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He's about to fomo into $ROPE.

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hes buyin.

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like the madman he is

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isnt it bad for one person to control this much BTC? I mean what if he decides to dump lol

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btc was so to be our money not (((theirs)))

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Yes. Just wait until BTC dips to below his purchase prices and the margin calls start. The market will crash even more

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Why did he buy so much of it? I’ve never seen someone that insane

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Michael is not on our side. He is one of (((them))) and always will be

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so hes basically a gambler now? lol, man imagine if he keeps doubling down and then dumps

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That was the first real normie crash. I was there too, and pretty much everyone except the hardcore lolbertarians thought Bitcoin had failed.

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Does Dennis Quaid own a lot of crypto or something?

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i thought the same thing back then and yet here I am years later with my whole net worth in crypto

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same. 95% in crypto 5% fiat, FUCK IT.

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I wonder how fucked he is when interest rates starts going up for real, he would burst this market a new one.

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wtf is wrong with you stupid cucks. hes not selling. and it doesnt matter if he is (((them))) or not.

The motherfucker is buying. and he will keep buying.

Doesnt make any fucking difference if he is on your side or not on your side or what. Hes gonna push every fucking company on earth into bitcoin and you can either own bitcoin or get cucked.

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>his company stock is 50% down since february

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because he runs a zombie company. more than half of the value of mstr is in btc. look at the chart.

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>he doesnt know about stock buybacks

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Not worried one bit

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Unironically the early people shitting on bitcoin were right but for the wrong reasons. Bitcoin is a trash coin. Satoshi is a fucking idiot for making a cash replacement that's traceable and non fungible and unable to scale. Sadly it's over a decade on and the btc meme somehow survives. Imagine if a quality coin like monero or something with proper scaling and smart contracts hit the scene first.

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these plebs are fuckin retards who dont understand a damn thing about money. buy the dip, let the cucks buy the top.

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I forgot no one knows who Dennis Quaid is on this board

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Here is whats actually gonna happen. Bitcoin is going to take over the world and consume all of the fiat.

Then something that the people of bitcoin want will consume bitcoin. (example monero.)

Dont get ahead of the train, because the world wants what it wants to escape the problem that they currently see. not the problem that they will see once they solve their current problem.

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Well he probably wishes he were back on the air with Anthony Cumia.

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like a wasp hornet queen of made out of pure light

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Confident in his fundamental analysis. Do you really think he's the type to have weak hands?

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You're probably right.

Why are people so stupid? Unironically I dream of a culling. Hoped the virus would do the trick but it only took care of some of the true degens, the gluttons, the gullible, and the browns, and the overall death rate is effectively unchanged. Down from 2019 a fair bit, even.

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monero will always be a niche in a world where bitcoin exists. too bad it was reactionary and not visionary