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There's a lot of people talking about this browser lately. I wanted to do my fellow /g/entoomen a service by clearing some things up. There's a citation list at the bottom of this post for doubters.

>Completely FOSS
>IPFS Support OOTB
>Optional Tor tabs
>Extremely fast page loads
>Regularly incorporates patches from UG Chromium
>Built-in Ad-blocker partly based on uBO, frequently updated
>Regarded as a top tier, secure, privacy browser by credentialed academic researchers
>Optional lightweight torrent client for inspecting a torrent before passing it off to your actual client
>Best in class protection against fingerprinting via contextually driven randomization algorithms
>All the extension and DRM'd media playback support of Chromium
>Sync works independently of Google and utilizes blockchain technology
>No telemetry (unless you opt in to Brave Rewards)
>Completely optional (opt-in) rewards program for people who want to get thrown some change for watching ads provided via an anonymized recommendation system, which is far better than the advertising model we deal with on the rest of the web
>The rewards come in the form of BAT, essentially a stable-coin which can be traded on every major crypto exchange

TLDR: If you need a Chromium/Blink-based browser, Brave is far and away the best option. Hands down. If you need a Gecko-based browser, IceCat or LibreWolf are ideal. These are the best browsers in existence right now.

- https://www.scss.tcd.ie/Doug.Leith/pubs/browser_privacy.pdf
- https://theprivacyguide1.github.io/why_brave_isnt_bad.html
- https://github.com/brave/adblock-rust
- https://arxiv.org/pdf/1811.08460.pdf
- https://lukesmith.xyz/articles/brave.html
- https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2020/02/27/brave-beats-other-browsers-in-privacy-study/
- https://techcrunch.com/2021/01/19/brave-web-browser-adds-native-support-for-peer-to-peer-ipfs-protocol/
- https://www.ghacks.net/2021/02/25/latest-brave-browser-update-fixes-tor-onion-dns-leak/

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/g/ + /biz/ cross boarder here. trying to wake people up about brave and BAT. BAT will be at least $1 EOM.

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Heh, nice try, but I have neocities on my side

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I'm feelin' a little batty tonight boys

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I browse /g/ as well. I've yet to see anyone shit on Brave for a legitimate reason, only fake and gay FUD.

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That's cool and all, but BAT will continue to dump for now. Check the Bearish Divergence on the 1D RSI

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Don't know what that means, buying 1k more.

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so what are u talking about lol

don’t be a bastard who believes in this shit that is shilled on /biz/
>tax will kill ethereum and common trading with lp
if you wanna live and have profit follow me
take a look at ENQ Blockchain, gem ecosystem for smart asses

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based, but the /g/ schizo trannies will always hate Brave. They're literal trannies who are still mad that Brendan voted against gay marriage or something

/biz/ is pajeets that hate the idea of losing fraudulent ad revenue because of Brave. /g/ is trannies that hate Brave for psychotic reasons. Brave/BAT are too good for either board

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i find bat interesting but can't really see a huge price jump. people who got in way early will be fine, but still i don't see the utility of paying bats to advertisers and shit just to browse the internet anonymously? there's an answer to that, it's called a vpn. it is a cool idea and there are good people behind it, but it may be too far future focused to be a mainstream adoption like chrome browser. this isn't fud, i like bat but i haven't invested due to these reasons. also, i don't know a ton about bat so don't get upset holders.

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So its a botnet on smartphones?

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I'd smash

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I only use a FOSS OS (Fedora) on both of my PCs, and use LineageOS on my phone. Brave is free and open source software, and Brave is the only Chromium fork I will ever touch.

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Thanks but no thanks

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Brave is really just the initial client for BAT. BAT is about making the attention economy more efficient and there’s huge room for growth there.

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unironically $1000
purchase and lost on trading
what a stupid, now he cries on every /biz/ shit
don’t send him money
I suggested him to use fucking amazing justliquidity and hodl star juld but looks like he is too dumb to realize this

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/pol/ stay leaking it's slime in other threads.

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>that pic


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I've got $100 worth of BAT from rewards. You see the utility yet? BAT are paid to the users.

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Yikes. What's that room smell like Batbros?

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I see the divergence. Lowest prices you'll see from now on will probably be 55 cents at the bottom. I'm not going to bother to swing it because I don't see it as a guarantee, but godspeed, man.

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Just got my March BAT payout for one of my computers. 6.00 BAT, or over $3. From my other computer I'll probably get another $3 or so. Not a ton, but feels good to be paid by my browser.

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>paying bats to advertisers and shit just to browse the internet anonymously
this isn't the Brave/BAT system. I have no clue where you got this from
>can't really see a huge price jump
See pic related. Brave has just under 10 million daily average users as of the end of February 2021. There's a fixed supply of 1.5 billion BAT, which would be 150 per daily user. If Brave achieves 1% market share (20x more), that would mean 200 million daily average users, or 7.5 BAT per daily user. You won't get any more money from opting into Brave rewards (you'd just get less BAT), but the value of an individual token would be significantly higher. As in $10, $20, or higher when you consider how many people bought up BAT stacks to squeeze supply.
Also, BAT from Brave rewards is stored locally until transferred out (minimum of 25 to do this), and if the browser is deleted or put away, that BAT is simply taken out of the supply forever.
>source for pic, take it as you will https://kinsta.com/browser-market-share/

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Bear in mind my numbers are just basic arithmetic derived from the figures in the pic don't rake me over the coals. The concept remains the same regardless of specific figures.

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Its the other way around, advertisers are buying BAT to advertise to users, 70% goes to users, 30% goes to publishers. 99% of BAT is already in circulation too, the only way for Brave to sell BAT is to continuously buy it as well. Brave is steadily growing, if you havent seen the Roadmap 2.0 I encourage you to since it is extremely bullish imo. The roadmap, a Brave search engine, things like a decentralized VPN(paid with BAT), private video calling service are some of the things that will be coming in the time ahead. There arent big announcements for thing such as the last 2 since theyre keeping it under wraps until its ready, but is still in the making. Plus, a DEX with liquidity pools is going to be an extra plus for long time BAT holders since now they can finally have an even better reason to hodl.

Again, things have changed in the last few weeks which is why there is suddenly more attention on this project, dyor because theres a lot coming down the road. It could pique your interest whether or not you decide to invest.
t. newfag

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We have been recovering while bitcoin crabs lol

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I'm trying to imagine

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You know why you constantly have to spam new threads with the same old garbage? Because nobody cares about or loves you

best fud I've seen

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>paying bats to advertisers
Advertisers pay brave, brave pays users bats to look at ads.

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I was going to swing trade again tonight but we didn't get our usual 1am dump then pump to 3am when we dump again then the nightly climb until 6am.
Idk what changed but ill take it

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Still a newfag so idk if this has been addressed a long time ago, but what does it mean if a small majority of wallets controller a good amount of the supply?

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this is my weeks earning of BAT, feels comfy knowing google isnt getting a cent of it.
That small amount will be worth 250 next year

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it means the SEC and IRS should be arresting the owners of those wallets for manipulation and insider trading. I'm going to be watching them.

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quit shilling this exact crappy post on here and tech board. What other boards are you shilling your worthless browser on?

>> No.30261448

just like the "brave" autist that keeps shilling this shitty browser on every board I see, with the exact same copy pasta opening posts.

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printed on a greenback, dudes literally forget CFX

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Oh hey look, it's the autist from the other thread.

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Not trying to FUD, but this is concerning. Obviously a lot has probably changed in 3 years and a good amount of that could have been traded or sold in circulation, but still worth knowing.

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>watched the price trundle down over the last 48 hours
>bought more
>price started to recover
>it's now dipped even lower

Some buzz.

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Christ that's bad. It means we're going to have BAT manipulated by these whales for years like REN is. REN has absolutely insane price manipulation. I literally watched the graph do impossible shit as whales literally coordinated to stop the moon in its tracks and completely destroy the bull momentum.

This is bearish as fuck not gonna lie and I already know where this is going to go. Seriously watch future attempts with BAT to moon and you'll see the bull runs come to sudden ends as whales coordinate dumps to force the price down every single time, I'm not feel too good bros.

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I installed brave on android device. How can I collect rewards? What I've seen on videos doesn't work, anymore?

> //chrome:flags
> search rewards
> no results

Besides, how do i connect my wallet to get tokens?

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whales in BATs case are particularly bullish, they know the value in advertisement and will push the price as high as it can go for more ad view to bat ratio. It's a whole different game with BAT and the huge whales are our friends

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Are you literally or just figuratively retarded?

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It would be ideal if they kept the price below $1 for the next year so we can acooooomulate

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Whos to say that hasnt been happening this whole time? I dont know enough about BAT trends to really figure it out though. If the whales were smart, they just slowly trickle the supply back in. Or better yet, they could stake it in the liquidity pool when it comes out.

Worst case scenario is (((big tech))) owns and controls a large portion of BAT and are waiting for their moment to tear Eich down.

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>Worst case scenario is (((big tech))) owns and controls a large portion of BAT and are waiting for their moment to tear Eich down.
How would big tech owning large amounts of bat tear Eich down?

I mean in actuality, if that were the case, BAT is going to moon hard as fuck due to the circulating supply disappearing and we can cash out fast. Sucks for Brave though lol.

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I only go to >>>/g/ during the Apple and Samsung showcases.
But their arguments against Brave are just pathetic.
It basically comes down to this:
>It uses Google search as the default search engine.
>It uses spyware when you enable brave rewards.
>The Brave shields don't block everything and ignores Facebook
>It has an auto update function

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Currently the top 23 wallets hold 50% of the supply. However, the vast majority of that includes all the accounts on Binance, Huobi, lending through Compound, etc.

>> No.30263671

this desu

>> No.30263692

I can imagine some time down the line if Brave starts to look like a legit threat to them, then they can just dump all of the coins bringing down the value. For all of the normies who probably only have BAT through Brave might discourage them from using it. This is 100% baseless tin foil hat speculation, but its still worrying that a very few amount of people out of nowhere decided to buy a fuck ton of BAT right from the beginning.

Again, when the DEX and liquidity pools are fully up and running then this FUD will be useless once all of those coins are locked up. I should probably stop before I start to FUD up this thread, but I will probably share this in the future so I can get others to look into it more. Even though Im still a newfag stacklet I want this project to succeed.

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BAT actually has one of the most evenly distributed tokens. This is all easily verifiable on the blockchain. https://etherscan.io/token/tokenholderchart/0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef

Also I will hopefully have some news for the friday thread later today. Keep your eyes out. It is an expansion of BAT utility, and we might be able to do some very cool stuff with it if we can get enough people involved.

>> No.30263845

what kind of cool stuff

>> No.30263897

I'm reminded how fudders keep saying BAT threads are such "low energy".


I'm going to an hero now, bye d00ds

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I'm a little bit scared at how powerful Brave is going to get in the future if their exponential growth keeps going which seems likely because Brave just offers a better user experience than other browsers. It would not particularly be bad for the user, but more for website owners. If a substantial amount of the internet uses Brave as their browser, these websites have 1 choice: sign up as a Brave Publisher or don't make any money.

The built-in adblock will prevent any other ad networks from showing their ads so there's no competition. The only way these websites would be able to make money from ads is through Brave Ads. It's almost the same with Google now (most ad networks get their inventory from Google Ad Exchange), but at least you can still use a different ad network than Google because Chrome doesn't block non-Google ads by default. It would kinda be like as if Google blocked all ads on Chrome, except for their own.

It would of course be bullish for BAT, but it might lead to a monopoly in the ad market where there's only 1 ad network: Brave Ads.

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This would require a domination of the web browser market which I don't think is likely. I'd expect it to play the niche which Firefox used to fill. Their all time high market share was just under a quarter, 23.75% in like 2012

>> No.30264100

>It would of course be bullish for BAT, but it might lead to a monopoly in the ad market where there's only 1 ad network: Brave Ads.
Well, that's... certainly bullish, at least.

>> No.30264109

I've never heard of g and I refuse to branch out.
Pol is garbage lately so why even bother.
Literally who?

>> No.30264127

It's a valid concern, especially as I keep seeing posts pop up about that Chinese woman being an overall terrible leftist who's anti white and shit.

Brave has a huge possibility of going full woke and you know what happens when you go woke

>> No.30264146

basically in other worlds I don't know if BATenreich is actually going to take over the entire internet, although it could push the big players of the internet towards a more user-oriented experience

>> No.30264176

in other words* ffs

>> No.30264333

Maybe. But it's not impossible for them to go much further than Firefox, especially on mobile devices, which most normies use nowadays to browse the web. It's incredibly easy to convert people to switch to Brave Mobile with 2 words - no ads. Browsers spread incredibly fast through word of mouth, we all saw how quickly Chrome took over when people started telling their friends about it.

On desktop you can easily install an adblocker, but if I recall correctly, you can not install extensions on mobile Chrome so you cannot block ads that way. Most people don't even know that it's possible to block ads on mobile so when you tell them that there's a browser that's privacy oriented, faster, and where you don't see ads unless you want to get paid for them the switch is easily made. Especially when they can import their passwords and browsing history etc with a few clicks.

I hope that that will be less of a concern when it becomes more decentralized so that Brave can not shut down publishers that have different views. Whether that be woke or based.

>> No.30264666

It unfortunately displays poor management decisions if he's hiring woke trash like he isn't even paying attention to what the woke mobs have been doing to this country.

That is the most concerning thing and we all better keep our eyes on BAT related news and be ready to exit in the event the unstable garbage woke crowd destroys Brave from within.

>> No.30264734

Well, thats definitely more reassuring, thank you anon. Cant wait to hear the good news.

I'm pretty sure its Eich's plan to crush google(growing app suite) or at the very least create a better industry standard for privacy and being more user oriented. Still, Brave bringing in decentralized private based browser into Web 3.0 would be very much ideal and wlooks like its currently on track to usher in a new internet age. Yes, that does sound kinda cringe, but I dont think Im wrong.
I wouldnt mind if it would lead to Brave having a large share of the market as long as their products work but most importantly Brave doesnt stray away from what got it popular in the first place. Just like I wouldnt mind if Google was still on top as long they were indirectly forced by the markets to change their model for privacy and respect for its users. I'm indifferent to whose name is up there, I want better standards dammit. Still would be bullish though.

Yeah she does have BLM in her Twitter or whatever, but that Jezebel article posted a few days ago was fake mon. I dont think she has explicitly said any anti-white comments. I would expect she already knew Eich doesnt approve of gay marriage yet she still works for him.

Almost makes me wish I wasnt unemployed atm so I could buy more.

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>be ready to exit
>for some political bullshit
>on a project aiming for higher decentralization in the future
I'm good

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Bullish as fuck, buying more.

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I think we'll be alright, Batbro

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Check out SENT AND OMI. They will experience the same growth pattern as BAT. Currently you can get in at the most perfect dip for either. Has over 2x since February.

>> No.30265908

Poorfag here. Bought 45 BAT at .666. Am I gonna make it

>> No.30266274

Literally. I didn't see it because out was hidden and had to scroll to see it in the menu. So thank you.

Now how do my rewards to my wallet?

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*weird facial expressions seems like im calculating number of particles in universe*

>> No.30267240

Not with 45 BAT anon.

>> No.30267495

There is literally no reason for the BAT token to exist, other than as a cash grab for the devs.
Paying out users for ads is an interesting approach, but this can be done with any token.

>> No.30268843

Resilient little coin, this.

Back up to .68 in no time.

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>> No.30269006

Then why is BAT the only token that you get for free by using a browser?

>> No.30269172

I thought this too but I was listening to an interview with Eich and it actually makes sense why BAT exists for the Brave model. He wanted to cut out predatory tracking software and invasive/possibly dangerous ads by default, but not cuck every website on the internet by cutting off all ad revenue. A solution to this is micropayments to websites you visit with the option to manually select which websites get how much in "tips" each month. But it would be unreasonable to ask people to link their bank account (and not be very private), and when they tried to use BTC everybody would just hoard it. The solution was a unique token.

>> No.30270493

I just purchased 150 BAT and ready to go to the moon.

>> No.30270912

Have you guys seen r/girlsgonebat ? This is gonna yuge. So glad I bought my sui stack at .60

>> No.30271424


But where are all the brown chicks

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>> No.30271581

So how high it can potentially reach? I kinda thought it's a 0,2-1$ stablecoin.

>> No.30271705

Brave is a shitty chrome clone with a shitty ad blocker that will never catch on

>> No.30271784

it means it's a pump and dump scheme

>> No.30271796

They’re cuming just slow to adapt

>> No.30272412

Discord tranny, just use a trip code already.

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>a month of being brave

>> No.30272862

how we feeling bat bros?

>> No.30272873

>That small amount will be worth 250 next year

>> No.30272958

2.50 BTC

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ngl this gave me dopamine

>> No.30273617

BAT pumping while BTC dumping kek

>> No.30273879

>Expected Rewards: 54.480 BAT
>Claim Rewards: "Congrats you got 1.5 BAT"


>> No.30273948

Killed by ERC 20 fees. Token cannot even function anymore. SAD! Many such cases.

>> No.30273970

was it an automatic transfer to wallet by brave?
or is there a button/process you had to click/do?

>> No.30274066
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mfw I use brave on my laptop, desktop and phone
mfw its barely been a year of usage

>> No.30274416


>> No.30274446

Damn I was hopeful BAT would drop below .60 so I could average down and become a majority stakeholder in the company. I want weekly zoom calls with icke.

>> No.30274574
File: 193 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210305-085459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a screenshot from my mobile

>> No.30274586


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Back up to .70 prepare for liftoff batbrodies

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File: 1.40 MB, 426x290, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

13k BATBOY standing by. I kinda wish I bought more when it was down in the 60s

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um guys, we're recovering fast than other alts, we're gonna make it aren't we?

>> No.30275701

in the grand scheme of things, if this token does big things the difference between 70c and 60c won't mean much.

>> No.30276035


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>only 1.3k bats
fuck me.

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Please stay low for at least another few months
If you look at things in the long term, we want BAT to be low, let me explain
We want a lot of normies to start using Brave, and one of the main incentives is the free BAT, which 90% will probably associate more with reddit karma than money
We want BAT to be low price so they get more of it, giving them more dopamine, and getting more of their normie friends to adopt
then and only then, will the price skyrocket, giving us all lambos

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Aand this is precisely why I didn't bother selling at the local top. I have no idea when BAT's just gonna rocket upward out of nowhere. Not to mention BTC's being quite indecisive (which is helping BAT finally take off, don't get me wrong).

>> No.30276262 [DELETED] 

take a look at dex for JustLiquidity
don’t make fast push
>go 500$ on staking
>waited a month
>rewarded to 1000$ staking pools
taxes so low, lmao don’t cry about gas on ERC

>> No.30276313

brave is completely open source? then it should be possible to get a build without going through their wallet trust ecosystem

>> No.30276333

To be fair, this is probably the best market cycle for such a thing to happen. I don't think we'd necessarily want BAT to move next market cycle. BAT ought to be a powerful first-mover in its space.

>> No.30276343

Yes we’re gonna make it. Sell the browser, never sell the token.

>> No.30276398

whys my bat doin a little somthin this morning? was there news or we just following btc again?

>> No.30276532

Morning sistah. It’s one of the few coins that operates independent of BTC. Not entirely, but it will eventually.

>> No.30277564
File: 1.74 MB, 1900x3414, KEK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With this weird invasion of all the bots and plebbit GME $ losers, this board is changing. Out of all the new threads KEK seems to really like giving the BATbros gets. Careful though. KEK can reward but he is chaos. Enjoy the gets and don't forget to check and speak his name. Lets see how crazy clown world can get.


>> No.30278006


I made 1.5 bat in two days of using it ; you're probably doing something wrong.

- Set ads to max (5 per hours)
- Don't gift any, set auto-contribution to off
- Make sure to browse sites compatible with BAT gifts, like reddit, twitter, github, youtube and a few others
- Make sure to open new tabs regularly

>> No.30278099
File: 190 KB, 150x113, 1608685911140.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly the amount of bog posting and fucking gets that I have seen throughout this board the past couple weeks is absolutely alarming.

>> No.30278226

wtf how?
I get like 0.25 per day I think.

Worst of all, it still shows me an ad every 4th new tab but only adds 0.01 BAT again after some time has passed.
This is absolutely gay.

>> No.30278241


>> No.30278301

Checked. And the bottom image being posted continuously. That same image was posted about trump.

>> No.30278402
File: 13 KB, 306x325, 1601649639784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf man, this is insane.

>> No.30278422


Come to think of it, it might have been 3 days and not 2, still 0.5 BAT a day. I spend 90% of my time on the computer though.

>> No.30278570
File: 58 KB, 400x560, 71gZasTOSxL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes I'm a newfag.

Also noticed Wikipedia is BAT registered now which is pretty neat.
^ Imagine if they mention BAT/Brave in their yearly begging for donations?

>> No.30278677
File: 391 KB, 1170x951, 1612716542555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30278891


Is this bullish for BAT?

>> No.30279013

KEK will tell you in gets.

>> No.30279102

This also, 333 and then right after 666. Happens a lot in BAT threads.

>> No.30279926
File: 76 KB, 768x768, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been going through the archive of the BAT threads from the past few days. Like these gets from the same thread. The amount is insane. This is how you decipher what he is saying.

>> No.30279927

200 million users is not 1%, you dipshit. There's not 20 billion people in the world, nevermind daily when users.

>> No.30280206
File: 94 KB, 542x831, 1614376559036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome, brothers.

>> No.30280905

I'm chilling with my 150 BATS

>> No.30282263
File: 83 KB, 1864x256, 7777777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like BAT is next.

>> No.30282700

I bet we still hit steady $1 by EOM. It's going to be a tough run, but hopeuflly there's some hope with stimmies and a few more collabs. We also need more positive crypto news in whole. The Ethereum rollups should give us another positive boost this month.

>> No.30283507
File: 70 KB, 554x554, wojakpink1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30284149
File: 2 KB, 482x59, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how long does this shit take

>> No.30284256

luv dis coin <3333

>> No.30284328
File: 761 KB, 800x843, 205B70E7-423A-41B8-8DF3-DBE5670327D1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please drop below .60 so I can load up and average down further and eventually become a majority stakeholder in the company.

>> No.30284712

Even last night's dip only brought it to .63X, and it was .72 by the morning. We'll never see the .5Xs again. And if we do, the whole market is about to crash.

>> No.30284921

Wait about 1 hour.

>> No.30286042


>> No.30286287

When will this hit $40 so I can retire?

>> No.30286557


>> No.30287990
File: 168 KB, 833x771, curious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought 3k BAT, we're gonna make it bros

>> No.30288046
File: 20 KB, 458x458, BAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30288121

Realistically 3.5-4 years.
5$ EOY
12-18$ 2yr
20-30$ 3yr
32-40$ 4yr
100-200 5yr

>> No.30288184

If BTC is going to crab at 46-49k we're in for quite a wait. This shit is so annoying.

>> No.30288285

$5 EOY from what factors? srs question I need to convince my friends to buy in

>> No.30288328

how are you basing these predictions? Just with DEX we're seeing $20 and thats within a year and a half, i see people using brave more than ever now, its spreading like wildfire. Safe estimate is $40 for next year and that's not a meme

>> No.30288370
File: 35 KB, 1343x484, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am i going to make it, frens?

>> No.30288395

how do i get 5 ads an hour?

>> No.30288450
File: 36 KB, 600x583, 21414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your ID has your answer fren.

>> No.30288460

Why does BTC act like the S&P? How can that change over time?

>> No.30288491

it's not 5 per hour, it's a max of 5. I usually get more in the afternoon.

>> No.30288505
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 1593360313590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


thanks, fren, see you at the top

>> No.30288512

>be in western country
>coax targeted ads by looking up crypto and normie related shit
>farm new tab sponsored image ads, every 5th tab is an ad.

>> No.30288537
File: 29 KB, 660x407, adsettings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


you can set the MAX for 5 an hour, but it wont guarantee you get 5. Here.

>> No.30288665


Is this based on anything proper?

>> No.30288927


>> No.30288961

I think it’s gonna struggle with the $1 resistance point for a while before it breaks out. By the time it’s breaks out past 2$ it’ll be be July/August. Lots of paperhanded whores nickel and diming this project. Best thing for us is more wild seesaw swings to flush the faggits out

>> No.30289074
File: 110 KB, 624x456, bat 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Limited supply 1.5bn, 1.4bn already in circulation.

Growing user base, from 10MAU 2019 to 25MAU 2020 and expectation is 50MAU by 2021.
If every user has only 30 bat (roughly 21$) in their wallet supply will be completely locked up.

BAT solves a major issue for a 300BN dollar industry.

BAT is a working web 3.0 project. BAT has a growing list of features, coming soon, including a DEX, NFT, and a their own search engine built from the ground up which is customer focused.


>> No.30289224

institutional investors probably

>> No.30289502

Nah Hindus bro. Go to any convenience store and buy some Juul pods or bath salts and study their hit and run style of doing biz. They give zero fucks about repeat business.

>> No.30289560

its still at 67 cents FAGGOT

>> No.30290008

kek, just 2 more weeks !!!

>> No.30290146

I just hope that search engine ain’t some Bing level POS. It needs to be at least DDG level to sway people into using it.

>> No.30290273


Private/incognito tabs automatically use DDG on brave, so I would imagine they want to replicate it

>> No.30290412

>but it wont guarantee you get 5.
smash CTRL + T and go through one individually for paypal, toro, or mini ads. click on those.
it will show you more than 5 ads on starting page per hour but they will not count.

>> No.30290533

>they will not count

Then whats the point? unless I misunderstood?

>> No.30290536
File: 365 KB, 1126x875, pepe bat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah this is a concern, I really don't like DDG honestly. I only use it because I despise google.

It'd be a pretty hard sell for a company though, display tech which is fundamentally worse than what you've already got as an option, and still get bought out (team and all). I have high hopes honestly

>> No.30290580

held BAT for a long time, im being pessimistic but i see 15 dollars in the long term, thoughts?

>> No.30290621

ctrl+r to refresh a new tab also works without making your cpu bust a nut

>> No.30290797

I just tried to collect my BAT rewards for the month and they fucking disappeared. What the fuck do I do?

>> No.30290867

if youre trying to fish for 5 an hour thats the way. its just that 5 ads per hour will count toward bats

>> No.30290871

Okay, so I was figuring the market would be trashed by now. Completely wrong and now you have to wait for the weekend dip

>> No.30290920


>> No.30291302

Extremely likely something is not properly configured on your end. You could be using a DNS resolver or hosts file which blocks some Brave servers. You could have accidentally reset Brave rewards. How should any of us know what you did wrong? Write Brave support, which cannot be found on /biz/.

>> No.30291345

redditors are saying the same thing, must be a uphold bug or some shit


>> No.30291411

DDG keeps getting better. The Wolfram Alpha integration is what really makes it shine. I happily use it over Google. The only thing I use Google for any more is maps.

>> No.30291503

I can literally see you watching me through my Webcam so just fix this shit CSIS

>> No.30291695


>> No.30291727

Here you go familino budderino: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001059151-Contact-Us

>> No.30291859

come back when you got 4500 BAT

>> No.30291971

i could see it staying above $1 at least by EOY

>> No.30292016

He said you can get the 5 ads an hour guaranteed this way so you don't have to worry about it

>> No.30292139

the cap on the supply is nearly hit. The higher demand for the token as Brave grows and the DEX opens, the higher BAT goes. I see at least 3$ by EOY.

>> No.30292248

Thanks anon I genuinely couldn't find their contact info

>> No.30292265

Is there an eta on DEX arriving? I'm actively swinging my way up to a decent stack

>> No.30292279
File: 187 KB, 666x718, ;_;.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you check this?

>> No.30292420

12-18 months. with its own wallet and brave integration

>> No.30292523
File: 77 KB, 1268x396, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30292580

holy shit its almost up, so that pretty much means no more new ones can be bought/acquired after it hits that limit?

>> No.30292596
File: 121 KB, 1149x559, 20210305_131305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is about half a month of me using Brave exclusively. Still trying to sort out how to get a consistent 5 ads an hour. Only seem to be able to average that for about 3 hours then there's a huge drop off of 0 ads an hour.

>> No.30292604
File: 123 KB, 540x405, 6A2FF579-D0A4-447C-8E08-BF5490C5732F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever you’re doing seems to be working. Keep it up. Fuck Google. Is there a worse company on the face of this planet? They make Monsanto look like angels.

>> No.30292638

I hope this timeframe is correct. I'm gonna hold BAT and ETH to the moon.

>> No.30292687
File: 277 KB, 655x599, 1612201588799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want it to pump so I have a year to build my stack

>> No.30292712

If this happens then my parents will finally be proud of me for making some money while sitting on my ass.

>> No.30292753

Exactly, which means the price goes way up. That's what we've been hyping. More Brave users > more BAT out there > price goes up.

The DEX is going to blow the roof off.

>> No.30292784

You can buy BAT from coinbase, like what I did. I dropped $100 into it and am now chilling with 150 BAT

>> No.30292835

buy from coinbase pro, coinbase fees are aids

>> No.30292987

I'm aware you can buy BAT, I'm looking at this as more so passive income. I'm not trying to pay for a stack, just farm a moderate amount while I browse.

>> No.30293009

I would use coinbase pro, but my portfolio is only $250.

>> No.30293099

that seems like a crazy day volume for a 1.5b cap

>> No.30293102
File: 151 KB, 1635x876, graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao thats fine, im barely higher than you and I still use it, the graphs are mesmerizing to look at even though I have no clue what the fuck is going on

>> No.30293108

Fair enough

>> No.30293188

Does it cost any money to switch? Will I be able to just use my normal coinbase account for it?

>> No.30293229

just buy it - but if youre using windows you need to make sure your system notifcations or turned on or youll hardly see anything but a new tab ad

you hardly need any money, deposit what you have in USD - convert this to USDC from your portfolio tab, then use that to set your buy. don't market buy just set a reasonable limit your comfortable with

>> No.30293310

I'll think about switching. I'm pretty happy with how coinbase is right now but I do have to agree with the fees being annoying asf.

>> No.30293338

you can transfer all your coinbase holdings to pro for free. "Pro" doesnt actually mean anything, pro is a free service and your coinbase account will work on it. Coinbase pro is literally just coinbase but with lower fees and fancy graphs.

>> No.30293498
File: 211 KB, 1352x1026, Screenshot at Mar 05 13-25-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck it, ima switch

>> No.30293597

the switch is instant man, you use the same login for coinbase pro and all your information is already there. i think its seriously stupid how they dont just merge the two

>> No.30293645

>Coinbase pro is literally just coinbase but with lower fees and fancy graphs.
Which makes no fucking sense on why it isn't just integrated with the regular.
Only thing i can come up with is coinbase wants to jew people who are new / dont know what they are doing

>> No.30293656
File: 2 KB, 125x111, PepeFren2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30293718

one last question. Is the app for pro up more than the app for regular coinbase? idk if its just my area but the app is always down.

>> No.30293719

thats exactly it. regular coinbase preys on the people who don't know better and want a shiny UI

>> No.30293721

Here's a scenario. Brave estimate they're going to see an additional 25 million monthly active users EOY. Assume that maybe 1 in 3 people who try brave between now and December continue using it til then. If each user spends a week trying the browser and attempting to farm BAT and we assume they average around 0.5 BAT a day, that'd be 3.5 BAT each, 262.5 million BAT claimed. But there's only around 210 million not in circulation atm, AND you've got the pre-existing 25 million farming BAT AND all the traders buying BAT outright.

Logically we're going to see the price of BAT skyrocket by the end of the summer, nevermind EOY

>> No.30293805

dont really us the app sorry, i just do everything through the website.

>> No.30293946

I've never had a problem with either. But always use pro to buy. The only thing missing from it is a wallet address but once your funds clear you can just move it down to regular coin base or even the new coin base wallet and do whatever you please with your crypto.

>> No.30294134
File: 7 KB, 250x239, booba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30294206

>The only thing missing from it is a wallet address
it has it, go to portfolio, deposit, pick your coin and itll generate a wallet address

>> No.30294324

Do you need to verify your ID to use pro? If you do i'll just stick with regular for a lil bit.

>> No.30294413

Oh shit thanks.
This really just solidifies my belief that coinbase regular preys on the weak and stupid.
Never need to use it again.

>> No.30294734

I'm in a US state where they want your ID for anything you do online.
But i have a sibling who lives out of state who said pro would not let them buy anything without being ID verified while on regular coinbase they were just able to link a bank account and start buying.

>> No.30294814

internet 3.0 is about paying the user to use well basically the internet because it sucks ass and is a huge waste of time unless you are 13 years old and never experienced the before times aka a real life when you make it you transition back there tldr internet sucks and pays you to use it welcome to "web" 3.0

>> No.30295036

On pro, I have to link my ID. On regular all I have to do is just link my bank account. I'll just regular for now and switch to pro later. Verifying my ID is a pain in the ass.

>> No.30295222

>i don't see the utility of paying bats to advertisers and shit just to browse the internet anonymously
it doesnt even have to sell the anonymity factor. think of it this way - zoomers and retards love buying twitch bucks to tip their favorite streamers. imagine if you could do this with BAT - a currency you can earn by using the browser. what if you could do it with onlyfans?
you can already tip people with BAT on twitter and facebook.

>> No.30295316

Guessing that was Wednesday, the pump day.

>> No.30295434
File: 4 KB, 204x117, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

most likely, last 24 is still pretty darn high.

>> No.30295485

Yea, if they get partnered with twitch then that'll make this currency skyrocket

>> No.30295707

i guess we hit the bump limit on this thread and then start the friday thread. I have some news on expanded BAT utility I want to share for anyone interested.

>> No.30295895
File: 2.46 MB, 1174x1200, monkeypenis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go on
>pic related, batbros in this thread

>> No.30295923
File: 73 KB, 650x400, DWv2UdHWAAAIPkD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so, 50% higher max supply than chainlink. BAT has the potential for ~$20 in the future me thinks. I held this shitcoin through thick and thin while it crabbed for the last three years and it feels so good to see the team actually building hype and getting the price pumping for once.

lets get it bat bros

>> No.30296103


Getting a partnership going is the biggest hurdle, but there's also talking Amazon getting involved with brave anyway, so it's not impossible.

You can contribute to twitch streamers, but it's done through the browser/auto-contribute, rather than twitch setting it up for everyone

>> No.30296758

well thats what we're all speculating on, but a big name is definitely a challenge.
the only reason i bought a 6k stack is i gave the browser a week over chrome and found it to be a superior product.

>> No.30297243
File: 66 KB, 946x523, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30297380

im retarded what does this mean

>> No.30297554

We're on a good trajectory for growth based on our recovery from the last dip.

>> No.30297572

BAT tested the support and passed, thus will pump to new heights with a new support.

I'm a newfag and retarded and even I see this.

>> No.30297575

you can make any chart look good with lines

>> No.30297807

Like my old granpa Elliott "shittywaves" would've said...You are fucked up till abc

>> No.30297873

ok I buy now

>> No.30297938

So in other words buy as much as you can during this weekends dip.
I wish i had another couple of weeks to get more BAT before take off. 3000 doesn't seem like alot, might sell off some ETH for it.

>> No.30297985

Try with brave too, i downloaded it some weeks ago and its pretty neat, i Like it

>> No.30298063

how do we know theres going to be a dip this weekend?

>> No.30298226

BTC always parties too hard on Sat / Sunday and shits the bed dragging everyone else down with it.
Its like clock work.

>> No.30298254

There might not even be a dip this weekend desu, BAT is looking bullish as fuck.

But again, I am retarded so take what I say with a slab of salt. Personally, I bought a bunch @ a .68 today because regardless of whether or not there is a small dip that price will be relatively inconsequential in the long term because I think this thing will be big.

>> No.30298337
File: 67 KB, 2200x1200, btcDetrend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30298838

BAT is looking extremely well but everything is tied to BTC.
If BAT announced right now that they can cure cancer by using the Brave browser we would still see a -10% dip this weekend when the normies sell in the red.
On Mon / Tuesday we'd then do a 10000x after the market recovers.
Either way .68 isn't a bad price if you expect even a $1 mark soon.

>> No.30299056

True, I'm averaging .631 though and would love to lower it a few points.

>> No.30299080
File: 323 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210305-145045_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yep, this is why I picked up 2500 July 25C in CLF at 13 lol

What is the right to buy 250k shares by July worth when CLF goes to 50?

250k*$25 profit any math geniuses in here?

A cool 6.25m?


>> No.30299096

made already 500 bat for watching ad since 2 years. But the monthly rewards seem to go down a lot..

>> No.30299467

The amount of BAT you get rewarded is the same in $, the only reason you receive less BAT is because the value of BAT has increased.

>> No.30299580

Yeah because the price of BAT has increased. That's how it works. You get the same $ value, but since $1 is worth less BAT you get less BAT.

Once more advertisers jump on board though, the BAT payouts might increase because there are more advertisers bidding for the same ad space thus they will have to pay more.

>> No.30299674

We will certainly dip again, but what you can get excited for is the rally that gets us back into the high 70s, low 80s for the rest of next week. We've held over .635 which is higher all of last week, and it still feels like we're recovering from yesterday.

>> No.30299676

Stop using robinhood you piece of shit

>> No.30300080

I only received roughly half of my estimated BAT ad earnings. Did the same happen to anyone else?

>> No.30300301

I got like 2/3 in my wallet, the other 1/3 went to this months earnings (march to april)

>> No.30300560

alright lads, bitcoin is starting to go up

>> No.30300593

You've ruined it

>> No.30300669

I'm averaging 70 cents rn but fuck it might as well go all in now, I doubt itll stay below 70 for long anyways, I'll pay for my strippers in BAT in a few years anyways.

>> No.30301078

Hoes already accepting BAT as payment.

>> No.30301105

>tfw my current average is $0.82
>Literally need to reach a new ATH just to break even

I'm holding as much as I can as long as I can, but I need to sell some off, and probably do a couple of Sunday based swings just so I don't rope myself.

>> No.30301186

>It's literally the same 2 accounts for months

I agree with it in principal, but there's definitely work to be done..

>> No.30301284


>> No.30301294

>buy high, sell low

You're absolutely gonna make it, anon.

>> No.30301395

it wont even matter you bought at .82, we're gonna fucking make it long term. I'm so fucking hard thinking about what we can hit EOY.

>> No.30301404

Don't you worry, you'll be up 20% by EOM

>> No.30301555

That makes no sense. Don’t sell shit dummy. You should’ve been averaging down some this morning.

>> No.30301925

I already did that this morning. I'm a poorfag, so it's only small amounts, it was $0.87. I also need to account for bills and supporting my partner and child so I'm small time for the foreseeable

>> No.30301980

I hope you make it brah

>> No.30302320

Just starting out, thinking about putting $2000 into a portfolio and picking a big 3 on top of holding BTC. BAT is in there because I've liked Brave for the last year, and the white pages interested me. I'm also interested in ALGO but still doing a fair amount of research. Thoughts? Further shills?

>> No.30302457

feelsbad batbro, i'd tip you my monthly browser earnings if i could

>> No.30302556

ALGO may have the best tech in crypto, so it's a solid hold, but it won't make you a lot of money. XLM is also in the same boat. BAT seems to project as a medium term hold (3-5 years) with a chance to 20-50x.

I still think LINK and BNT are very safe to do well in the coming half decade. Just my opinion.

>> No.30302575
File: 16 KB, 403x538, deposit500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha oh shit niggas it just keeps going down, i'm so fucking hard right now, I'm gonna do it

>> No.30302577
File: 30 KB, 613x364, algo concerns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Algo doesnt hire the best of the best, they just hire based on feels.

>> No.30302584
File: 6 KB, 215x173, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im sitting on about $750 algos, i just use it as a piggy bank for its interest. its not really going to be a huge money maker due to this

>> No.30303067

Appreciate the thoughts. Seems like ALGO is a solid, stable hold for interest but not best for making money. LINK does appeal and I'll add BNT to my research list. Thanks lads.

>> No.30303183

BNT has a chance to double by this summer based on everyone buying it to stake it, because the rewards are great. Lots of buying and holding. Just food for thought.

>> No.30303338

Shoplift food till Sunday. Just make sure you set the buy order in now in case you get snagged. You might have to sleep in the bullpen till Monday. Either way, you’ll get food.

>> No.30303434

You need to sell some material items if you can. You don’r want to one day feel like the chumps that sold btc for pizza.

>> No.30303771


I work nightshift in a supermarket, I'll be fine watching the price of BAT through til Monday AM. As I say, I'll be holding on as much as I can. I'll maybe sell off at a peak next week just to make sure my costs are covered, but obviously I want to accumulate as much as possible before the summer, just like everyone else.

>> No.30303857

Sell off at peaks, buy back at weekend/btc dumps. Taxable, but if you want to build your BAT base, you're going to have to

>> No.30303865

what do you expect to happen in the summer with Brave?

>> No.30303945

can someone please explain how taxes and crypto work? I have no clue how taxes even work in general since I don't have a job and never paid taxes before

>> No.30304106

Every trade you make/conversion is a taxable event and the profit/loss has to be calculated into a sum. If you've held the coin for less than a year, it is taxed as income. IIf you've held it longer than year, it is taxed as capital gains (40%). This is for all US taxpayers.

>> No.30304121

I just switched to brave browser and am liking it. All the other browsers have way too much shit. I just need titties and crypto

Even signed up to be a "brave creator" on my personal site and github account. Don't expect anyone to ever actually tip me through those, but hey can't win if you don't play
>heh. snake eyes

>> No.30304209

Depends where you are, in the UK, you only pay tax on what you cash out over £12,500

The acceleration of new users, traders buying in and just the general upward direction of the price are likely to mean that we see a price well over $1 if not $2

There's also things like the incoming US stimmies to account for.

>> No.30304232
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>> No.30304304

What is the bump limit for a thread? Seems like we are getting close to the bat friday thread.

>> No.30304332

only if you cash out like a BITCH

>> No.30304388

XMR is your friend.

>> No.30304531

but I would cash out eventually, even in 5 years, thats still 40% of the profit taken

>> No.30304562

long term capital gains is zero if you make less than 40k total with it

>> No.30304625
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I use Maiair made by Elrond. EGLD to the moon

>> No.30305052

er, capital gains tax

>> No.30305114

good to know, i only have 1k bat rn but will most likely acquire more ASAP. FUCK i need to get a job

>> No.30305269

have you ever even seen a pay stub? taxation is theft

>> No.30305318

thats the trick.
you work and invest till you can live off long term capital gains by making sure your withdrawls are within the zero range. 40k per year is comfy simple living once debt and mortgage are paid. and it is tax free!

>> No.30305370

Well to be fair 20% of my pay goes into 401/ESPP.

>> No.30305429

Dumb fucks, you'll get an auto deposit and an email.

>> No.30305466
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>there are people who didn't buy BAT when it was under 35c for three fucking years
I mean I won't lie I often thought about selling my stack because of the eternal crab movement but like how are you guys just now buying in. BAT has been popular since the last bull run

>> No.30305502

Well you see Mr IRS man i lost all my crypto in some Monero scam + another $3,000

>> No.30305583

>taxed as capital gains (40%)
nigger what the fuck are you on about

>> No.30305621


>> No.30305622

what software do I use to produce graphs like this?

>> No.30305683

I got a 5k BAT stack
Will I make it?

>> No.30305745

had same issue, just use coinbase pro

>> No.30305770

bro, delete this post and put it back up with your bank info obscured

>> No.30305814

ggplot in R, which is based on the grammar of graphics. Has good design principles.

>> No.30305832

Im the biggest nerd and not even I could manage .5 bats a day with 5 ads setting and windows notifications on and working

>> No.30305888

Meant to reply to you.

>> No.30305918

Tell the IRS you lost all your money in Vegas and just rent everything, take out loans and never pay them back. This is where you precious metal haters lose me. It’s literally your ticket to freedom when the party ends.

>> No.30305965

not if you commit tax evasion

>> No.30306002

Sorry, up to 40%. For me it's a little over 30%

>> No.30306115

just as bad in trading man, irs merchant always takes his cut. except right now for crypto is literally the honor system unless they catch you moving millions

>> No.30306138

I've heard you can send to a crypto gambling site, from there send to a clean wallet, cutting the trail and making it look like you lost everything gambling.

>> No.30306184

why are you gloating about the fact that theres more interest now? wow good job your shitcoin gamble paid off, be happy that its becoming even more popular.

>> No.30306298
File: 183 KB, 1450x1286, capitalgainstax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe im missing something here but last thing I checked the long term (year+ hold) capital gains tax doesn't go higher than 20%
>dont mind the vpn btw

>> No.30306321
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bro i just got the last 4 digits of his checking account, 7067. Hes getting hacked as we speak, now all i need is his full name, date of birth, address, location and i got him

>> No.30306381
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>> No.30306387

auto donate.

>> No.30306488

if we don't make it then its the end of crypto, this coin is the only coin with massive potential

>> No.30306491

Those are federal rates. State rates vary. I'm in NY and I have an additional ~10%. If you're in NYC, you may have another tax on top of that.

>> No.30306699

hell yeah mines only 15% as head of household. i thought i was going to be filing for 30% next year.

>> No.30306832
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>can trade as often as you want
>only pay taxes when you make at least 51k euro in crypto, and sell it
>only pay taxes on what you gained
is italy based?

>> No.30306992

I wouldnt worry about this. Its tax season but how many threads do you see of anons asking for how to report all of their trades on taxes? Yes you will probably be taxed when you cash out, but the make it goal is to have enough to stake your crypto and then just live off of the APY.

Havent you heard anon? BAT Dex coming with liquidity pool with staking rewards.

>> No.30307045

I didn't hear about the staking, but that would be pretty insane.

>> No.30307199

I think its speculation, but it would make sense for them to have a liquidity pool for BAT so everyone isnt hoarding it like before.

>> No.30307376


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