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/biz therapy time. ill start:

Middle class kid, raped at 8 years old by family friends son, hes living his best life with kids and smiling photos on fagbook. Im constantly suicidal, dont fit in with normies very well, not that I want to do that very much. I have never watched pron in my life besides the shock shit you see on these boards and others. Work in the medical field in an intense unit just for the shock value, not in a sexual way but in a way that shock value is the ONLY thing that stimulates my mind. Just like many of you here. I find normies, sports watching and all the shit they do infuriating and I cant understand why they do what they do or how they just enjoy being willfully arrogant. fuck them. Been in a psych ward a few times, those are stories of their own. Ive always been a good person, never tried to hurt anyone, pick up trash when no ones looking either for karma or because why not.

I just want to pay my parents back for letting me be out of my 20s and still living in their house. I thought I was early to crypto but not to BTC its self. I want to keep them out of a retirement home, yes they are boomers. While I dont live a bad life at all, I feel I should die.

So here are my shitcoin choices (req, lto, grt) that if they dont start taking off by the end of 2021 I may kill myself. Ive taken pills but not enough to kill me, im in the field and know "30 of X may kill me, so I take 26 as a test run"

Any anons have any other shitcoin investment advice? req, lto, grt are the only ones that make sense to me. $1 million is make it to me, I dont mind working, it provides that shock value, but I need the financial freedom with it. I got 100k req, and im accumulating the other two.

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a lot of hospital anons on here and coders, or neets. Seems to be youre one of the 3...wonder why that is

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any suggestions bro? im unsure of my choices, they seem to be solid, yeah they may not moonshot right away but I think they will be solid gainers like link

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I retardedly sold my link in 2018... not sure what grt even is...and ahhhh req, i remember the prophecy threads lol

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Why no RSR? Also sorry sorry about that sick person

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shill me rsr anon, im taking all suggestions tonight

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Why don't you report him?

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Xrp, hbar, algo. Bet on the banker and corporate coins anon. Make enough cash to hire a revenge rapist.

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well, the incident is around 22 years ago. I also have years and years of therapy to back it up, but at first when I was a kid my family didnt do anything or didnt believe me, in fact no one did. I can recall the entire event in detail if youd like, like the vents leading up to it as well. Right now i am hoping my crypto gains take off so i can afford a VERY very good lawyer. I still had to endure that guy being in my life for years before our families separated for other reasons. Only after 20 years are people actually starting to believe me or saying they do at least. It sucks, I have to wear sweatpants, I cant even wear "normal" clothes as it makes me think im being sexualized, if im out in "normal" clothes I cant even listen to music or anything I just dont feel, "right" ... i still shower all the time.

Fuck people. I live on biz since 2017, and other boards for years before that. I just want to make it, have a okay house with a decent yard and like 2 dogs. Thats all i want.

Im asking for advice. not handouts.

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>im in the field and know "30 of X may kill me, so I take 26 as a test run"
Shit doesn't work like that, people have different reactions, fix you head do cognitive behavioral therapy.

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how old was he when he did it? you basically have the green light to murk him

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Don't think about killing yourself dude. Be happy your still a semi functional part of society with a job. Turn to spirituality not in the classical religious sense necessarily, but find a connection with the almighty. Your still here for a reason. Stop doing drugs or drinking. Find new things to do. You have been given a gift, because you do not fear death the same way as others and live among it, you are free to do anything. Do the things you always wanted to do simply because why not. You have nothing to lose.

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not gonna lie op, that story was hot af

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i was around 8, he was old enough for girlfriends, talk about sports with the adults, and obviously get his dick hard to rape me, I am not even sure of his exact age now, id say anywhere from 15-18 at the time

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that may be a tough court case. Maybe crypto is your only option.

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What are the possible financial repercussions for going on facebook live tomorrow and just outting who he is and admitting it to everyone on livestream, maybe swallowing pills, maybe not?

Like can he sue me or would he hide?

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Have you thought about confronting him? How do you measure up physically compared to him.

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Are you US based? Liberal or republican state?

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This is awful and sad. I wish you so much happiness and prosperity in the future.

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Ever thought about meeting up with him one time and raping his ass into oblivion? Just destroy it bro.

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Well, one of my coping mechanisms recently was working out everyday, I mean every day for a year and a half straight 2 hours each session. im 6'1" 205 pounds and can bench near 200, shrug 350+, do other exercises, instead of killing myself I just went crazy at the gym but it didnt hold off the depression.

He is near my height or a bit shorter and never worked out, very skinny maybe 150-160 pounds

US based, heavy liberal state

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You know anon. That jew lawyer you're fucking with will take your money and probably never get results. But there are some fine gentlemen who would gladly accept btc to knock him off in minecraft.

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His minecraft base is not far from mine. However I need my alt coin choices to take off to be even able to afford a lawyer or that

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Okay but as one gook once said
>but did it feel good tho?
You got pedos jerking off to your story for sure OP.

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All loners. Hospitals overwork their staff and give them weird hours (most of my family are medical workers). Typically people genuinely into coding/tech because of what it is and not some iniative are typically oddballs. And neets and just fucking neets.

>T techfag

You're here forever btw.

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how old was he

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I bet you secretly loved feeling his massive dick rupture your asshole

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Double edge sword. The liberal state may allow you to sue as far back as it is, but beating his ass wont fly.

Also the jew may just pretend sympathy and take your money if you finally even get it. Results may not happen, I am not sure

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I am in no way liable for what you decide to do, but I would confront him. Exposing him does not accomplish your goal. You must regain what he stole from you to have a resolution. If you do decide to rag doll him during the exchange, he will be exposed because the reason for the beating will have to be revealed. This works in your favor because he may not even be able to press charges out of fear of the societal backlash, and the impact on his personal life. You must regain your manhood if it still impacts you this much.

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You can do whatever you want for justice, it’s your choice

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Sorry to hear your situation.
I personally would recommend going the slow and steady route:
25% BTC
25% ETH
25% LINK
12.5% RSR
12.5% GRT

It won't make you rich quick, but it will give you steady gains for the next 5 years.
Be great at 1 thing that pays some money and distribute your earnings throughout the above.
My life advice is to forgive, but don't do good things for the sake of them being good and don't let people walk all over you.

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come on man im suicidal as fuck too. all im doing is building up crypto until i get enough passive income to be neet

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Kill him

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He is, from what I understand a upper manager for Verizon, he has a kid and is married. He is the typical normie sports fan youd meet anyday.

He is loving life right now. Meanwhile I cant even socialize, dress right, go forward with relationships. I have to shower and be "clean" all the time.

Psychiatrists diagnose me with severe PTSD and BPD from abuse. I even had a therapist drop me, he couldnt handle the shit. Made me feel awful

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I've been here for a pretty long time and I obviously know what being a neet is, but what does the acronym stand for?

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Why would you pay your parents back when they allowed that bastard to rape you and get away with it?

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I have no answer anon. I love them, they love me. They gave me a middle class life that besides the raping was good.

Even trying to answer that got me in my feels. I hate blaming them, people tell me to stop blaming them and "get the fuck over it"

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What’s Rsr why will it be a good coin

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Also thoughts on Vechain?

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>"besides the raping was good"
do you have an itchy bunghole or sumn?

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actually yeah because I clean it so often that it bleeds, so it does itch.

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Try maps.org . Maybe you get a spot in the trial if your lucky. All the best anon

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u ghey or sumn nigga?

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I’m sorry bro. My only advice is to not ape into coins out of desperation. I’m early 30s still at home because i have ptsd from finding my brothers mutilated corpse. It made me have a nervouse breakdown. I want money so bad because i cant work a normal job. But if im not careful ill jump into a shitcoin because im desperate. Better to stay steady and patient. So just pay attention to your emotions and use caution. Btc eth and link arent going anywhere, other than that its hard to give reccs. Best of luck anon.

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Similar position as you, Strikingly similar.

I am almost all in vechain.
I like it but I think it is purposefully kept cheap for some nefarious reason.

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>raping op let's you live your best life.
Where you at?
Ok nig nog make his life a hell. Just continually put stress on him. Put a screw in his tire one day. spray weed seeds in his yard, remove roofing tiles, break a window. Wait awhile and find out if he locks his car. Of not drop some panties in his car. Leave lipstick and hair ties places. His wife thinks he's cheating and he's stressed from everything going wrong. The fight and boom divorce. Then start with his work. Send his HR random letters as an anonymous person saying you're scared because you heard he's a rapist. Complain about shit and make it up. Follow it up with another anonymous letter saying he cornered you in a bathroom and threatened to rape you and you're terrified for you life.

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you should probably fucking kys you pedophile faggot

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Hope you sue that mentally ill coward. Also check out PNK

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It must have happened more than once for you to be this affected by it. He’s probably raped other kids and still raping kids. Advice: get CB Therapy to quell the anxiety. Study chart indicators from experts. Make decisive trades at the dip that you know will moon. Always sell before the top. Never fomo.

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I will check out PNK, I aped into REQ recently, always held some but aped in recently.

Well he did corner me in my bedroom.

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Op do this.

>> No.30259545

Well if I’m giving an honest opinion of a gem I’d bmxx buuut fuck that buy XMR get a gun/hitman and take care of it. If you’re planning on killing yourself you may as well enact justice. Or go to church.

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Don't go to church. God let you get raped. God is dead

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>ask OP if he is a faggot
>get called a pedophile out of nowhere by a rando

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Anon you dismissed the post but this is the best advice.

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Well if it were me I would confront him. He will not want to have others aware of what he has done, so you can pretty much make whatever demands you want. I would demand recognition and an apology to have closure. If he refused or escalated I would beat him severely.

I can relate to you only I didn't get 8 years of normal life. My sister and I were abused by my baby sitter when I was 2. I never knew a normal life. I couldn't even look in the mirror and my sister never really recovered. He was 12, went to jail for two years after I gave my statement to the police because my sister who was six was unable to.
It is played out to say be thankful for what you have but that doesn't make it untrue. Confront him, and whatever the outcome you must move on. You can grow, meet a wife that loves you, and be okay. You are still alive. you have the strength. Love you Brother. WGMI

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He rapes his kid no doubt about it. Consider warning his wife about your experience. Maybe even surveil him to see what other kids he’s around and warn their parents too.

>> No.30259728

&ape their kid just for fun

>> No.30259746

>Try to execute on CIA Nigger tactics without the CIA Nigger training that comes with it...
NGMI... ever ever... NGMI...

>> No.30259749

he should cut his dick off imo

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/biz/ therapy time here too:

I was lower middle class, raised poor and ignorant, without a father. I was the smartest person in school and the first person to graduate college. Unfortunately I was in a freak explosion that disfigured me slightly, and I was hit by 2 drunk drivers who almost killed me, bankrupting me in the process. Once the war started I joined DoD and served my country for 20 years in advanced technical capacity, but my clearance kept me from trusting anyone or ever getting married or having children. I am now diagnosed with a terminal disease, struggling under a mountain of debt, and I'm completely alone, and disabled to boot.

Don't kill yourself. I've wanted to. I've seriously thought about it. Even planned it. But God always sends something into my life to make the suffering worthwile. For now, it's my dog. She keeps me sane, and lets me show love to another being and be loved unconditionally. She's better than any human I have ever known.

Don't give up. By the world's standards I am poor, injured, and alone. I have no reason to live. But i have love, and I believe in God, and that's enough. I will pray for you Anon.

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Urn it into a spectacle like mattress girl. Trend on Twitter about how male rape happens and is put away become author, create art, write a book. Stand outside his workplace with a giant teddybear and say how it represents the innocence he stole.

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This sounds copy pasta as fuck. I think ive read this on /r9k or /pol. To the shithole you go dirty larper

>> No.30259859

Bet you think college is an absolute necessity for success, too.

>> No.30259937

Your babysitter was a 12 year old male?

>> No.30259945

>1 post by ID
>college strawman
go back to the mental ward nigger faggot...

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>can't glow without glow training.
They really aren't that clever. They just have more funding than OP.

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>raped at 8 years

>> No.30259991

greentext for ants

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Yes, he was the son of my mothers friend.

>> No.30260028

just a bit more funding... and when I talk about glowniggers... i'm not talking about the diversity hires... the CIA was better when it wasn't full of literal niggers and just consisted of normal glowniggers

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>2 drunk drivers who almost killed me, bankrupting me in the process.

>> No.30260116

This guy has a point. MKultra him op. Slip acid into his food and drink.

>> No.30260178

thanks anon, this is my only place i feel..sorta welcomed. I want a dog too, I used to have one when i was younger but my dad hit the dog in the driveway with his truck

>> No.30260194


req? this is a joke right? you know where the word rekt comes from?
grt will hyperinflate in the summer
lto... literally who

buy: LINK, BNT, eRSDL.

>> No.30260202

I’m sorry m8

>> No.30260237

This life may seem like a punishment, but one day you'll realize what's happening. I would recommend you check out a book called The Sedona Method. We've all got your back on biz, friend

>> No.30260246

>points out logical fallacies by using logical fallacies
Kys stupid fuck. I was just having a laugh, but now I'm MAD and have wished death upon you. So sleep on that, tough guy.

>> No.30260267

req is that bad? Also grt is a good buy?

I missed the boat on link, but I will check out BNT and eRSDL

>> No.30260297

>but what does the acronym stand for?
[N]ot in [E]ducation, [E]mployment or [T]raining

>> No.30260372

no its just me over and over, I live on here anon

>> No.30260388

>>2 drunk drivers who almost killed me, bankrupting me in the process.
was hit by one drunk driver, put me in ICU for 2 weeks, 8 moth recovery period while I was in grad school.

next year was hit by a second drunk driver who blew out a couple of spinal discs and set my recovery back a year.

none of which i could afford to pay the medical bills for, so I was bankrupted as a grad student.

>> No.30260391

Night shifter at a hospital, can confirm lol

>> No.30260423

>I want a dog too, I used to have one when i was younger but my dad hit the dog in the driveway with his truck
My first dog was run over by accident too when i was a teenager, it hurt so bad I never let myself love another one until just recently.

i was wrong to have waited. rescue an abused dog and show it love and kindness. you will feel better and so will your loyal friend.

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I want to doxx him so bad im looking at his facebook right now, but id bet a lawyer would tell me not to, yet.

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>lives life without doggo
Never live without doggo

>> No.30260547

XMR is increasingly being used on the darkweb. It's in a similar position to BTC in 2011, but the price seems less volatile. It's more of a pension-coin than a speculation-coin, not due for any overnight mooning or other weirdness associated with coins that people don't actually use as currency. Big gains by EOY: I don't think so, it's a slower burn.

For the rapist, I don't know. Realistically, if I were your position I'd be in a state of mental paralysis. Looking at it from a distance, I'd want to use Stasi-type tactics to ruin his life.


I don't recommend that you give him cancer using X-rays. A fun trick might be to set him up a Grindr profile using a burner phone and some of his photographs.

>> No.30260635

Fantom bro, read up on it and read the generals, great future for that coin.

Also we’ve got similar perspectives. Shits fucked fren. Hope you do ok.

>> No.30260664

What about a live video rant about what he did? I just checked he is in fact a manager at verizon and has a daughter. He has happy family photos and like 50-100 likes on his selfies with his daughter

>> No.30260716

it's hard to replace someone you love unconditionally and then lose. I just can't do it. when my first dog got hit, i was hurting for years. it still hurts when I think about it.

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File: 1.38 MB, 3327x2872, 20210304_235128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel you. I miss every dog I've ever had they got me through alot but I keep getting doggos and always will.

>> No.30260821

Sad story OP, but the good news is - You are gonna fucking make it. You're stacking GRT, that's literally all that matters. Delegate once you have enough and wait

>> No.30260824

>I want to doxx him so bad im looking at his facebook right now, but id bet a lawyer would tell me not to, yet.
yeah don't doxx him. that makes you look like the asshole person in the wrong. never punish your enemy in a way that could end up punishing you.

>> No.30260905

>What about a live video rant about what he did? I just checked he is in fact a manager at verizon and has a daughter. He has happy family photos and like 50-100 likes on his selfies with his daughter
better to send his employer proof of what he did, if you have it. to protect themselves, they'd want to know if they are hiring and harboring a rapist.

>> No.30260915

Lto is a good pick, i'd keep that one
It sounds like the event left you with trust issues, it's understandable... but those kind of people are a very small minority, give people a chance perhaps.
Hope you make it man, it's easy to give advice but it's just not the same as most of us didn't suffer like that
i hope you find the strength to push through,
I believe in you

>> No.30260935

have you considered just ending the rapist?

>> No.30260942

that's a good boy right there.

>> No.30260954

Fugg that’s fuckingterrible

>> No.30260992

Girl but yeah we were doing a couch nap.

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>raped at 8 years old by family friends son, hes living his best life with kids and smiling photos on fagbook
Wtf why don't you just kill that faggot or at least beat him the fuck up good? If I was in your shoes, then that faggot would be a vegetable.

>> No.30261018

just bad luck, man.

or good luck, if you consider that I should have died, but lived instead. so for me, I use that perspective as a way to feel grateful. some days are easier than others, though, to be honest.

>> No.30261131

awww. :)

>> No.30261135

That probably messed with his development big time. I know my dad beating my mom kinda made me a weird mess.

>> No.30261144

And you'd spend who knows how many years in jail..
It should be subtle, like anon contacting wife and his work perhaps

>> No.30261343

agreed. I think i may go with a ((lawyer)) theyd love to target an established dude with a job, things to lose, large social media base and being your generic rabid sports fan.

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Post what he did on his wifes facebook page. Stop letting him live a good life while you suffer.

>> No.30261426

Why didn’t you kill that motherfucker? Go and kill his entire family, rape his wife as he’s bleeding to death on the floor. I can barely live with myself being a mutted product of a single mother that was humiliated and bullied as a child. If someone did that to me I’d go and fucking kill him. You’ll never be free until you do that.

>> No.30261462

Your body is resilient and will carry you into old age which is the best you hope for from a body.

>> No.30261472


Alternatvely put an anonymous tip in that he's getting inappropriate with his kids then come forward as a character witness when they investigate. Fuck this guy, he doesn't deserve to live comfy.

>> No.30261527

Get screenshots of his social media and see if anything is nefarious

>> No.30261550

>And you'd spend who knows how many years in jail..
Or you could spend the rest of your life inside the prison of your mind, always regretting what happened and feeling helpless. Every day for the rest of your life. Fuck that shit. I'd fuck that nigger up and rape him back myself.

He raped you, destroyed your life, and the best idea that you have is to get a lawyer to do what? Call him a big fat meanie? There are actual ways to destroy a guy's social life without paying some lawyer to take your money and accomplish nothing.

>> No.30261661

This. So much this. I’ve struggled with disrespect in my past, unironically Jordan Peterson helped me reconnect to my darker side. Now I always carry a knife with me (living in cucked europe) and may god has mercy on anyone who disrespects me again. It’s better to die than live without respect.

>> No.30261671

Also my family gets nervous when I bring up getting a lawyer.

In fact my friends AND family get nervous/jumpy. They tell me to pretty much not do it and "just focus on your mental health and going to college"

They all pus thia college shit on me so hard.

Everytime i bring this shit up they immediately try to dismiss or change it to mental health and college goals


>> No.30261719

>raped at 8 years old
If you do anything besides stock your rapist, and then go beat him half to death then you are a cuck faggot. I’m talking knock his teeth out one by one with a hammer, smash his balls with the hammer, break each of his legs, peel off his fingernails and toenails, put a blowtorch to his face, shove sharp items up his ass etc. This is literally your only option anon.

>> No.30261769

Agree with anon here. OP, waiting on a lawyer to try and pursue him on an event that happened when you were a child is not feasible. You clearly outmatch him physically. Giving him the beating of a lifetime will feel better and more satisfying than anything you’ve ever felt. It’s not hard to find the right time and place, disguise yourself, etc. Do it.

>> No.30261785

especially my mom she is dismissive of making a big deal about it. Shes the first one i told about it when it happened.

My friend and his wife push college and goals and mental health blah blah blah.

Almost like they dont believe me. I am willing to do the whole trial live on a lie detector

>> No.30261852

Fuck them. They don't give a fuck about you. They'd rather keep their and that faggot's reputation intact. They're not your family, ok?

If you have money, you can always pay someone in minecraft to do the dirty work for you, and get that faggot into jail. I'm not going to give you ideas, but use QEMU (to randomize HWID) and a VM of Tails inside Tails if you're browsing some shit you shouldn't (in minecraft lmao). Remember to think outside the box and don't play by the server's rules.

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Fuck all of them, do what you have to do to feel better. 10 years ago my ex got hold of nudes of a 17 year old friend of hers and posted them on facebook from my internet connection before packing her shit and leaving, knowing the cops would come arrest me for it. Spent 2 years on bail before having the case thrown out, and 8 years after that not leaving the house because I was depressed. None of my friends believed I didn't do it and I regret not kicking her teeth in for it, god knows she deserved it.

Getting a lawyer doesn't seem like it would work, there would be no evidence (unless you have anything) and I assume statute of limitations is up (no idea if there is one for charges like this where you are).

The law won't handle this to your satisfaction, but I don't see ruining your life further as a good idea by being violent. Make his life hell. Show up when he's picking up his kids from school and yell about what he did. Post what he did on his wife and kids facebooks where everyone can see it. Put signs up in his yard saying what he did. It doesn't take half of this to ruin his life forever.

>> No.30261960

lmao that nigga had his dna upgraded

>> No.30261963

>especially my mom she is dismissive of making a big deal about it. Shes the first one i told about it when it happened.
She loves you but she sido feels guilty. Telling you to move on with her life is her projecting on to you.

Honestly, you need to take revenge into your own hands, fren. You won’t be able to mentally move on without doing this. Don’t be stupid about it obviously and do NOT risk going to jail. But plenty of people get the living shit beaten out of them by unknown assailants...

>> No.30262005
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More info on that if it helps anyone

>> No.30262072

If you had self-respect, you wouldn't feel the need to stab people over perceived slights and insults. Read Plato my man, I'm sure Jordan P would recommend you to as well.

>> No.30262161

>hasn't heard of LTO

>> No.30262238
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How do you find enjoyment in life with chronic pain?
Having a fucked up back and height loss in my early 20s thanks to one gym session is not something I'd planned on ever happening in my life

>> No.30262269

Good idea.

>> No.30262308

post tits

>> No.30262344


Try something called DDP yoga, it was made by an ex wrestler for old wrestlers with back, knee and general joint problems, scales from things people who are almost crippled can do to really extreme stuff. Helped my back and knee joints. Also maybe try some medical weed CBD strains for pain if that's your thing.

>> No.30262370

thanks anon

>> No.30262402


>> No.30262408
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Move on faggot unironically get over it, yes you could beat him or sue him or kill him or rape his kids or whatever.
But after all that it still wont change the past so just man up and move the fuck on

>> No.30262495

Youre advice is shit
Fuck off.
Either it's the court case way which could fuck up his life
Or if thats not possible,
the subtle sabotaging by emailing his boss and wife what happened. Which still wouldnt be illegal
Op has a job, great body and ambitions to make it, he doesnt need legal trouble

>> No.30262504

Buy FEG!

>> No.30262642

Send constant anonymous messages to his house with shit like "I know what you did". His wife would know she didn't do anything and get real suspicious. Or pay hookers to show up while he's having a family dinner and demand money they say he owes them.

>> No.30263187

>Once the war started

Which one?

>> No.30263215

Honest question: how do you feel about revenge? Do you think it would help?

Also, do you think he keeps doing It?

>> No.30263253

Hey anon, what happened to you is really shitty and I'm sorry. I hope you are able to deal with your trauma in a way that YOU see fit. Your friends, family, and even the people here will all give you different advice according to their personal lens and what helps them sleep at night. I just hope you do what's right for yourself and choose the path of least regret.
If you're in your 20s, there are still many opportunities for you to find joy in life. I won't tell you not to kill yourself because I don't understand the pain you're going through but I do hope you see better days.

>> No.30263308

You should do it bro.
With the general vibe of people outing sexual predators there would be a big wave of support for you. But leave the pills alone.
You need to get it if your chest bro, biggest support to you

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