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You still there? Are we winnin?

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I don't get many ads sitting on biz all day and night

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Yes. One dollar by Monday.

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Hold strong Brave Chads

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40c and I buy a BATch. I feel like that's the new 20c from days of old.

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>one dollar by monday
I cant tell if you're being ironic because if you're not this is dumb.

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40 cents and I DOUBLE my stack.

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Why? The market could literally be bullish again tomorrow.

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god i fucking love you keep posting this meme

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the euros are going to dump it below 60 cents.

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Ah yes, no mans land where the lose doesn't hurt enough but price is too high to buy.
Land of the crabs is a comfy place to be.

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Hoping for a bigger dip so i can buy more. I'm poor i need this damn coin to give good profits.

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Resting easy rn. Not swinging at all.
I'd swing for an obvious trade, but I'm just not seeing it so far. Godspeed to everyone trying to trade while Bitcoin remains incredibly indecisive, though.

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I just keep buying. I just bought 45k more

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