 5$ per day for stacking in USDT. In the US this is nothing but where I live the minimal wage is 400$ by the current USD ratio. It's comfy. Why bothering making risk trading right now when we will have opportunity to buy when we have a good dip?

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Bottom in two days

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when the yank stimulus payments dropping? we need the pamp

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How do you get 5 dollars a day stacking USD

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There maybe another pump. But then better to get rid of those casino money.

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You would unironically be retarded not to cash some at this point. It's better than watching your coins bleed to zero.

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Binance 6% per year on USDT savings

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controlled dump.Imao.
45K-40K break we go to 34K
Now Imao we can go up. 1 - 2 day train come in.
Bulls trap all day.

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My Bitcoin stock is doing really bad.

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That instant rejection off of 52.6k just made no sense whatsoever.

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Everything is fucked right now. Stocks, crypto, real estate and PMs

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OP. Pro tip here. SENT is the biggest alpha in comms industry in decades. It's going to spread the western imperative via a system of wireguard and v2ray nodes.

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It was just heavy selling pressure due to the over all market conditions

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From one second to the next?

And look at the way the downtrend just casually staggered its way back below $50k after that.
It's uncanny, like a bad special effect.

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turns out, everything is artificially inflated. Crypto, gold, everything. There's too much leverage at play

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It's because that pump are fueled by Tether printing.

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That makes even less sense.
BTC is always pumping before the printing happens. The printing is based on demand.

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>People see what they wanna see
>causality vs correlation

Crypto is already the special snowflake in the market, but sooner or later comes back to reality. Powell sounded bearish af

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The more bearish the ring leader of the fiat circus, the better for crypto.

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Mid to long term I totally agree, but short term crypto wont be the safe heaven.

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Already priced in.

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kek...why do you neets obsess over every percentage move like a bunch of golems? btc go up btc go down...who cares?

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these selloffs happen every few hours, it's clearly an institution dumping huge blocks then waiting for buying pressure to restore the price before dumping again. Fucking infuriating as a long but what the fuck can you do.

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Yo fags should sell so it pumps

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>these selloffs happen every few hours, it's clearly an institution dumping huge blocks then waiting for buying pressure to restore the price before dumping again. Fucking infuriating as a long but what the fuck can you do.
go look at 2013, 2017 btc charts, you fucking retard.

This is expected and also the third time we do this.

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Making up stupid points is insane, but luckily everything is connected on the blockchain and you can do transaction and flow analysis. The only real bearish ones right now are the miners. But everyone is playing games so who really cares

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I'm profitable on an altcoins, if I would've sold 12 hours ago I would've more than 2X'd my money. As it is now I can sell now for 50% gains.

Should I go ahead and sell? I feel like there's another major pump coming...this feels like fake dump

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>Making up stupid points is insane

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I would sell, if it dumps you buy more, if it pumps you made 50% anyways

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wouldn't it be a great time to buy right now? its gonna go up again anyways kek

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>No one can decide that for you anon. General trend is up, but you could lose that value. Maybe you bought tops.

Take an amount off the table that makes you feel more comfortable, and let the rest play out.

Set stop losses.

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it was fake breakout up, since everyone had their target at 54,55k whales did a big fakeout so they can get out of their position dumping on noobs

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>The descending staircase candles of doom

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big money is getting out, take profit if u dont want to be a bagholder

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Fuck that I'm all in

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aka someone with a lot of coins is systematically dumping them and waiting for the price to recover before dumping more

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>everyone had their target at 54,55k
Take your meds.

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Someone is fucking with us. Do not bite.

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In the 2017 cycle, I watched 700 bucks go to 15,000 and back to 7000 before I sold.

If I hodl'd, it would have been $700 again.

Your call anon. God speed.

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>everyone had their target at 54,55k
how do you know that

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>If I hodl'd, it would have been $700 again.
>If I hodl'd

You mean "if I sold the bottom".

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How do you go to sleep without stop losses?

Maybe my positions aren't big enough. These are limit stops anyway.

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it looks so

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Well, if I hodl'd what I was hodl'ing until, oh, now, I would have $1400 today.

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I didn't realize you were talking about 2017 flash-in-the pan ICO shitcoins lol.

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It was nano. Not fully dead, but seemed like getting out at 20 dollars when I paid 2 each made sense.

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look at the chart thats the point of interest every trader looked at that point also if ur in any trade group you'd know since they talked about that target.

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alright. but I am not holding nano. Im holding LINK. what now?

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everyone is so fearful right now it's beautiful.
Fully loaded back in, sold at the top. I am a fucking genius and we are going back up now, and big alt season until May.

Good lord this is the golden bull run and we are in July 2017.

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>everyone is so fearful right now
It's pretty amazing.
The worst thing Powell said is there might be some inflation; after inflation being pretty low these past two years.
It's all just kneejerk fee-fees.

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>>everyone is so fearful right now
it's literally summer 2017, absolutely same kind of FUD, same market behavior: madness for newbies.

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except op

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Everyone talks about ecosystem
can’t remember at least 1 system with full-workable eco
and these stupid dumbs try to scam with their shitpools
well, if you are an autist you can go for this
I am smart enough and use enecuum ecosystem and its mining

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lmao, shut the fuck up and go suck yourself . stop begging to put money in your shitty coins. i manage to get money from sharding. already purchased some phore coins and going to get some graphene at the distribution

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Zoom out lad, only the strong few will make it to the citadel

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>selling when everything is in deep red
anyone who tells you to do this is not your friend. In 2 weeks max all alts will be pumping.

You agree that chasing pumps and buying in already big green candlesticks is dumb, right? Selling now is basically the same thing but the other way around.

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just jumped in mantradao cream, wdyt about it? all the DeFi benefits like staking/lp/governance opened

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this is actually bullish btw. This is what it looks like when literally everybody is hoping it dumps so they can buy more cheaper. The dump is because of external general market conditions, as soon as eveyone realizes it won't go to $38k anymore fomo kicks in and it's back up to $55k in no time

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you only had to listen...

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Low Fees
MORE decentralised

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we are not fucked, we can buy cheaper and cheaper. we need more red candles!

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literally THE COIN to hold during bear market

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hahaha the fud is so juicy these fucking fags sold low hahahhaa

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We'll dip to between 37-40k then work our way back up. Check these digits.

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Good, altseason will be starting soon boys

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it ain't good for bitcoin but you can still be staking.
LP, special platform shit, dhedge, whatever. just never let it go down to zero

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they can liquidated it to buy gold

>inb4 boomer rocks
crypto hasn’t gained enough security or history yet to be considered anything more than a speculative asset, gold is still the king

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>this is the fourth time we’ve pumped BTC and we’ve become increasing good at it

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thanks for the much needed hopium

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post shorts

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So this staircase of death is a strong sell signal? I want to get a good entry price but I know markets might get shit on tomorrow and next week, and for some reason bitcoin likes to dump with them.

40k sounds like a good number

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Nevermind found the sell signal

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>it's literally summer 2017
except that bonds are rising and stock market is crashing

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This bottom is in

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>In 2 weeks max all alts will be pumping
souce your ass

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Pic related. Fucked. Did you retards really thing crypto wasn’t tied to the overall market? How many of you are so retarded as to spend time learning about crypto but ignoring the broader economy? You thought you were separate? No. It’s even more important now considering we are on the precipice of something bigger than the GFC.

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ok nigger idiot

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