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+30% Benefits today, its still going up for at least another day anons, get in there !

>> No.30228071

i got 750 will i make it?

>> No.30228226

750$ ? or 750 Mana ? but you will make it yeah, expect it to pump to 0,80 or 1$
then sell it all, its not a good coin to hodl but at least with the money you will make you will invest on other coins and you will make it

>> No.30228319

You favgots literaly told me this was useless last week I hate you niggers

>> No.30228386

sorry i wasn't one of them, i got scammed by ADA and today i just sold all my ADA and went on MANA, didn't even know this coin was a thing kek

>> No.30228399

useless shit pumps all the time it just has to sound good to normies

>> No.30228488

but yeah its useless bro, im not a shill nor a fud, its good coin today but don't hodl it

>> No.30228836

does anyone have that meme with the onions starter pack and ninendo switch and mana were on it?

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