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>not investing in vintage trading cards

its not too late to get in boys

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>literally everything ATH
>not too late

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Gayer n’ aids

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such as?

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So, stuff from the 2000s? Cuz I would be fucking rich if that was valueable.

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Ok then what should I buy. Right now I have a shitton of Kaldheim but almost none of it is valuable. I have Valki, God of Lies showcase foil and 2 Phyrexian Vorinclex.

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>not just buying and selling chinese fakes

lmao ngmi

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lol, check this piss on /biz/
these faggots think we will visit this scam
>I’m not a racist but these pajeets are so stupid
>cool that my purse is in safe on justliquidity with their great staking and yield farming

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Amerimutt hands wrote this

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I've got a binder of beta stuff to sell, like estimated 5k dollars worth 3 years ago. Where's the best place to do it without getting ripped off?

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nowhere, the paper value is like 30% more than youll get

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bitcoin does this, but better

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Kaldheim is a dumpster fire, as are all new sets being printed in 1000 versions. You have the best cards from the set already, but it'll be years before they appreciate

I have like $100k of mtg cards and I'm not buying any more vintage cards at these prices. I'm unironically priced out of finishing my collection. Lmao

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You are shit, you didn't start shit.
Stop with the stupid shills that aren't about making money
this scammers never know cool project to advise
>I don’t worry about it, hold SWG and wait for swirge development

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Why would anyone invest in this shit then.

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Sell it to me. I'm missing like 100 cards to finish my beta set

But more seriously, you should piece out the expensive cards on facebook. Facebook sucks ass but has a really decent mtg market.

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>Gayer n’ aids
I think you meant "Gayer 'n aids" friend. You see, the apostrophe denotes the location of the missing letters of the abbreviated word, and you indicated there were missing letters after the "n" by placing your apostrophe in such a manner. Now, perhaps I am incorrect in this assumption, and the real error was more like so:

Gay n' aids

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MTG is in a fucking massive bubble, not even a year ago prices of sealed old product were cheap as balls. Can't believe all the timmy's that sold to rudy for practically a loss. LMFAO.

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Holy fucking rekt batman.

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based grammarfag

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What do you fucking retards envision as the endgame for this? Selling these in 20 years? Who the fuck is going to buy them then?

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The game is unironically, no joke, being planned to last for more than 100 years.

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If crypto-to-crypto is taxable, is trading cards a taxable event?

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i gave away my pokemon card collection which included 2 first edition charizards to a little kid back in 2010 when i moved out of state

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>Holy fucking rekt batman.
>based grammarfag

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Is that a real lizard??

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No way there’s that much game space left. It already feels like they’ve run out of ideas