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Unironically over if it breaks the $1 support, fucking cunts lied about announcing their payment processing partnership being announced in January, probably fucked up the deal. I knew I shoulda sold at $1.7

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im going to FART SHIT

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PRQ is a huge scam. A competent real time DB dev could come up with the same thing in 1 month, maybe 2 at most. What the fuck have they been doing?

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I almost feel sorry for you worthless neets, that have nothing beyond their wallets... who gives a fuck shit will come back and if it doesn't then you're diversified, right anon?

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nah, i should have. This coin has been nothing but a fucking let down

>Huobi/Binance listing hype ended up being fucking OKEX
>Teased that a payment processing company partnership will be announced in January, it's March and nothing
>Every 1st of the month, tokens are released
>Staking promised end of Q1, no news about it yet! But I'm sure it'll happen by end of month right?

fucking missing deadlines left and right, no more hopium

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>database dev
haha dunce

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just fuckin sell faggot

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>DB dev

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worst coin in all of crypto, fucking ridiculous, its over

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they can’t control market conditions, imagine if all the parsiq fans fomoed in on the announcement only to get dumped on by bots mass selling

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stop ruining a perfectly fine fud thread

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I used to be addicted to this coin but I moved on, it’s a swingers dream but a total piece of shit

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fiverr is full of pajeet firebase devs who work for 100 bucks a week. that's all you need for a PRQ killer.

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This thread is a huge buy signal

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Bro the payment processor was never on the roadmap and why would they dox a fucking customer? KYS

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great rebuttal, i used to be like you. Connect the dots faggot

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massive fucking buy signals itt

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Then why even say hint that it'll probably be announced in January? All the shillers have been using it up until January! Newfag kys

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No one associated with PRQ said it would be announced

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you really are a newfag, huh? Daniel, the team member who's active on telegram LITERALLY WROTE "Probably January"

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This. I just graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in computer science. After seeing what Parsiq does, I decided to fiddle around with realtime smart triggers on blockchains like Parsiq does. It took me two days to integrate my smarttriggers into 3 different blockchains. I'm sorry to say this but I'm not even a good coder yet. That's when I decided to go all-in on GRT.

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I’m the one with that in my DMs. They never announced it or even said they would

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again, kys newfag

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A normal person having these thoughts would sell and move on. But here you are, fudding as hard as you possibly can, so its obvious you either sold and want back in cheaper, or you're still holding and need to rant because you're a baby who cant control his emotions.

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I’ve been in since October. Why are you mad? Just sell and move on with your life

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>but no promises
The fact that you're trying to create FUD out of an image that delegitimizes said FUD is hilarious but I give you 1 point for trying

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Ah, retorting nice, good one nigger. "been here since october, but it's my first time hearing about this"

I'm not selling low, so yeah you're right. Just wish I picked and staked LTO instead of this shitcoin

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anon stop fucking ruining a fud thread

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Look, we are all frustrated we literally crabbed through the alt season but what can you do. Im thinking long-term and Im still convinced this will go to 10-20$ before the end of 2021.
I have faith the team will deliver the good shit this month, if they dont, I might take my 10x and move on. Simple as that

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Will probably do the same, but you're right. We'll see what happens end of Q1. It just hurts bros and I had to let it out.

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I'm sorry you got fucked but just take the losses. it seriously does not get any better from here

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There there fren. At least you bought in october and made a 10x. So its not the worst thing in the world

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Since the payment processor was news to me (I had heard it but never from a PRQ rep), that DOES mean though that if January was their hopeful date, then March is way out and very likely, thus, tomorrow could be
- Payment processor
- Binance
- BSC (+ Binance probably)
- Supposedly there was a surprise announcement coming?

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idk man depends on if the team can deliver with stuff like reverse triggers and how much the blockchain itself is actually adopted.
If both end up being successful then yeah this could go like $30+.

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uhhhhh boys i thought this was supposed to crab from $1.10-$1.50, what is this $1.08

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Ty anon I've been holding and hoping

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quantum wave fluctuations in the parsiq superposition

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so we're still on track for $5 EOQ1 right?

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no its just an Estonian scam, straight to 0 it goeeeeeeeee

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Trust the plan
two more weeks
time travel, blockchain
*flushes toilet*


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please help
i am working in estonian parsiq lab
they are conducting experiments on people
dna splice with king crab
when experiment fails they revert their time back and try again
alert the un
can't stay long, i am hiding in employee washroom stall, only place i can be alone from anatoly
*toliet flushes*
oh god
He's here

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Is this new pasta? Made me laugh.

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This. Literally anyone with more than 5k prq could pay a fiverr pajeet to copy and overtake prq. I'd do it but my pajeets are out making 90s anime nostalgia coins on bsc. Get ready for the dark magician blue eyes white Dragon coin next.

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Bit outdated

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goddammit mother fuckers I was JUST about to buy this shit. can someone shill me?

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>fud thread
Yes! More! More!!!!

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stop anon, you're supposed to be shilling

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No lol

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Why did I sink 50% of my money into this.

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Stay the fuck away lol
I bought in with $10k last month and am now bagholding the crab
I won't sell yet because taxes but wouldn't wish this on anyone

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you guys are dumb if you are only upset over the crabbing, idk anything about this project - but if its fundamentals are solid it WILL pump

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If you didn’t make profit there are no taxes dumbfuck. Neet larper, has no concept of how taxes work, therefore does not have 10k to invest. Nigger.

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these guys have called numerous other coins including LINK and apparently charge people 5k a year to read their shit.

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this is why I try not to etner a project after it literally did a 100x

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Crypto to Crypto is taxable in my country
I like to avoid that wherever possible by only buying and holding

See how salty all us PRQ holders are? That one guy knifed his fucking 4k monitor yesterday
Stay the fuck away

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>That one guy knifed his fucking 4k monitor yesterday

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Let me just say I know how he feels.

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That's cheating, anon. I spend so much time sifting through crap to find these projects. Nice research, though. I may pay them for it and laze around once I make it.

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Is this honestly the first time you've seen this posted?

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this is just fucking ridiculous :(

>> No.30257158

Who are they? I just stalk VC and research their holdings

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Nvm figured it out

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To be honest, I only got into crypto a couple months ago after years of only holding BTC. I'm spending a lot of time researching everything I've missed. The coof gave me a lot of free-time.

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Wait, if I buy eth, and trade it for a shitcoin on uni, is that a taxable event?

>> No.30258375

if you live in a shithole like the US then yes lol

>> No.30258414

You pay your taxes straight away. It's called gas fees

>> No.30258530

I'm kinda retarded here, but I guess any sane tax law wouldn't tax a trade of properties with "equal" value?

>> No.30258705

If you bought eth at $1,500 and it was worth $1,600 at the time of buying a shitcoin you would have to pay tax on $100 difference.

>> No.30258775

let me clarify.
Let's say you buy eth at $500, and when it reaches $1500 you trade it for a shitcoin.
The gains you made from eth are now taxed and owed, regardless of what happens to the price of that shitcoin after you trade into it.

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Okay got it, i wasn't fully retarded after all.

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I am financially ruined

>> No.30259976

Should’ve HBAR’d. Just got one of the largest utility companies in the world (85% owned by the French government) on board the other day.

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Absolute mad lad

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I'll give it to the end of March and then either rope or laugh

>> No.30262294

Checked + Green ID.
WAGMI I guess

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This is my plan too

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It did actually break $1 support for all of a few minutes a month ago and then shot to $1.30

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check the chart, nearly 1 month ago today

>> No.30264549

I'm sorry sir, I read a moment ago. You're right, pls forgive

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What's the sentiment bros, we getting an announcement today?

>> No.30265589

rolling for binance listing

>> No.30265663

Yes, almost certainly, that or the team are going to have to announce two announcements a week from here on out.
Likely the same time as last weeks, awful
timing once again though, let’s hope bitcoin is looking more stable by this afternoon.

>> No.30265682

Nope, and i think not even next week.

>> No.30265707

IDK who you are always posting dota memes but appreciated anon, especially when it's baby invoker

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holy shit 2 for 2 out of 6 total for worst possible fucking timing humanly imaginable - good job parsiq team.

>> No.30265856

look at 9000.hal.xyz

does the same shit as PRQ and is 100x better. And free. and no shitty tokens required

>> No.30266006

Yeah I know. Literally any day this week since Monday would have been great timing. Thank God I believe in this over the very long-term, or I'd be shitting myself right now. Fingers crossed for a huge announcement today frends.

>> No.30266124

I can’t work out why they are so bad at timing the market, it’s in their interest to time announcements well. Monday’s would be ideal.
They even have moneyforehead as an advisor now so I’m surprised they aren’t timing things better

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Binance listing please

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Again, if you don’t make profit, there are no taxes in a crypto to crypto event. You do not get taxed unless it went up. Literal larping moron. Poor retard nigger

>> No.30266737

It'll only make you....

>> No.30266845

Thats not how it works in the UK
See >>30258775
Unless you are literally Rishi Sunak please fuck off

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Should have bought GRT

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What a shitcoin.
Thank god I FOMOed only 2% of my portfolio in it
Still holding though, I deserve the loss

>> No.30268495

God bless Bryan, the Hopium Saint

>> No.30268500

why are you even bagholding this shit? If you got in before $1, you are in profit. Take your profits and dump them elsewhere
If you see it move, get back in. Sure, you might not get your entry again, but you will also not miss out on 10x elsewhere

"HODL" is an IQ test you dumbasses

>> No.30268630

Based Bryan giving hopium injections in these trying times

>> No.30268703

who the fuck is bryan?
i need some hopium too

>> No.30268818

He said to look forward AMA

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shit coin poo in the loo rugpull scam

>> No.30268967

Whole market is crashing, everything is down, wym x10, larp

>> No.30269195

I heard Anatoly is actually a high caste pajeet who uses skin lightening products

>> No.30269196

Shut the fuck up

>> No.30269219

what "crashing"? Are you a tard? Are you saying that if you had taken out 10k from PRQ in January, you would still have 10k and not made any profits?

>> No.30269566

I have warned you for a long time already to sell this worthless shitcoin and buy xcm instead

>> No.30269683

binance today

>> No.30269769

coinbase next week

>> No.30269803

It's on coinbase N O W

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it'd be 8k cuz you are tarded enough to have 10k in prq

>> No.30269915

holy shit a huobi just flew over my house

>> No.30269919 [DELETED] 

>Gas is rising
>Try to stay alive
>lose everything

Go BSC, don’t spend your time
Lol, I hold SWG and use their marketplace, like zero fees

>> No.30270115

It's been on coinbase for a week now. How did we miss this?

>> No.30270161

Who uses coinbase though?

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what does it feel like bros?
what does it feel like to have actual news about a project?

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One million normals.

>> No.30270301

>just flew over my house
what is this meme?

>> No.30270340

feels priced in

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Wouldn't know

>> No.30270539

coinbase is the holy grail of listings for that sweet yank money

>> No.30270639

Wow we haven't by a single cent for the last 6 hours. T-this is bullish, right guys?

>> No.30270701

haven't moved*

damn it

>> No.30270755

It means nobody wants to sell, but also, nobody wants to buy.
I suspect if the news is mediocre at best we'll dump. Otherwise, POOMPA

>> No.30270777

No clue why they need a token for that. Ifttt doesnt need a token

>> No.30270797

when are we getting news?

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File: 66 KB, 940x931, BF975575-3B6E-425C-8B7D-955B627A9428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we are still in the crabzone despite all the dumps, it’s good because it means we have very solid support.
Only issue is we have very low volume meaning hardly anyone is buying. An exchange listing should kick us out of the crabzone then things will get more exciting.
It really is only up from here, just depends how long you are willing to wait

>> No.30270895

If we don't get any today I'll probably just fucking off myself.
6 announcements in 6 weeks my ass.

>> No.30271020

Tolya, come the fuck on. Dont be like this.

>> No.30271070

This. Fucking $120m market cap for a fiverr job.

>> No.30271211

most announcements will be in the span of a week and it will pump like crazy

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>> No.30271331

will be hilarious if that happens, just the kind of dumb shit i could see with this shitcoin

>> No.30271452

it's 6 announcements in 6 hours, 2 weeks from now

>> No.30271579

6 announcements in 6 minutes on the 16th more like

>> No.30271786

I'm in for the long haul. Not selling before $100. Just upped my 5.5k stack to a girthy 9.1k near-suicide stack last night, so I'm strapped in for a comfy ride.

>> No.30271977

Based anon, even if we break $1 support (i highly doubt we will) there is so much on the roadmap this year that there’s no chance $1.88 will be the peak.

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It lost $1 support 1 month ago and nothing happened, except make us realize the price was being manipulated.

The token will remain around $1, it's been created with that price in mind.

>> No.30272947

Price of service doesn't have to be the same as the price of the token right?

>> No.30273004


>> No.30273013

I'm sure we'll get an announcement any minute now hahah :'^)

>> No.30273055

14 more days

>> No.30273164

This is it

>> No.30273205


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>> No.30273297

Coinmetro CEO just said he would try to get PRQ on margin within a week.

>> No.30273435

what is?

>> No.30273491

Is this the AMA? where can I watch this?

>> No.30273546

What the fuck was that? Did a whale just give up?

>> No.30273580

No, he's just low-effort fudding. Users of the service need only to hold the token, thus the utility of the lending protocol. PRQ could be priced at $100 per token, but using their services would be cheaper through lending.

>> No.30273621
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>> No.30273706

He's gonna neck soon

>> No.30273747

What did I miss? A 2 cent pump?

>> No.30273788
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>> No.30273801

No, a 6 cent dump

>> No.30273829

A retard selling 56eth worth just before the announcements lol

>> No.30273916

Lmao. You guys follow on coinmetro? Been buying/monitoring through poloniex on the usdt/prq pair, so I missed the ETH sale.

>> No.30274040

Was checking on dextools

>> No.30274158

coinmetro ceo can go suck a dick with that 30k daily volume

>> No.30274221

Wouldn't it be a great plot for a /biz/ movie if this happened, then /biz/ got his wallet and doxed him. then went to his house and slit his throat? Oscar-worthy.

>> No.30274283

They sold me PRQ at less than a penny but if you say so.

>> No.30274301


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Thanks for the link.

>> No.30274815

Don't do drugs, kids.
>PRQ not even once

>> No.30275237

can I get a PRQ timestamp please?

>> No.30275340

Bah, he didn't get to the other PRQ questions. Is their team Estonian? It's 4pm there. What time did they drop an announcement last week?

>> No.30275480

18:30 I believe, estonian time. At least that's when they posted on telegram.

>> No.30275780

So we have a few hours to go at least.
I really want to top up my bag and lower my DCA at this price but if 56 ETH whales are getting burnt out then I'm thinking it's a gamble on whether or not we dump or pump.

>> No.30275805
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>> No.30275870

well that's it. it's over

>> No.30276034

Take the long-term view anon. Its as close to a sure bet as you can get.

>> No.30276075

simply google "estonia local time" and you will see that its 4:20pm over there. they should wait until europe+usa is awake in a few hours. Its 6:30AM on the west coast

>> No.30276244


>> No.30276253

PRQ has had some very retarded whales
I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t at least wait until the end of Q1

>> No.30276263

I was just thinking of a 5pm work day.
Then again I'm in front-end and 5pm EOD is hardly the most common.

>> No.30276421

Because it's all scam.
Can you not see??
Are you blind??

>> No.30276501
File: 27 KB, 840x391, 1613606079853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30276521

You are going to have to try better than that mate, nothing points to PRQ being a scam.
They have a very transparent team, a working product, loads or partnerships etc

>> No.30277257

you're the guy who makes those memes right?

>> No.30277899

binance in 2 hours
dont say i didnt warn you

>> No.30278084

nice larp. there would be a prepump if that was the case

>> No.30278320

I want to believe, unfortunately it will probably be Serum and a further dump

>> No.30278342

it only goes up lol

>> No.30278361
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>> No.30278613

If it's serum I will unironically kms

>> No.30278742

its serum first, then it will dump, and then binance, and then it will pump
screencap this

>> No.30278838
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The FUD seems coordinated, like "someone knows something i don't know". But this is /biz/, and biztards are poorfags, to spread FUD here is like fighting for pennies. So i guess its a fucking psycho who wants newbees and poorfags missing out, counting on weak hand babbies who experience their first dip. But trust me, this is nothing, compared to other charts Parsiq is rock solid.

Protipp: Stop lurking and avoid third hand information, because whatever strangers on the internet say, they do NOT want you any good. You do not need this emotional stress, it will fuck you up and sooner or later you will sell.
Better even forget that you hold PRQ and come back in a year.

Always remember, there are people who panic sold BTC after it dumped to a few dollars.

>> No.30279022

I won’t mind that so long as we don’t have to wait another week for Binance

>> No.30279043 [DELETED] 

lots of words to basically just say

"it's a legit projects unlike 90% of this pace, so price is irrelevant right now, just hold and sell at $20 or never thanks to IQ"

>> No.30279114

lots of words to basically just say
>it's a legit project unlike 90% of this space, so price is irrelevant right now, just hold and sell at $20 (or never thanks to IQ)

>> No.30279507

>lots of words to basically just say

Yes, but lake constance/germany here, only possibilty to train my english skills. As a sidequest.

>> No.30279608
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based german bro, I'm also german

>> No.30279648
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>It's over

>> No.30279702
File: 51 KB, 576x680, 1612280983568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it just started

>> No.30279703
File: 2.79 MB, 170x96, 20210305_153540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take a ride on the parsiq roller-coaster, anon

>> No.30279756
File: 66 KB, 1080x1440, f78499a054919b40951f7d4f6cf50c2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30279766
File: 233 KB, 800x400, 4D110B6E-BDF5-4461-BEB9-F52F0455B6A5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30279947

If Serum is the announcement it’s unironically over.
They would be better off just keeping quiet if that’s all they have for today

>> No.30280031

wtf even is serum?

>> No.30280168

serum is based, we will have another 100-300k daily volume, seethe muh binance

>> No.30280200

it's a uniswap clone on bsc :)

>> No.30280356

Just another partnership, would be fine any other time, but moral is low as fuck, we need something big. A lame duck like Serum will cause a massive dump.

>> No.30280359

oh that doesn't sound too bad desu

>> No.30280456

I was joking, its a dex on solana, since parsiq just integrated with solana

>> No.30280515

Who are "these guys"?

>> No.30280597

Stansberry Research

>> No.30280606
File: 321 KB, 777x475, 1591402656561.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a witty guy.

>> No.30280687
File: 2.02 MB, 640x360, PRQVR.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30280764

Stansberry Research Group, it’s a $5k publication that essentially tells you what to buy. They don’t get everything right, but they very rarely make a bad call, can’t afford to charging so much.

>> No.30280837

it's not looking too good prqbros...

>> No.30280875

Show us your smart triggers.

>> No.30280916

No! I want off, I didn't sign-up for this

>> No.30280995
File: 75 KB, 473x432, ich-betrachte-das-elend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Steuerfrei nach einem Jahr halten, Brudi :3
Im übrigen packe ich, seit geraumer Zeit, alles was ich entbehren kann in Krypto. Selbst wenn ich keinen Gewinn generiere (als ob), so habe ich es doch wenigstens dieser Clownregierung entzogen.

>> No.30281139
File: 206 KB, 634x622, conspiray.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

redpill me on our clownregierung

>> No.30281687
File: 289 KB, 800x800, verboten.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30281835
File: 132 KB, 1000x1000, doch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

du hast keine wahl..

>> No.30282063

Looks interesting. Is there anywhere one could get those for free or should I not even bother? Looked at a few private torrent sites and couldn't find anything.

>> No.30282128

Imagine que to est un ESL
Mes PRQuties reste snippy $50 EOY
>I know my French is very rusty, I used to be fully fluent

>> No.30282233

dein trade von prq zu btc und dann auszahlen resettet steuerfrei, kraut

>> No.30282235

i have it, here is a link

>> No.30282490
File: 193 KB, 1440x2058, Screenshot_20210305-155144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get ready.
Unironically, this is PRQ future.

>> No.30282593

That's fine.
I'm still up, so if I can sell before I'm below break even, I'll convert to XCM.
When I go to the XCM champagne party in Estonia, I'll shit down Anatoly's throat on the way there.
30 more minutes until an announcement if we get one.

>> No.30282778

The anticipation is killing me

>> No.30282787

I'm pretty sure anatoly will be there

>> No.30282856

All announcements are already priced in.
Whales will sell the news.

There is only one way from here... Downwards.

>> No.30282884

i am financially ruined

>> No.30282974

t. Mumbai devil

>> No.30282981

You bought it, anon?

>> No.30283087
File: 62 KB, 680x680, clownland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, Gut.
Ich experience es first hand, als Techniker in a not-technischem enviroment, wie brutal viel mony gewasted wird, für people, die not das least geringste archivieren.
Ich muss partially um people caren, die ungelogen in die ecken Shitten und die community monat für monat das multiple meines saralies kosten (~8k a month at least). Und da sind many, many Ausländers dabei, die never auch nur einen Cent in Sozial care eingezahlt haben and kein word deutsch speaken, meanwhile ich selbst barrely treatment für Rückenschmerzen finde und praktisch ein Cripple bin.

t.technichian for nuresry homes and psychiatries

>> No.30283261

Stop trying to generate buzz you fucking euro cucks.

>> No.30283322

Genuinely fuck the "you have 24 hours" guy. I sold my VVT and Bonfi for this. Missed a 2x and a stable crawl to lose 1/4.

Ich werd auch mal blöd mit die Scheiße

>> No.30283327

ahhhhhhhhhh make it stop bros make it stop

PS not selling but still


>> No.30283408
File: 44 KB, 299x432, Nazi poster - Blitzkrieg-ww2shots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Stop trying to generate buzz

We tried. The rest of the world didn't liked it.

>> No.30283411
File: 466 KB, 600x600, 1608063449276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30283437

How are we feeling bros? Are we all going down together? If they announce binance today and it dumps I swear to God. I got 12 of my friends to buy PRQ and theyre getting on my nerves talking shit about it because they see some reddit vapourwave coin like ADA do a measly 3x.

>> No.30283514
File: 626 KB, 1059x1080, 1609796112365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading this gave me a stroke, please stick to one language
alright so basically people are being a burden on the society, mainly because of immigrants and retards.
how is it going to end? let's say in the next 5 years?

>> No.30283735

My coins are all in cold storage so if the announcement is bunk then I'm probably finished anyway.
I'll remain a bagholder til the end of time.
You're asking for a 10 year lecture, anon. Either way, it boils down to Western society being neutered, lazy and weak. Look at how the U.S. is falling apart as we speak. Balkanization in 10 years at best.
Europe isn't too far behind. Your people have also all eaten the propaganda and are content with allowing foreign invaders in. Crime goes up, wages stay suppressed, nobody can afford homes besides the wealthy who rent them out. This is happening everywhere. We welcomed our own doom.
Start accumulating gold and silver on top of shitcoins.

>> No.30283795

I'm all in on PRQ anon, I'm going down with the ship

>> No.30283799

what the fuck

>> No.30283852

How the fuck you got 12 friends to buy this shit, let alone having 12 friends at all? No wonder we're fucking dumping. Normies ruin everything

>> No.30283971

I'm like 70% in PRQ right now. The rest are safe bets like LINK, ETH and BTC. If PRQ fails, there goes my moonshot.

>> No.30284029

>How are we feeling bros? Are we all going down together?
terminally comfy, this coin did ~+10000% and didn't dump, go find me a coin that pumped this hard and didn't go back to pre-pump levels, right now all I see is a buy opportunity depending on how low we will go, hopefully the announcement will be shit so we dump a bit more

so pm and crypto, any info on stocks?

>let alone having 12 friends

>> No.30284097

The normie wave sparked by the BTC run and GME got my friends interested in crypto. I'm the only one who had any crypto since 2017 so they asked me, and since they all had sub 1k to invest I figured this would be their best bet.

>> No.30284217

The issue with stocks (and don't take stock advice from me, I don't focus on them much) is that the most valuable stocks that are publicly traded are all Western.
What do you think happens to the value of those stocks when society collapses? Also, see


Expect hyper-inflation and bond rates that pop the equities (stocks) bubble.

>> No.30284245

I REALLY don’t want to sell
but if nothing happens by the end of the month Parsiq has forced my hand.
I still don’t get why the volume is so awful, there’s been a lot happening.

>> No.30284364

By all metrics it should have been, we broke out and I’m sure would have gone parabolic but bitcoin killed us.
We desperately need something good soon

>> No.30284602

>announce binance today

Fucking hell... You guys.
Listing are never an announcement, listings just happen, because of NDCs. If you announce a listing before it happens, no exchange will touch you with a 10 ft pole ever again.

You will see new listings, but it will not be the news you are able to sell.
Seriously, how new are you guys?

>> No.30284679

Guys, I live in Latvia. It Is a 3 hour drive from my capital city to estonian one, Tallin. If Tolya and Kev fuck this up, I'll drive my poorfag ass to their homebase and maim them. It's a solid.
1k microstack btw.

>> No.30284721

$1 approaches

>> No.30284726

>let alone having 12 friends
I'm a decently sociable guy with a couple tight circles of friends. Known most of them for 15+ years. I do live on a small Mediterranean island though, so maybe its a cultural thing.

I'll hold this shit to zero, or until a serious competitor enters the space. They have too promising a team/product for me to give up on.

>> No.30285020

I don’t think anyone is expecting them to say “hey we will be on binance next week” but “hey we are now available on binance” which happens all the time

>> No.30285264


>> No.30285310

Looks like that's a wrap.
Better luck next week

>> No.30285365

>I'll hold this shit to zero
don’t have to worry about that, got so much stuff on the roadmap for this year there is zero chance we have already seen the peak

>> No.30285500


>> No.30285595


>> No.30285619
File: 191 KB, 1200x1200, 37A9343E-F695-4EED-AB70-39C28FDB6EFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30285630


>> No.30285678


>> No.30285699


>> No.30285718
File: 61 KB, 600x600, 1608063449277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30285738

2 mil volume, wgmi

>> No.30285798

It's Ogre. For today

>> No.30285836


>> No.30285898
File: 410 KB, 578x577, 1614738919008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NO ANNOUNCEMENT?????????????????

>> No.30285912


>> No.30285981

2 more weeks
6 announcements

>> No.30285994

I fucking hate these faggots.
That can't seriously be it.
What is their telegram? I will DM Anatoly photos of the cum he will be guzzlin soon.

>> No.30286009

trust the plan

>> No.30286027

too busy to ama. bullish


>> No.30286093

2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks
2 weeks
>2 weeks

>> No.30286349

No that's not fucking bullish
You don't set AMA times and then just fucking dip on them. It's practically a stock holder meeting and they just said "fuck off"

>> No.30286369


>> No.30286411
File: 434 KB, 840x854, wojak_lurker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thats it. Its over.
I bought at 12€ and lost everything.
I will sell my stack of 12 PRQ, get ready for the dump.

I was a holder for two days, enough is enough.

>> No.30286537
File: 29 KB, 512x512, 1613165841345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek'd and checked

>> No.30286635

I’m not on the telegram, did they give any reason for cancelling the AMA?

>> No.30286717

Thanks for the questions as always, we will respond to these tomorrow as our focus is needed elsewhere ;)

>> No.30286813

Hi Hajime poster here. I dare you to sell now faggots.

>> No.30286821

Either we get major news that DanielP is prepping for, or we're fucked

>> No.30286892

d-does this mean we might get something tomorrow?

>> No.30286911

I dunno, that winky face is turning me on, could be big if you know what I mean ;)

>> No.30286915


>> No.30286917

We got the rug pulled on us by a bunch of Estonians.

>> No.30286931

Yes, trust the plan

>> No.30286966
File: 11 KB, 225x225, 1613910622206s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30287254

I guess they just saw /biz/ and all the degenerates.
An AMA would be like Master Wayne trying to talk to the guy who shot his parents, i'm fucking glad they canceled it lol.

>> No.30287282
File: 83 KB, 1280x720, 21024120-8213-495C-B562-E494C72625AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30287487
File: 8 KB, 227x222, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30287496

Anon, last night I sold my DOT at a 4x profit to accoomolate more PRQ. Use this information as you will.

>> No.30287515
File: 97 KB, 600x701, 1592895798878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30287611

I appreciate it, but that information is worthless unless you're an insider and not just someone who's confident in the project.

>> No.30287623

tbf an AMA would have been a complete shitshow, but they shouldn’t have said they would do one in the first place if they were planning on cancelling.

>> No.30287649

I think we should crowdfund a subscription to the stansberry crypto publication and all get rich

>> No.30287657

Parshit. Am I right guys am I right!

>> No.30287744
File: 44 KB, 399x385, 1613519421028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

top kek

>> No.30287814
File: 530 KB, 3562x2389, EubavPfVIAEG3lT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nope, they are pretty late, all the big publications are comparatively to smart-/biz/ late as fuck.
I, for one, was shilling this back in august when it was 0.009, those research fags were pretty late at 0.15 i think
so the best bet is sticking to the comfy threads or cm

>> No.30287870

should i buy prq or xcm during this dip, have 80k xcm and 30k prq

>> No.30287879

Did he survive? What is the story

>> No.30287900

Not that I don't believe you specifically but I'm somewhat cautious about downloading random files from 4chan, is there any way I can check the file to be safe first? Virustotal didn't find anything so I guess it should be clear.

If it's legit then huge thanks anon I love you.
Yeah definitely.

>> No.30287908

exactly why i stick to LTO

>> No.30287959

>I love you
love you too

>> No.30288134

based el tio holder

>> No.30288972

Time to crab between 1.01 and 1.05
The pincers just got tighter

>> No.30289436

Those fags that organized that little event with Coinmetro tried something similar. Claimed they had access to the Tie software. Didn't find anything conclusive and they felt scammy as fuck. They supposedly opened up a small hedge fund or something?

>> No.30290384

There's no one buying OR selling now
This is too tense and my bags are weighing a bit now bros, do I wait until tomorrow or is analtoy's ama gonna be a waste of time?

>> No.30291245
File: 216 KB, 1200x1200, 7977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi there!

Pic related.

>> No.30291319

there is no ama, got cancelled

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