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It was fixed and the post-mortem was given, following the updates that were announced during the fixing process

>What's your cheapFUD now, Sanjay?

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Avalanche is the best chain at the moment and no FUD can change that

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I see AVAX is a good project and i dont doubt it.

Eminen seens to be a CHAD, i really thinking to buy AVAX

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shut up faggot
let em' sell
that's cheaper AVAX for me

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It's like if Elon Musk would crash one of his starships. Mistakes were made and people learn from them to be better.

Emin has enough balls to come up clear with proves and to actually solve the problem for the sake of the community.

Absolute based Emin.

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Are you based? Cause it seems like it.... Fr, tell me pls, i need to suck your cock right now.

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Basically yes, let them miss that again

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my FUD is that nobody fucking cares

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Then people hasn't FOMOed in
Super bullish

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>inb4 double mint
>inb4 double spend
>inb4 turkroach

Emin Gün Sirer:

>Cornell Prof has been in crypto since BEFORE Bitcoin.

>Is Number 2 in Cornells IC3 (Ari Juels is Number 1)

>H-index of 46 (Juels' H-index is 83), nobody in crypto comes close to these two giga-brains (Vitalik has an H-index of 27)

>Emin recognised the importance of Chainlink from early on and has been in close association with the flannel fat man.

>Emin was the first to spot the ETH Dao Hack vulnerability.

>Vitalik endorses Emin and they're exploring "Athereum" a Subnet on Avalanche to solve what ETH 2.0 can't do

Avalanche protocol:

>The third consensus breakthrough after Nakamoto's Proof of Work and Classical, most scalable Classical Protocol right now is HotStuff used by Facebook - it's inventor Ted Yin is the chief protocol architect of Ava Labs.

>Avalanche is a completely new family of Consensus Protocols, look up Team Rocket

>4500+ REAL TPS sub 2-second finality.

>Highly decentralised, running a Node is cake and hardware requirements are low, anyone can do it.

>Consensus is reached by probabilistic sampling thousands of independent nodes over multiple rounds

>Resist 51% attack (need 80% network control to take over)

>Full EVM support

>All Ethereum smart contract and infrastructure can work on AVAX out of the box which means slow ass DeFi running on ETH will switch to AVAX to speed it all up.

>AVAX nodes will validate ATH (Athereum) which makes running a node incredibly profitable.


>Entirely fresh scalability concept - fully independent networks can be launched on Avalanche, with near infinite customisation. Athereum is a good example of this.

>Big picture - In less than a year, the best parts of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem can be mirrored on Avalanche. Giving it all the TPS, scalability, decentralisation, speed, and interoperability of the entire ecosystem.

>Avalanche is just 6months old

>Still trades under $30

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Only walltext I support here

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those middle eastern subhumans are all the same, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. nice word clouds and at the end there is nothing

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Avalanche always comes up with bullish news, I can't see your point

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Accepting errors is a bullish sign

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newfags: https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/address/0x0a99c32AFFAEc0a697D4CB4bf660Eeddcf432c21/transactions

the hash you see
is duplicated 7 times, thats the double spend.
thats a consensus failure, which happened on the C chain.

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