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for btc? very beginning stages of fear, yes. the chart is identical to the meme chart. it's fucking over.

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nah bear trap, check'm

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dont care. buying dips and holding. u fags can keep daytrading

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meme chart

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yep, hope you got out above 50k

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2018 was the first sell off. Zoom out

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Holy fug

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Despair like you've never seen before, check em'

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There aren't any proper bear traps this time. Only consistent small consolidation periods. C H E C K T H E S E D I G I T S

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Look at the 1d chart, it's the same. MACD says sell off is coming on the 1d.

It's going to crash soon just like Tesla, I'd expect another 25% from here, probably end up around £20-25k. I don't know what that is is in mutt money.

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Just make sure you buy the dip of despair.

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The bear trap was back in January

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Wouldn't it be kind of interesting to watch it fall below the value of pennies?

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Just wait for sunday, there will be tears

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Was thinking it shouldn't be 40k till July by the previous bullrun. Definitely bubblish rn but also. Supposed to be 320k in December by previous bullrun.

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This is correct. This current bull run has gone too quick to fit into this chart. There wasn't any media frenzy or euphoria on the scale that makes sense with this chart. This is nowhere near over imo.

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we are at OP's retard thread

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i think elon pumping us so hard and fast fucked up the organic bullrun

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just hold for 3 years to break even again

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Calm down OP. Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.

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Unless you get lucky mad sell before the actual crash then you will lose money if you sell. Selling Red means you're fucked unless you actually get lucky and the marker IS crashing

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below 45k and it's going to be a bloodbath

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check'd leet

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If you keep rollin digits like that you might summon kek. Careful.

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no fear until we dip below 45k

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Where are all the psychics when you need them

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We’re in a bull trap. Make your buys this weekend let it pump back, consolidate into the big 7 and come back in 1 year to extrapolate. This bear ain’t gonna hibernate for long.

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uh oh....

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Is that the asko chart?

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Most of the retards on this board hold literal shitcoins as evidenced by the portfolio threads, so they should be worried.

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Lol this thread on biz again... really? You fucks didnt learn anything? Jesus..

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my lil coins will outperform your boomercoin any day anon

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I've been at capitulation and despair for two weeks now.

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I'm solely in alts and defi.

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>Saylor borrows more fiat to buy BTC every week
>Tether printer back to BRRRRRRRRRRRR mode
>retarded bobos unironically think it's over
yet another round of liquidations incoming next week

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checked for being the only good get in the thread

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Nah. this is a textbook bear trap.
Institutional money is still flowing in.
Just be patient.

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aaa big scared market sell it all aaa

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This. There has been massive *open* institutional investment lately. Only unironic retards will get caught with their pants down.

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So all they have to do is push it below 45 and the institutions can shake out all the weak hands? I guess thats probably what will happen then.

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We are right above fear just beginning that large drop.

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Denial desu
Haven't even hit the bull trap yet.

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Be realistic guys. We already more than 10x'd this year. Stop smoking hopium and imagine for a moment you're not hodling anything and look at the charts.

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Bear Trap

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>Institutional money is still flowing in.

have you seen GBTC? the premium on GBTC is completely gone now, institutional money is flowing out retard.

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I'm looking forward to it
/biz/ has the best memes when we're in "Despair"

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hi faggot you have to go back

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>enjoying memes more than money
Jesus you’re a nigger

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yeah, we wont reach return to the mean until january 2025 when Trump is president

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We'll see. I've been through a lot of these.
A crash right now, while possible, would be an awfully premature end to a bitcoin bull market.
I'll be sitting patiently waiting for new all time highs.

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No this is the first sell off....

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>t. link bagholder

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Bearfaggots are just incels who have never been loved, they only post to get you to sell your gains low in their own slimy incel ways.

Buy the dip.

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every single thing about this cap screams newfag, even down to the schizo calling OP a newfag
it’s painful

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I ai t buying shit right now, pic related. You think BTC isn’t tied to the debt market now? You don’t think investors aren’t going to liquidate one of their most profitable positions to meet their margin calls?

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You know not everything is about burgerland right?

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When global trade runs on the Eurodollar, yes, yes it is.

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>When reddit finds out about meme magic
The great meme war. Wikileaks emails. Pizzagate destroyed into Q. Other anons could tell you about meme magic. You'll start seeing kek around.

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We just hit an All time high two weeks ago. We're going to see a major sell off when hit /es 4000, same goes for 4500 & 5000 because not because people are dropping dead in Beijing & country lock downs but because of profit locking in.

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Yeah, Elon tying tesla to btc too now actually fucked it

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early fear
save your gains and watch the show with a smile
sea of pink wojacs to come

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Sell then you cowards. The chaos hasn't even begun, this is about to enter the territory fortunes can be made. If youre shaken so easily youre unironically ngmi.

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