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Why is UNI still holding up? A useless GOVERNANCE TOKEN.
AAVE is also a useless governance token, but for a more valuable platform, and it dumps like crazy when bitcoin dumps.

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clown market

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sex sex sex sex sex coom coom coom

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Ok smart guy, tell me why UNI is anything more than 3 dollars.

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Should i convert my 1.1 AAVE to BAT, BNT, or Algo?

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Jesus I just want to fuck. God does not exist. If he does I renounce him and the blood of christ for trapping me in this shitty body. I don’t care if I go to hell. This shit is ridiculous. Who cant just make sentient matter, give them a natural urge to want something, and then make that thing unreachable for some. It’s cruel.
Fuck god. Fuck christ. Fuck the holy spirit. Heil satan. I dont care anymore

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I'm biased towards BNT, but BNT pr BAT would be fine choices.

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I did my research anon, you can do the same. I don't care what you chose to do with your money.

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Just out of curiosity why BNT?

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Most people don't understand a single fucking thing about the crypto they buy. They don't understand what tokens do or don't do. They see uniswap with widespread adoption and they think
>oh yeah, that's good, i'm gonna buy some of that
like they're buying fucking stock in uniswap or something.

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because I underatand how undervalued it is and it's a fairly safe bet

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The fee switch for uniswap will very likely be enabled this month, so that's passive income for UNI holders

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ding ding ding
this goes for most anons here too, the reality is unless you've wasted hours reading or a programmerfag you probably dont know shit besides a bunch of buzzwords

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and it's working

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hence why there's literally 2 or 3 coins that are actually worth anything because they have real world use cases, BAT and XMR and that's about it

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Fun Fact: You cannot make any moral claims without a universal law maker you gaythiest faggot. Your opinion is as arbitrary as you saying you like vanilla ice cream more than chocolate.

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Pls who is this?

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she’s hot

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Unironically this

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sell some link, buy a ticket to slovakia and get that fuk. 10/10 19yos await you, friend

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Photoshopped brazilian whore.
I don't like her look I just post it to bait coomers

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she looks like she's had 3 kids

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Anything I like is good, anything I dislike is bad. How do I back up this claim? I kill anyone who disagrees with me. Might is right, bitch.

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If you know, you know.

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you have =>382 gigachad images? lmao

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Do you just say this stuff because you're attracted to her and don't want to admit it?
What a weird thing to say.
3 kids but no stretch marks and in shape?

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I am from slovakia, what am I doing wrong?

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god she looks like a plastic ugly bitch, would still pump and dump

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lmao, reminds me of this

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100% this

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You don't?

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looks like brothels are illegal, rent a hotel or get an escort to come to your crypto-mansion

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nah, she has a w-shaped droopy belly, would still fuck, but i bet that thing flops back and forth

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UNI was airdropped on most of us

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I feel like it's just a woman thing in general. I've seen many girls with it, from various age groups. No guys have that same look though

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I mean, yeah, as long as you understand the delusions of the market then you can profit from it but at some point people are going to wake up and realize that maybe governance tokens shouldn't be valued at billions of dollars, and 90% of the market will enter an endless dump.

I've been browsing BAT threads and not been impressed enough to invest, but I'm also 80% in XMR and seeing them listed together like this makes me want to go buy some BAT. I just don't know if I see Brave taking off. BAT seems like a 10/10 theory and use case, but having it shackled to one specific browser worries me.

He's probably some 12 year old faggot who doesn't understand that her stomach is PEAK FEMALE PERFECTION.

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I have a Portuguese fuck buddy that has her body and face, best sex of my life
If i make her preggo I wouldn't give a shit

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I've fucked loads of 9-10's in my life and had a few 7-8/10 gfs
real life standards vs online banter newfag

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morals are made up. god is dead and we have killed him

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Damn. I was hoping it was a trap...

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Everything that furthers my goals and leads to good outcomes is "moral" in my eyes

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I get the BAT concerns, my only point is that it does have a real world use case and a real world userbase outside of being pumped and umped to scam wannabe day traders and normies.

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rug pull incoming?

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My thoughts exactly.

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bots. Check buy orders, it's literally empty and could go down to 12 if you market sell 50k UNI.

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but anon, rape exists,
denouncing Christ is really a bad move tho

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This. The value of crypto isn't based on usefulness or purpose. It's based on the wild and greedy speculations of millions of morons who don't know how any of it works. Smart educated investors aren't driving the prices. Low information idiots are.

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And then everyone clapped

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Dude. Stx.

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Bizarrely based and antichristpilled

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Why? over BNT, BAT?

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Upload folder.