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What are your GRT price predictions?

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$3 eod tomorrow. Check tradingview

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1 GRT will be worth 1 GRT.

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0.25 USD

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Stimmy checks are coming.
$5 end of month.
$100 end of year.
$1000 end of decade.

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If you bought under $2 you should be comfy as fuck. If you bought over $2 rest easy in the knowledge that this thing has a working product utilised by many other projects and has nowhere to go but up. Just have patience.

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50$ 2022 february

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Smile. Smile Cranly’s smile.
First he tickled her
Then he fatted her
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For he was a medical
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—I feel you would need one more for Hamlet.
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Ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta.
He holds my follies hostage.

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after all the token unlocks?
be lucky to be over $1

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$1.84 EOD. $1.84 EOW. $0.50 EOM. Glad I sold this shit at $2.80.

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Stop worrying about the price. Just delegate and forget you scum bags. You guys are acting like 4th worlders

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How do i delegate without alot of gay faggot complexity?

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>he thinks he's getting checks
Trust me, they aren't going to give us shit.

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>>30227882 (OP)
Stimmy checks are coming.
$5 end of month.
7000+ subgraphs, and L1 integrations are coming
$100 end of year.
Web 3.0, built on top of the graph protocol, is coming.
$1000 end of decade.

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It's literally simple as fuck. Just use your brain and stop being lazy

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Based. Also check out mana bros this shits pumping

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Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you anon

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lol i've been in suspense as to whether that or District0x would pump first. would not buy either of them though

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big think

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>$5 end of month
I'd be happy with $3 eom at this point.

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Mana seems based though. Its like runescape gp

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$2 EOY

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debating about selling this shit to get into reef before it moons.

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Ive noticed crypto moves up in noticeable cycles. Were about to enter another parabolic run on grt

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peak delusion

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back to 1.3

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$1000 will take 4 years MAX

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>GRT cycles
Interesting. Tell me more.

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Just look at the chart homeybun see for yourself. Its like that fibonachi shit

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Down to 0.20 where it belongs. Scam of a coin that charges you to do something that already is done for free and quickly by pretty much everyone. The very action of creating a blockchain allows you to index it. I've been screaming this for the last month on this board yet you faggots keep pushing this hype beast of a pajeet coin. Do yourself a favor and sell or swing into another coin.

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Can someone spoonfeed me a good indexer? Mine changed its rates and now the APY isn't as good.

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Two words.


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piggybacking this
Indexer rec gentleman?

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Dumb fucking pajeet. If I want to index any coin right fucking now for no reason at all, I can just look at an exchange and view the orders to and from wallets. GRT does nothing new. It's a fucking scam.

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Youre not fooling anyone ranjeet

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$10 eoy

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1.78 bucks eoy

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>I could just code the entire game engine myself, UNITY is literally WORTHLESS

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>two words
Absolute state

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No, it is not going to get to $3 any time soon. Certainly not this week. Or the next.

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$4 EOM, stay poor nigger

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Unironically 1.50

$100 in 2025

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Nocoiner seething

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Send me it I'll delegate for you

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This. People forget the project is only 3 months old. Do you know how long it took link to break a dollar?

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8000+ now and growing

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~$1.5 EOD
~$1.5 EOW
~$1.5 EOM
~$1.5 EOQ
~$1.5 EOY

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10k EOW

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Not p2p. It's full.

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Put your shit on metamask with about $50 in eth. Then go on graph network, find the indexer you want, and click delegate? There are retard proof videos everywhere.

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just follow the guide on the site, it's like 3 buttons to press, stop being a faggot

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>Indian intellectual

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I bought most of my bag at 0.32, but bought more at 2.21, 1.88, 1.49 and I will acoomulate more if it stays bellow 2.5.

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btw volume is dead, expect 1.65 again probably
I love GRT but good lord this market is fucking bad

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delisted and $0

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You realize someone in a telegram is saying “if you bought under 10 cents just have patience” right?

It’s like so many of you people bought link over 20 and think you’re in early. People who were here in 2017 bought link for a quarter.

You’ve got to figure out how to play this or you’re going to get fucked

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Got 5k delegated to a Finnish autist and ready for it to be $500k by this time next year.

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If GRT increases in prices by 10000% over four years like LINK did I will be perfectly happy

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.01 bnt

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>check GRT and every other shitcoin TA daily for a month
>every single one is consistently wrong

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GRT doesn’t need hopium you dumb fuck. It’s literally the best project in crypto after ETH itself.

You just need to have A LITTLE BIT of patience. That’s all it takes to make it rich off this.

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I bought LINK for an average price of 21 cents. Wanna know how I "played it" after that? I didn't fucking sell it, and turned an $8,000 investment into more than $1.2M currently. I also own 220k GRT. I'll be "playing it" the same way I "played" LINK.

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What stack is it even worth delegating at?
t. poor

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Watch the green dildo coming in soon

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5k minimum to break even in a reasonable amount of time.

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I own more grt than you do. If it goes up to $4 EOM (it won't) I will still have more money than you do.

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Dude I got a fat GRT stack but stimmy checks are not gonna go into some random crypto no one knows anything about

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get a look at these retards boys lmaoooo

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Have any youtubers shilled this yet?

>> No.30237100

should I delegate or put my tokens in bancor

>> No.30237214

Sell now we about to pump

>> No.30237656

You are mad that it is not going to $4 eom.

>> No.30237803

lol like your words mean anything

>> No.30237845

we would i sell if were gonna pump? or do you mean dump lel

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I will be buying GRT after 4 billion tokens get dumped in a couple of months, good project

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>grt will only be huge because of web3.0
>the internet and things like google, facebook, amazon etc only became huge via widespread casual normalfag appeal, back in the 90s/2000s it was just barely crawling out of nerd's basements into the real world
>right now the closest web3.0/defi have to normalfag appeal is "sign up on a exchange, pay them with real money, buy funny internet money"
guys what the fuck is gonna have to happen?
what incentive will developers have to make a "decentralised facebook"? what incentive will users have to join "facebook but not facebook"? and to learn how to not be a retard with your funny internet money waller and not be hacked by the infamous 4chan and lose all your funny internet money?
i dont mind getting some nice gains from the multiplying of delegation plus grt going up in value over time, but i dont want to wait like two/three decades for it to truly moon, and i dont see how it could possibly go any faster

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I got in at 11c faggot I'm more than good and not selling for probably 2 years minimum anyways

>> No.30238283

The europoors will save us again tonight

>> No.30238357

Pump and you dont deserve it

>> No.30238859

The pump is supposed to happen this weekend. Target price is $3 but will probably go a little past that. I believe they said that it would kick off on Saturday around 5am EST.

>> No.30238981

what the fuck is the point of wasting your time typing this complete bullshit if you don't have shit to back up what you are saying.

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It was good enough for me. Got 5k GRT just now thanks source bro

>> No.30239228

Actually heard its going to 10, then back to 2, then to .8, but then back to 3

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I have 6.7k GRT. eom I see $3 max, assuming BTC doesnt rape everything.

EOY, 8$ seems realistic. end of 2022 double that, and then double every year for 4 years.

>> No.30239829

I’m so tempted to sell my grt to get a new car but I stop myself because I will regret it.

>> No.30239897

Got my bags way late at 1.55, 1.88 & 1.75. feeling good.

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Are you his fucking ass buddy?

>> No.30240016

What happens when an indexer is full? Do the new delegation rewards pop out into your wallet, or are they redelegated as normal?... but wouldn't that go past the cap?

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I am literally in the exact same boat. I sold my car a few months ago but now I am desperate to get it back. I really want to sell 1/3 of my stack at the start of april to buy a car but that means I wont be able to delegate and Ill miss out on massive future gains.

If GRT performs really well this month ill treat myself but otherwise ill keep holding and buy an even nicer car down the line.

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No, it is going down this weekend. No pump to $3. Not yet.

>> No.30240203

2300 enough to delegate? This is my mini alt stack

>> No.30240235

I had a 7000 stack got paper hands and sold now I only have a 5000 stack. Not happening again. But yes it’s hard not to sell right now.

>> No.30240518

Its pretty stable, and backed by the (((rothchilds))) its guaranteed to succeed

>> No.30240707

The bear market is going to rekt you

>> No.30240838

>not realizing the fact that the Rothschilds are involved could be detrimental
Inb4 they supress and destroy GRT because it threatens the status quo. It's fucking over.

>> No.30240855

$40 EOY

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Investment in new projects requires patience and strong hands. GRT is a bluechip token. It will form part of the infrastructure of web 3.0,paving the way for gains the likes of which so many feeble minds on /biz/ cannot conceive of. GRT will spread to other blockchains and platforms in such a manner that it can only be compared to Rome at the peak of it's imperial prowess, with the only different being that GRT will NOT collapse. It will continue to march forth and evolve with mankind as we embark on an epoch of space-faring expansion. The descendants of bag holders will enjoy positions of aristocratic status in the new technocracy for generations to come. Meanwhile, no-bag fags will end themselves when this moons. Consider yourselves warned.

>> No.30241135

This is a legitimate fear I think. There is no way (((they))) want this, or really any DeFi or Web3 to succeed.

>> No.30241527

checked and based. Thank you moon man anon.

>> No.30241591

how exactly can they?
they can buy a shitton, make bullshit trades to drive the token price down.
and what else?
grt will still index the blockchain

>> No.30241841

a few i have seen.. but it has been pretty subtle and mostly its just TA.

>> No.30241900

20 EOY
85 5 Y

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Whats your predictions for price behaviour over the next few weeks? I get paid tonight and have about £400 to spend, i want to dump more into this/ada but unsure if it's that smart right now, considering there might be a huge dump soon (from all the delegators that unlock after buying in last pump at the start of feb)

>> No.30242171

i yolo'd and bought 2k.

>> No.30242227

GRT is on their radar now. There's nothing stopping the Rothschilds from making "deals" outside of the blockchain.

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Wait and see what BTC does. It might go down a bit but it has strong support at 42K. If BTC price dips around there I'd load up on GRT. Its been bouncing back with BTC lately and will hopefully make you some gainz

>> No.30242293

How does .00001 sound?

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We shall see.

>> No.30242726

Crabs within a channel of $2.20 highs to $1.33 lows until march 23.

>> No.30242755

What are some other web 3.0 plays? Or should I just stack GRT?

>> No.30242837

$2.80 on March 9

>> No.30242845

checked, just stack GRT.

>> No.30242867

no fucking way

>> No.30242933

No way, buddy. I will take that bet. I bet you 1 (one) GRT that it will not be $2.80 on march 8, 9, or 10.

>> No.30243073

You think all the whales that had to wait 28 days to undelegate to sell during the last huge pump aren’t gonna make it pump a few days before the 28 day waiting period is up? Last pump was Feb 10-12, I promise you it will be close to $2.80 near March 9th so whales get to max profits. The

>> No.30243201

/biz/'s been lying to me this whole time

>> No.30243228


>> No.30243243

Then why are dozens of top projects using it?

>> No.30243308

Im switching to reef as soon as this coin goes in the green.

>> No.30243315

1 GRT today will be worth 2 GRT in the future if you delegate.

>> No.30243354

Very educated response. GRT is going back up and afterwards it will dump hard. I will be selling high and buying low. I hope you do the same my Bizrealite friend

>> No.30243359

Guys, I believe GRTsux is Derkhersh
Although, there is a giant gap in grammar between them, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Derkhersh has dumbed down his grammar to be more easily understood on /biz/

>> No.30243360

If the indexer sets fee cuts properly the rewards will scale into the pool so that they can always keep the current delegators without going over.

>> No.30243466

what did he mean by this?

>> No.30243513

Always leave them wanting more.

>> No.30243549


>> No.30243651

I will chat with you, anon. Why do you think it will go back up? Simply because the delegators are now able to undelegate and sell profits? Is that the only reason? I am only looking at the charts and so I do not see it moving up to that high.

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We’re on the same growth path as before the last parabolic shift. The timing is there. Our general “crabbing/upwards” trend after the correction is almost identical to the “crabbing/upwards” trend before the last shift.

>> No.30244031

I know a place where you can delegate for around the same APY as the official website but you don't pay any faggy gas fees.
I'm not telling because you faggots are always ungrateful

>> No.30244244

shut the fuck up before you ruin it for the rest of us

>> No.30245131

ill post pic of my feet if you tell me

>> No.30245422

ANon, i think we are on a clear downward trend. 14, 20, 22, all of february and then march 3rd were the 1, 2, 3, and 4. The 5 is incoming, going to be somewhere around $1.25.

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here is muh chart. I am a newfriend at TA so no bully.

>> No.30245615

I respect that you’ve got dubs twice now, but don’t look at the tops, looks at the floor we have at the bottoms. It’s an upwards trend.

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File: 19 KB, 474x315, INHALES SHARPLY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> random crypto no one knows anything about


>> No.30245850

Okay, I can see the upward trend if i check the bottoms. But even so, don't you want to see one more drop down to complete the set, and then we pump? I don't feel good about that last bottom being left out in the cold.

>> No.30246070

I fine with whatever. Regardless I’ll be looking to sell 9-12 March. It lines up perfectly with Wednesday/Thursday dumps we usually see.

>> No.30246132

Nice, thanks, fren. I think I do learn a bit more every time I chat it up in a comfy GRT thread. Very nice.

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Y'all are obsessing over the significance of little dips in the graph like it means anything.
You're gonna have so much regret bro when it soars beyond $5, $10, $15, and beyond. Gonna cry like a baby and kick yourself in the foot for not just getting a job if you needed short term cash so desperately.

>> No.30246274

yeah we know that but your average retard doesnt
its gonna take alot more time for it to be known to the average person
ALOT more time
there was a time when google was obscure

>> No.30246303

How insightful

>> No.30246575

Wrong. Once they're above their delegation ratio of 1:16 vs stake, any additional delegations no longer generate more rewards, but STILL take a slice of the rewards generated. This dilutes the returns for everyone, and especially fucks people who were there before those who aped in on top, sending the indexer over capacity.

Don't do it bros.
t. indexer

>> No.30246657

holy fuck these thots are absolutely retarded. There is no way pushing down on the machine like that isn't putting unnecessary strain on the shins and other regions. This will lead to injury eventually.

>> No.30246740

>The very action of creating a blockchain allows you to index it.
By who/what and why?

>> No.30246758

Thanks, nigger.

>> No.30246830

I’m buying back in...sell high, buy low.

>> No.30246943
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I'm a little concerned that a GRT node will collapse after it gets overloaded like what happened with FTM. A ton of people will flood into GRT, start delegating and then it will collapse from too much traffic.

>> No.30246986

The floor of GRT is $2.50 based on circulating supply and market cap v.s. other similar coins.

If you bought in below $2.50, you're safe.

Any price above that will need to be from hype/true utility. People wanting it. People needing it. Because it does something cool.

>> No.30246999

Well now p2p looks like shit because its full, but idk how to tell if frameworklabs will be still good in a month.

Any of you guys switching around? or can you please leave p2p.

>> No.30247027

that's not the /biz/ way

>> No.30247192

>A ton of people will flood into GRT, start delegating and then it will collapse from too much traffic.

>> No.30247217

but then why isn't it 2.50 right now? checkmate

>> No.30247331

Things can fall below real value because markets aren't perfectly rational, but it'll inevitably come back up. There's a force pulling it towards $2.50.

My point is people who bought at $2.50 don't have to be afraid of it never coming back, like someone who bought XRP at $3.40 in 2018.

>> No.30247416

I was excited until you brought up XRP. Is it really going to be this bad for all of us? I didn't sign up to be an XRP loser.

>> No.30247482
File: 317 KB, 220x307, Conor laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ripple (XRP) is a scam and a pyramid scheme. The 2 creators made 600 million selling off XRP for years. They artificially kept its price low by dumping their bags and selling them regularly. They told the public and investors they were "going long" while they were selling off their coin and cashing out. I'm so glad I didn't get pulled into this one. I was about to dump 15K into it, thinking the cheap price of the coin was too good to pass up. Fuck Ripple.

>> No.30247521

In my opinion GRT is far more useful than XRP so I believe we'll shatter $3.40 easily, but that's a bet that's not visible in the fundamentals.

>> No.30247569

Isn't this coin about to double in supply? When? Sounds like the time to buy.

>> No.30247638

Look at the minimum hardware requirements to run an Indexer. Then’ look at the total number of Indexers and consider the running costs to maintain that hardware 24/7 including electricity, bandwidth, and maintenance costs in the form of technical expertise of an experienced devops/system administrator. You would have to be a fucking idiot not to understand the long term ramifications GRT is going to have. In a decade, “GRT expert wanted. 150000 USD a year salary” will be a common thing to see on job search websites.

>> No.30247666
File: 1.93 MB, 300x300, 1614401293368.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a based fucking post. Screenshotted and checked.

>> No.30247688

I delegated to figment (by far the biggest indexer then and 2nd now) about 2 months ago. Retrospectively, it was a great choice. Had an above average APY for a long time and even now it's got an average APY and closes allocations regularly. The guy behind it knows what he's doing. Frameworks has indexers in countless other projects (as does figment), so I wouldn't be worried too much.
The good thing about giant indexers is that they aren't easily filled with delegation. I really like figment because many think his high reward cut implies low APY lol.

>> No.30247747

checked and based. generational wealth INCOMING

>> No.30247767

What do I have to do for this information?

>> No.30247966

Good lorddddd checked

>> No.30248020
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>> No.30248130

That's not what I was talking about. I'm talking about indexers that are 100% allocated and don't get new indexers. They still get new rewards from the protocol. If their fee cut is set properly, they should have their stake cut grow at a ratio that makes sure that the delegators never grow larger than the 1:16 ratio.

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File: 1.05 MB, 316x306, 1610695357248.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good lord, checked. He is with us, and more importantly, he with GRT (the Google of the blockchain).

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Very true, Figment is low-key. They seem very knowledgeable too. I'm not delegated to them but they were my second choice.
>Things can fall below real value because markets aren't perfectly rational, but it'll inevitably come back up. There's a force pulling it towards $2.50.
>like someone who bought XRP at $3.40 in 2018.
Please don't compare us to XRP we're a much better project
Looking at XRP market cap and circulating supply actually comforts me knowing we'll at the least reach $10 USD at some point

>> No.30248423

finally a sensible take

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