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What the fuck is this shit?

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I'm not an expert, but I think someone is transferring UNI from one of his wallets to another one.

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sorry man, i'm jut moving all of them to a cold storage

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airdrop #2
we saw the same kind of activity before the first one.

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Getting ready to sell them to buy Rubic

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I bet I won't qualify

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that's not "someone".
Uniswap literally got hacked. that's over 3 billion worth getting transferred.

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please god by true

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unironically massive if true

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Post source this instant

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please, this time I'll hold like a good boy

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did we though? the token and the airdrop was a surprise, or am i retarded?

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kek, I sold immediately after the airdrop for 2,5 Eth, feel like shit

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Kek, same

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>you guys sold 400 of a coin now worth $25
>i sold 1000 of a coin now worth $70

I don't know how I'm going to survive boys

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>We will be airdropping UNI for everyone who hasn't used 1INCH

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Uniswap just got hacked . Market dump incoming

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I may sound dumb but, I don't understand what you mean by "Uniswap" got hacked.
Like, all of my coins are on my MetaMask? In my wallet? They aren't...on Uniswap...?

You guys are just trolling dimwits, right? (Like me, yes, haha so funny)

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lmao fuck off

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He means they hacked into either uniswap's liquidity pools (stealing shit tons of liquid assets) or the uniswap dev wallet or something similar which stores not yet distributed uni

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If I get fucked one more time by 1inch ...

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hang in there fren

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I remember, last week the same pattern was fr BTC... total bitstorm with all indices crashed down...
If i had Unis, i would get them out of my portfolio. Incoming dump

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i see this all the time. is it a reference to CZ's dick?

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thanks bro

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Probably related to V3. UNI has been pumping a lot for no reason despite a short-term downtrend for most alts, so there's reason to believe insiders are buying.

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Its called "exit scam"
Its something that you do when you are heavily invested in a scam that isnt seeing any new money coming in

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>airdrop #2

Oh shit guys check your metamasks

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A lot of locked tokens were released. look at coin marketcap, it's market cap increased by 48% 1 hour ago.
WTF is going on?

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it made uniswap immediatly jump to #8

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Big if true