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I sold all my SQQQ just before close, I fucked up didnt i?

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what the fuck

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My body is ready.

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I just liquidated my portfolio and went all in on soxs
How retarded am I

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You bought the dip, right anon?

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What do the tea leaves say for tomorrow?

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Yes why would you do that? Way too early to take profit

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No one knows if SQQQ or TQQQ is the right option. It's all just a gamble.

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buying it tomorrow
unless the bond rate keeps exploding upwards

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Wow nice bake :)
Just a little tip tomorrow might not work but you could try it:
some big youtuber told people to sell their MO Jun18 50 calls and dumping might not be over, you could possibly get some really cheap ones from desperate people, like .35 or something.

Nobody has even discussed legalization of marijuana yet its still on the docket, still a good chance MO can do above 50 by June.

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the trick is to buy equal amounts of SOXL and SOXS and crab eternally

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>GME and PLTR up
enjoy your leddit memestock, hobbits

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Fuck you

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jesus you have steel balls

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Any harm to holding something like SQQQ in the long run for the inevitable crash?

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Down 17% today. Thanks to the PUBM shill for that. Also, I thought ETSY was safe. oof

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Tesla barely dodged the $500 death-spiral.. today

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anyone wanna talk about DD or just spam wojaks?

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Anyone else buy the crypto miner dips today? I picked up some bitf, fort and dmgi

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>he sold

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AQB holders...is this the end of us? Will we be a true penny stock EOY?

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I just bought $80k worth of 3/19 30c CLF calls
my body is ready for the MOON

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>anyone wanna talk about DD or just spam wojaks?

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Yes anon. That asset is for quick scalp trades only. Don't hodl......

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Just why

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Why is $500 the eath spiral? I have some 500 puts.
I thought it will be the ARKpocalypse that will kill TSLA.

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For a heart attack and stroke? I agree, you're fat

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Nasdaq gonna hit 0 tomorrow

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i had several green IDs in a row today so that's good news going forward

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I hope you didn't. Even I'm not that re-

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Begging GREEN in superior thread

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Buy SQQQ and UVXY to avoid portfoliocide

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nice try

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Nice bum

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How badly I want to fuck an asian girl, but don't want to bring a hapa into this world. Maybe when China takes over I'll reconsider

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What r u gonna do? I saw your ID, you stupid shiller
>Go home poor boi

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Are there any long term stocks to bet against the market?

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Don't threaten me with a good time now anon

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I got yall

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I really like this gif

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Bad advice, nothing wrong with holding in the short term, especially with the current downward momentum

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My cat shit on the left side of the litter box so that means lines going up tomorrow

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You bought the CWSFF dip, right anon?

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Jesus christ

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As did I, except I bought a bit of GUSH and ERX to go with it.

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You're going to be a billionaire when CLF hits $3000 EOY

>> No.30233222

That fat fuck better deliver, or I'll personally turn his ass into diesel.

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This anon fucks

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Buy and hold these in the long run


Buy all the dips! You'll thank me later.

t. Pennyfag

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hey mutant fish holders, considered selling yet?

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Stop samefagging yourself, cap

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jesus christ anon

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CRBP to >$4 by 3/19/21. Their Lenabasum medicine has efficacy for CDASI related pain reduction in Lupus and dermatomyositis. $9 end of month after the dermatomyositis are announced as well.

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Easiest money ever

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I'm unironically buying AQB once ARKK bleeds out and is no longer a major shareholder.

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>that one dude from reddit

>> No.30233365

go away pajeet we all know its a scam

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Tenders are ready bros

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All of tech seems to be in for a rude awakening. TSLA just overpriced and once it drops people will bail. I haven't done sufficient DD so take that with a grain of salt

>> No.30233397

There is nothing like that long term since the market does always go up in the long run. Assets like SQQQ we created for short term periods like the last few days...

>> No.30233405

There is no coming back from that.

>> No.30233425

MINE is literally the biggest pajeet scam I've ever seen... It's time for a little DD there, anon.

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I cant tell if this anon is retarded or has big balls but it makes me want to buy CLF

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The hidden tigers will run up CRBP before you can blink, as it happens with biopharma catalysts.

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damn thats a fat cock
recognizing that one dude from reddit
look cripsy
> needing DD to know that TLSA is overpriced

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Those are some good looking tendies. Brand?

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Get along, little wagie!

>> No.30233497

You're going to regret not going all-in on CLF. It's going to hit $300 EOM, $3000 EOY, $20k by 2022

>> No.30233506

Should I buy AAPL/MSFT or wait for it to dip more?

>> No.30233513

MINE has been around for years and years. Pumps up every now and then. But the pump is already over for this cycle. This pajeet is just being paid to help create liquidity for bag unloading.

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seeing this makes me wish i was having tendies now

>> No.30233527

yeah but you held 600 shares of dog shit

>> No.30233545

I fucking hate GTE, that is all

>> No.30233550

The dump hasn’t even begun. Only a couple more days until March 2020 bottom buyers and sell for long term gains

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I just refuse to believe that this crash, which has been just as bad overall as the one last March, has happened for any reason other than butthurt rich faggots trying to shake out retail. Retail has been absolutely crushing it over the last year, but unfortunately they can't keep their fucking mouths shut so now the big brains are getting wise. Bond yields don't mean shit when the Fed can change the rules however they want. Watch everything get a big green dick for the rest of the year once everyone figures it out.

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>yo this cracka finna buy the dip?

>drop that shit homie

>> No.30233578

Guys please just buy SOXS and/or SQQQ at open. The market still has a long way to fall and the bulls are still in denial about the whole inflationary and yield situation.

There was a reason why JPow crashed the markets today, as he couldn't stop talking about raising rates and inflation.

>> No.30233591

Also, P/E is pretty high for both—mid 30s.

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can someone explain the VIX to me? I don't get it besides that it goes up on big red days

>> No.30233597

Hate seeing NASDAQ like this. But we all knew it was coming. Sad part is it's stilllllll so fuckingggggg over inflated

>> No.30233598

More like looking to sell news, but yeah clown market

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i'm not a holocaust denier, it's just that the more i think about it the weirder it gets

>> No.30233615

>brought some share
Should I dump

>> No.30233616

Fuck you

>> No.30233640

Want to know as well

>> No.30233642

Very true. But there are going to be plenty of bull traps to ride as well. I just want to min/max every spike.

>> No.30233645

You are correct. But people will get emotional and let themselves be shaken out.

>> No.30233652

>which has been just as bad overall as the one last March

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walmart great value brand. honestly some of the best you can get

>> No.30233663

RKT is a financially sound company though.

>> No.30233664

Lol I have a suicide stack of puts in there. I hope CLF goes back to 1$ by eom.

>> No.30233671

Damn bro I’m gonna order some tendies

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>stock your fudding is up
kek.. as the days go by you get weaker and weaker fudder anon

>> No.30233688

He's a genius, ya'll will regret when us transwomen become rich off CLF that ya'll didn't go all-in. CLF is the future.

>> No.30233696

Waiting for march 11. Either it's a good show and I buy more, or I dump everything. This is a hold project that doesn't end until 2023-2025 for me so a small 50% dip is no problem at this stage.

>> No.30233712

Don't sleep on Grocery Outlet nuggies

>> No.30233717 [DELETED] 

how come 90% of all holocaust deniers are Americans, who never had anything to do with the holocaust?

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okie dokie, enjoy your bags

>> No.30233721

Basically lost all gains since August hot damn.

>> No.30233724

The VIX is a measure of the volatility of the S&P 500. It's calculated as the variance of the Implied Volatilities of SPY puts which expire 16 days from present, and SPY calls which expire 44 days from present. Ask Investopedia dude!

>> No.30233742
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We getting him back in 2024? Dems policies have been a fucking disaster...

>> No.30233747

because it's illegal to question it in your europoor countries lmao

>> No.30233762

>how come 90% of all holocaust deniers are Americans
less of the cuck conditioning that it was our fault, plus it's like....not illegal in our country lol.

>> No.30233770

I did pretty well. As a bear I think buying dips and shorting peaks is a much safer way to trade than just to short and wait.
Granted, if I just waited today, I'd be up 15% today instead of 12, but there were times where SOXL and TQQQ were positive today.

>> No.30233773

I wouldn't advise anyone to hold SQQQ and walk away from the computer for a while since even on down days like today, you should be watching it to not get burned.

>> No.30233796

Do modern euros have anything to do with the holocost?

>> No.30233800

Yes because you sold
>all of it
And not half of it

>> No.30233805

please shill me the next pump and dump, anon

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What's the play? Just ride SQQQ for a month or two?

>> No.30233823

And tomorrow and next week

>> No.30233867

I guess not if you're looking at an index as a whole but a lot of tech and tech adjacent stocks have crashed just as much as they did last year

>> No.30233868 [DELETED] 

It's because american school lie their ass off about the holocaust, they completely disagree with the official historical narrative in ways that try to paint the jews in a "more sympathetic" light and the nazis in a "more evil" light. The problem is that they lie so hard that any non-moron can see through them, but since it's taught to kids, kids just see "XYZ is fake and I was taught XYZ in holocaust class therefore holocaust didn't happen, instead of "XYZ is fake, is it because the holocaust class doesn't talk about holocaust, or because holocaust is a lie?"

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>thread died
what's up with that
did everyone commit sedoku?

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CJJD is going to the moon, reddits going to pump that shit because it has a funny name
time to flip that buddy

>> No.30233894

Good for you on getting more than 1week, there may be time. You can at least cancel the party plans well in advance.
What a non-sequitor question.

>> No.30233902

At least bring back his twitter for shit days like these.

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>okie dokie, enjoy your bags

>> No.30233923

Good advice anon. Especially true for UVXY and VIX sine they are tied to volatility where as SQQQ is more about being the inverse of TQQQ and QQQ.
There was a red day a week or so ago where SQQQ was up 3% at the end of the day but UVXY was down 2%.

>> No.30233924

>>stock your fudding is up
>PLTRannies are now celebrating not even reaching 25
>when a while ago they were saying it would never even fall below 25
seems like you are the ones getting weaker from the heavy weight of your bags

>> No.30233935
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anon started naming the jew so there was probably a flurry behind the scenes

>> No.30233950
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> down 15%

How much further does this have to fall? I’m holding some cash but my major positions are in TSM And AMD which I thought would be somewhat safe.

>> No.30233955

You are right anon. I expect more bad days ahead. This isn't the bottom....

>> No.30233969

Tomorrow has to be green to shake out SQQQ faggots, then once it's done, on Monday bigger dump continues with yields at 1.7 and climbing.

>> No.30233970

Again. Still super high valuations on tons of companies. Thank God tsla left would be even worse

>> No.30233989
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2500 CLF 25C

If CLF goes to 50 by July assuming we get infrastructure, that's 6.25m

>> No.30234007

Gold is one but don't expect more than a 20% return.

>> No.30234013

That's why day trading is better right now. You don't have to worry about overnight gaps.

>> No.30234034
File: 2.14 MB, 1418x1063, 1613682274562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does all the way to $0 sound?

>> No.30234045

how do you trade forex for gains

>> No.30234060
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but I dont have 25k

>> No.30234063

Just buy SQQQ or SOXS tomorrow and get 1/3 of your losses back tomorrow. We could have a green day so wait a few minutes after the bll.

>> No.30234065

>That's why day trading is better right now
For sure. I'm green from day trading.

>> No.30234070
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Cash gang now... thankfully had a 35 dollar stop loss on my 600 shares of SOXL.Was up 25k at one point, except for that one second of time I was up 250k when SOXL split

>> No.30234080

What about VIXY and UVXY

>> No.30234081
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SQQQ/SOXS BearChads, where you at?

>> No.30234088
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Yea, thats great but I have no cash so fuck you nigger.

>> No.30234093

anybody have an update on that bald guy that's always saying to buy the dip? if he's not saying buy the dip now im selling everything

>> No.30234095

Yes but not that long, try to time it right and find a good exit
Wasted dubs

>> No.30234099
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The best part is $50 with $3.25 earnings is a PE ratio of 15

>> No.30234100

the accepted narrative is logistically impossible and im not even american

>> No.30234104

Some companies are ok. But a general index wide dump is gonna drag em down no matter what.

>> No.30234111

Just do the opposite of what /pol/ is predicting geopolitically.

>> No.30234114

At this rate the avatarfag rule might as well be abolished.

>> No.30234120
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>$600 stimulus

What a let down

>> No.30234124

go ahead, you start

>> No.30234134

you're the biggest loser on this entire site, please neck or at the very least stfu

>> No.30234142


Should of bought oil

>> No.30234157

Are you implying me and most here don't do that already?

>> No.30234158

How much do you have anon?

>> No.30234181
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yup, that greasy tranny sure is a genius! I am probably replying to it samefagging though.

>> No.30234199

What did you expect? Money printer only go to banks and billionaires.

>> No.30234203

I'm seeing $1400 still, where does it say $600?

>> No.30234208
File: 2.54 MB, 400x361, 1608213154191.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a major constituent in TSM, too, and I think it will be fine in the coming weeks. Again, they actually make stuff that's useful and other companies need.

>> No.30234215

what the actual fuck is the market pricing in for TSLA, Elon Musk's dick size? Why is it still $500+?

>> No.30234235

I lost a year of gains

>> No.30234241

have you seen AMD historical charts

>> No.30234243
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you literally have lists of all the jews in western europe that were killed by the nazi-regime

>> No.30234249

>Do modern euros have anything to do with the holocost?
Yes, old people still remember and empty Jewish houses and graveyards can be seen up to this day.

>> No.30234254

Up 12% today, but I sold. I'm only a day trading bobo.

>> No.30234255
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I agree

>> No.30234287
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>> No.30234292
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>> No.30234330

Based jews dabbing on the goyim when they are down.

>> No.30234333

Yea I know right my charts are forever fucked now. Robinmeme is real

>> No.30234334

>live view of stock market open tommorow

>> No.30234340

That's funny that you post a leech, seeing that all jews are leeches.

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you held 600 shares of RKT, selling calls when they were not far otm (judging from the premium you were paid).
however if that were the case you would have held 600 shares of RKT from around 30, which would be a cost basis of $18k.
RKT stopped today at 26.86, a drop of 10.4% from where you presumably bought.
that means you were paid $1227 in premium only to lose $1800 on your shares.
if you weren't retarded and were bullish on RKT you would have just waited instead of losing money.
but who knows i'm just a stupid animeposter

>> No.30234381

I wish and or hope oil tanks too. I would kill to buy some of those pipeline stocks that were paying 35% dividends before they blew up

>> No.30234384

I’m feeling hyped for tomorrow. There gonna be a correction upwards

>> No.30234386

i want to fuck the living shit out of the girl who posted this leech post
i bet she's covered in self harm cuts and likes getting pissed on

>> No.30234387

and what do taxpayers get?

>> No.30234391 [DELETED] 

The card i got in the mail from the irs

>> No.30234393
File: 186 KB, 1080x1349, 1612309006513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah , if i hadnt already experienced daily -100K losses day after day last year I would be freaking out more. but still hurts just the same

>> No.30234400
File: 57 KB, 1125x801, 1614493870325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Even if inflation does rise, Powell and other Fed officials say they are content to let it run above their 2% target until the jobs market shows a full and inclusive recovery along income, gender and racial lines.

>> No.30234403

Are they passing the stimmy stims

>> No.30234404

i dont have to watch that, i already know friday is going to bad with this kind of sentiment going into it

>> No.30234421
File: 3 KB, 126x121, 1329409834146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still believe in my soul that there are going to be a ton of angry fags on here when SOXL is back at $100+ in six months and the people here that held are up 100%

>> No.30234424

Oh dear. If you time a short index here you could turn that into $300.

>> No.30234438
File: 63 KB, 535x462, 1610588640563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/biz/ give me you extremely limited chance to 100 bag, big boards. Not otc. I want to use my webull and have a stock instead of just leaving a small amount of cash in there. I don't care if this hail mary stock goes to nothing. But what is something that has a chance of pulling a NIO? Something way down even under a dollar if possible. But a big board.

>> No.30234440

I remember that day. Wild swing days ahead to take advantage of!

>> No.30234449

Its basically just a reduction on the taxes you paid if at all. Eg you paid 2k in taxes its now like you paid 1.4k in taxes

>> No.30234453

>a small 50% dip
Holy shit lol

>> No.30234460

I fucking hope so. TSM is 75% of my holdings.

Please no

>> No.30234466



At least you're not a crab that got dismembered by a nutcase to fulfil her child rearing instincts and social media upboats needs.

>> No.30234467

last couple days ive lost $10k total which is by far my worst drawdown, and i still dont even care

Im just buying more lmao

>> No.30234468
File: 70 KB, 621x729, 1614069104258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Posts "the Jewish resistance"
So what your saying is they talked shit and got hit.

>> No.30234494

I'm rather perplexed. Since a lot of the jobs lost in the pandemic won't be coming back because they've been automated or are unneeded.

>> No.30234523


>> No.30234528

ron johnson says READ IT UP JANNIES

>> No.30234543

What would give the nazis such a crazy idea to go after jews? Not like anglos and russians (who love jews) ended up doing well in the long run

>> No.30234549

And the unemployment numbers weren't as bad as expected, per usual. That's why I think this whole crash is bullshit and we'll be back on the gravy train before too long

>> No.30234557
File: 22 KB, 600x800, 565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>attack on titan

>> No.30234562

>Hyperinflation until all niggers get a job

Weimar here we come.

>> No.30234572

they arent actually making the clerk read it out right? nobody is actually going to listen to fucking ron johnson's dumbass?

>> No.30234576

It'll be fine; just don't expect to get massive gains before St. Patrick's day.

>> No.30234579

Ok I'll give you credit there. Though they were actually quite far OTM, as the premiums were insane. IV is like 550%

>> No.30234589
File: 79 KB, 940x525, 1516592014386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30234597

Big bull trap coming when this bitchmade stimulus passes. You've been warned

>> No.30234603

These threads are looking alot like the day GME collapsed

>> No.30234616

Read: https://www.proshares.com/funds/vixy.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAp4KCBhB6EiwAxRxbpDF-cK2SITALbIz9lAJALvFc6Xw418iSJ60-l7aKtqkyF9lFv3l9FhoCmq0QAvD_BwE

If you look at the charts for this and UVXY, you'll see that they only move a significant amount when the S&P moves down. As such, they aren't so much long-term holds as they are short-term trading instruments. UVXY is a 3x leveraged ETF, so when the VIX goes up by 1%, UVXY goes up by 3%. An example of using these as trading tools could be buying calls for UVXY before you think the market will crash (Like I have with my $25c 3/19 UVXY) or even buying puts once you believe that Volatility has peaked. Just don't hold this stuff for longer than a month at the very most, OK?

>> No.30234638

There are so many lurkers on this board right now. General advise for lurkers who are new to trading and need any help they can get for days like today!

>> No.30234644

The hawks at the fed will get inflation under control before then. There first priority is Jewish profits, and their second one is fucking white people.

>> No.30234646

Real unemployment is much higher. Powel said they don't count people who weren't looking for jobs prior to last march

>> No.30234650

that's why god gave girls buttholes anon

>> No.30234659

The official narrative is logistically impossible to the point of it being comical

>> No.30234669
File: 674 KB, 1324x872, bob_ross.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gotta have opposites in the market, red days and green days, -50% days and +1000% days. I'm waiting on the green days now.

>> No.30234671

I also don't understand the logic of the Fed saying
>Well there's a lot of unemployment so lets let inflation happen too
Is he trying to make it impossible for the unemployed to live on their savings?

>> No.30234682

Isn't this extremely bullish for stocks though? If the USD hyperinflates stocks will be a store of value compared to cash, so everyone will start buying stocks and real estate soon.

>> No.30234688
File: 2.09 MB, 1435x1080, DD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

help me understand because my lizard brain cannot
bond yields are going up, that means people are exiting them
stocks are going down, people are exiting them
so people have to be sitting in cash
they wouldn't be sitting in cash if they were expecting hyperinflation to come barreling along any day now
but i also don't see how we could possibly be entering a deflation phase like last year after all those trillions printed
what the FUCK is going on

>> No.30234714

>full and inclusive recovery along income, gender and racial lines.
Whats with this propaganda lately? Actually since last year. Whats his obsession with it? Hes acting as if every race has been unemployed for decades except white.

>> No.30234727

Does anyone know what is in it yet?

>> No.30234734
File: 17 KB, 280x280, kitty snake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think it was still pretty effective as a hedge, just giving you shit

>> No.30234762

>so when the VIX goes up by 1%, UVXY goes up by 3%
it's based on VIX futures tho, not the spot VIX

>> No.30234776

the anus is close to the vagene

>> No.30234782

Also does this mean buy gold and silver?

>> No.30234795

Deflation is possible from prolonged periods of brr.


>> No.30234807

Depends if you you have to spend your money just to heat the home or buy food. Might make middle class forced to sell and will drive stocks down

>> No.30234813

In what way, anon? Collapse for the bulls or the bears?

Listen to this anon

>> No.30234817
File: 375 KB, 2000x1333, kingpoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Umm.. I trusted an Indian and now my portfolio is bleeding from all orifices.
I'm still gonna make it, r..r..right?

>> No.30234825

buy CLF

>> No.30234834

Don’t need to understand. It’s all tail wags the dog anyway. Just know price action is technically damaged on daily and now weekly.

>> No.30234835

theyre reading the entire thing in the senate right now, you can watch CSPAN if you want to know I guess

>> No.30234838

Lol i like this guy

>> No.30234849

>>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S30232437#p30232757 why did I do this?

How's the CLF leap nigger doing?

>> No.30234875

Bond yields and borrowing costs will rise so it's bearish for some stocks.

>> No.30234897

Yeah its really weird. Literally nobody who is listening to a Fed press conference cares about the Fed's racial equity lending program.

>> No.30234911

That's even worse! I just barely know what I'm talking about, thanks for clearing that up! The anon who asked about this should know that futures don't always reflect real life to the T :^)

>> No.30234919

Just warming up my pink wojak folder for when the futures open

>> No.30234939


>> No.30234940
File: 327 KB, 1280x720, all good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol even their stock picks give people dysentery

>> No.30234954

socialism is essentially about redistributing wealth. The German occupation regime deported the jews, who had to leave behind all their things and property. Locals happily assumed that they would never return, so they moved into their homes, took the stuff that the occupation regime didn't take (gold and silver) and took over their companies. Tons of stories of Jews who survived the camps returning to their homes, finding out that there was a new family living there.
Desu, the concentration camps were essentially a very inefficient form of slavery of the jews, along with expropriation of jewish wealth

>> No.30234968

Jesus, listening to a bunch of 80yo reading a lunch of legalese. Given it's 11pm fpr me, I might actually get some sleep tonight.

>> No.30234971
File: 325 KB, 750x560, A8975CFE-97AC-4F87-84DF-EF4EB0CAA7B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>middle class and poor major buyers of stocks

>> No.30234984
File: 54 KB, 562x1000, sdadgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I feel for the leveraged ETF meme

>> No.30234992

This will not and cannot be allowed to happen. You faggots don't understand that if this go forward it will implode both the economy and the national debt. Unless they want to bankrupt the US this guaranteed not to happen.

>> No.30235002
File: 2.19 MB, 1403x1080, reading.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>print trillions of dollars
>value of dollar goes UP
i honestly don't know what the fuck is going on anymore

>> No.30235054

me too bobby, me too

>> No.30235074

Do futures reset at 6pm or something? I thought it was 4:30

>> No.30235081
File: 51 KB, 614x749, 1614898590195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

clown world

>> No.30235085

Did typhus get short squeezed?

>> No.30235108

Hello Mr. Open Interest

>> No.30235112

PMI for non manufacturing went up, while employment hours and wages went up, but supply went down.
Care to comment?

>> No.30235131
File: 466 KB, 744x719, 1613936993010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit's fucked senpai. Honestly, something tells me deflation is actually in the cards to crush the plebs under their debt.

>> No.30235145

I am not selling my SOXL

>> No.30235154
File: 107 KB, 650x650, qjepEYdGJn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oil Stonks up hard, what do now though? Just buy dips as they rise probably for 10-20 years, especially if we go back to the middle east? I feel bad buying at higher prices because it affects the profit I make. New-ishfag here to stonks. Obviously want to keep accoooooooomulating because muh divs and oil companies will not go anywhere (unless mad max).

>> No.30235164

use the throat then

>> No.30235179
File: 231 KB, 514x719, 1608754213127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All this Jewish cope lol. Holocaust never happened.

>> No.30235182

Looks good Anon.

>> No.30235218

>40k down to 10k in just a single week
Kinos for this feel?

>> No.30235238

Because debt monetization. Debt is now dollars, but dollars to pay back debt is decreasing, so dollars go up. Mike Maloney talked about this over 10 years ago.

>> No.30235245

>99.99% of people hedge for hyperinflation
>Expect that they'll make money
>Because that's how a financial market works
Aggressively pursuing the specter of hyperinflation will cause deflation.
This your first rodeo?

>> No.30235260

autism documentaries

>> No.30235273

OPEC will announce divestment from drilling for primarily oil into electric batteries tomorrow anon. Don't leave that money on the table. Cash out, if you even can

>> No.30235274

99 years in the folsom pin

>> No.30235317


>> No.30235331

College girls identifying as bi does not make gen Z the gayest generation ever.
You have to remember that Gen Z is the most non white and the most mixed race generation of all time as well.
White male zoomers are actually more conservative (and fascistic) than millennial white males. It makes sense really.
Women tend to internalize what they are taught whilst guys tend to rebel against it.
It's why you see male zoomers become groypers and female zoomers become BLM whores.

>> No.30235347

The world still runs on oil and companies are still pretty undervalued at this point.

>> No.30235349

are we supposed to care? because we don't. Filthy kikes should be slobbing white americans knobs for saving your asses

>> No.30235353

line goes down again

>> No.30235366


Cheer yourself up with a heart warming song about school shootings

>> No.30235370

I'm not jewish so I'm not shedding any tears. Also considering their roles in positions of power in foreign power, it makes sense to distrust them when they view themselves as the rulers of all.

>> No.30235404

See you at $15 then.

>> No.30235410

This is the most retarded thing i've heard. Good job anon.

>> No.30235414

we've been on a debt based monetary system for a very long time though
>Aggressively pursuing the specter of hyperinflation will cause deflation.
isn't the only thing that's going to save you from hyperinflation equities, or moving to a different currency entirely?

>> No.30235418

Frog, scorpion, etc.

>> No.30235438
File: 392 KB, 332x766, wv4942ve7wk61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jews view white people as their nemesis and want to genocide all white people with neocolonialism/birthrates, disenfranchisement etc, the kikes wanna kill all of you

>> No.30235440

I'm sorry anon if I divulged my anonymous sources it could compromise their health and safety. All I can say is they're very familiar with OPEC's thinking.

>> No.30235449


>> No.30235462

I like this narrative in some ways. Techie pilled, globohomo, and darn hopeful.
I'll hold those bags.

>> No.30235467

But I'm waiting to see how this plays out. If BTC moons you will make bank but I'm pretty uncertain on BTC right now

>> No.30235472

>he fell for the battery meme
Lithium mining will do more damage to the environment that oil ever did, and will be more expensive.

>> No.30235475

No because milk will cost $100 so Apple at 1000 doesn't really make you wealthy for hodling

>> No.30235476

Can't argue with that, cheers to throat fucking asians

>> No.30235477

Hilarious larp

>> No.30235482

CLF take a hike.You ramble about it so much and spam it why should i take your advice.

>> No.30235483

What would even be the purpose of setting up a photograph like that? It looks like a giant waste of time, you get filthy and the end result is stupid.

>> No.30235489
File: 39 KB, 640x591, 9107FC1E-3639-4FF5-9AC2-98A48AEBCFC8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30235500

and kikes are the scorpion so the rational thing for the frog to do is either let it drown or eat it.

>> No.30235522

99 years underneath that ground

>> No.30235533

As he said anon, Jews returned home. Because they didn't died in the camp.
Oil companies will literally buy out renewable firms, and have done some already, oil will also be necessary forever. It's not just a fuel source, although we'll keep using it as such until any of us are dead, anyway. I've faith in those firms. Holding RDS, BP, and XOM.

>> No.30235539

shit, should i not put any weight on the lithium stores that Suncor's oil sands has then

>> No.30235547

why does your monitor have a ruler on the bottom bezel?

>> No.30235559

Buy and hold these in the long run


You'll thank me later.

t. Pennyfag

>> No.30235561

I will short Domino's Pizza.

>> No.30235565

No, the moral of that story is "the fuck did you expect? It's in my nature to be a backstabber."

>> No.30235570


>> No.30235571

What country are you from then?

>> No.30235602


>> No.30235622

i cant forget the day i shot that bad bitch down

>> No.30235643

A year ago the narrative was the opposite. Tech was pumping because it was the safest sector against the pandemic and perceived as the most valuable if inflation was to pick up due to all the money printing. Today it's the exact opposite.

Also the thread of inflation should be mooning precious metals but they are being clubbed to death, crossing the MA200 suggesting it has just entered a bear fucking market when inflation might be out of control and more money is going to be pumped into the system.

Last time that OIL fired up to hedge against QE so did PMs (back in 2008-2012).

Earnings completely crushed estimates through out the year and full-year reports were much better than anticipated yet stocks are bleeding back to 3-month post-covid stage.

This is truly peak clown world and nothing makes sense.

>> No.30235650
File: 694 KB, 1035x778, ouw9mkkozcx51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jews deserved it, for what they did 10 years before Hitler. So no sympathy.

>> No.30235657



simple as.

>> No.30235674

take this from a European. Jews are bad essentially because they are culturally American. They are obnoxious, arrogant, greedy and self-righteous, just like your ordinary American. I personally see no difference in how certain non-Jewish American billionaires act versus how their Jewish counterparts act. They all simply act to show how much better they are than everyone else, because that is how American culture and attitude is.

>> No.30235755

The market cares fuck all about unemployment.

>> No.30235764

>Tech was pumping because it was the safest sector against the pandemic and perceived as the most valuable if inflation was to pick up due to all the money printing. Today it's the exact opposite.
it all depends on the valuation and the conditions
Tech obviously isn't the play anymore since it's up like +300% since then

40 seconds of wisdom

>> No.30235766

Well batteries will happen because jews want green oil to succeed. You need massive amounts of fossil fuels to build and maintain green energy.
For example, solar panels require coal. both as heat for the production process and for the carbon in the panels.
The future should be nuclear and I want to be long on big uranium desperately. Politicians are too cowardly though.

>> No.30235778

It doesn't matter. If raises rise it will implode everything, dude. What can you not understand about this? It doesn't matter if prices fire up or not, the US debt and private debt cannot function unless credit is cheap. Much less in a situation where it
DESPERATELY needs borrowing costs to be low to kick start the economy.

>> No.30235796

I hope it works out for you. Then when people ask you how you became rich, you can tell them about how you bet against pizza.

>> No.30235800

>All this Jewish cope lol. Holocaust never happened.
Visit Poland sometimes, burger retard. Not saying abrahamic religions are good though.

>> No.30235814
File: 426 KB, 750x969, 7DA14CDF-3394-432D-AD53-4295A98AE74B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But now the elite are pivoting away from USA.

>> No.30235835

So WE were the jews all along? I guess all the freemason shit in the US makes sense now, as well as our undying love for Israel

>> No.30235848

Thank you, I will remember you when I become a rich man.

>> No.30235878

but in a deflationary crisis, EVERYTHING gets raped including PMs right?
it is hard to envision a world where tech isn't the driver of the markets

>> No.30235896

How the fuck are dollars decreasing if the FED is pumping more and more money into the system? Look at the M1. Just because money is not circulating does not mean it's not there.

>> No.30235899
File: 89 KB, 840x766, 1608301169597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you ever consider it was actually the other ay around?

>> No.30235904


If inflation of commodities increases, cheaper debt is more important to companies than ever.

If the cost of steel goes up, what helps Ford and GM more -

Double the cost of new debt?

Decrease the cost of new debt?

This idea that, Fight commodities inflation by raising interest rates is bullshit

>> No.30235954

>If CLF goes to 50 by July assuming we get infrastructure
you sound retarded

>> No.30235972
File: 17 KB, 474x527, 1614341896249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lithium mining isnt that bad, it's the cobalt mining that is. Copper too. If you are gonna invoke the EV worse than oil argument, at least do it right

>> No.30235992
File: 56 KB, 830x738, 1612831200386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys I just saw an article that said "This stock is guaranteed to skyrocket in the next week regardless of market conditions"
Can't believe how lucky I am.

>> No.30236001

>it will implode everything, dude
and then what?

>> No.30236004

Because if people aren’t working they aren’t paying taxes, which the US government needs to pay the fed. Simple as.

>> No.30236009
File: 215 KB, 663x421, F6C07C5E-71F0-421A-8ECA-3439C6B03324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Need I say anymore:

>> No.30236026
File: 51 KB, 550x550, 1614399407557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sold my aqb today. And sold my atos calls. Finally. Never again.

2k is coming settled cash. And so it my tax return. Need to catch soxl soon, hopefully this red continues a little longer so I can buy a shit ton under 30.

Just going to be nio, soxl and rlftf. And im going to dump rpftf as soon as the next pr comes because the vaccine is tanking it.

>> No.30236136

Kikes are seething

>> No.30236311


Fed prints 1 billion at near zero. You spend it on hookers and coke. Rates go to 1.5%. But there’s only 1 billion printed. Where does the 1 billion plus interest come from?

>> No.30236344


>> No.30236369
File: 34 KB, 700x459, dead fish gmo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can try to turn it around and say that Americans are culturally jewish, but it makes less sense. Remember that the USA is a state build on a pluralistic, self-deterministic belief. People in the American republic were supposed to be allowed to govern themselves. This however developed a US culture about governing over others. Regardless of race in the US, you need something that makes you stand above all your American peers, since you want to have the freedom to govern your own life, and oftentimes even others lives.
A less abstract example would be the Social justice movement, or the religious conservatives of the republican party. All these want to have an authority over other people, so they are able to have authority over their own life. And this culture of self governance is extremely strong in the US, where even filthy rich people act upon this "ideal". So the reason you have all these Jews or democratic or republican billionaires pushing their values on everyone is because they are absorbed into this deep culture of self-righteousness and need for self-governance.

>> No.30236536

>Tech obviously isn't the play anymore since it's up like +300% since then

That's bullshit. Tech wasn't overvalued in Jun-Jul-Aug it was just antecipating full-year results from 2020 - which not only did they fullfill but in some cases even crushed. This narrative is total bullshit - Sept-Oct-Nov had reasonable grounds to crush into March levels (which it did not) due to all the political impass around the stimulus (which they are still dancing around) and COVID-19 getting out of control (which forced lockdowns again and grinded the economy in Q4). This whole scenario is just you getting jewed out and being force-fed stupid reasons why it's happening when none of it makes a shred of sense.

>> No.30236621

It doesn't. You're not supposed to care about 1 billion but only about the 15 million.

>> No.30237028

Brrrr life goes on even when the printing is done

>> No.30237416

The decay effect gets exaggerated. You can hold leveraged funds for weeks or maybe months in some cases and still be fine

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